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I inhaled deeply, and shifted around in my bed to get comfortable. I felt something vibrate under my pillow and groaned; reaching blindly for what I realized was my cellphone. I was still sleepy but to no avail it continued to vibrate. Groggily, I blinked a few times allowing my eyes to adjust to the light, and pulled the cursed object from under my pillow. My eyes widened when I noticed that it was Natsume calling me. I immediately answered knowing what he could do when he was angry, I shuddered at the thought.

"Hello?" I answered sleepily.

"Polka; meet me at the cherry blossom tree at 8:00am, and don't be late," Natsume said coldly.

"Okay," I replied, not fully aware of what he had just said.


Still not quite alert, I tilted to my side, and closed my eyes again, embracing the warmth of my bed until I remembered just why Natsume had called me at the glorious hour of- What? It was 7:00 already? I bolted upright and immediately headed for the shower. Adrenaline rushed through my veins as I prompted the water to heat up more quickly. Eventually, the water was ready, and I entered, allowing the heat to soothe my tense muscles. As the water worked its' magic, I thought about the gang, and how long it had been since we'd all seen one another.

How many years had it been? I was currently twenty, along with most of the other girls in our group, while the boys were twenty one. I along with the others had graduated from college a mere two months ago, and although we had different plans for where we wanted to be in life, we still managed to keep in touch with each other- for the most part anyways.

I was now a teacher while my boyfriend Natsume who recently passed his board exam was now a licensed engineer. We have been together since our high school years and were still going strong.

Natsume and I weren't the only ones who got together during our high school years. Our best friends Ruka and Hotaru turned their playful flirting, official near the end of our senior year to everyone- except for Natsume and I's surprise. Weird, but hey- they say opposites attract and those two were a prime example. Somehow after spending enough time with each other, the rest of the gang realized that their soulmates were just within their vicinity, and soon followed suit; Koko with Sumire, Nonoko and Yuu, Mochu and Anna.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I remembered that I needed to be on time for whatever reason Natsume called me out for. I stepped out of shower and grabbed some random clothes. I didn't really have time to formulate the perfect outfit with this time limit.


That idiot was late; what part of 'don't be late' did she not get? It was already 8:10 am and she still wasn't here. I was about to call her phone when I heard heavy footsteps and panting.

"Natsume, I made it," Mikan gasped, her cheeks flushed from the cold.

"You're late by ten minutes," I said while glaring at her. She had me worried.

"It was your fault for demanding my presence at this hour, your highness," she shot back with equal annoyance.

"Whatever," I replied.

"Why'd you call me in the first place anyways?" she asked while looking at me with one brow raised.

I stared at her and wondered about how she would react to my news- maybe she would be angry, sad, depressed, disappointed... or knowing her she would tell me that I should pursue it even if it killed her inside. The idiot was always too caring.

"Well?" She said while crossing her arms.

"I'm leaving," I muttered while looking at her. Her face was shocked at first then a splash of different emotions came, mostly sadness and loneliness. I can see in her eyes that she wants to cry. I felt my heart stop. I felt backing out now but I can't. It was already decided.

"Wha? What do you mean?" She said while looking at me with those tearful eyes.

"I'm going abroad to work," I said quietly. She just looked at me and suppressed her cries.

"When?" She asked me silently while looking at the ground.

"In three days," I replied. She snapped her head at my direction. She looked like crying but she was trying hard not to. I felt my heart clenching. It hurts to see her like this and it hurts to know that I was the one doing this to her.

I hugged her and she immediately cried at my shoulder muttering questions I could barely understand. I can't bear to see her like this. I suppressed the tears that were forming in my eyes. There's still something to tell her. I broke our hug.

"Mikan... I ... There's another thing I want to tell you" She gazed upon me with confusion written in her eyes.

"I...Let's get married, Mikan," I said with all the courage I could muster. She looked at me with shock in her tear stricken eyes.

"I know I said I was leaving but I .. I couldn't bear the thought of another man stealing you when I'm away," I said while caressing her face oh so gently.

"Call me possessive, I just don't want to hand you to other guys, you held my heart captive, I couldn't look at other girls when all I want to see is your face, that's how much I love you, Mikan," I said gently with a small smile while looking at her eyes. She cried again. I brushed her tears with my thumb.

"Don't cry, I can't bear to see you cry," I whispered while trying hard not to cry too.

"How can I not cry? First you're telling me you're leaving and then you proposed to me, I don't know whether I should be happy or sad," Mikan said while wiping her non-stop tears. I just hugged her tightly.

"Just so you know, I won't take no for an answer," I muttered while burying my head in her neck.

"I love you far too much to decline your proposal, Natsume," She said while giggling softly. My eyes widened, she accepted my proposal? I couldn't suppress my happiness anymore and I immediately kissed her with all the passion I could muster.



I was currently typing furiously on my laptop hoping to finish the other piles of paper work on the left side of his table. I looked at my cellphone to check the time and was bombarded with missed calls from Mikan. I groaned. I looked at the time it was sent, 6:30 PM, it was an hour ago. What does she want?

I didn't bother to call her back or message her I just continued packing my things. Mikan and I are in our forties already. I am 46 while she is 45 years old. We have been married for about 24 years already. She wasn't working anymore more because she wanted to be a full time mother to our children.

We have been blessed with three beautiful children, one boy and two girls. The eldest is my daughter, Minami, who was 22 years old and currently working, was the exact replica of her mother. Even her mother's personality she inherited.

The second is my daughter, Mimi, who was 18 years old and studying at my old school Alice University with the course of Law. She is the combination of Mikan and me. She can be stoic and cheerful depending on her mood. She inherited Mikan's hair and my ruby red eyes.

Last, was my one and only 16 year old son, Natsuhiko, if my eldest was the exact replica of my wife, he was the junior me. From my looks down to my attitude and personality, he inherited it all. He was very protective of his sisters and mother like how I am. He's studying his last year at Gakuen Alice.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard my phone ring. I looked at the caller and found out it was from my boss.

"Yo, Natsume are you done with your work?" Ken said calmly. Ken Hanazuno was my boss. Although he was my boss, he was a close friend of mine also Mikan's. We were childhood friends but he was separated to us when we were 6 years old.

"Yeah," I said monotonously. You might be wandering why we go home together. It's because we live in the same apartment together but different unit. We also go to work together.

I was currently living alone in China, somewhere in the mountains. Being an engineer isn't as easy as you think you know? I have travelled in a lot of countries because of Ken's company. I have many work experience that's why he was happy to hire me and I was a genius as he says.

"Hahah, same ole Natsume," Ken said while chuckling.

"By the way Natsume, Mikan's been worried sick looking for you, she called me and said that you weren't answering your phone," Ken said seriously. Tch. I thought I told Mikan not to call Ken about these matters. Even though we are friends, he's still my boss, what if Mikan called at a bad time? I groaned.

"Don't worry about it Natsume, Mikan wasn't a bother, I was just finished with my work when she called so don't be harsh on her," Ken said casually. Hn. He really is my childhood friend he knows me too well. I just keep silent.

"Anyways, I'll wait for you at the parking lot, Ja" He hanged up. I continued packing my things and after a few minutes, I was done. I went to the parking lot. After reaching the parking lot I looked around and saw my boss' car, I walked towards it.

"Yo, Natsume," he said while blowing his cigarette. One thing I hate about my boss is that he's a heavy smoker and drinker. I maybe a heavy drinker but I'm no smoker. I just hned.

"Waai~ you are like the weather here in China, so cold," he said teasingly.

"Whatever, Ken," I said coldly. After finishing his cigarettes, it wasn't only one, we decided to go home. Our car ride was filled with his one side conversations with me when he asked me about the time.

"Anyways, what time is it?" he asked curiously.

"8:00 PM," I said dully.

"WHAT?!" He hit the brakes and I almost bumped my head on the dashboard.

"What the hell man? Are you trying to kill us?" I said while sending him a death glare. Heck, even if he was my boss that was dangerous.

"No, but I would be dead if I don't go home before 8:30, my wife's going to kill me," he said while flailing his arms.

"Then drive if you want to live," I said coldy. Sometimes Ken's an idiot.

"Yea, fasten your seatbelt Natsume, you don't want to hit your head on the dashboard," he said seriously. I fastened my seat belt and he started driving like we were some kind of a movie where he was a criminal driving away from police.

After 15 minutes, we have arrived in our apartment. Usually it's a 30-45 minute drive but due to his insane driving skills it only took us 15 minutes, so it's 8:30 PM now.

"See ya tomorrow Natsume, or my wife's going to chop my head off," He said oh-so fast while waiving his hand as he run off to his unit which was on the 3rd floor. I feel sorry for the poor guy.

I proceeded to my unit which was on the 5th floor. When I reached the 3th floor I began to feel tired and that was weird because I know I am fit and I don't tire easily. Maybe it's my age? I am not getting younger anyways. I shook my head.

I reached my unit, got my keys and opened the door. I immediately felt the warmness of my unit. Every unit in this apartment has heaters because of China's cold weather. I drank a glass of water and went to my room.

I proceeded to my laptop and opened up my skype account. It was filled with Mikan's messages.

MikanHyuuga: Natsume? :))
1 hour and 15 minutes ago

MikanHyuuga: Natsume, are you there? :\
1 hour ago

MikanHyuuga: Natsume…? Are you okay? :|
45 minutes ago

MikanHyuuga: We have already finished dinner here, have you eaten yet?
30 minutes ago

Natsume27: Yes, I have eaten, Polka.

MikanHyuuga: Dad, Mom's already sleeping should I wake her up? – Natsuhiko.

Figures, Natsuhiko sleep besides Mikan whenever I'm out of the country because Polka here always have nightmares and Natsuhiko is there to keep her safe.

Natsume27: No need.

MikanHyuuga: Dad, Mom's awake now.

Natsume27: Hn. Polka?

MikanHyuuga: Natsume! Why haven't you replied to my msgs and calls? :"

Natsume27: I forgot to check my phone, bc with paperworks.

MikanHyuuga: Okay, Natsume :3 Can we video call?

Natsume27: Hn.

After a few minutes I was immediately face to face with my wife beside her was my son playing with his psp.

"Natsume! I miss you," Mikan said emotionally while tearing up. I saw my son getting out of the room seems he doesn't want to hear some mushy talks of his mom.

"Hn," I replied. I then cough a little. Damn. My throat's getting so dry these days that it itches and makes me cough.

"Are you okay?" Polka said worriedly.

"I'm- cough- fine," I said while suppressing my cough.

"Why don't you drink hot water? Maybe that's the effect of the cold weather there, Natsume," Polka said anxiously. I breathe in and out and felt that it was fine.

"Stop worrying, you are such a worrywart, I said I'm fine," I said slightly smirking.

"but you're coughing so hard, and-"

"I'm fine, see? I'm not coughing anymore, you're being annoying," I said nonchalantly. Tch. What the hell? Why are you being so cold to her? She's you're wife! How can you call your wife annoying?!

"Okay, oh yea, Natsume would you come home for Natsuhiko's graduation this March 15?" Polka said sadly.

"Sorry, you know I can't, I have lots of work remember?" I said apologetically. Do you really feel sorry for her? Stop bugging me. Whatever, you idiot, I'm out of here.

"Oh..okay," Polka said dejectedly.

"How about after Natsuhiko's graduation a few days later you'll go here," I said while smirking.

"What do you mean?" Polka said curiosity laced in her voiced.

"I dunno it's just that I have a free trip for two here at my place and I was thinking that you and Natsuhiko should go," I said casually.

"But what about Mimi and Minami? Won't they get jealous? Who would take care of them? What about our bills? Do we have enough money? " Polka rambled.

"Relax polka-dots, you're babbling again," I said annoyingly.

"But Natsume-"

"Mikan, Relax, as I told you the plane trip is free, it's a roundtrip ticket for two persons, I can set the date to any day I want, and besides I have extra money here, regarding Mimi and Minami, I'm sure they are old enough to understand," I said coolly.

"Okay, whatever you say Natsume," Mikan said while smiling slightly.

"Besides consider this as Natsuhiko's Graduation/Birthday present in one," I said calmly.

"Oh yeah, his birthday is near!" Mikan exclaimed. I chuckled slightly. She pouted. We then talked or more like Mikan talked about her day and the kids. It seems that the two girls were busy in their own room.

After a while, she yawned. I looked at the time and it was already 10:30 PM. We were chatting for almost 1 hour and 30 minutes. Tch. I still have work tomorrow and Polka's already sleepy.

"Polka, fix all the necessary papers needed okay? Talk to you tomorrow, you should go to sleep now you're yawning too much," I said strictly.

"Hai hai, Night Natsume, I love you," Polka said emotionally.

"Hn, Night," I replied. Not even an, I love you too, Mikan? You're really screwed.

MikanHyuuga has logged off.

After Mikan logged off, I was about to log off too when someone pmed me.

: Hey… still awake honey?

Natsume27: Hn.

: Wanna have a date tomorrow? ;)

Natsume27: Sure. Whatever.
How can you agree so easily? Don't you have a wife? Whatever, it's your choice.

: Okay, same time, same place. 3

Natsume27: Hn.

: Bye, Nat-chan, see you tomorrow, don't tire yourself okay?

Natsume27: Yea, see you.

has logged off.

This is the reality. I have been lying to Mikan since last month. I don't know why maybe because I have been apart from her for how many months. Who am I kidding? I started this mess when I decided to go to different dating websites and use another name.

I pretended to be single, 30 year old engineer. It wasn't hard to lie about my age because I don't look fortyish at all. I haven't even worn my wedding ring here at my work. On my contract, I didn't apply for family status. I always do single but my boss knows everything. Ken knows.

Some of my close co-workers knew that I have been cheating my wife with a 30 year old half Japanese and Chinese. I don't know what came into me when I have chatted with Luna last month.

It was my day off tomorrow that means, I could stay up late at night. For fun purposes I decided to go to some dating websites just to fill some void in my heart. For some reason, I don't feel special with Mikan anymore or I have forgotten what Mikan and I shared.

Whatever, it's not like I'm going to have sex with those girls that I would chat right? Besides I'm not that low. So I push through my idea of trying some of the dating websites. I first chatted with kurumi24.

She was a great girl but there was a downside to that she immediately wants to meet up and have sex with me. What the hell? She was a sex addict I suppose. So I ignored her further attempt to score with me.

I tried another website; surprisingly another slut appears. Sigh, this is getting boring. I'll try one last time. I found another dating website. As I entered the room, I immediately received a message.

Luna: Hi!

N.H: hi

Luna: So, asl?

N.H: 30, m, China, hbu

Luna: 29,f, in china too ;)

N.H: cool
I know I was acting like another me, but hey I was pretending to be someone else.

Luna: What's your name? ;)

N.H: I'll tell mine if you tell yours first honey,
What the heck? Is this really me?

Luna: Fine, I like your style. Luna Koizumi. There?

N.H: Natsume Hyuuga

After that we have chatted about other things like our likes and dislikes etc. We found out that we have a lot in common. In the end, we decided to exchange skype accounts. Our relationship as chat mates escalated to lovers when we decided to meet after 2 weeks of chatting.

I don't know if I was falling for her but I felt something in her that I haven't felt again with Mikan. I told myself one day that I should stop this because I have a wife and 3 kids but something inside me was keeping me to be with her.

For the whole month, we kept having dates that often lead me to be late at my skype meeting with Mikan. I also realized that I have been unreasonably cold to my wife, but I couldn't straighten myself. Before I know it, I have been looking forward to my date with her rather than chatting in skype with my wife.

My thoughts were interrupted when I felt a wave of cough again in my dry throat. I coughed uncontrollably again and again. I immediately went to the comfort room and spit out the phlegm. I looked at it and noticed that it has blood. Blood? Why does it have blood?

I stared at my mirror. Is this the price of my doings? I shook my head. This is just the weather affecting my health. My throat's been dry since last week or my throat's just irritated. Maybe I should go for checkups.

After washing my face and hands again, I logged off my skype account, turned off my laptop and went to bed because I still have to go to work early.


I felt were drifting apart Natsume. It hurts for me to know that you are slowly drifting apart from me and the kids. It's like you're turning to a new Natsume. When I said I love you, I was expecting you to say I know or reply back but… you didn't. Really, are those three words hard to pronounce?

Even I miss you; you haven't said to me that since last month. What happened in that past month, Natsume? How did you changed to someone that I just used to know? I don't feel like you're the one I married after all these years.

I felt big fat tears were falling silently. I tried to keep it in when we were chatting. I was only holding it in. Pretending I was okay when I'm not. I brushed my tears away but they just continued falling.

"Mom? Why are you crying?" Natsuhiko already in PJ's asked me when he entered the room.

"It's nothing, Natsu-chan, I just remembered something sad," I said convincingly. He didn't seem to look convinced but he dropped the subject. I can't bear to look at Natsuhiko because if I do I would see his father in him. Tears were starting to form in my eyes again; I tried to hold it in.

"Whatever you say mom, just stop crying, I hate it when you cry," Natsuhiko muttered while blushing lightly.

"Aww… Natsu-chan is embarrassed, don't worry I won't cry anymore," I said assuring him and myself.

"Shut up, Mom," Natsuhiko growled while glaring at me. I giggled he acts exactly like his father. I hugged him. He was taken a back at what I did.

"Natsu... Don't ever change okay?" I murmured while hugging him close.

"What nonsense are you saying mom?" He quizzically said while returning back my hug.

"It's nothing," I replied after calming down. I broke our hug.

"Oh, before I foget, Natsu, we're going to china, I don't know when though," I said happily.

"Okay Mom, Let's just sleep, I'm tired," He said while yawning. I stretched my arms up.

"Yea, I'm kind of sleepy too," I said while gently lying down our, meaning mine and natsume's, bed.

"Hn," He said while lying down beside me his back facing me.

"Goodnight Natsuhiko," I muttered gently.



When I felt that mom's breathing were slow and normal, I turned back and saw that she was already sleeping. Mom, I know why you were crying. It was because of dad wasn't it? Dad, I don't know what the hell did you do with Mom but I won't sit here and stay quiet for long dad. My patience isn't that long you know.

Maybe going to China with Mom is going to be a good thing for the both of them. I sure hope so. I love both of my parents and I don't want them to break apart. All of my family, members are important to me. I don't want them having a conflict with each other. I clenched my fists. Dad, I sure hope you fix before my patience runs out.

Hn, did my sisters know I'm going to China? Maybe I should tell them now. I looked at mom first and found out she was already sleeping peacefully with tear stains in her eyes. Tch. I quietly get off bet and went to my sisters' room.

My sisters were sharing one room. We weren't a rich family you know? Just middle class, still I have my own room because I was the only boy and the youngest, well I really don't care about that since I usually sleep at mom and dad's room because dad's barely home cause of work and mom's got constant nightmares where she shouts and twists and turn in her sleep. I was there to ensure my mom's safety.

I already reached my sisters room and I knocked. I heard a faint come in sound probably from Minami-nee, she is always up late. Probably it's because of her work. I opened the door and went in.

I looked around and saw Minami-nee typing furiously on her computer while Mimi-nee was nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Mimi-nee?" I curiously asked Minami-nee.

"She's getting some snacks, you know how she is when it's midnight," Minami-nee said while typing. I chuckled slightly.

"Why are you still awake anyways?" Minami-nee asked me stopping whatever she was typing at her computer.

"I have something to tell to both of you," I said nonchalantly.

"kay, let's wait for her then," Minami-nee said as she began typing again. I sat on their bed for a while. After a few minutes, Mimi-nee went inside the room with 2 bags of chips.

"Nattie, watcha doing here?" She said while munching some of her chips.

"Don't call me that," I said while glaring at her. She just giggled and continued to eat her chips.

"Okay, now that she's here spill the beans, Natsuhiko," Minami-nee said calmly.

"What the hell's going on?" Mimi-nee said completely oblivious.

"Just shut up, Mimi," Minami-nee said while glaring at her and she did. Minami-nee then looked at me expectantly.

"Mom's been crying again and it's because of dad," I said seriously.

"I see, did you know what dad did?" Minami-nee asked me.

"I don't know," I coldly said. The truth is I have a hunch but I don't want them to know about it unless it's confirmed.

"But you see dear sisters, me and mom would be going to China, to dad's place actually so I have time to know the reason," I said knowingly.

"I see," Minami-nee said while holding her chin.

"Good going bro, don't ever forget to bring me souvenirs," Mimi-nee said while still eating her chips.


"Well, if you're thinking we are going to be jealous of you brother, we aren't," Minami-nee calmly stated.

"Yea, besides you deserve it, I mean you're graduating with honors after all," Mimi-nee cheerfully followed up while ruffling my hair. I slapped her hand and glared at her.

"Just take care of our parents, kay?" Minami-nee said while smiling slightly.

"You don't need to remind me of what to do," I said coolly.

"Is that all?" Minami-nee asked while stretching her arms.


"Well, we need to sleep it's already 12 am, go back to mom and dad's room now Natsu," Minami-nee strictly said. I nodded and headed for the door.

"Have a good night sleep, Minami-nee, Mimi-nee," I said as I went out of the door. I heard them reply a faint 'you too' to me. I briefly smiled and proceeded to go back to mom and dad's room.

I entered the master's bedroom and found mom was still sleeping soundly. I decided to go to sleep now. I went to the left side of the bed and gently lied down my back facing my mom. Good thing my sisters understand. After a minute or so, I felt my consciousness dimmed.

End of Chapter 1


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