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I was sleeping peacefully when I heard my phone rang. I looked up my clock and found out it was only 5:00 AM. Who the fuck is calling me so early? I groaned. I ignored my ringing phone, thinking it would leave me be but unfortunately, it didn't happen. I picked up my phone and answered it without bothering to look at the caller.

"Hello, Hyuuga speaking," I answered angrily. I tried to keep my voice in tact because my throat isn't that well yet.

'Hooo… woke up at the wrong side of the bed huh?' The caller replied with a humorous tone. Judging from the way the voice sounds, it must be my oh-so annoying boss.

"Whatever, Ken"

'Got a fight with your wife, nattie?' He teased.

"Tsk. If you called me at 5 in the morning just to annoy me I'm hanging up"

'Whoa, Whoa- Chill, Bro, I called you for a reason ya know?'

"Then get on with it"

'Sheesh.. You make it sound like you're the boss here' He joked.

"I'm really hanging up—"

'Oi, just relax will ya? I called you because I won't be going to work today and I'm leaving you in charged for the day got it?'

"What the? Are you freaking crazy?"

'No, I'm perfectly fine, Nat'

"Making me the one in charged for the day? No way in hell that's too much work dammit, besides I have something to do this afternoon," I argued.

'I am going somewhere important and buddy; you know you're my right hand man'

"Right hand man my ass, you have your secretary"

'She's on a leave since yesterday, besides if you agree I'll pay you double'

Hn.. ...since I need money for my son and wife's vacation here.. might as well go with it, and it's not like I can say no to my boss. I thought.

"Tch. Fine, just promise me you'll be back by lunch time, I have to go somewhere"

'Hmm... I think that will be fine, I can go back by 11:30 AM anyways'

"Is that all?"

'Yep, thanks Nat, Ja' then he hanged up. Tsk. Damn, sore throat. I thought it wouldn't last but it's been 1 week and 3 days since I have this stupid sore throat. I better not speak too much today, or I might trigger a coughing session, I thought.

I closed my phone and looked at the time again, 5:38 AM. Argh, It still too early for me, I know I can sleep since my work starts at 7 but if I wake up it's almost impossible for me to go back to sleep. Sighing, I proceeded to go to the kitchen and work on something to eat.

After eating breakfast, I went to the living room and watch some movies for a while and then did the rest of my morning routines. I glanced at the clock and noticed that it was 6 AM so I went down. I usually go down at 6:30 AM, but Ken's going somewhere so I will be riding the bus today.

Actually, the travel time of riding a bus and riding Ken's car is practically the same. The reason I dislike riding it is because there are too much people on it and some of the girls from all ages are ogling at me like I'm some kind of celebrity. I shuddered at the thought.

As I left the apartment, I found out that Ken's car is already gone. Hn, Must be really important for him to leave early. I continued walking through the chilly winds of China and waited at the Bus stop. It seems that I was the only person waiting for the bus.

Few minutes of waiting and the bus have arrived. I entered it and looked around if there was still a vacant seat. The bus that I have entered was divided into 2 columns. Right side for 2 persons and the left for 3 persons, much to my dismay, the only vacant seat left was in the second row, right side, beside a girl that was looking at the window.

She was wearing formal attire, probably going to work like I was, on a Saturday. She has long black hair and smart glasses. Her eyes were a deep color of black. Okay, the girl wasn't half bad if only she didn't look at me like I'm some kind of delicious meat. I took the risk of sitting beside the girl hoping she wouldn't talk to, or seduce me like the other girls I have seated beside with.

I walked casually and took the seat. As soon as I was seated comfortably, she looked at me and immediately strikes a conversation.

"Good Morning," She greeted in a straight manner without stuttering and with a voice that was too sweet for my liking. I was surprised that she knows how to speak English. In this part of China, not many knew how to speak English that is why I was forced to learn the basic greetings and etc. in Chinese mandarin. Although it was hard, I somehow managed to learn it with the help of my boss.

"Morning," I replied nonchalantly.

"So, how are you?" She asked me seductively. What the heck? I was getting uncomfortable in my seat. This is why I hate public transportation and I seriously thought that this girl wasn't going to bother me. I mean she looks like a professional that values professionalism. Looks can be deceiving huh?

"I'm fine," I replied back leaving no room for another inquiry for this stranger cause I wasn't feeling all too well with my throat yet and I didn't want to talk to her. She was silent for a minute that I thought she wasn't going to bother me but it appears I'm wrong.

"That's good, By the way I'm-"

"I'm sorry but this is my stop," I cut her off rudely while standing. Thank God, I arrived at my destination or who knows what I will do to make her shut her mouth. I immediately got off the bus and walked to my workplace.

I arrived at the workplace at exactly 7:00 AM. I talked with my co-workers and it looks like they don't have any problems with me being in charge for the morning hours. In fact, they were assuming that someday I would be promoted. They say that I am really a genius in my field. I just thanked them for their compliments and we resumed work.


Today, I'm sitting at my bed looking at the necessary items for our visit in China. It appears that Japanese citizens who hold ordinary passports are exempted from Chinese visa if they enter China for sightseeing, business, visiting relatives or friends and stay in China for not more than 15 days.

In our case we are only visiting a relative so there aren't much papers needed just some identification will do and I don't think we will be staying long there so we won't need any visa.

I looked at the calendar. So, it's March 10 today huh? I wonder how long will we stay there. I glanced at the wall clock and it was already 11:30 AM. Maybe I should call Natsume? I'm really worried about his health. He was always coughing non-stop since last week.

I grab my phone and started dialing his number. Ring…. Ring… Ring… Ring.. Ri-

"Hello, Natsume," I muttered quietly. To tell you honestly, I didn't expect him to pick up. For the past month that I have been calling him at lunch, he was always busy that he didn't answer his phone. He just texts me and says that he's busy with his work.

'Luna?' I was shocked as I heard what his reply was. It caught me of guard that I didn't know what to say.

'Luna, I'm so-'

"Luna? Who's Luna?" I cut him off with a soft voice when I have recovered from my shock. I heard his breath hitched at my question. Who's Luna? Why was Natsume expecting a call from her? I mean Luna is obviously a girl's name. I thought.

'Mi- Mikan?' he stammered.

"Who's Luna?" I repeated my question louder this time.

'Polka, I mean, Mikan, I'm sorry, I thought you were my co-worker,' he said coolly but I can't help this nagging feeling that something's wrong.

"Why were you expecting her?" I asked with a sharp tone. I have a feeling that he was hiding something.

'What's with the tone, Polka? I told you, Luna is just my co-worker,' he replied somewhat annoyed.

"You still didn't answer my-" I stopped mid-sentence when I suddenly heard him cough.

"Are you okay?" I asked concern evident in my voice, the anger that was building up inside me died down in an instant.

'I'm- cough-' His sentence was cut off due to continuous coughing. I then heard some rustling at the background but after a few seconds, the line was silent.

"Natsume? Are you still there? Natsume?" I asked worriedly.

'I'm still here, Polka,' he replied heavily. I heard some slow heavy breathing and for a moment it became normal again.

"Are you okay now?" I couldn't help but ask.

'Yes, I'm fine now, the coughing finally stopped'

"Thank goodness" I let out a breath that I was holding for a while before continuing.

"I think you should go see a doctor soon, Natsume, what if gets worse?"

'Hn, Polka, can we continue this later? I'm late for lunch,' he said hurriedly.

"Oh, Okay, bye Natsume," I murmured.

"I love-" 'Hn, bye, Polka' "-you" 'toot—toot—toot—' "Natsume,"I silently cried. What did I do to deserve this? I'm beginning to doubt your love for me, Natsume, and I hate it. I thought bitterly. I heard someone knock at the door. I silently hoped that he/she won't open the door.

"Mom, lunch is ready," Natsuhiko shouted. I quickly wiped my tears and reply. Thank God, he didn't open the door or else I would have to answer unwanted questions from him.

"Okay, I'll be there in a few minutes," I said as cheerfully as I can and I think it work because after a few seconds, I heard him walking away. I immediately went to the comfort room and washed my face. Smile, Mikan, Smile, I said to myself. After making sure that I don't have any traces of crying, I went down and join the kids for lunch.


A tall raven haired man was walking very fast or more like jogging in the cold streets of China to some restaurant he promised his girl would meet. Sounds idiotic right? Who would jog at a weather that was nearly -1 degree Celsius?

Apparently, I do. If it wasn't for my boss' request I wouldn't be running like this.

10:50 AM. I was still at my office facing nothing but paper work. Usually, I don't have many papers to work on but with Ken making me in-charge for the day; it seems that my work load has been tripled.

If you think that being the boss is just sitting idly at your office and waiting for time to pass by, then you're wrong. Being the boss means more paper works, and this is the main reason why I don't want to take Ken's offer but this doubles my pay so why not?

Sighing, I started working on some of the paper works again. Minutes later, I felt my phone vibrate. I looked at the caller and found out it was Ken. He said that he can't be back by 11:30 and that he really needs to finish his business there. He also said that the earliest time he could be back was at 12. Isn't that a bit last minute call? I thought.

I refused at first knowing that I still have my lunch date with Luna, but after persuading me many times and using his powers as my boss, I agreed on one condition, that was whenever I finished all of the paper works I was working on, with or without him, I'm leaving. He agreed to it immediately and hanged up.

After our conversation, I began working again but this time at a much faster pace. I was so focused on finishing the paper works not later than 11:45, so that I could catch up with my lunch date that I forgot to inform Luna that I would probably be late for our little date.

I was still working when I felt my phone vibrate again.

'Hello, Natsume,' the voice muttered quietly.

"Luna?" I couldn't make out the voice but who else would call me at this hour except for Luna? I mean Mikan does but it's not like she needs anything from me right? Thinking that it was Luna because she didn't reply, I tried to apologize for my tardiness.

"Luna, I'm so-"

'Luna? Who's Luna?' My eyes widened at the voice.

"Mi- Mikan?" I stammered. This is bad. What if she finds out about my affair? No, she can't find out. Calm down, Natsume, you can think of a way out of this, just tell her Luna's your co-worker or something. I thought.

'Who's Luna?' Mikan repeated louder.

"Polka, I mean, Mikan, I'm sorry, I thought you were my co-worker," I coolly lied.

'Why were you expecting her?' She asked me sharply.

"What's with the tone, Polka? I told you, Luna is just my co-worker," I replied in an annoyed tone, I tried to be annoyed so that she won't suspect something.

'You still didn't answer my-' Oh God, she still continuing on. What to do? I was still thinking of what to do when I felt my throat itching. I started coughing violently.

'Are you okay?' She asked concern evident in her voice.

"I'm- cough" I couldn't finish my sentence because I started coughing again. I dropped my phone for a while and immediately reached my water bottle and drank from it. After drinking water, my throat feels well slightly. I took a deep breath before picking up my phone again.

'Natsume? Are you still there? Natsume? I silently thanked my sore throat for it was the one that saved me from Polka.

"I'm still here, Polka," I replied heavily. I relaxed myself to make my breathing regular again.

'Are you okay now?' She asked.

"Yes, I'm fine now, the coughing finally stopped" which was true, it seems fine for now.

'Thank goodness' She let out a breath then continued, "I think you should go see a doctor soon, Natsume, what if gets worse?" I glanced at my wall clock, 11:39 AM. Shit, I need to finish the papers. I think there are few of it left.

"Hn, Polka, can we continue this later? I'm late for lunch," I said quickly.

'Oh, Okay, bye Natsume,' She murmured.

'I love-'

"Hn, bye, Polka" "-you" I hanged up. I thought I heard she was saying something but I just shrugged it can't be that important. I quickly finished my work and dashed off to my destination.

After running for a few minutes, I have finally reached my destination. I hurriedly entered the restaurant and searched for a familiar short strawberry-blonde hair. Then I saw her, at the right side of the restaurant, looking serenely at the window. I swiftly made my way to her table.

When I reached the table she glanced at me then looked away again. She's angry. I took my seat and explained the reason why was I late except for the part of Mikan calling. She still doesn't know that I have a wife.

"I forgive you, Natsume, but at the least you could have just called me," She said calmly while looking at me.

"I told you, I really did want to call you but I buried myself with work because of my boss," I countered while slightly coughing. She looked at me worriedly; I just smiled slightly to assure her I'm fine.

"Fine, just don't do it again, okay?" She said with a sweet smile. I just smirked at her. We ate our lunch happily with no interruptions. Our little date continued like it was supposed to. We went to different places and we ate dinner together at some fancy restaurant. After dinner, we took a walk around the park.

"Thanks for the wonderful date, Natsume," She said sweetly.


"Well, I need to go home now, bye," She said while starting to walk away. I grabbed her wrist and gave her a peck on the lips.

"Thank you for the date," I said with a small smile. She just blushed and hurriedly went home. I chuckled at her behavior. I sat on the bench again and thought about what I did, I just kissed Luna on the lips. Sure we went out a few times but I didn't do that. We just hold hands, cuddle but no kissing. My thoughts were interrupted when I felt my phone vibrate.

"Hello, Hyuuga speaking,"

'Where the hell are you, Natsu? I have been calling you for about 5 times and you weren't answering,' Ken angrily said.

"What do you want?" I replied.

'What do I want? You in your house this instant! Don't you know what time is it? Your wife's been worried sick looking for you, She has been calling you for god knows how many time is and you weren't answering, for god sake did you forget you have a wife?!' Ken angrily spat at me.I glanced at my watch and found out it was 11:30 PM. I didn't know I was out this long. I was speechless and for the first time, I heard Ken this angry.

"I'm-" 'Don't mumble you freaking idiot! I don't know what you have been doing with your other woman this late but please man, don't forget you have a family that's waiting for you at Japan!' he snapped.

"I didn't have sex with her if that's what your worried about and It's not that I forgot about Mikan, it's just that I decided to bury her deep inside my mind to make me numb from missing her very much," I said guiltily. I heard Ken sigh.

'Even so, cheating won't make it better you idiot, as your old best friend, I would advise you to start spending time with your family, I know you have been planning to send your wife and son here,' he said calmly.

"but what about Luna?" I replied.

'Just leave her you dumbass, I can't believe your worried for that idiotic girl, man she's making you an idiot,' Ken said angrily. I was slightly offended at what he said but I shrugged it off.

"but I can't just leave her alone," I retorted.


"Hn, bye," I said as I hanged up. I can't leave Luna just like that but I can't be with her at the same time being with my wife. Argh, what should I do now? I buried my face on my hands. I think I have developed some feelings for Luna but I still love Mikan, I know it.

I decided to check my phone to ease out my thoughts, 11 missed calls from Mikan, 5 Missed calls from Ken, 3 new messages from Mikan. I opened the message from latest to oldest.

From: Polka

Where are you, Natsume? I have been calling you for how many times and you weren't answering. Please, reply back if you ever read this.
I miss you. I love you. – Polka

From: Polka

Natsume, you there? Okay, I promise I won't call you during your work hours just please, reply back or call back? Or even just chat with me. I can't bear not talking with you, is there something wrong?
Love, Polka.

From: Polka

Natsume? Are you angry at me for calling you at lunch time? If you are then I'm sorry. I won't call you at your work hours again, just talk to me. Is your throat okay now?
Love, Polka

Mikan, I'm sorry, I have been a bastard. I hope you can wait for me settle this first. I thought. I decided to reply one message. Polka, I'm going home now, sorry for the late reply, I was busy. Don't bother replying, message sent. I also sent Ken a message that I won't be going to work tomorrow because I will go to the doctor for check-up. My throat's been feeling worse. I went home after that.

I have arrived home at 1 am and immediately went to my laptop. I opened up my skype account and stayed invisible. I saw there many missed calls and private messages from Mikan. I also saw 1 private message from Luna.

MikanHyuuga: Hello? Natsume?
MikanHyuuga: Natsume? You there?
MikanHyuuga: Natsume, the kids want to talk to you.
MikanHyuuga: Minami has come back from work and Mimi also from her school practice. She's a volleyball player so she needs to be there at Saturday.
MikanHyuuga: Natsuhiko doesn't have anything to do at Saturday, so he stayed home. His graduation is on Monday, March 12. He's graduating as the top student. He's just like you genius at everything.
4 hours and 15 minutes ago

Mikan.. I looked at her account and she was offline. I left an offline message.

Natsume27: Mikan, I won't be going to work tomorrow, I'll chat with you this morning, I'm going to the doctor for the check-up you have been bugging me, also I plan to make your flight on March 15 and you'll be staying here for 1 week and 5 days, so you'll be leaving on the 27th day of March.

After sending the message to Mikan, I opened Luna's message for me.

: Thanks for the wonderful date, Nat! And was I surprised when you kissed me, it felt good, I think I'm beginning to have something deeper than like with you. ;) And I think you do too. ;P So how about another date this Monday?
1 hour and 10 minutes ago.

My eyes widened at her message. You're in deep shit, how the hell am I going to fix this mess? I laid my head down and tried to think but instead of thinking I felt myself losing consciousness.


Damn, I can't finish this stupid stage. I ruffled my hair. Currently, I was playing Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core on my PSP. I was busy playing that I didn't notice that time was 2 AM.

I looked at mom and saw that she has tear stains in her eyes again. Dammit, this afternoon too she was crying. I just left her because I know she wouldn't like me to see her like that. I started to play again but I suddenly felt violent twisting and turning in the bed. I glanced at mom and noticed that she was having a nightmare.

"Mom, wake up, Mom," I said as a shook her. Damn, she was still tossing and turning.

"Natsu… me, Do—n't…" Mom mumbled. Mom's having a nightmare about dad?

"Mom, what are you saying?" I said as I continue to shake her. Mom, please wake up.

"Lea—ve me, plea—se!" Mom cried.

"Mom! Wake up!" I said as I slapped her weakly. She opened her eyes after that and I can clearly see tears forming in her eyes.

"Na—Natsu?" she said sleepily. Thank God, she woke up.

"You were having a nightmare," I stated. She nodded.

"You remember your nightmare?" I asked her. She nodded again.

"It was about your father cheating, but don't mind it, it's just a dream," She said while smiling slightly but failing to do so. I kept my blank face but on the inside I was boiling.

"Yes, Mom, now go back to sleep," I said while tucking her to bed. Moments later she fell asleep again. Even on Mom's sleep Dad's betraying mom. Yes, I know that dad was having an affair with this Luna person. I hacked his skype account one time when I was bored and because of that I discovered his affair.

I opened my laptop that was on the desk beside me. I opened my skype account that was supposedly for school purposes only. I typed on my dad's skype account and began writing.

Dad, before I rant endlessly about you. I want you to know that I am graduating as the valedictorian of the class. I know mom told you already but I wanted to tell you myself too. Also, about the trip to china, I'm happy that we can spend time with you but with the matters at hand I don't think we are going to have a happy trip, so I'm going to start now.

Dad, I know you're having an affair with a woman named Luna. I know you have reasons on why you did that, Dad, and because of that I kept a secret as a sign of my respect for you but I can't take it anymore.

Did you know that every time mom has a nightmare, it's always about you having an affair? There were times that I badly want to tell her about you and your other woman but I didn't want to see mom cry because of you.

Did you also know that sometimes when mom looks at me, she looks hurt? I think it's because I look exactly like you when you were younger. It hurts to see mom like that, Dad. Sometimes when I go home from school I'll took a detour at home so that mom won't see me because I know it pains her to see my face that looks exactly you.

Did you know why every time you were chatting with mom for the past month I leave? It's because I can't help but frown whenever I see your face. It seems that as time goes by your growing further and further away from mom and us. You have changed. You have grown colder to mom.

I can't believe that you did that to mom, that's why I leave so that I can't blurt out all of your stupidity in front of mom. Yes, I believe that what you are doing right now is stupid. I don't care if you'll be angry at me after this; I just want you to return to your old self again, the dad that I want to be when I grow up.

So please dad, leave your ugly woman and come back to mom's side.

After that ranting, I hit the send button. Ahh, it felt good to let out the steam in your body. So dad what are you going to do now? I glanced at mom and she was now sleeping soundly. I hope you do the right thing, Dad.

I turned off my laptop and played FFVII: Crisis Core for a bit before going sleep.

End of Chapter 2


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