Oook guys, a few things before we start:

1) I'm Spanish. That means, I can more or less write in English, but it won't be perfect. I have many stories in mind, but I wanted to try writing a short one to see if I'm able to. Please do tell me if it gets too unreadable or if you find any mistakes.

2) This story is spoiler-free, for it doesn't take place before or after any especific moment in the storyline, but if you're up-to-date with the series you'll know that the first, let's say about 500 episodes, take place in a short period of time. For the sake of this fic, let's asume this period is much more longer, and that by the time they leave Thriller Bark they've already been sailing for about 2 years.

3) Disclaimer: sadly, I do not own One Piece (I wish...), the great Eiichiro Oda does!


It was the most feared day on the Thousand Sunny.

Nami's birthday.

The day when everyone had to obey her most life-threatening wishes.

Maybe it was survival instinct, but every member in the crew had decided on his own to wake up early and start doing things to keep her content, even Luffy. Cleaning up, having a shower and using soap for once, helping Sanji with breakfast and the birthday cake…

Somehow, it worked. When Nami woke up she was wearing a big smile, which grew bigger when she came inside the kitchen and everyone screamed "Happy Birthday!" to her. The morning was peaceful, and when during lunch she was asked if she wanted to do something special, she just said that a party and playing some games should be fine.

Of course, no one felt the need to complain.


Despite the initial reluctance when the girl explained the rules, the game was proving to be more fun than it had seemed, though the food and the drinks that kept coming helped to that purpose too. The sun shone on the sky, so they were playing in the grass outside, which helped to make the game better aswell. The music was loud and cheerful, just like the happy voices and the laughs that echoed through the ship.

Nami rolled the dice yet again (Sanji had finally let her do it, since he hadn't managed to get a kiss from either of the girls yet, and had concluded that the dice had to be mocking at him). Numbers 1 & 3 meant trial, 2 & 4 truth, 5 meant duel and 6 was kiss. After that, rolling a bottle decided who had to do or ask whatever it was to whom.

When the dice had marked a 3 for Robin, Franky had tried to get her do the Docking; but the girl glared at him while grabbing a tangerine, and he then remembered the techniques she had used to make him join the crew, so he somehow managed to rephrase the sentence into a "Would you please dance with me?".

Sanji had asked Chopper what was the thing he feared most when the bottle's top pointed his crewmate (Sanji rolled the bottle so the bottom end was pointing at him and the top to Robin, wishing to ask her if he loved him, but the top had missed the girl for inches and landed on the reindeer, to Sanji's disappointment). Chopper's answer, "Nami", made the others laugh when the girl started chasing after the kid.

Zoro lost a duel with Sanji, though it wasn't much of a surprise, for they had to find Usopp blindfolded, guided by one of their crewmates, and to Zoro's natural ability of getting lost, was added Luffy's natural ability of not knowing the meaning of the words "left" and "right".

Usopp had had a really difficult time when Luffy had asked him how he had met Sogeking, but he had managed to give a satisfactory explanation without lying; and Brook had tried to ask Nami to show him her pants, but the girl had moved the bottle in a nothing subtle way, and the top had ended up pointing to Franky.

Sanji stood up to bring more drinks, but when the dice stopped on number 6, kiss, he immediately sat down again, making sure Nami was right in front of him. It was the first kiss apart from the one Robin had given to Chopper on the nose, making the reindeer blush from ear to ear. Nami rolled the bottle… and then it stopped, the top pointing to Luffy, and the bottom to Zoro.

The reactions were varied. Nami was thrilled, Sanji was laughing his heart out of his chest, Robin had her "oh… how interesting" face, and the others were halfway between wondering what would happen next and feeling sorry for the boys. Zoro had put down the bottle he had been drinking and had an angry face (he didn't want to play in the first place), and Luffy simply didn't get what was happening at all.

"I don't understand it," he said "what is it you're all laughing about?" But the guys where all talking between them, discussing whether or not Zoro would dare doing it, while Robin was simply drinking coffee, Nami was telling Zoro that he definitely had to do it, and Sanji was busy laughing at him. Zoro sighted in exasperation.

"Fuck it, it's just a damn kiss, right?" he said standing up angrily. He reached for his captain, who looked at him with questioning eyes, still not knowing what was going on, took his face with his hands, brought him forward and smashed his lips onto Luffy's. The boy gasped, his eyes growing to the size of plates, but before he could move or do anything, Zoro released him and walked away.

While the others went after Zoro to the kitchen, talking and laughing, still not believing he had definitely done it, Luffy, left alone on the deck, felt his knees weaken and slided to the floor.

No one came to check after him, probably thinking he was finishing the food.

Nobody was left outside to see it, but Luffy raised his fingers to touch his lips, still feeling the pressure of Zoro's against them. His other hand was clutching to his shirt, right were his heart was. He felt warm and strange, and though he didn't know why, he realized he was about to cry.



"I think Luffy's sick" said Chopper when he came into the kitchen. Seven pirates turned to look at him. "He's sitting on his spot again, and he didn't even make a move to join when Usopp, Brook and I were playing right beside him".

"Damn… just what's with him? He's been like this for a week already!" said Usopp.

"I don't think he's sick…" mumbled Nami. "It's more like he's got something on his head…"

"Something he won't tell" added Brook. "I asked him yesterday if there was something worrying him, but he said he was fine."

"He's been eating less too".

"Then he's undeniably sick!" screamed Chopper after Sanji's statement.

"Well, he's obviously not fine," said Nami "but if his sickness is saving us so much money in food…"

"You can't possibly be serious!" interrupted Franky.

"Maybe Mr. Swordsman should talk to him" suggested Robin in a calm voice, before the Navigator had the chance to kill their Carpenter. Everyone turned to look at her, and then to Zoro.

"That's right! You're the one who understands him better."

"He'll definitely open up to you!"

"I don't think this is gonna work…" started Zoro, but nobody seemed to care about what he thought.

"Go talk to him!" ordered Nami.

"Good luck, Zoro!" cheered Chopper.

Zoro sighted and stood up to leave. He knew arguing with Nami was useless, but still, he knew this wouldn't work. Whatever Luffy had been thinking about, Zoro was sure it was something he wanted to keep to himself.

"Oi, captain!" he called. Luffy jumped on the place, but didn't turn around. Zoro worried. There had to be something really big or really bad going through his captain's head if he hadn't even heard him approaching.

"Zoro" Luffy greeted him calmly, still not looking at him. The older one leaned his back against the railing, resting his elbows on the wood for support. He stood there silent for a moment, waiting for the raven boy to say something.

He didn't. Zoro sighted.

"You've got everyone worried, you know?"

"I said I'm fine…"

"They know you better." They stood silent for another few minutes.

"Aren't you worried too?" asked Luffy then.

Zoro thought about it. "A bit…" he said finally. Luffy looked up to stare at him, but Zoro was standing with his back against him. "Of course I'd like to help you with whatever is troubling you, but I know you trust me, so I'm sure you have a good reason for not telling me. If this is something you have to go over by yourself, then as long as you're not in danger, it's alright for me."

"Zoro…" Luffy reached out for his first mate, but changed his mind halfway and dropped his arm.

"I'd like to know though," then added Zoro, turning to him and giving him a small smile "so do tell me when you're ready. If I find out you've talked to that shitty Cook or anyone else first, then you're dead pirate, got it?"

Luffy smiled a shy smile back. "Sure!"



Three more weeks went by, and Luffy seemed to be little by little getting back to his normal self. He still spent a lot of time sitting by himself and thinking, but he was eating normally again (to Nami's disappointment), and when he was with his crewmates, he was just as cheerful as he had always been.

The only ones that weren't fooled by this sudden change were Zoro, and possibly Robin.

About the girl, Luffy didn't mind. Robin was discreet and tactful enough to not say anything; but with Zoro it was different. The boy felt like his first mate could tell exactly what went through his mind, read through every gesture and sign he made… and so he had been trying to avoid the older boy.

Zoro, of course, had noticed this.

Eventually, their eyes would suddenly meet. Zoro would try to say something, but Luffy would quickly turn away and focus his attention on whatever or whoever was near. He had even started reading a book with Chopper once.

As amusing as it might have seemed in the beginning, Zoro was starting to lose his temper.


"Go to bed, Nami. I'll finish the watch" said Zoro as he came into the crow's nest. Nami stood up and stretched.

"Thanks… I hadn't realized it was already this late".

She gave Zoro her blanket and looked at the sea.

"So… you thought about doing something special for him?"

Zoro looked at her with confusion.

"You forgot again…" Nami sighted "Four more days and it'll be two years since I met you two".

"Oh… That means tomorrow…"

"Yeah… I know you don't really care about that stuff, but…"

"Luffy does" said the Swordsman. Nami nodded. "Thanks for telling me".



The hours went by peacefully on the Thousand Sunny.

It was a cloudy day. The temperature was nice, but it seemed it could start raining at any moment.

Zoro's thoughts where just as dark as the sky.

He wanted to talk to Luffy, but the kid was still avoiding him and he wasn't sure about how to start the conversation. Finally, after lunch, the right moment seemed to come. From the crow's nest, he watched Usopp and Franky go downstairs to work in new weapons. Chopper was in his office, and Nami was in her room drawing maps. The others were in the kitchen.

Zoro went down stairs to the aft deck. Luffy was there, sitting on the railing and staring at the sea. Apparently he was fishing, but he clearly didn't have his mind on the task.

Zoro approached the boy.

"You've been avoiding me…" he said. Luffy didn't turn around.

"I need time to think" he said flatly.

At this point, Zoro was really starting to worry. He could understand that the boy had something on his mind, but the fact that he kept avoiding him while acting all cheerful towards the others had him thinking he must've done something that had really angered his captain, and it was killing him not knowing what it was.

"Luffy, did I do something wrong?" This time, the boy did look at him.

"Of course not!" he said with a surprised look, as if he absolutely didn't get the question. "Why would you think that?"

Zoro gave him an isn't-it-obvious look, and Luffy dropped his head down.

"I guess I've been giving you quite a few reasons…" he said sadly. "I'm sorry Zoro, I'm just… confused about something…"

"Luffy, whatever it is I think you should forget it. This is been going over for a month already, and I'm worried. Since Nami's birthday you've been… Oh".

As realization appeared in Zoro's eyes, color left Luffy's face. He stared into the swordsman's eyes, panic painted on his own.

"It was the kiss…" the older one said.

"N-No! That's not it…" Luffy stammered.

"You're angry with me because I kissed you…" As the words left the Swordsman mouth, Luffy noticed he seemed… sad? dissapointed? He wasn't sure, but he had to do something, say something… anything would be fine as long as Zoro didn't blame himself.

"Zoro, it's not that, really! I liked it!" he said without thinking. When the older boy looked at him, the raven was already a bright shade of red. "I-I mean… I didn't mind it… It's not like I'd get mad about something like…"

"You know what day is today, Luffy?" Zoro asked in a low voice, staring at the rapidly darkening sky. Luffy blinked, confused for a moment about the shift in the conversation, and then shook his head. "Today's been two years since the day you took the shots for me at that marine base… since you saved my life".


"I still haven't thanked you for that".

"Zoro, you remembered!" said Luffy smiling at him, the embarrassment he had felt moments earlier already forgotten. The Swordsman returned the smile and brushed the raven boy's cheek.

"To be fair, I should say Nami did. Last year you really got mad when I forgot…"

"So you promised you'll make it up to me next time"

"Yeah… thank you for saving me back then, Captain…" With those words, Zoro slowly lifted the boy's chin up, put his hand around his neck, and brought him forward to gently kiss his lips.


Luffy didn't even realize it had started raining. He felt nothing but Zoro's lips and hands, and a million butterflies fluttering in his stomach each time the other breathed against him. That was, at least, until he had to pull back for air, to his disappointment.

Zoro watched the boy trying to catch his breath, and couldn't help but smile. Luffy was adorable, breathing heavily, blushing from ear to ear, and looking at him with a startled look and his hand covering his mouth.

"You kissed me…!"

"I thought that if a kiss had started this, maybe another one would end it" Zoro said. "You didn't seem to dislike it." Luffy turned a darker shade of red, if possible. Zoro chuckled and pulled him in for a hug. It wasn't cold outside, but he noticed Luffy was trembling.

The boy didn't fully understand what was going on. Zoro had kissed him. The irritable, bad-tempered, cold and almost unemotional Zoro.

He was halfway between absolute bliss and total confusion.

"I thought I'd never find the confidence to do this" said the older then, burying his nose on the raven's hair.

Luffy breathed in heavily. Could it be really happening? He himself only knew his own feelings for a few weeks, so what where the odds that Zoro had figured them out and returned them? He wanted to ask. He needed to. But he feared the answer so much…

Just then, his first mate took his hand and pressed it against the left side of his chest. Luffy smiled.

Beneath the scars and the steel-like muscles, Zoro's heart was beating fast and hard. For him.

"Zoro, does that mean you like me?" he muttered. The older boy looked at him and smiled gently. The gesture seemed a bit off place, unsettling, but soothing and sweet at the same time. He placed a light kiss on Luffy's lips.

"No… it means I love you."



About the title... well, I was completely out of inspiration, so I just made a pun with a Backstreet Boys' song, "Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon", simply cause it was the first thing that came to my mind :)

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