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Zoro looked down at the boy who lay naked beneath him, trapped between his arms. Even with this gloomy light he could see a bit of red painting the other's cheeks. He raised his hand to caress the raven's face, supporting himself only on his elbow, and slowly traced the boy's scar, his chin… then his lips, carefully pushing them open. And when they did, Zoro's descended suddenly to meet them in a fierce kiss, his tongue taking advantage of the opened mouth.

With his free hand he kept Luffy's arms over his head, his bare chest now pressing the boy's to the ground, immobilizing him. Then he broke the kiss and lowered his head to go for Luffy's neck and earlobe, and while he bit and kissed, he pushed two fingers into the boy's mouth, who sucked on them eagerly.

Luffy let out a small gasp when the older boy bit his right nipple, and Zoro took that chance to pull his fingers, now wet, away, replacing them again with his mouth.

The swordsman lowered his hand, and he felt the boy flinching a little at the movement. He broke the kiss and sat straight beside his captain, still keeping him down by holding his arms over his head, and with his other hand placed on the younger boy's thigh.

"Luffy" he said in a deep, calmed voice. The boy was breathing heavily and could not answer, but he looked at him from the floor, showing he had his attention. "Now you have to do as I say"

The boy nodded.

"Spread your legs". The boy slowly did as he was told. Zoro leaned over him again and placed his fingers right beside Luffy's entrance, applying just a bit of pressure. Then he slid them in, first one, then the second, making the raven boy shudder.

"Does it hurt?" he asked, kissing his captain' neck while he slowly began moving his fingers. Luffy was made of rubber, but that was a part of his body he wasn't exactly used to stretching, and he didn't want to risk hurting the boy.

"N… no…", Luffy muttered, his breath still heavy "but… it feels… weird"

"It won't for long" he said as he undid his bandana's knot with his teeth, then used it to tie Luffy's wrists together with help of his free hand. "Don't move" he added, and started heading down.

The boy shivered when he felt his first mate's mouth taking him in. The swordsman circled the head with his lips first, licking the tip, then started a slow but steady pace up and down the shaft. The feeling was so unlike any other that the younger boy completely forgot about everything else. He forgot about the water, about the rest of his crew, who could come back at any moment –though he was hoping they didn't anytime soon-, he forgot about his desire to be Pirate King, about the fingers that kept moving inside him… until they hit a certain spot.

Luffy's body jerked upwards and a soft scream escaped his lips. Zoro's lips drew an impish smile against the boy's erection, but the last was too carried away to notice. He used his free hand to keep his captain's hips pinned to the ground, and continued to suck on him while he added a third finger.

He moved them so that they came close to the sensitive bundle of nerves, but never really pressing on it again, building up tension. Luffy breathed more laboriously each time the older boy approached the spot, only to grind his teeth when he moved them away again. His first mate had been right, it didn't feel weird any more. He just felt the soft lips gently moving around his cock, the pressure with which his ass tightened around Zoro's teasing fingers, the need of being fulfilled… He was about to say something, but the swordsman too seemed to decide he was ready, for he slowly pulled the fingers out and let go of the raven's member.

The man looked down at the small frame beneath him with a wild desire painted in his eyes, licking his lips and making Luffy blush violently, but he remained still, holding himself back as if he were waiting for permission. Like the paradigm of a perfectly loyal wolf, craving for meat but strong-willed and stoic enough to wait for a sign that he could devour it. The kid looked at him like he wanted to say something, but at that point his mind was too clouded and his breath too ragged to conjure proper words. So instead he pushed himself up – the best he could, considering his hands were still tied – to kiss his first mate and placed his legs at both his sides, and in about a second Zoro's pants and boots were gone and the man was pinning him down against the floor, the boy's legs over his shoulders and his hands around his neck for support, and pressing his erection against Luffy's entrance.

"Take deep breaths" he said, his voice hoarse. And the boy complied…

Until he felt the swordsman slipping into his body, slowly, gently, but still overwhelmingly enough to take his breath away. He gasped loudly, clawing at his friend's back and burying his face in the crook of his neck. A low growl escaped the older man's throat as he slowly started pulling out and then again back in, but not only because his captain felt incomparably better that anything he had experienced before, but also because he could feel every shudder and shiver that the kid's body made under him, sense his poor attempts at breathing against his neck, feel the warmth of his body pressed hard against his own…

The sensation was too much for him to take it, and he knew he was losing it. He could almost see the remainders of his otherwise flawless self-control shattering as he started pounding harder and faster inside the boy.

The raven's gasps were no longer such, but sharp screams and incoherent words falling from his lips.

"A-ahh… Zoro!... aah… nghh"

The swordsman answered to his captain's unspoken plea, lifting his head to meet the boy's mouth in a fierce, deep kiss; only stopping to bite his lip, ear, collarbone…


They needed more.

He paused from ravishing Luffy's mouth and neck and pulled himself upwards, dragging the boy along until his back hit the wall and the raven was sitting on his lap.

His hands guided his captain's hips, lowering him onto his cock, reaching as deep as he could. A wild shudder shook Luffy's body, and the kid snapped his head back and let out a loud gasp. The vision was mesmerizing, and it made Zoro shiver too.

The pause in the frenzy made them regain a bit of their long gone clarity. The older man wrapped his strong arms around the kid's small frame, holding him in a tight embrace. They remained like this for a few seconds, both unmoving, savouring each other's presence, enjoying the simplicity of just finding comfort on another body's warmth, of finding themselves at home in the other's arms.

The raven's eyes were lidded and his breath still heavy when he stared into his first mate's eyes. He loved this duality in Zoro's nature. The fact that he could be a feral beast, danger made flesh, both when fighting and in lovemaking; but also calmed, gentle and caring, simply dozing off with his back against the railing, or looking at him like he was doing now, with such love in his eyes, like it was the end of the world.

He leaned down to kiss him passionately, the older man immediately responding to the way his lips and tongue moved.

"Please… I-I want you" the boy whispered against ear. And he needn't ask twice.

A growl rose from Zoro's chest as he grabbed a fistful of the raven's hair, pulling his head back and revealing his neck. He bit and sucked there as he rocked his hips, feeling Luffy's pulse quicken again and eliciting the sweetest moans from the kid. Then his palms were on the raven's hips, nails digging in his buttocks, guiding his movements and synching them with his to build up a pace. Luffy was an eager learner and he soon was moving on his own, allowing the older man to use his hands for other things, like pulling those raven locks or jerking the boy's cock.

But it still wasn't enough.

In a sudden move the older man rose to his knees and turned around, now pressing Luffy's back hard against the wooden wall with each powerful thrust. His hands never stopped stroking the boy's twitching erection, his lips remained glued to the kid's.

The raven wrapped his legs around his first mate's waist, granting him deeper access still, feeling the way the strong muscles moved against his thighs, and loving every bit of it. He was trapped between the wall and the heat of Zoro's chest pressing against him, both so close he wasn't sure where one ended and the other one started, kissing and breathing into each other. The grip the man held on his hips was just on the edge of painful, perfect, and with their new arrangement, each time the swordsman thrust into him he'd hit that spot and send jolts of pleasure all throughout Luffy's body.

His whole body was over-sensitized. Was it always like this? So… fulfilling? He broke the kiss, because dammit, he needed air, but Zoro was merciless, and if he couldn't have Luffy's lips, then attack his neck, jaw line and earlobe it was. The slide of skin on skin, the scent, his first mate's teeth scraping his flesh, his hard member filling him, his hands all over him… it was overwhelming, and he felt suddenly grateful for his tied wrists placed around the man's neck, because he didn't think his hands would've been able to support him at this point.

As Zoro pounded into him again, harder and faster and with more need, the sensation was too intense and Luffy's whole body jerked and shivered, his muscles clenching, making the man too moan in pleasure at the sudden tightening around his cock. The sound was the sweetest thing the raven had ever heard, and he repeated the movement again with each thrust, making Zoro's breath more ragged and his rhythm more frantic.

"St-stop Luffy… Ah-h fuck." he hissed.

"I thought we were…" the boy smirked, and the older man again captured his lips in a deep, wet kiss, because the kid drove him crazy and at this rate he was going to end up screaming his name if he didn't keep his mouth busy, and that was unacceptable for someone as composed as Zoro.

His captain, on the other hand, was not concerned about such things, apparently, because he didn't seem to have a problem with crying out his first mate's name, loud and desperately, and that, along with the fact that the little bastard was still clenching his muscles around Zoro, brought the man dangerously close to his orgasm.

He rocked his hips, pushing impossibly deeper inside the raven, who arched his back into him in synch and nibbled at the man's lower lip as he jerked him harder. Luffy squirmed under his ministrations, feeling the tension dwelling in his lower abdomen, almost on the verge of passing out in ecstasy.

"Z-Zoro… A-Aaah damn! I'm… I'm com—"

"Do it" the man grunted, dragging his tongue from his collarbone, all along his neck, feeling the blood pumping furiously under the skin.

And the boy did, coming all over them, screaming his name and shuddering through his orgasm. The vision was beautiful and the raven's body tensed all around him, making Zoro follow almost immediately. He spilled inside the kid with a low growl, his mouth finding Luffy's, not really helping them catch their breaths sooner, but they didn't mind.

They kissed as they slid down to the floor, lovingly, tenderly, awkwardly chaste comparing to what they had just done.

They lay there for a while, Zoro on his back and Luffy resting his head on his chest, not caring about the mess they had made of themselves or about anything. It was as if the whole world had stopped for a few moments, and all that mattered was them, together, breathing the same air and understanding everything about the other without having to speak a word.

Zoro untied the boy's wrists, and Luffy wrapped his arms around his first mate's waist. The older man's hand absentmindedly drew patterns on the raven's back, and Luffy sighed, feeling at ease.

But Luffy never had been one to remain still and doing nothing for long, so soon he was pushing himself up on his elbows, staring at his first mate with a huge grin on his face.

Zoro smiled lightly at the sight.

"What is it?"

"I love you."

"I know" he kissed him softly.

"And you love me too" it wasn't a question.

"That goes without saying."

"So that means we're not allowed to do this with anyone else, right?"

Zoro frowned slightly at that.

"Why? Is there someone else you want to do this with?"

"No, but I wanted to make that clear" he placed a light kiss on the older man's lips. "You're mine. Just mine." he stated, and Zoro smiled because what was he going to do with him. He was completely head-over-heels for the kid.

"Yes, Captain. Now let's clean up all this mess before the others arrive"



"I'm still hungry…"

Really, what was he going to do with him.

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