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Stranger in storm

"Got a light?" he was leaning against a wall under a small lid in front of a mall. In front of him, a stranger had stopped and was looking at him. It took him a moment to realize the question had been pointed to him.

"Um, yeah.." he stared into the red eyes, he had never seen eyes quite like that. They were deep and burning, but still he couldn't read a thing in them, and they were distant in a way, like pushing him away. Then there was an amused sparkle in them. He kept staring, noticing how his heart started beating faster.

"So, you mind lending it to me?" he shook his head, and tore his gaze from the red orbs. He also felt his face heating up when he saw the smirk on the guys face. Without saying a word, he pulled a lighter from his pocket and held it out. The red eyes narrowed a bit, and then the guy apparently reached a decision and instead of taking the lighter, he fished a smoke out of a tin box and put it between the lips. Reflectively his thumb moved and a flame appeared. The guy leaned down a bit, and lit his smoke.

"Thanks." the guy said and was about to leave.

"Wait" he called after, without thinking further. So, he had no idea what to say when the guy turned back and looked at him questioningly. He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came to his mouth.

"You aren't one for talking, are you?" he laughed at that.

"If you would say that to anyone who knows me, you would get laughed at." there was the smirk again, and it felt like his heart was somersaulting and his mouth run dry. Man, he hadn't been this affected about anyone since he had broke up with Brian half year ago.

"Didn't I get laughed at now too?" he coughed.

"Sorry.." the guy simply shrugged it off, and blew a steam ring. He watched how it dissipated "Cool.." he mumbled. The guy snorted.

"Seems like you are the odder sort. So, did you have something to say to me?" he licked his lips and gathering his courage he asked

"Are you busy?" the guy gave him a long look, and he figured the answer would be yes, and he would be left alone. And for some reason, that made his heart ache. Stupid, he thought to himself, you just met. You can't already have a crush on the guy. Fro crying out loud, you don't even know his name. Then the guy shrugged again, making water splash from the black leather jacket he was wearing. Until now, he hadn't really looked at the guy, having been too captivated by the eyes. The face looked rather good, manly but not rough, the eyes gave some life to the otherwise rather stoic face. He bet the guy could play poker well, he didn't seem like one to loose his calm. Then there was the jacket, being rather loose so he couldn't tell how the midsection was formed. But if he could judge anything from the nice hip section and the legs that were wrapped in gray tight jeans, it couldn't look half bad either. He was just marveling the muscled but not over big thighs when the guy coughed. He snapped his head back up, and looked at the guy's face again. The guy was nearly finished with his smoke, and by the forceful intake, he figured the guy was slightly irritated. To his relief, the guy shook his head and put out his smoke.

"You really are something else. Mind to finally say what it was why you asked me to wait and why you wanted to know if I was in a rush?" he was embarrassed, but as long as the red eyed man was still there, he couldn't really think clearly, so it wasn't really his fault, right? It was the others fault for making him feel like this.

"I was just thinking, that if you had nothing else to do, we could have a cup of coffee" the guy stared at him, and stepped closer to him, getting partly under the lid too.

"Do you always invite random guys to join you for a coffee?" he could smell the faint scent of the guys cologne. It was good, not too strong and being some odd mark, he didn't recall ever smelling something like it. It was fresh, little minty, but still reminding him more of a summer and hot days. He could have sniffed the smell for a while, but he really should step up his game, otherwise he would just look like a retard who couldn't focus even for a two seconds.

"No I don't. Only those who ask for light" the guy chuckled.

"Fine. I guess I can afford a moment." he nodded.

"Good, I know a great place close by." the other gestured him to lead the way, but as he pushed himself off of the wall, the guy didn't step back to give him room, so he ended up being nose to nose with the guy. If he could have controlled his legs, he would have told them to step back , to the side, something. But being so close to the guy, his nose filled with his scent, mixed with the smell of wet leather and tobacco. He swallowed, and looked into the red eyes, that were even more captivating on close range. Suddenly he had this urge to just kiss this stranger, wrap a hand behind his back and pull him closer, taste what the tobacco would taste like. He had always been curious to try one, but he didn't want to ruin his lungs so, he never had. Of course, he had to admit, it wasn't because of the tobacco he wanted to kiss the guy. But there was something in the other one, making his brains stop working and tongue get stuck in his mouth. And being this close, in range where he could easily touch the guy wherever he wanted to, his legs were going weak. His face was getting hot, and he knew he was blushing. It was ridiculous he was behaving like a high school girl, being all kiddy and shy. But those eyes, they were laughing at him, apparently seeing the mess his thoughts were.

"You have rather nice hair" the guy said, and smirked when his face heated up even more. He lowered his face, using the 'nice hair' to hide his face. He needed to regroup, and get under control again. He shouldn't let some random guy dominate his actions. Then he felt a hand touching his hear, and his head yerked up, eyes wide he stared at the guy. Wait, wait, what was going on, the more controlled part of his brain asked, but bigger part was hoping hard that the guy would really do something, he really wanted to kiss the guy in front of him, and not the softest way possible. He wanted to go deep, he wanted to see what the guy could do, could he make him feel as great as he expected. His breathing quickened, and he could hear his heartbeat in his ears, making his body even more on the edge, he wanted a touch so bad it hurt, and he bit his lip as not to jump on the guy. The hand, wet from the rain but not cold, moved to his head, brushing his locks behind his ears, away from his face. Then the guy leaned closer, he could feel the breath on his face, his hand yerked, he wanted to grasp the guys jacket and hurry things up, but at the same time he couldn't control his muscles enough to do anything, the guy really messed him all up.

"Your face ain't bad either..." he glanced down from the red eyes and at the lips so close to his. And then there was a smirk, and the guy pulled back, letting go of his head, and stepped back. "Maybe next time" with that, the guy turned and walked to the rain. He was frozen, but when the guy was just kept walking, he found his vocal chords again.

"Wait!" the guy waved

"Not this time" the guy didn't turn around, and when he tried to walk after him, his legs were too wobbly to carry him. So he slumped back against the wall and sighed. Man he was disappointed. He lifted a hand, and run a finger over his lips. The lips felt hot, and he sighed, kissing the fingertip. He was yearning for a kiss, and not just anyone's he wanted to have it from the guy that had appeared from the rain, and who disappeared in the same way. He sighed again, how stupid was this. He met random fellow, got a crush immediately and he knew absolutely nothing about the guy, not even his first name. His phone rung, and he ducked it out of his pocket. It was Ian.

"Sorry Tala, I can't make it to the movie. I hope you can go there with someone else?" Ian sounded apologetic, and frankly he didn't care anymore about the movie, even though he had been talking about it for ages.

"Sure, no problem" he said, mind still working on the guy. He had even smelled so good, even the memory made his heart skip a beat. He was definitely going to see the guy again, and this time he wouldn't get away like that. "I will get a kiss at least..."

"Sorry, what are you talking about?" he heard Ian's stunned voice from the phone.

"No, nothing, I was just thinking. But I will get going then if you are not coming". He hadn't meant to say that out loud, but lucky him his friends were used to him piping in random lines.

"Okay, bye" he hung up. So, now he had time to go look for the guy. He drew deep breath and stood up again. Then he stepped from under the lid, and the cold rain fell on him. He gasped, it was freezing! He didn't understand how the guy's hand could be so warm after getting wet in the rain. He shivered, he didn't have an umbrella with him, and his jacket and shirt were already soaking wet. He decided he better go home, no point getting sick. And he should prepare himself for the next encounter, he didn't want to seem as mindless as he had this time. And he had no doubt that he wouldn't see the guy again. How could he not find someone as appealing as that again? With his mind made up, he headed home and into a hot shower, then watching telly under a blanket, mind still occupied by the stranger. And during the night, he had a dream where the first encounter had ended up in a kiss, and they had moved on to his place for some further enjoyment. In his sleep, he smiled, and he had never slept so well.

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