Miley lay on the hospital bed as her friends and family surrounded her. Turns out, Joe was the one who sent her to the hospital. She opened her eyes to a couple of familiar faces that she couldn't put a name to.

'What happened?'

The doctor walked up towards her 'You took a hit. It seems like there isnt much brain damage but you are suffering from slight post traumatic amnesia'

Miley's parents went up and asked 'So you mean she doesn't remember us doc?'

'Not necessarily…her brain has channelled out memories that caused her huge pain in her life and it's going to take sometime for the memories to come back. So unless you in one way or another hurt her with much impact, she'll know who you are'

Her family then stood forward and Miley was able to recognise all of them. They were relieved but they wanted to test the theory so they asked Miley to recognise Joe and Demi and she did. The doctor went on 'I guess none of you have done much damage to her, Im guessing she will be just fine'

'Actually…' Joe blurted, 'I have an idea to test her condition'

Everyone knew exactly what Joe was going to do and they all agreed to it since it's for the best for both Miley and the doctor in his treatment plans.

Joe walked into the waiting room where Nick was pacing around anxiously.

'Nick, I have a favour to ask'

'Is Miley alright? What is it?'

'We'll need you to find out…'

Joe walked back into the room with Nick behind him.

Miley's father whispered to her and asked her to recognise the man behind Joe.

She looked over at a blur figure, he looked kinda like Joe so there is some form of familiarity to it but she couldn't put a name to it or any memories she have ever had with him. It felt to her like she had to remember details of a blurry dream.

She sat up and looked directly at Nick who didn't know whether he should smile or not, after all he wasn't very welcomed in the Cyrus family after the breakup.

'Im guessing you're Joe's brother?'

Joe nodded 'Yes miles you're correct but is that it?'

'I don't know, it feels like I've seen you before somewhere…'

The doctor took his notes 'alright then, I'll leave you guys to it, Mr and Mrs Cyrus, can I have a word?'

The doctor and Miley's parents stepped out of the room to have a private chat about Miley's condition.

While Joe, Nick and Demi are in the room with Miley, Miley started asking about Nick.

'Im so sorry, but what's your name again?'

'It's Nick'

'So how did we meet?'

Joe, Nick and Demi looked at each other not knowing how to reply.

'Nick why don't you stay in the room and make sure Miley gets some sleep. Demi can I have a word?'

Demi and Joe walked over to a corner in the room.

'So suddenly you're talking to me?'

'Im sorry I thought you needed space'

'I did!'

'Cant we be friends?'

'Fine...for Miley'

'Good I want to talk about Miley…'

'Yes, Joe, your point!'

'Don't you think its best if we keep her relationship with Nick a secret? After all she was so heartbroken and Liam was happy with Nick either…'

'I can't lie to my best friend! And if she finds out, it would be worse!'

Back with Nick and Miley, Miley wouldn't stop questioning Nick who seems to be avoiding all the questions.

'Were we close?'

'Miles you should get some sleep…'

'Im guessing we are! Since you're calling me Miles like Joe'

'Miles you should really sleep'

'I bet Joe and Demi are dating and not knowing they are!'

'Miley you need your sleep'

'Isnt funny how some people don't know they were in a relationship'

'You have no idea'


'Get some sleep…'

'Fine… If you start singing country I think I'll mistake you as my dad'

'Don't break my heart, my achy breaky heart'

Nick realised how ironic that sounded the minute it came out of his mouth.

'Yes night daddy'

'Night miles'

Miley shut her eyes and slept soundly. It must be nice to feel so happy all the time…

Nick held Miley's hand while she fell asleep. He found his dogtag clutched tightly in Miley's hand, stained in blood.

Nick walked over to Joe and Demi

'This was the reason she got into an accident' He said and held up his dogtag.

'Nick, Joe thinks we shouldn't tell her'

'I can't pretend like nothing has happened between us, she's treating me very nicely and she's engaged…'

'What do you mean bro?'

'I mean I'll fall in love with her'

'Weren't you always?'

'At least it was less complicated back then when she was ignoring me'

'Nick, im thinking we should tell her.'


'Look at her, how long has it been since you've seen Miley sleep with a smile…'

'Joe's right…'

'Fine, we'll keep it a secret for a while'