It was two thirty in the morning at the hospital were Xipe in his human form was waiting for the birth of a child that might not be his. His heart was heavy with so many things, mainly sorrow. In his hand was the picture of baby Carrie, his eyes brimming with tears as he stared through the looking glass of frozen time. He abandoned her at birth, not caring if she lived or died. Xipe then didn't want to face the truth of having a child with Angelique, the women who hurt him so long ago. Through the past five years he refused to wake up, even when five year old Carrie was at his door step. It was when he made a wish for Carrie to go away did he finally wake, how horrible it was to see the truth.

Somehow she heard him and did exactly what he wanted…she left. Her leaving was only the beginning of the pain. Not knowing where she was agonizingly painful, there wasn't a day that went by where he wondered she was. Is she dead? Is she hurt? Please God, don't let her end up like my brother! It was when he found out where she was when the true terrors began. Carrie was living in the Overlook Hotel with a family falling apart.

There are places in the world that can be dangerous to a Cenobite, the Overlook was one of them especially in the winter. When New Years Eve came around he was summoned to the place were he found her. Carrie was alive but, what was once one became two as Reagan of the Flesh and Izabella of the Spirit separated. He got a good lashing from both then it eventually lead to the truth of Kirsty's infidelity which brings us back to the hospital.

"I should have held you when I had the chance," he whispered, a tear falling from his eye to the picture. He never held Carrie even when she lived in his house for a year. When the Overlook was cleaned of it hostile spirits Carrie ran from his embrace. Instead she went to the man that gave her all the love in the world while he was gone, Frank Cotton. If there was anything more painful then being rejected by your own blood is when they are would rather be with the enemy then be with you. In that moment he realized he would never hold Carrie….ever.

Kirsty was screaming down the hallway. If it was his child he would have been by her side, that's what he did with their son, Danny. Then again he wasn't by Angelique's side for the birth of their daughter. When the nurse came to his corridors with a babe in arms telling him it a girl, he sneered at his own blood. "Get that thing away from me," he said long ago and leaving her crying through the whole Labyrinth.

His sad thoughts of Carrie turned to the child about to be born. What if the child is mine? What if it's not? A sweet voice answered his thoughts. "Weather or not it's yours, love him or her with all your heart." He turned to the voice almost holding his breath. It was Angelique with Danny by her side. Danny looked worried which was causing Xipe to be concerned. "What's wrong honey?" By then Danny began to cry. "I don't hate you, Daddy!" then ran to his embrace. Danny was talking about the secret heart felt letter he wrote to Carrie. His son didn't know how to read but, had the ability to see the past by touching objects. Danny never had that ability until he was overcome by multiple possessions. It was a price to pay for a terrible wish.

"Mr. Spencer," called the nurse. He turned his attention to the women holding a newborn in her arms. Suddenly he felt frightened of the newcomer in this world. It's not mine, it's someone else's his thoughts were screaming. At the same time guilt was upon him. What if it is mine? "You have a daughter, Congratulations!" then she left. The infant wiggled a little in his arms then she was still. At that moment his fear turned to love in an instant. "I don't care if your mine or not, you're my baby no matter what."

"What are you going to name her, Xipe?" asked Angelique. She was right by his side looking down at the bundle of joy. For long nine months he didn't think about name, he was too deep in sorrow for that. Then he thought back to when he and Angelique were a couple, back when they planned to make Izabella their daughter. "Noel, her name would be Noel Lenore Totec."

"That's a beautiful name," said Angelique, caressing the newborn's head. "Do you want to hold her, Angie?" She looked at him in surprise, this child wasn't even hers but, at the same time she fell in love with the little angel as well. "Yes," she whispered then the child was in her arms. The child was so unbelievably small and fragile in her arms she thought the child would drop out of her hands. She never held Carrie either which she regretted as well. Even though she was granted permission to visit Carrie on the weekends she could help but feel guilt on not being more involved in her life.

She didn't know she was crying until Xipe wiped a tear from her eye. "I know what you're thinking. I've been thinking that same thing as well," said Xipe.

"This is a blessing, Xipe. We might have failed Carrie but, we won't fail on this one. She might not be of our blood but, she is our child. I can feel she was meant to be ours, like Carrie was meant to be ours."

"Are you saying you want to help me raise this child with me?" asked Xipe, feeling joy in his heart. For the past year Xipe had been developing feelings again for Angelique but, decided not to speak them. He was afraid she'll leave him if he did. So that winter night they gazed upon their angel with thoughts of happiness in the future.


Noel was born on December 20th. Xipe was granted permission to visit Carrie on the weekends on Christmas Eve. For four years, Angelique and Xipe had helped raised Noel together on the weekdays and visit Carrie on the weekends. As the years went by the old feelings between the broken lovers were beginning to grow but were left silent. It was when Noel turned five when everything began to change, for better and for worse.