A Kiss

Everyone was there in the living room expect for Carrie and Frank. The ones there were Xipe's minions: Butterball, Chatterer, and Nikoletta all in human form (don't want to scare Noel). His God Leviathan along with his wife, Lilith and his son Fern as we mentioned earlier.( Just to make things clear, Leviathan wasn't the floating diamond in the middle of the Labyrinth but a device that he could speak through). Then of course there was Xipe Totec and Angelique whom were sitting on separate couches but oh so wanting to sit next to each other. Lastly there was Christine was sitting on the opposite side of the room watching the heartstrings connect each other.

Frank finally came in with two presents in each hand with a smile on his face. "So who's the birthday girl?" said Frank joyfully. Noel couldn't help but shout out 'me' in a girly voice. Xipe stared at Frank with a sour taste in his mouth. He hated Frank Cotton even though he was the soul guardian of his daughter he didn't like him one bit. "Did you just buy those presents today, Frank?" he asked in the same sinister tone he used when his wife sold him out. Frank didn't say anything at the moment but, only snickered. "Nope, this one a bought on-line a week ago and this one's from Daniel Torrence who couldn't make it today." Xipe's heart sank for a moment. Daniel Torrence originally lived in the Overlook Hotel with his parents until his father tried to kill them both. If it wasn't for him his daughter would have been dead along with the Barkers.

Frank put his present along with Mr. Torrence's gift in the middle of the floor with the other gifts then took his place next Angelique. Now it was just Carrie that needed to be here. As they were waiting, Xipe stared at Angelique who was telling Noel to be patient. "You need to wait for your sister, dear."

"But she's taking forever!"

"It's only been a minute," said Danny annoyed

"That's too long!"

As his children were arguing over time, Xipe was thinking how they first met. It was when he was re-born as the demon as he was now. He was roaming the Labyrinth feeling lost like a child when Izabella stole off with one of his pins. He literally ran after her which felt awkward in what felt like a heavy dress all the way to Angelique's chambers. She was so undeniably beautiful that he felt embarrassed to be in her presence. Back then not only did he feel lost but he felt hideous. When he saw himself in the mirror for the first time he felt ashamed for being here. "She….I was just here to get …something." As he was trying to explain himself he remembered wanting to kiss her. That was all a simple kiss.

Xipe broke his train of thought when Carrie finally came downstairs with three presents in her hand. "Sorry about the wait. We had to discuss something." She put her present along with the others then the party finally began.


The first to be unwrapped was one of Carrie's gifts. It was a book of all of Grimm's fairytales. The second was from Izabella which was a crystal necklace. The third one was what put fear into Christine. The third one was from Reagan and it was a black and silver box that didn't seem to open. "Why can't it open?" asked Noel.

"Why don't you open your other presents, Noel," said Christine, she had the feeling that the box wasn't right. Anything coming from Reagan was a red flag. " Yes, dear, just open your other presents and we can figure out how to open it later, " said Angelique. As Noel went to the other gifts, Angelique couldn't help but briefly look over at Xipe's direction then look back at Noel.

She remembered the day they first met as well. He came into her chambers looking for one of his stolen pins. When he saw her, his face turned from pale white to red in seconds which was funny at the time, she even remembered biting the inside of her cheeks to stop herself from laughing. He looked away from her then looked into the mirror were he saw himself for the first time. He looked so sad, he thought of himself too ugly to be in her presence and also he wanted to kiss her but, felt too ashamed to say so. The truth was she found him beautiful, a terrible beauty so to speak. "I'll….just go…..then," he said a long time ago. That's when she stopped him from leaving then pulled him into that first kiss.


Once all the presents were opened Noel wanted to play hide and seek. "I'm counting to hundred. 1….2…..5…7" As Noel was counting the ones that were playing were Carrie, Danny, Fern, and William (she liked William) and her 'parents'. While the children were trying to find a place to hide, Xipe found a closet. "20….37…66….70…." Xipe made a small laugh at Noel's counting. She knows her numbers but, she doesn't know how to say them in order it was the same way with her alphabets.

Xipe went quiet as the door opened suddenly. At first he thought Noel was done counting but it was Angelique. Apparently she didn't notice Xipe there. Once she closed the door he said, "Hi, Angie." She jumped a little only to relax when it was just Xipe there. "You scared me," she said. They didn't say anything for a while only hearing Noel walk passed their hiding place. Suddenly a feeling of desire came over him.

It had been five years since he had sex with his wife. Since the birth of Noel she didn't seem to desire him anymore. In fact when he wanted to do something romantic with her, he found in the bathroom her pleasuring herself with a vibrater. "Sorry… I just don't find you attractive anymore," Kirsty said once. Since then he wanted to divorce her but was afraid if he did he'll never see Noel again. He had the feeling that Noel wasn't his but, he loved her like his own child and it would hurt him if Kirsty took her away from him.

As Noel slowly found the kids Xipe was remembering all those times with Angelique but, mostly of their wild sex. He felt himself getting hard as he thought of all the positions they performed together, of all the kinky things they did to each other. Suddenly he couldn't take it anymore, he pulled her closer to him were their lips were locked in a passionate kiss. It had been a long time since they had any affection and it felt good to be desired even if this was forbidden. As they were about to go further into their passion, they froze as Noel found them.

Noel stared at them in surprise, this was the first time she ever saw them kiss. She always wondered why all the other parents kissed and they didn't do anything except hold hands then a thought came into her head. "Oh…now I know why you don't kiss in public. You guys are gay!" Then she skipped off to get some cake. Xipe and Angelique left the closets holding each other's hands while processing what Noel said then it finally sank it. "I guess we're finally out of the closet," said Angelique then they both started laughing.