Title: Spider Web

Author: Seta_Kaita

Fandom: Detective Conan/ Case Closed

Pairing: Heiji/Shinichi

Disclaimer: I do not own anything about Detective Conan/ Case Closed and do not use it for commercial purposes.

Spider Web

Silence of the night


The faint, glittering

Light of the moon, hidden by the stars


In your eyes

For me

Dream woven

Spiders leaving their webs

Spread all over the coal colored sky



By us



Skin like ebony shining in

Endless dreams

Beneath my touch

Until the first light of dawn

And beyond

The bounds of mind

Stop the world like this, if you could

Spin your

Infinite web in space

Spider, cover us

In glittering light

Of the sphere in that sky, shining


Let us dream

And never wake to

Cruel day

Dusky dawn

And let my soul soar