A/N: Okay. Recently I went to live and study in France and there the English level of the students is disastrous (at least in my school) so my English teacher gave me an adapted version of " and " and told me to do an alternate ending. I really liked how it turned out so I decided to share it here (~ ^o^)~

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"Jekyll" called the lawyer in a loud voice, "I must see you."(A/N: The parts in italics are the words taken from the book) Inside the room Hyde paused, too afraid to say something. 'They know' circulating in his brain.

"If you refuse to let me in, then I'll break down the door!" after the lawyer said that, Hyde understood he had to react. If they found him... 'The police...They'll fetch the police...I will die...I have to do something'

"Utterson" said Hyde from inside the study, fear evident in his voice. Yet the other two didn't hear the emotion who shook his whole body. "I beg you to leave me alone."

"That's not Jekyll's voice" shouted Utterson. "It's Hyde's! Break down the door Poole!"

The axe rose and fell. The door shook and a scream of pure fear, like a trapped animal, rang from the study. 'NO! They can't lead me to the Police. I won't let them. I WON'T DIE!' Hyde's very existence shook, wild anger and fear reeking inside him. The feeling of being trapped, of being a prisoner... It fueled his anger. It almost made him forget his fear. Again the axe crashed against the door. But the wood was strong and the lock was well made. At last, however the door fell inwards upon the carpet.

At the sight of the falling door Hyde growled. The sheer madness, caused by anger and fear, blinded him with rage. All rational thought slipped from his mind, replaced with pure self-preserving instinct.

With a feral growl Hyde threw himself towards the two men. The sight of their fear, and the knowledge that he was causing, excited him. Hyde smashed their heads against the hard wall, adrenalin pulsing through his veins. The blood spilled from the wounds and trickled down the wall, filling the air with its salty scent. Hyde released the bodies and let them fall on the floor. Two pairs of lifeless eyes stared at him, the expression of pure terror forever captured in their faces. A mad smile made its way to Hyde's lips and he laughed with childish glee at the sight of the blood-covered corpses. He was truly a madman.

In the middle of his inexplainable joy he suddenly felt something, an emotion that destroyed everything-guilt. That tiny little glimpse of guilt was what made Hyde stop laughing and start crying. Jekyll's guilt and sadness reined over the body and Hyde was replaced with the kind doctor.

Weeping and trembling, went to his study and took the poison. A second later he was on the floor – dead and still. and Jekyll were no more.

A/N: I seriously need your opinions. Is it good enough? I'm not that happy with the suicide part 'cause it seems a little bit rushed but... WHY am I only good at writing about psychotic things like madness and killing and blood and...*caugh* I started to rant. Anyway R&R. (~ ^o^)~