Kiss x Sis - Extremely Generic Beach Chapter With Keita's POV

Be kind with my first work Onii-chaaaaan!

I took a deep breath and yelled. "Damn Ako! Damn Riko! Get downstairs already, we gotta go!"

And there they were… Almost naked… And somehow I wasn't having a boner.

"Keita-kun! Wich bikini am I supposed to weare!" Both said.

"I dunno, just take a largest one, so I can't get even more embarrassed!"

5 more minutes, and there they were, with the same shit they used to use at 3rd grade.

"Ignooore, ignoooore." Spoke to myself, after almost growing beard of waiting two girls choosing their clothes.

"G'Morning Keita! " Teacher yelled inside the empty car, waiting for us to go to the beach."

"Where's Mikuni?"

"She overslept, get in the car already, if we go now, we still can get the sun shining"

It was about 3 PM when we got at the beach.

"Keita-kun, pass some sunscreen on me" Ako spoke with a tone of, 'You better not refuse muthafucka'. Well, I like my dick where it is now, so I couldn't decline it.

She kinda liked it, so at 5 PM, when she finnaly let me go, Riko was being attacked by a giant octopus!

"Keeeiitaaaa, heeelp meee!"

That scream was SO inside my head that I couldn't do a shit, but I knew that if I didn't do nothing, it would end up like the hentai I saw yesterday.

"Cuming young sister! I mean, Riko!"

And my brave words were completely in vein, 'cause the godamn octopus gave me some hits and went away. I fainted.

I heard moans, since they weren't mine, I was worried about Riko, my eyes were still closed… I felt something. It was Soft… It was… Rubbing at my dick!

"WTF RIKO!?" Yeah… Got some booby job from my own sister, it was nice, but maaan… Seemed soooo wroooong.

"Get outta here Riko Gosh!" She leaped off erect dick and began to blush

"Just wanted to make you happy, onii-chan"

Let's get some pussy toniiight

But suddenly! SOMETHING happened and you gotta read the next chapter