I was almost there... After some kisses, doesn't matter who, you WILL be seduced, I'm not an exception, but THANK GOD, Kiryuu-sensei appeared from nowhere to save me!

"KEITA-KUN! That's… Immoral! Two brothers doing IT!"
"No! No, I wasn't doing IT. It is a misunderstand!"

And she there she is, running to nowhere, and SUDDENLY it fucking began to rain… WTF am I at? A Drama?

"Keita-kun! What are you doing with her! I want some too!"

"Wait up Ako, I wasn't doing anything, it was just a misunderstand, as I was saying, I just fell on her!"

"So why you still hugging her?"

"… Damn."

Does she really have to run in the rain too?

"I'm sorry Riko, I've got to go."

"No Keita-kun! Don't leave me! Please! Don't!"

And there I was, not having a clue about what I was doing', on my trunks, walking in the rain, just to look like a soldier to war… Dude, I'm stupid…

"There you are"

*Ako turns around*

What am I doing'… taking an umbrella from a beggar in the middle of the street while he was asleep… I'm a FUCKING TOTAL DOUCHEBAG

"What do you want!? Weren't you doing fine with Riko?!"

"Ako-chan, there are things a man needs to do. And I need you"

Can you hear it? It's the sound of a wet pussy! … Or maybe the rain

*Ako kisses me*

I can feel it her soft tongue going through my mouth, I could grab her and do more, but… THAT'S NOT RIIIIGHT DUUUUDE!

"I'm sorry Ako, but there is someone else I have to look for."

"You love Kiryuu-sensei, don't you?"

"It's not that I like but… It is HER place, HER car, with MY clothes.

And there I was, leaving a wet pussy behind, looking for the Milf. I mean, Kiryuu-sensei.