I watched as my uncle killed my mother. I stood in the shadows behind Anya. It was brutal. Then I saw my mother's eye. In her left eye was a bird, and it flew to Anya. She stiffened, then relaxed. I was confused, but I didn't let on to anything. My mother was dead, killed by my uncle, V. V., and I was angry. But I forced myself to remain calm. If I let on that I knew, then I would be killed.

"Begin the cover up." Cover up? One of V. V.'s soldiers dragged Nunnally onto the staircase. Nunnally was forced to lie on the stairs, while they piled my mother's dead body on top of her. It was cruel, but I didn't let them know I was there. That would mean I would die. Then the guns fired, riddling my mother's corpse and Nunnally with bullets. I was horrified. This was a cover up? I was sick to my stomach, but I knew I had to survive.

7 years later

I awoke with a start. It wasn't the first time I had had that nightmare. I looked to my door to find V. V.

"Is something wrong, Leann?"

"I was just dreaming of the time you killed my mother."

"It's too bad that she had to go, but it was necessary." After V. V. killed my mother, I had approached him about it, saying that she wanted to join him. Like a schoolboy, V. V. had bought it, meaning that he had given her a Geass to help her father Charles create the Sword of Akasha.

"That doesn't change the fact that it was traumatic. Still, I am thankful for you taking me in and giving me a Geass." I looked to V. V. I hated the man more than anything in the world, but I had to keep up appearances. "Was there something you needed, Uncle?"

"Yes, I believe we have found C. C. I am sending you in the Blasteind to pick her up. Clovis has been hiding her for the past several years, and he is transporting her to a new location in a couple of days. You will pose as a truck driver and deliver her to me.

"Wonderful." I was going to steal C. C. right from under V. V.'s nose, and there wasn't a thing he could do about it.