Assignment 4: Zoe

"Hello, my name is Suzaku Kururugi, and as of today I'll be joining your class." As he walked to his seat, there were whispers all around the classroom. Not only was he an Eleven, but he was also accused of killing Clovis. He sat down in the seat behind me, and pulled out his textbooks. After class was over, Lelouch went over and introduced himself. He also made a gesture with his collar. I immediately understood this to mean, meet on the roof, because of Suzaku's memories.

I got up from my seat and headed to the roof. I needed someone to talk to and Suzaku had been friends with both Lelouch and Nunnally. When I reached the roof, Lelouch and Suzaku were already talking about old times.

"Hey there boys!" I called out.

"Oh, hello, Leann, fancy meeting you here." If Lelouch was trying to deter me, it wasn't working.

"Leann? Lelouch, isn't that the name of your-"

"Twin sister?" Lelouch finished.

"So you are Lelouch's sister. I thought you looked similar."

"You need to be careful, though. The most everyone here doesn't know that Lelouch and I are siblings."

"That is because?" He prompted.

"Because I just transferred here on Tuesday and we didn't want to have to come up with some story for why I wasn't here for the last seven years."

Lelouch butted in. "If you don't mind, Leann, Suzaku and I were having some male bonding time."

"I just wanted to say hi, so see you later!" I skipped down from the roof to find a group of girls walking down the hallway.

One of the girls came up to me and asked what I was doing on the roof.

I paused for a second and said. "I was just talking to Lelouch, why?" I realized a moment to late. Lelouch was the idol boy of Ashford Academy, and to be shown favoritism from him was just asking for trouble. The girl threw a punch at me, trying to hit me in the face. At that point, my lightning fast reflexes took over. Half a second later, I was looking into the shocked faces of the group of girls. I had grabbed the girl's arm and flipped her over on to her back without even thinking.

"Oh, I am so sorry!" I exclaimed, kneeling down to help her up.

"Don't touch me!" She stood up and stormed away, leaving me with the other girls.

"How did you do that?"

"That? One of my father's friends taught me how." Not a lie, but not the whole truth.

"Can you teach me how to do that?" One of the girls asked.

"Sure, but my training will be tough, and it has taken me 11 years of hard work to reach this level." That didn't scare her off, so I arranged to give her private lessons Monday's and Thursday's after school. Since today was a Thursday, I took her to an empty classroom where we would practice. When she arrived, I gestured for her to take a seat on a cushion I had laid out.

"Sit down and close your eyes. Don't move until I tell you to." I sat down on my cushion and started to do my daily breathing exercises. After a half hour, she started to get restless. I waited several more minutes before I tried to hit her in the face. I was surprised when she tried to dodge my assault. I still hit her, but only because I knew which was she would try to dodge.

"Good job."

"But you still hit me."

"That wasn't the point of this exercise. The point was for you to fully become aware of your surroundings without your eyesight. Since you tried to dodge, you felt a change in the air pressure around you. It took me three years before I was able to completely dodge my teacher's attack. What is your name?"

"It's Zoe." She said timidly.

"Zoe, you pass today's class, you may go."

"Thank you for teaching me!" said Zoe, as she ran out of the classroom. Zoe had a lot of potential if she was this good already. I started down the hall, but I didn't notice that Lelouch was in front of me, so I crashed into him. It hurt. A lot. I was sitting on the floor, rubbing the shoulder that had hit Lelouch.

"Are you alright?" Lelouch had also been knocked to the ground, but in his gentlemanly way, he stood up and offered me his hand. I took it and he helped me up.

"Yes, thank you." I said, still rubbing my shoulder. "I had better get a start on some of that homework, bye!"

The next few days went by without incident. My next training session with Zoe endued a sense of accomplishment in me. I had taught her the proper breathing techniques, and had even done a little sparring. It was on Wednesday that Lelouch called me up.

"The new Viceroy came in today, and you won't guess who it is." I thought for a moment, but I couldn't think who would be coming to assume the position of Viceroy.

"Gee, I don't know. Who?"

"Cornelia." That wasn't good. Cornelia was known for her ruthless tactics, and she could only be coming here to wipe out the many terrorist factions in Area Eleven.

"At least we know she's coming in head on."

"No kidding. Listen, Cornelia has set a stage for Zero in Saitama. I want to get you in a KMF and we can wreak some havoc in Cornelia's forces."

"Sounds great! When is it?"

"Cornelia is launching her attack at four o'clock. I'm going to recruit Kallen for this mission. I'll pick you up a block east from the front gate."

I gathered all of the necessary items I would need for this trip. When Zero picked me up, he handed me a transmitter. "This will hack into the main database of a Sutherland and transmit the coordinates of the enemy Knightmares and their radio communications. That way I can control the battle from a remote location. I expect you to follow orders from Cornelia unless they directly conflict with mine."

"Understood." This was going to be a complex mission. Lelouch had never had such high stakes riding on his shoulders. We pulled up to the gate to find Kallen waiting there for us. She hopped in and asked. "What's the plan?"

"Miyan and I are going to steal a Knightmare so we can get in on their communication line, then proceed to capture some Knightmares and kick Cornelia's ass."

"How are you going to steal a Knightmare?"

"A good disguise can get you anywhere." Was his cryptic answer. We reached the ghetto with some time to spare, so we got into position and waited. A few minutes later, we struck gold. Lelouch stepped out of the car, dressed as a Brittanian soldier.

"Excuse me!" He shouted, holding up a CD.

"The Knightmare turned and responded over the intercom. "Who are you, and what company are you with?"

"I'm from the Third Squad, and my name is Harold Garretson. I found a disk that contains several terrorist files that could prove useful. I'd like to hand it over to you."

"Very well, Private Garretson." He exited the Knightmare and came to claim the disk.

"First I'd like the code and the key your Knightmare." Lelouch ordered.

"Of course. The ID code is TFF-3H4-KL01. Here's the key."

"Thank you very much. Miyan?" I stepped out of the car and grabbed the key. Before I entered the Knightmare, I used my Geass on him to copy his identity. Then I knocked him out cold. I climbed up to the hatch and sat down in the operating chair, then plugged in the key. I entered the ID code and set up the transmitter. Then I contacted Zero.

"This is Miyan, ready for service."

"Good. I'm receiving the data now. Standby" I waited for a couple of minutes for Zero to get the data set up right and to receive the Knightmares.

Then I started to hear orders from Zero. "P-1, P-3, Move to point G-13, N-1, N-2, Take out the bridge that connects points F-5 and J-8, Q-1, move to point E-9 and await further orders. B-2, There are two enemy Knightmares coming to your location. Fire anti Knightmare rifle towards 3 o'clock in 3, 2, 1, now!"

Paying attention to my Factosphere reporter, I noticed about 8 different Knightmares go down in the period of the next couple of seconds. I just sat there and watched as over the course of a few minutes, Zero destroyed over 54 units. It was obvious that Cornelia had been expecting some resistance, but not this much. I listened as the heads of Cornelia's army tried to get some foothold over Zero. But it was to no avail until Cornelia announced.

"It is time to strike back! I'm going in." I smiled. This is exactly what Zero was waiting for.

"This is Q-2, target is moving to point A-13 from point H-1."

"Perfect. All units! Cornelia has entered the field. Set in motion plan Epsilon at point A-13. Q-1, R-1, R-2, move to point B-9 and wait until I give the go ahead to attack from behind." I could hear Zero cackling over the radio. The game was almost to checkmate. "Q-2, go into advantageous position and rendezvous with P-4 and P-6 at point A-13."

"Right!" I advanced my Knightmare while transforming into the most capable KMF pilot I had in my inventory. The funny thing is that the best pilot was Suzaku. By the time I reached point A-13, Cornelia had already been surrounded.

Zero stepped out from among the ruins of the Saitama ghetto. "With this, I call check. Cornelia, you have two options, surrender and live, or fight and perish."

"I will never surrender to terrorists."

"That's too bad. I'm sure if we got to know each other, we would become friends. Attack formation gamma, I would still like to capture Cornelia alive." I rushed in to attack Guilford, Cornelia's knight. Out of all of Cornelia's royal guard, he was by far the best. I pulled out my rifle and fired on Guilford. He dodged to the right, firing his left slash harken at my right arm. I dropped the rifle and caught it and planted it into the ground.

With Guilford tethered, I pulled out my tonfas and rushed him. He dodged my right tonfa, but I hit him in the left shoulder with my left tonfa. I must have damaged some internal circuits, because he rotated so he could get a clear shot, and ejected his left arm straight at me. I turned to one side to avoid it, but it caught on my right hip, tearing off some of the supports.

My Knightmare wasn't going to last much longer, so I body tackled Guilford. He dropped his lance and we fell to the ground, with me on top. On my factosphere I could see a friendly Knightmare behind me, so I ejected from my Knightmare just as it picked up Guilford's lance that had dropped and stabbed Guilford's Knightmare in the Yggdrasil drive. For a moment, nothing happened.

"It was a pleasure to serve you, my Princess." With those words, he accepted his fate. His Knightmare exploded, sending the Knightmare that had helped me to backward in the blast.


Darlton tried to get her attention. "Princess Cornelia! We still have the reserve unit standing by. Send him to help us!"

"Send him in." Cornelia ordered, "These terrorists won't just KILL THEMSELVES!" Cornelia stabbed the Knightmare in the right shoulder, ripped it out, and bashed its factosphere in. At this point, Kallen moved in from behind. She engaged Darlton and fired her slash harkens. Darlton was down. She then waited for Cornelia to make the first move. Cornelia obliged by charging straight at Kallen. Cornelia thrust her lance to the left side of Kallen, but she sidestepped and punched her in the face, destroying her factosphere.

But then Kallen was attacked from behind by a white and gold Knightmare. It was holding two blood red swords, and it was ready to do some business. Kallen pulled out her left tonfa and moved in for the attack. The white Knightmare simply dodged the onslaught of Kallen's fierce blows, and when it found an opening, it struck.

Kallen's Knightmare was cut in half, leaving Kallen with no choice but to eject. The white Knightmare made quick work of a few more Knightmares, before turning to Princess Cornelia.

"Are you alright, your highness?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Return to base."

"Retreat." Ordered Zero. "We caused enough damage here, lets go regroup at point E-3."

After retreating, Zero gave the terrorists a speech. "Today, we forced Cornelia into a draw. Luck got us partway there, and your skill did the rest. We killed her knight, Guilford, and as of today, you will be eligible to join the ranks of the Black Knights! I must return to my headquarters. Good day to you all." He left the stage, and Kallen and I followed Zero to our ride back.

"Overall, I would say that went way too well." I commented.

"Are you saying you wish there had been some problems?" Zero countered.

"No, it's just that this had been too easy."

"There will be plenty of hardship to come, Miyan." I just nodded. I was tired, and wanted a cup of tea.

We dropped Kallen off near her house, and Zero drove me to a garage a few blocks away from the school. I returned to being Leann, and we made our way back to school.