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Warnings- AU, horror, non magic, Violence, supernatural, Grammar and spelling.

Summery: Harry a small 9 year old develops an imaginary friend after moving, it's just to bad that Tom wasn't as imaginary as his parents thought. But Tom's not the one they have to worry about, no it's this new entity that seems to be obsessed with their son.

Protecting Yours Truly

Chapter one ~ Existence

Harry ran into the kitchen, his blue fuzzy slippers scrapping across the tiles. He made his way around the open and closed boxes, to his stepping stool jumping up he reached for a cupboards door and yanked it open. Reaching as far as he could his fingers grazed a bowl, he placed his free hand on the counter and pushed up, the bowl tipped and his fingers grasped the edge, not wanting to miss his chance he snatched the glass bowl and quickly placed it on the countertop. Before jumping down, Harry grabbed the cereal that had not been put away then raced off to the kitchen table he pored himself his breakfast.

Frowning the dark hair boy looked around for a spoon and milk. When coming to the conclusion that he would not be able to find them, he ran from the kitchen and up the stairs to where he knew he would find his parents. He raced into the dark room filled with boxes and things thrown about. He trotted over to the red headed woman, knowing from experience that if he went to his father the man would grumble and turn from him telling him 'five more minuets mom'. Of course Harry would reply with 'But I'm Harry' his father would wave him off and respond in same only changing mom to Harry, appeasing the small boy.

"Mom?" he shook the woman his voice soft, green eyes silted open. Lilly stared at her inquisitive son her eyes heavy in sleep.

"Harry? What time is it?" looking around Harry searched for the alarm clock, finding it on the floor the numbers blinked up at him, he turned back to his mother.

"5:20am." She let out a grown and curled into her self.

"Go back to bed." Harry frowned; he was wide-awake and had been awake for 30 minutes. It would be crazy for him to go back to bed. His hands fisted the bed sheets and he shook the redheaded woman.

"Mom? I'm not sleepy." Lily let out a moan, and flopped to her back. Harry pouted noticing his mother trying to get away from his prying hands. "You don't have to get up, just tell me where the spoon's and milk are?" Lily turned her head looking at her son. The cute pout gnawed at her heart. Letting out a sigh Lily sat up ignoring Harry as he told her again she didn't need to get up.

"It's fine, come now, lets get you some breakfast." She then looked over to James; she smacked him on the back. James groaned and meshed his face into the pillows, muttering '5 more minutes ma.' Lily scowled and smacked him again. "Your son's up, I'm up, you're getting up." He turned over and looked up at Lily eyes groggy, and squinting at her.

"Lil's? What time is it?" his voice was thick with sleep. Harry bounced from one foot to the next, impatiently watching his two parents.

"Way to bloody early, now get up, or I'll have to resort to my secret weapon." Harry grew more eager looking from one then the other. James frowned having not noticed his son in the room.

"Do your worst." He then turned, pulling the blankets up over his head. Lily jumped up from the bed.

"You heard your father Harry, have at him." James turned over just as Harry jumped up on the bed, and into him. Knocking the air out of him. Harry scrambled up on James, jerking and tickling everywhere he could.

The man let out loud booming laughter, and tried to turn away from his son's small but effective fingers. He quickly came to the conclusion that he was not going to get away, and there for struck out.

"Tickly ME! This means war!" Turning quickly James grabbed hold of Harry, and turned the tables. Boisterous giggling escaped widely stretched lips, as Harry kicked out, and tried to get away from his fathers grasp. Lily watched her smile growing with each gasp-induced giggle coming from her son. She was slipping on her robe making quick work of tying it closed. Just then the soundless laughter introduced it's self, having Harry laughing so hard that he could no longer produced sound. Lily was about to tell James to stop when her green eyes stalled on her husband scooping up their son, and initiate a cuddle section.

Her smile grew this was her family. Her precious little family, and she hoped it remained just like this.

He sat on the backyard deck, his crayons and paper spread about him. It had been about a week since he moved in. Most of what needed to be unpacked was out of the boxes and put in its place. Harry leaned down his hand nimbly scribbling in the green color of the flower he was working on. He looked to the pink potted plant. His green eyes matching the colors he could see. Harry scooted closer, getting a better look, and then looking down at his drawing. He tilted his head adjusting the green with putting a little yellow on top of the too dark color.

Looking back to the plant he felt satisfied in the color he dropped the yellow crayon, it rolled away from him, bumping into the bright pink then stopping. He scooped up a blue readying it to fill in the blank space.

"That is pretty good." His hand pause just above the paper. Blinking Harry looked up, the glare from the sun had him squinted up at the dark hair boy in front of him.

"Who are you?" he raised a hand trying to get a better look and the boy. A frown graced the others face, he leaned down hands resting on his knees. Harry could now see the boys face better. He had bright blue eyes, a light completion and his hair was slightly wavy.

"Sorry that was rude of me, I'm Tom. Who are you?" his lips tipped up words not fully smiling but it was enough to have Harry beaming brightly up at him.

"I'm Harry! I just moved here." He eagerly replied. Tom tilted his head his eyes softening.

"I know." Another questioning look from Harry had Tom responding before the smaller boy could ask. "No ones lived here for a while. I watched you move in."

"Oh." He paused looking at Tom for a while before glancing at his drawing; he grabbed a blank piece and held it out to the other boy. "Do you want to draw with me?" hesitantly Tom reached out, but instead of going for the paper his hand wrapped around Harry's wrist, and pushed it down. Harry noted that his touch was cold, holding back a shiver he looked into sad blue eyes.

"I'm not that good at drawing, would you mind terribly if we did something else?" Tom held his wrist loosely, the cold traveling up Harry's arm. The green-eyed boy ignored it.

"Um ok, what do you have in mind?"

"Could we play Hide and Seek?" excitement bubble up in Harry and the boy enthusiastically agreed.

"Sure, but I have to stay in the back yard, is that ok for you?"

"Pleasantly so." Tom stood up his icy hand sliding away from Harry's own. "I think you should hide first, I'll count to ten, is that alright by you?" grinning Harry jumped up discarding his drawing in hopes of having fun with his new found friend.

"Awesome!" Tom nodded his head.

"Well go hide Harry." Tom then turned his eyes closing as he counted out loud. "1-2-3-" Harry scrambled looking wildly around himself for a hiding place.

Lily looked out the kitchen window her hand breaking up the last bit of lattice in a bowl. She smiled happily as she watched Harry run about the yard. The joy on his face apparent as he played whatever game he was playing. Strong caring arms wrapped around her waist and a head leaned on her shoulder. She held back a giggle that treated to escape as warm breath tickled against her neck.

"Hum, he looks like he's having fun." The easygoing voice soothed over Lily causing her to relax into the hold.

"Yeah, he went out to draw a while ago, guess he got bored and made up a game." A rumble of agreement then lips pressed against her neck. Lily gasped her hand flying up words to wrap up into James hair. Grinning against his wife's neck James pulled back and turned her then swooped down capturing her lips into a soft tender kiss.

Pulling back James looked into her dazzling green eyes. His hand brushed away red locks of hair and smiled at her. "Oh Lily how do you do it?" she tilted her head eyes wondering.

"How do I do what?"

"Make me fall more in love with you each and everyday." Flushing Lily drew back playfully she smacked her husband on the shoulder.

"Quite you, go get Harry dinner's almost done." James smirked and turned. "James?" looking back the older man gently smiled as his wife leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. "I love you too." Beaming James sent a dashing smile to his wife.

"Only you Lily." He then turned around to the back door opening it he looked out, watching his son dash behind a tree squealing out in happiness. "Harry!"

He let out panting breaths as he fled quickly around the yard, his bright eyes dancing with mirth as he caught a glimpse of something behind a tree. Twisting Harry turned in that direction and dashed over behind the tree, laughing as he collided with Tom, sending the two to the ground in a heap.

He squealed as they wrestled on the ground his pleasure coming out in loud happy giggles. They both collapsed on their sides panting. Tom looking at Harry as Harry looked at Tom his smile reaching his eyes.

"Harry!" they both jolted up looking in the direction of the voice Harry looked to Tom a slight frown on his face. "Time to come in Harry."

"That's my dad." Tom nodded his eyes down cast. "I have to go now." Harry leaned down putting his head in Tom's line of vision. "We can play again some time right?" Blue eyes stared into Harry's. Taking a deep breath Tom gave Harry a small smile.

"Yes, I do believe I would like to play with you again." Harry tilted his head finding Tom's words a little odd, shaking his head Harry beamed up at the other boy.


"Harry! I don't have all day." Looking to the side Harry let out an annoyed sigh.

"Coming dad!" he looked over to Tom as he shakily got up. "You live around here right?"

"I live close enough." Tom stood dusting off the dirt from his trousers; Glancing at Harry he could tell the smaller boy was confused. "Would it be reasonable for me to come fined you?" Blinking Harry smiled at Tom.

"Yea that works, see you around?"

"Evidently." Catching the questioning look Tom smirked. "I look forward to it." He added knowing Harry would understand what he had said now that it was clearer.

"Now Harry!" hesitating a moment longer Harry quickly attached himself to Tom hugging the stunned boy, a brief second went by then Harry pulled back.

"Bye Tom." Turning Harry dashed off he came to the deck spotting his father waiting buy the door.

"Gather your stuff then come in and help me set the table ok, Harry?"

"Yes dad." He gave a happy smile to the cheerful man then turned to gather his crayons and paper, being careful with the flower drawing. "Dad!" James looked to his son titling his head. "Think mom will like this, I drew it for her." Harry trotted up to James holding out his one hand with the drawing while struggling to hold all the other stuff with his other arm tucked into his chest. Putting his hand out James pat his sons head an encouraging smile twitching at his lips.

"She'll love it, Now come put your stuff on the coffee table then come help me." James's hand slid from Harry's wild dark hair, he turned and entered the house. Harry peered back behind him seeing Tom he tilted his head and smiled shyly. Tom raised his hand and waved it in a short simple goodbye. Turning Harry rushed into the house, missing Tom fading out of existence.

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