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Protecting Yours Truly

Chapter six~ The Truth Lies

He trembled holding back the tears he wanted to let fall. His hands holding his knees as another soul tarring sob left him. Harry gasped, then held his breath. He had been out in the forest for well over 2 hours. It was dark the sun having set half an hour ago. He just couldn't bring him self to go back home, not after everything.

He didn't want to look upon everyone's face to see them staring back at him, like he was a 'monster' as Marge had put it. He hadn't done anything wrong yet he was being blamed. Letting out another sob Harry closed his eyes and put his head down.

"Harry!" his hand tightened and he scooted down making himself as small as possible. "Please Harry!" his parents had been looking for him for a while now, they would call out for him, but Harry didn't want to see them, he knew they wouldn't understand.

"Harry! Son? Please we just want to know you're ok." James voice cried out closer to Harry then he was before, startled Harry let out a squeak. "Harry?" A light shined down on him. "Oh Kiddo." Harry looked up to see his father sliding down the small hill to the side of him. "Lily I found him! He's over here!" James came towards him and crouched down. "Harry?" he reached out but stopped when he saw Harry scoot away. "I'm not mad at you."

"James? Oh thank god Harry." Lily walked into the clearing her eyes filling with relief.

"I didn't do it." Both parents were kneeling looking at Harry with wide eyes.


"I didn't!" Harry's head snapped up his red-rimmed eyes looking from Lily, to James pleading with them to believe him. "Dudley locked me in the basement, I was going to leave though the other door, but Ripper chased after me, and I couldn't get away. I was so scared, then I was corner and, and he was coming! He was going to bite me!" Harry's eyes flooded his breathing speed up.

"Oh Harry, it's ok." Lily reached out her hands gripping at Harry's small face. "Shh my little boy, it's ok." Lily soothes as James ran a hand up and down Harry's side, his hazel eyes clam. Harry drew in small deep breaths. His parent's believed him, they weren't yelling at him, they weren't telling him he was 'Monster.'

"It's ok, we know you had to defend yourself." Harry's world shattered. "If he was going to bite me, I would kick him down the stairs too." Harry turned wide eyes to James, the last of his tears falling; Lily was quick to wipe them away. "Just tell us the truth Harry." James gave him an encouraging nudge. "We just want to know what happened." Harry slapped away their hands, and he stood, eyes closing he screamed.

"I didn't do it!" His hands shook at his side. " I didn't!" Both Lily and James stood looking surprised with Harry out burst. "I never touched him!" Harry shook his head back and forth.


"No!" Harry opened his eyes look strait at Lily. "You think I did it, but I didn't. Ripper was coming towards me, and then, and then." The tears started again, Harry took in a breath, his hands uncurling only for them to be held to his chest, grabbing at the fabric. "And then he was there." Harry let out a hiccup. Tears falling down the sides of his face.

"Who was there Harry?" James placed a hand to Harry's shoulder leaning into his distraught son.

"Tom." Harry tearfully replied, his hands clenching his chest. Seeing the look Lily and James gave one another Harry quickly said. "But he said it was to protect me!" Both James's hands came down onto Harry's shoulders, and his father leveled him with a look.

"Harry, please tell us the truth." Hopeful green eyes fell downwards, and Harry trembled.

"But I did." Harry's frown deepened.

"Where is he now Harry?" looking to the side Harry looked to Lily in hope. "Where is Tom now?"

"I told him to go away." Lily leaned down, James moved over, allowing his wife access to their son. Lily gently grabbed Harry's face she looked into twin pools of green.

"Good, I want you to stay away from Tom, do you understand?" Harry's eyes widened and he let out a shaky breath. "Harry?"

"I understand." Lily's eyes softened and she pulled Harry to her, hugging him.

"Good." Harry's own arms slid around Lily's waste and he hugged her back, his head nuzzling into his mother. "You're grounded." Harry pulled back eyes wide. "Do you know how worried you had us looking for you? You are not getting away with that, when I or you father yell for you, you come running." James put a hand to Harry's head and ruffled his hair drawing Harry's attention to him.

"You got that Kiddo?" Harry nodded his head. "Then tell your mother that." Harry looked up to Lily his hands gripping the fabric of her shirt.

"I understand." Lily's lips quirked at the corners, she soothed a hand over Harry's flushed cheeks.

"That's my boy, how about we go home now?" Harry froze his eyes wide.

"Don't worry kiddo, the Dursley's left long ago, I don't think we'll be seeing them for a long time." Harry was nudged his hand slipping into Lily's hand then his other being gripped by James.

"They're not there?" his small voice had Lily and James looking down at him.

"No, But Harry I want you to phone and apologize to your aunt." Lily reprimanded at Harry's protesting look she continued. "Ah, none of that, what happened, happened, you were there, just tell her sorry on the phone." Harry frowned looking to the ground. After a while he nodded his head. "Good." Together they began their trek home.

Lily sat at her vanity, she pulled her earrings out and placed then into her jewelry box just to the side of her, she then grabbed hold of her brush and raked it though her hair working out the tangles.

"Lil's?" she let out a hum telling James he had her attention. "Do you really not want to know what happened in the basement?" she paused in her brushing, and looked into the mirror staring are her husband and finding his eyes looking back at her thought the reflection.

"I already know what happened." She placed the brush down and turned so she could look at James and not his reflection. "He was locked in the basement, that dog chasing him. Then it was going to bite him, so Harry stopped it." Seeing the doubt on James face, Lily got up and crossed the room.

"Then why wouldn't he say that?" she raised her hand and cupped James face, drawing his eyes to hers.

"I can only think that maybe with all of this happening, that's what he thought happened. The move, losing his friends, and then Tom's appearance, maybe he imagined Tom saving him, like how Tom plays with him?" she frowned her brow. "It's not uncommon for that to happen is it?" James took a moment to think over what Lily said; her hand still cupped his face. Leaning into the touch he readied his reply.

"No, I think you may be right, but I also think that you were right before." Lily parsed her lips. "What I mean to say is that if Harry keeps talking about Tom, we may need to get him to see someone. I didn't like today's incident, not one bit." He raised a hand and ran it though Lily's hair. "Though if what Harry says is true, and he told Tom to go away, we may be lucky." He gave Lily a small smile.

"Lets hope it is as he says." James leaned in and pecked Lily's lips. She smiled her hand falling from James's cheek to rest on his shoulder. James gave her a grin before swooping in and picking Lily up bridle style, letting out a squeal, Lily quickly wrapped her arms around James's shoulders.

"Now Mrs. Potter how about we christen this house?" Lily let out a series of giggles as James walked over to the bed.

It was quite, way too quite. Harry tossed and turned in his bed, the day playing back in his mind. He couldn't forget Ripper at the bottom of the staircase, whimpering and twitching. Turning once again Harry raised his hands to his ears and closed his eyes tightly. He knew it was late and he desperately wanted to sleep.

Just as he was going to toss the sheets from his body he heard his door creep open then click shut. Harry stilled his body going slack as he pretended to sleep. He tried to pick up any sound going on around him, but he didn't dare to open his eyes.

He felt a soft presser on his shoulder, finger's curling around the comforter as a weight leaned down onto him. Harry felt the need to move, to jump out of bed and run to his parent's room, so he could climb up between them and hide away. Coldness worked its way from his shoulder to the rest of his body making him shiver. He sucked in a breath as his shoulder was shook, then the soft tone of a voice entered his senses.

"Harry? You need to get up." The voice was gentle, commanding and pleading. Harry turned away from the hold knocking back the hand; he pulled the covers over his face.

"Go away Tom." It was quite for a while Harry assumed Tom had left. But just as he was drifting to sleep, a weight dipped the bed down and a breath tickled at his exposed neck.

"I need you to listen to me Harry. Get up now." The blankets were torn away from Harry, falling uselessly to the floor and exposing Harry's body to the cold.

Shooting up Harry made to grab at his discarded blankets. Pausing mid stance as he realized he would have to climb off his bed to retrieve them. He settled for glaring at Tom.

"Go a-" A hand grabbed Harry's face and he was made to look Tom in the eyes.

"No, you will not be telling me to go away. I listened to you the first time; I will not be listening this time. You however, will listen to me." He leaned in close his cold hand making Harry shiver. "Get out of bed." Tom's hold fell from Harry's visage, he then slid off the bed starring at Harry. "Now Harry!" scrambling Harry hurried to do as Tom told him, he landed in his bed sheets his feet stepping upon uneven ground.

"What's this about Tom? My parents don't want me to see you any more." Huffing Tom turned away from Harry and made his way over to the closet off to the side, talking over his shoulder.

"I don't care what your parents want, just do as I say." His hand grabbed the knob and he opened the door turning around Tom pointed into the closet. "Get in."

"Why?" Tom ran a hand down his face in exasperation.

"We do not have time for this." He looked at Harry though his fingers. "Just do as I say." Harry folded his arms over his chest.

"No!" Harry's voice raised alarming Tom his hands fell to his sides.

"Keep your voice down."

"Why should I, you come in here after you did what you did! Then you tell me to follow orders without telling me what's going on! No Tom just no!" Harry stomped his foot effectively sliding the sheet from under him, and he stumbled forward. Hands grabbed his shoulders, and Harry looked up to Tom.

"Please-" a scraping sound drew both sets of eyes to the door, the long drawn out sounds of nails running down the door. Harry looked back to Tom eyes wide. Looking away Tom grabbed Harry's wrist, and the blanket then began to drag him over to the closet.


"No, you will go in the closet Harry." He jerked Harry forward into the small space, then doused the blankets on him, covering him up except his head. "You will not make a sound, you will stay in here, no matter what. Do you understand me?"

"But Tom?" Tom knelt down his hand covering Harry's mouth.

"No you told me to go away before, I did. I'm telling you to be quite, you will be quite." He leaned in closer, the scrapping sound growing louder like something was trying to claw it's way into Harry's room. "Stay quite." Then Tom was up the door closing. Harry could see though the blinds, he watched at Tom stood in the middle of the room, his eyes trained on the door. The scraping stopped, and an eerie quite settled around them. Harry pulled the blankets up around him and peered closer watching Tom. He could see the older boy take a deep breath his small hands curled into fist; he stood in the middle of the room.

Raising his hand Harry was about to open the door, but Tom head snapped to him, she stared at the door and shook his head. His hand pulling back Harry jumped as the door to his room banged open. Tom turned his head looking to the now open doorway.

Harry stared wide-eyed and surprised looking at the dark figure standing in the entrance to his room. Shadow seemed to roll over the bean, crossing over and falling away and towards him. The dark figure walked into to room, the shadows creeping into the room. Harry pressed his back into the wall of the closet, his hands gripping the blankets. The room grew colder and colder as the figure glided further into the room. It made its way over to Tom white claw like hands grabbed at Tom face tilting it up giving Tom a good view of the things face that was covered by it's hood the shadows masking it's features from Harry's eyes.

"Tomas." The hissing voice made Harry shiver his body building up a steady trembling. "Where is he?" The face drew in closer covering Harry's view of Tom's face. "Tell me." The shadows crawled up Tom's legs, slowly covering him in darkness. Tom was jerked forward his body coming in contact with the dark bean. The room's temperature dropping even more. "Where have you hidden him?" Little puffs of breath could be seen as Harry leaned in closer to the door his eyes trained on what he could see of Tom.

"I will never tell you." Tom voice filled the almost silent room. The white skeleton like hand slid down Tom's arms the hold tight drawing out a hiss from him.

"Tell me now!" the hooded head bowed even closer the hood falling over Tom face and drawing him even more into the darkness, the shadows already covering half his body.

"No!" Tom was thrown away and into the wall, he landed on his side looking up at the violent shadow figure, fingers digging into the carpet.

"You are being naughty Tomas, tell me where he is." Harry gripped at the blankets. "You can't protect him Tomas." Tom pushed him self up and looked up to the darkness.

"You have my answer." The shadows spun out all around then sending shapes and spirals all around the room. Just then hissing voice screeched out.

"Fine then, I shall have my fun with you!" it swooped down into Tom pulling him though the floor leaving Harry with a cut off scream before everything went back to normal. The sound of the house returning, the shadows going back to normal, the room warming back up. Harry sat in the closet his hands grabbing at his blankets as he shivered in the dark small space.

"Tom?" tears clouded his eyes and Harry borrowed his head into his knees crying into the blankets, and trying to hold back sobs.

"Harry time to get up." Lily walked into the room, glancing at the empty bed she frowned. "Harry?" she looked around before settling on the closet, walking over the opened the door to see her son huddled up, back against the wall, his legs cramped up to his chest and his head resting to the side. "Harry James Potter?" Harry's head snapped up looking to Lily in confusion. "What in the world are you doing sleeping in the closet?" Harry looked around groggily trying to think back to why he was in the closet, shooting up he grabbed at Lily's dress urgency clear in his eyes.

"Mom! It's Tom!" Lily frowned down at him her one hand resting on her hip.

"What did we tell you about Tom Harry?"

"But mo-" Lily turned away from him grabbing up the blanket and putting it back on the bed.

"No buts Harry, your father and I told you to stay away from him." Harry stood stumbling out of the closet as his legs were cramped from being in the same position all night.

"Mom!" Lily turned giving Harry a look.

"No, I don't want to hear about it. Get dressed and come down stairs for breakfast." She then turned walking to the door. "I expect you downstairs in 10 minutes Harry" she glanced back holding Harry's eyes. "Got it?" shoulder shagging Harry grumbled out.

"Yes mom."

"Good." With that Lily walked out of the room.

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