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Protecting Yours Truly

Chapter seven ~ Cry for Me

He opened his eyes staring at the rafters in the basement. Letting out a breath he hadn't known he was holding. He was tired he had known that, but he felt like he couldn't move, his limbs weighing down on him. Making him lay flat on the stone cold floor.

Tom let out another breath; thinking back to how long he had be down here. His voice silent to those in the house as he screamed, memory's passing by as the dark shadow tormented him. Then just like that it was gone. Struggling Tom sat up looking around he knew the being was gone, that it had retreated after having it's fun.

Getting to his feet Tom's thoughts went to Harry, and how the little boy was fairing? He had left him in a rather delicate situation. He was sure in Harry's mind he would seek out comfort in his parents, who would not believe, nor know how to respond to their child. Tom didn't blame them. Who in their right mind would believe their child's 'imaginary dog killing friend' would need help?

Harry's parents hadn't really understood Tom's appearance; neither did they know that he was more then imaginary. Tom was real he had always been real. He just wasn't what people -at lest some- would consider being real. No matter Tom knew, and Harry knew, there was more to Tom then what people were letting on. Gazing one last Time around the basement Tom simply vanished. He didn't want to spend any more time in that hell whole.

The shadow stretched across the floor, slowly crawling over the surface green eyes watched it with a strange intensity. It was coming, closer and closer, making the small boy on the bed draw his feet up and push further onto the soft surface. He inched backwards. Harry had been distressed ever since Tom's disappearance. That had been two days ago.

He had tried to tell his parents and they had pushed him away, and added onto his grounding for 'lying' to them, after that Harry had closed up. He went to his room closed the door and pretend that everything was fine. But with every passing moment, -and no Tom- he got more and more frightened. Going so far as to be frightened by a stretching shadow across his floor caused by the tree branches outside his bedrooms window, and the suns decent.

Knowing the cause of the shadow should have helped Harry clam down, but he just couldn't reason with his sudden fear of shadows and their movements in his room. Hearing a loud clang from downstairs Harry jumped back, his back hitting the headboard to his bed, drawing in a panicked breath his hands grabbing at his sheets, he shot a glair at his bedroom door.

He could make out his fathers voice asking his mother if she was all right? Lily yelled back that she was fine and just dropped a pot. Then it all went quiet again just the sound of the t.v. drifting though the house could be heard. Turning his attention back to the shadow Harry startled again as he noticed it had moved closer. Scooting back Harry then knelt on the bed and peered over the edge of it looking at the shadow on his floor.

"What are you doing?" Harry flew back, a hand clamped over his mouth muffing his scream as he pressed back into the headboard. His green eyes widened as he looked at who was on his bed, their hand firmly over his mouth, water filled his eyes. Harry held back a sob as he looked into blue eyes. "No yelling Harry. I'm going to take my hand away, please don't yell." Harry nodded his head showing he understood. The hand fell away and before it could fully go back to the others side Harry had leaped at him.

Arms wrapping tightly around the other Harry whisper as tears fell down his face.

"Tom, oh Tom I've been so worried for you." Tom was stunned his arms lax beside him, as Harry sobbed. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Tom, it's all my fault. I should have listened! Are you hurt?" Harry drew back still holding onto the older boy, but now looking into stunned eyes. "Tom?"


"Yes?" something fluttered though Tom eyes.

"You are crying?" Harry pulled back his hands falling to his lap, looking down he thought over what Tom asked him "Why?" glancing up Harry pouted at Tom.

"I was worried about you." Tom raised a brow and tilted his head just so, implicating to Harry he had to explain. "You were gone for two days Tom."

"Is that all?" startled Harry look to Tom. "I thought it was longer." Raising a hand to Harry's face he wiped a tear away then looked at his fingers like he couldn't understand the wetness on them. "Why are you crying for me?" he looked at Harry who was frowning deeply at him.

"Because I care for you. What happened to you Tom?" there was a stillness to the room as Tom stared at Harry and Harry looked back at him, tears still falling down his face.

"It doesn't matter-"

"It dose!" Tom paused his eyes slightly wide at Harry's firm tone of voice.

"Oh Harry." He reached out his cold hand cupping Harry's face. "You don't understand, he can't do any more harm to me, then he already has." His hand slid into Harry hair and ruffled at the dark locks before retreating.

"What do you mean Tom?" Giving Harry a lingering look, Tom turned his head slightly and looked downwards.

"What I mean is that you can't harm what's already gone." His eyes looked up, staring at Harry beneath his lashes. "I'm dead Harry."

Dinner was a quiet affair. Harry to deep in thought to notice his parents giving him concerned glances as he slowly ate his meal. He frowned down at his plate not wanting to finish eating. Tom had said he was dead and then right after Harry was called down to eat; he had no time to question Tom. The other boy had told Harry to go down stairs.

"Harry is something wrong?" looking up Harry's eyes connected with warm brown ones. He thought over what his father had asked him, then tilted his head to the side.


"Are you sure Harry you have been very quiet the last few days." Concern coated Lily's voice.

"I'm fine, besides…" he trailed off his eyes looking off into the distance. Lily placed her hand on Harry's arm.

"Harry?" shaking his head Harry looked at Lily.

"It's nothing, I'm fine, just not hungry. Can I go now, I want to lay down." A frown made it's way to Lily face but she nodded her head. "Thanks." Harry's arm slipped from Lily's grasp and he jumped down from his seat, gathering his plate he made his way to the kitchen. Lily and James watching him go.

"Lils I'm sure he's fine." The red headed woman looked over to her husband.

"He's been like this since I found him in the closet James." Putting down his utensils James reached out taking Lily's hand into his own.

"Lily dear it's ok." Shaking her head Lily looked down.

"No James our son, that day. I should have listened. Now he wont talk to either of us." James squeezed her hand.

"Lily Harry's 9 what sort of trouble could he get into?" looking at James Lily was quick to reply.

"A lot, you were 9 once before James what kind of trouble did you find your self in?" blinking James had to think for a bit.


"See!" She pulled away from James and began to pick up the dishes on the table, then made her way from the room James scrambled after her.

"Wait Lily." His hand gripped her arm and James spun her around mindful of the plates. "Harry's different! I was a rude self-centered brat. I had no guidance and was left to my own devices, I never had the discipline, and I was too mischievous. Harry's not like me. If he took after anyone it would be you. Now I know that when you were his age you didn't get into any trouble." He cupped her face. "Did you?"

"No." he smiled down at Lily his thumbs soothing over her face.

"Why is that?" he leaned in watching his wife as she thought over her answer.

"Because I always had my parents to confide in." a bright smile bloomed over James visage.

"Exactly! And I have no doubt Harry knows the same thing."

Harry walked up the stairs his one hand sliding up the banister. He would have run up the stairs but he hadn't wanted to be yelled at. He was in enough trouble as is. Reaching the top Harry turned to make his way to his room. He froze eyes wide staring at the dark figure waiting at the end of the hall. It was facing him his face covered by his hood.

The eerie quiet of the hallway made Harry nervous. He took a stop back his mouth opening and closing a few times before he realized he had nothing to say, and snapped his jaw shut. The shadows raised a hand his pail appendage drawing Harry's eyes the finger pointed to Harry before slowly the hand turned plum up and the finger urged for Harry to come forward.

"Harry." The voice drawled low and commanding. "Come here, I think it's about time we met." Shaking his head, Harry took a stumbling step back; the figure tilted his head reveling the lower half of its face. Startled by the cruel daunting smirk Harry took another step back; it was then he realized he was stepping onto nothing. The still silence broke as Harry let out a loud cry falling backwards.

Harry hit his back first then twisted on the stairs, his hand hitting the side of the railing, he reached out trying to grip the side of the railing, as his body rolled further down. He let out another cry as his hand slammed between the railings and he continued to fall. He landed at the bottom with a loud tunk. His hand shearing in pain, his head spinning and his breath labored. Dizzily he looked up the stairs, his green eyes looking at the tall dark shadow staring at him from the top, his unnatural face reviled to him at the angle.

His parents rushed to the stairs, their voice's drowned out by the ringing in Harry's ears. He stared his eyes never straying from the thing, his green eyes caught by burning red ones staring down at him. Slowly so Harry couldn't miss it the smirk grew the man raised a hand and pressed a single finger to a lip-less mouth, making the tell tale sine to keep quiet.

Panicked Harry let out another short cry. Lily's voice made its way thew the ringing.

"-rry!" gentle hands rested on his face pulling his head to look up at Lily. "Harry honey look at me." Letting out a breath Harry eyes darted back to the stairs that were now lacking the shadow man, then back to his mother.

"M-om?" a sob broke free and Harry jolted wanting to be on his side so he could curl up.

"Oh sweetie." Lily held him in place; another hand ran threw his hair, looking up with teary eyes.

"Tell us what hurts Harry." James's concerned eyes help him focus. Trembling Harry raised his hand, and then cradled his arm against his chest. "Kiddo, hey is that all that hurts?" looking up Harry groaned out.

"My head." He took a small breath trying to hold back his pain.

"From one to ten how bad?" Lily ran a soothing hand down Harry's arm making him wince she pulled her hand back like she was burned.

"Ten." A pained rasp then tears finally fell.

"Ok." James reached out coaching Harry to sit up. "We are going to take you to the hospital, I'm going to pick you up. You alright with that kiddo?" letting out a hiccupping sob Harry nodded his head making him dizzy he tilted to the side. Lily reached out steadying him. "Good Harry I need you to hold onto me." Harry wrapped his arms around James neck as his father picking him up; James stood arms supporting his son with ease.

Lily took off first grabbing the keys and opening the door to let James out. They all made their way to the car, Harry looked up to the house spotting Tom looking at him though a window. Lily opened the back door to the car and James lowered him into his seat, covering Harry head, so as not to bump it. Pulling back a bit James looked at his son.

"It's going to be ok Harry." A small nod later and James was gone, taking his place in the front set so he could drive them to the hospital.

They walked into the house hours after they had left, in a near panic. Harry lay sleeping in his father arms, his one hand put in a tenser bandage, having sprained it. Other then a few nasty bruises, his head had been looked at and from what the doctors could tell it would be fine, he had ice put on the back and the headache had lessened enough for him to fall asleep in the back of the car on their way back.

After having Harry checked out Lily and James had calmed. They had asked Harry what had happened. When he simply said he fell, they had asked how? To which he had said he was walking backwards. Lily had scolded him harshly having warned him before about that behavior.

Looking properly scolded Harry had promised to be more careful. Easing his parents with his sinful puppy dog eyes. James tossed the keys to the side table and made his way up the stairs. His hand resting on Harry's head as turned going to Harry's room, Lily following him.

Pulling past her husband Lily went to the bed and pulled the covers down. James placed Harry on the bed. They each took hold of one of Harry feet and pulled off his shoes and socks. Putting his legs down, they decided to leave him in his clothes, knowing taking them off may wake him. They pulled the covers up over him and tucked him in. Sharing a look they swiftly made their way out of the room, turning the lights off, and closing the door slightly.

The sound of their door was enough signal for Harry, his eyes snapped open and he sat up looking around his room. Trying but not spotting what he needed. He pushed his covers from his body and made his way to his door peering out he gulped, and then closed his door the rest of the way. A Soft click was the only sound that resounded around the room. Drawing away from the door Harry walked to the middle of his space glancing at the dark corners in well-perceived fright.

Taking a breath, Harry's hands rose to his chest –being careful of his injured one- and he gripped his shirt. In a soft almost not there voice Harry pleaded.


"Over here Harry." Harry spun looking over to his window, the moonlight shown down on the pale form of Tom. Letting the breath he hadn't known he was holding out, Harry stepped forward going to Tom. The other boy was gazing outside his eyes not straying from their path in front of him. Harry looked out trying to see what Tom did. But all he saw was what was always there. His backyard looking out into the forest. Turning his head Harry looked at Tom again, his other hand soothing over his pained one.

"Tom?" Finally blue eyes looked away from the scenery outside, and slid to Harry. "I think I'm on a need to know bases." Tom turned fully to Harry and leaned back against the windowsill.

"Yes, I agree." He crossed his arms over his chest trying to find a more comfortable position.

"Who was that?" Harry pleaded.

"Voldemort." The name sent a chill down his spine, making Harry wish he had never heard it. Licking his lips Harry croaked out.

"What dose he want?" Toms frown deepened and he lowered his head but he maintained eye contact with Harry.

"You." Harry jolted back eyes as wide as they could go. "He wants you."

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