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Protecting Yours Truly

Chapter eight ~ Darkened Past

He sat on the window still, his eyes looking out. His hand held a book dangling at his side. He breathed in slowly like it pained him to make the air go into his lungs. His hand twitched at his side making him lose his grip on the book, it dropped to the floor with a soft thud. He raised his hand and placed it in his lap twining his fingers together. He leaned his head against the window enjoying the cold from the glass. Closing tired eyes he heard his door open, a soft but female tone took in a breath trying to hide the gasp and failing.

"Tomas? What has happened?" Blue eyes silted open and slowly Tom looked over to the woman in the doorway.

"Mother?" She let out another gasp as her son turned to her, his face slackened and sporting a large bruise on the cheek he had facing away from her. Merope made quick work of getting to her child. She moved around the mess and disarray of his room. Tom slipped from the windowsill as she crouched down, a hand reaching up gently to cradle his face, turning it this way and that.

"Oh Tomas." She wrapped her arms around him bringing him into an embrace, one hand carding though his messed hair. The other drawing circles on his back. "Please tell me what is going on?" Her hold tightened as she felt him fall into her, his breath ghosting against her ear.

"I have." The pain filled words crashed into her, making her freeze and boil hot at the same time. "The darkness wants me." She drew back looking into pained blue eyes, her heart braking. She pushed a lock of hair off his face and frowned at her son.

"Oh my poor child." She shook her head fingers playing with his hair. "We have been over this, there is no darkness." Stillness filled the room, Tom's eyes straying from Merope's looking to the side and forward like he was looking at something. Something in the door way, Turning slightly Merope tried to see what her son was seeing but all she saw was the open door way. Her hand went to Tom's shoulders "Tomas?" his eyes slid back to her.

"You don't see him, but he's always watching me. He wants me." Her hand tightened her heart skipping a beat.

"What dose he want from you?" Tom paused his head tilting to the side looking away from her, and to the doorway again. His already tensed body tightening even more. He licked his dry lips, and what he said had her drowning, her body freezing and burning up all at once again. Her hands shaking against his shoulders. Bright blue eyes looking at her, pleading with her to believe him. And she did but it was already to late. Time was up and Tom was already gone to her.

"Tom?" He jerked back to the present his mind swirling with memories of the past; he looked into concerned green eyes.

"Yes Harry?"

"What dose he want from me?" Tom felt a cold draft draw up his back, making him shiver. He reached out gripping Harry's face looking into wide green eyes. Drawing in a breath Tom repeated the words he had told his mother so long ago, his own eyes filled with pain.

"He wants your death Harry." Harry drew in a sharp breath. "It's the only way he can keep you forever, like me." Harry's face went deathly pale and tears filled his eyes.

"I- I could tell." He pause his frown deepening. "They wont believe me will they?"

"No, they wont, just like they don't believe I'm here." Harry sagged his body falling to the floor, knees crumpled beneath him, Tom went to the floor with him, pulling Harry close he hugged the upset boy. "Harry?" He looked up to Tom eyes filled with tears. "I want you to know I'm going to keep to my promise. I said I was going to protect you and I mean it, I'll do everything I can to keep you safe."

"But Tom how are you going to help, you can't do anything against V-" a cold hand clamped over Harry's mouth.

"Don't say his name, He'll come if you say it." Green eyes went impossibly wide. Tom looked around taking in all the darken shadows, and then his eyes rested on Harry's panicked eyes. His hand fell from Harry's mouth like he was burned. "Sorry."

"Tom how come you can say his name?"

"Because he's already gotten what he wanted from me, he's waiting for you to seek him out, or to get you alone." Tom pulled back slightly letting Harry free to move about, as they had still been in the position of hugging. "And I really do not want that to happen." there was a long pause neither one knowing what to say.

"So, what do we do now?" Tom thought for a while then he looked up at Harry his blue eyes gazing into tired green.

"I don't know, but for now I think it best you retire. You've had a long day Harry. One that was not easy or forgiving. It's best to get the sleep you can, when opportunity is given to you." At Harry's beginning of protest Tom raised his hand effectively stopping him before he uttered a word. "I will watch over you."

"Yeah, ok then." Harry then turned and walked over to his bed, he climbed up and curled into a ball. "Tom?"

"Yes Harry?"

"I'm sorry you're dead." A cold touch drifted over Harry's cheek making the smaller boy open his eyes and look to Tom who was standing in front of him.

"Me too." A sad smile lifted the corners of Tom's lips, Harry closed his eyes slowly drifting off, and now that he knew Tom was watching over him sleep came easy.

Morning found Harry in the kitchen Tom right behind him. Both of Harry's parents were still asleep as it was early in the morning. Harry pulled the fridge door open and grabbed a juice box. He then padded his way out of the kitchen and into the living room. He still wore his clothes from the other day. They were rumpled and stiff but Harry didn't want to bother with changing.

Plopping down on the couch Harry fiddled with the juice box his one hand making it more difficult then he would like. Harry let out a sigh and pushes the straw thought the hole. Sitting back he sipped at his drink and stared ahead looking at the t.v. Tom sat next to him. His now known 'dead' friend was being very quiet this morning, but he hadn't left Harry alone, for which Harry was thankful. He didn't know if he could handle being alone right now, knowing that there was something out there that wanted him dead.

"Stop thinking about it." Harry's turned his head and looked at Tom.

"Thinking about what?"

"You know what."

"No Tom I really don't" Tom turned fully to Harry and narrowed his eyes.

"Stop being so childish, you know perfectly well what I'm implying." A short pause. " I know what you are thinking and I really don't want you to think that way."

"What should I think about?"

"How about you don't think and we watch t.v. Instead." Harry pouted but looked forlornly at the television set.

"Yeah ok, cartoons are on anyways." Placing his juice box on the coffee table Harry leaned forward and grabbed the remote; sitting back he turned the television on, then adjusted the channel and settled into watching cartoons.

About an hour later Lily and James came down the stairs to see their son curled up in the couch asleep, his bad hand holding the remote, and an empty juice box on the side table. Lily waked over and took off the blanket on the back to the couch; she draped it over Harry. Both parents then went to the kitchen. Never noticing Tom presents in the room, not that he cared.

Looking down to Harry, Tom let out a sigh. Things were going to get harder Harry needed all the rest he could have. Turning away Tom slid from the couch and made his way to the window. He looked out to the street watching as people and cars went by. His mind turning blank. He let out a hollow breath briefly fogging the window.

Tilting his head Tom reached out his finger sliding over the glass making senseless designs. Pulling his hand back the scribbles faded away quickly.

"Tom?" he turned to see a sleepy Harry just a little a way's from him, looking at Tom the blanket clutched in his one hand. "What'ch doing?"

"Nothing of importance."

"Ah ok." Harry hid a sleepy yawn behind his hand. Tilting his head Harry looked out the window Tom was peering out. "Wanna go on the porch?" He tossed the blanket on the couch leaving it in a heaping pile.

"Yes, ok." Harry smiled and trotted to the front door. He was carful to be quiet not wanting to alert his parents who were in the kitchen. He opened the door and stepped out, letting Tom slide by before closing the door carefully.

Both boys made their way to the front steps and sat down one on either side.

"Do you watch people a lot Tom?" green tired eyes looked to the older boy.

"Often, I have watched people come and go."

"Do they see you?"

"Some, but they don't really understand what they are seeing." A confused looked crossed Harry's face. "They do not realize I'm dead."

"Oh, that makes sense I didn't think you were dead." Tom's lips curled. They both turned their attention to the street watching people come and go. No one noticed them, just minding their own. Harry watched as an old man tended to his garden, his clothes bright and odd looking. Harry frowned looking at the man as he made his way slowly across one side of the garden to the next.

Harry had been watching the man for a good 20 minutes before the old man seemed to take notice. Then he began to make his way over to Harry a gentle smile crinkling his face telling Harry he was a man that laughed and smiled a lot.

"Hello my boy, a fine day today is." His blue eyes twinkled behind half-moon glasses, Tom let out a tired sigh his eyes slanted downwards.

"Yeah, it's pretty nice." Harry tilted his head to the side. "Who are you?" his blunt statement was met with a cheery smile.

"Albus Dumbledore, and you must be Harry Potter?"

"How'd you know that!" another smile crinkled up Dumbledore's face and he let out a hardy chuckle.

"I've had a few chats with your parents, your father seems most keen on talking about you." Tom let out a huff crossing his arms and leaning further away. Harry's eyes slid over Tom's unimpressed posture. Harry, unconsciously taking on a bored look. "But he never did tell me one thing about you?" Harry looked back to the aged man.

"What's that?"

"He never got to telling me your age." His hands folded in front of him and he peered down at Harry.

"Oh, I'm nine."

"My that's a good age, I wish I were so young. It's not easy getting around in this old body of mine." His hand gestured to him self and Dumbledore let out a breath. "I've got one foot in the grave already." Harry's brow frowned and he looked to the ground that Dumbledore's feet were standing on. Looking up to Dumbledore Harry grumbled.

"I don't see a grave." Loud happy laughter left Dumbledore as he bent forward slightly. A cold hand touched his cheek causing Harry to look to the side at Tom who was broadly looking at him.

"It's an expression."

"Oh, I don't get it." Tom smiled lightly at Harry, his finger sliding against Harry's cheek then falling back to his side.

"He's just stating he's old and feels he's close to his…" Tom paused looking to the old man that was staring at Harry with a curious look in his twinkling eyes. "End." Understanding filled Harry's countenance, and his lips formed a perfect 'o'.

"Who are you talking to my boy?" Tom damned himself for talking to Harry out in the open. Snapping his head forward Harry put up a front.

"No one!"

"Ah but it looked to me like you had a rather enlightening conversation with someone." His head tilted down and he looked at Harry through his half moon glasses. "To which you were looking in that direction." He pointed one long aged finger to the spot where Tom still sat. Tom gave Dumbledore a rude look not liking being pointed at, even if the old man could not see him.

"No one's there." Harry stood on his steps hands fisted tightly at his sides. Tom looked between the two.

"Oh come now my boy, I wont fault you for talking to a friend." Dumbledore smiled down at Harry. "We all have friends do we not my boy?" his glasses glinted telling Harry; Dumbledore was looked strait at him, blue into green. "Did you know Harry, that a boy about your age use to live here?" Tom snapped up, his movement catching Harry by surprise as Tom planted himself firmly in front of him.

"Tell him to go away." Harry's eyes slid away from Dumbledore falling to Tom.

"His name was Tom." Tom snapped his head looking at Harry with bright blue eyes. Harry was looking at Dumbledore in shock.


"Yes Tom, he was a very bright child, always reading and learning."

"W-why?" Harry's voice caught, he took a breath even as Tom turned toward him his hand gripping Harry's good wrist making him shiver at the cold touch. "Why are you telling me this?"

"Don't listen to him Harry, he lies." Tom whispered his hand tightening its hold on Harry's wrist. Dumbledore took a step forward standing tall but friendly.

"I'm telling you this Harry, because young Tom use to talk to a friend that wasn't there as well." Color drained from Harry's face and he let out a sharp breath, Tom's grip tightened even more, making Harry whimper his fingers flexing in hope to bring back some blood flow.

"Tom?" Tom let Harry go frightened to see Harry raise his hand and rub at his wrist.

"Harry child are you alright?" Harry's wrist was red and sore looking.

"I'm fine." Harry looked to Dumbledore for a long while. "How do you know Tom talked to someone that wasn't there?" coldness drifted around the air making Harry and Dumbledore shutter. Tom still stood in front of Harry his expression closed off.

"I often witnessed Tom talking to an empty room." Tom's eyes narrowed just the slightest. "He always referred to his friend as the Dark Lord." A chilling wind gushed past.

"Stop." Harry looked to Tom catching sight of the angered look on the other boys face.

"A Lord Voldemort." The wind grew more violent; Harry could see Tom's shoulders tremble; he had turned just at Dumbledore uttered Voldemort's name.

"Shut up." The words were soft but full a strained fury. Harry's finger's reached out wanting take Tom's hand and twine them together.

"Do you know Voldemort?" Tom snapped.

"Stop saying his name!" his hands flew in front of him the wind whipped past them, making Harry's hair fly in every direction. Dumbledore let out a grunt and stumbled back a few steps. Having, just had the wind knocked out of him.

"Harry James Potter!" all heads snapped to the door of the house, the wind stopped. Lily and James rushed out of the house, Lily making her way to a crouching Dumbledore, her sharp green eyes looking at the older male as she carefully grabbed his arm to help steady him. Then snapping to Harry. "Explain now!"


"There's nothing to explain Lily dear, it's just my old knees acting up again." Dumbledore let out a cheery laugh. "Young Harry I believe was just about to help me back to my home." The fire in Lily's eyes faded and she looked from her son to Dumbledore.

"Oh well that's a relief, with the way it looked, well" James trailed off looking to his son he ruffled up Harry's messy hair. "But if it's any help I think I should take Harry's place Albus." Harry watched as Albus cheekily grinned at his parents.

"Oh that would be much help, thank you my boy." James stepped off the porch and made his way to Dumbledore taking hold of his other arm.

"Go inside Harry, we will be right back." Lily gave her son a smile telling him everything was ok now, nodding Harry turned to leave.

"Harry my boy!" Looking back Harry gave Albus a tired look; he could feel Tom watching him. "If ever you should wan to finish our conversation, I'm not to far away. Just be sure to ask you parents before coming over."


"That's a good lad." Harry turned back around and made his way inside faintly hearing his dad ask Dumbledore if he called everyone 'his boy?' laughter followed. Harry turned to where he knew Tom was slaking.

"You ok Tom?" The older boy looked to him his blue eyes looking over Harry and stopping at the reddened wrist.

"Of course, did I hurt you?"

"No I'm fine. You got really mad." Looking back up Tom caught Harry's eyes.

"He kept saying his name."

"Oh right, that's bad." Harry stood in the doorway eyes down cast. "Did you know him, Dumbledore that is?"

"Yes, he talked to my mom a lot. I didn't talk to him much. My attention was else where." Harry bobbed his head.

"On him right?" Tom made his way to Harry, his hand reaching and catching Harry's chin he tipped Harry's head up viewing into Harry's eyes seeing the emotions flicker by.


"Did you talk a lot?"

"Yes." A short pause Tom pressed his lips together. "He made me think we were friends. I should have known better." His hand fell away from Harry's face. Harry took hold of it, before it could fall to Tom side. His fingers curling around Tom's.

"Come on let's got up stairs." Harry walked forward holding Tom's hand. He didn't plan to let go any time soon; Tom let the corners of his mouth lift half smiling half smirking. He squeezed Harry's hand in thanks, and Harry answered in same.

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