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Protecting Yours Truly

Chapter nine ~ Liquid Breath

The creeping dark shadow drifted over cold stone, a stark white hand forming into the air. The room grew cold, the dampness from the space tainted by the cold as the creeping hand grasped a hold of a dew-covered pipe.

The copper metal visibly shook, the hand pulling and shaking, a loud grown and the copper pipe gave way. Water gushed out, falling to the stone covered ground, where boxes filled with things sat. The dark shadow let a smirk show the white hand retracting.

Voldemort stood on the slowly flooding floor, coldness creeping around his darkened covered body. In a flourish he disappeared, shadow cloaked smoke drifting in the air, and then fading away.

Lily sat on the edge of the tub, her silky sky blue robe tightly wrapped around her petite body. Her long red hair pulled back into a ponytail, she leaned over into the tub her hand grasping at the taps and turning them. A loud grown filled the room but no water flowed. Lily frowned her hand quickly turning the non-existent water off.

A soft tapping had her looking at the door.

"Mom? Can I brush my teeth before you shower?" shyly Harry asked from behind the door, Lily smiled.

"Yes come on in." the door opened and in trotted Harry, he made his way to the sink but paused turning he made his way over to the corner where his stepping stool was he began to kick it and Lily let out annoyed sigh. "Pick it up Harry." Looking embarrassed Harry picked the stool up and placed it at the sink.

"Sorry." He hopped up and reached out for his toothbrush quickly dispensing the toothpaste. He then turned the tap, a loud grown startled Harry; he let out a cry dropping his toothbrush into the sink, and tipping backwards. Harry hit the ground on his butt. Lily was next to him in seconds as he had hit his bad hand while trying to catch his fall.

"Are you hurt, is your hand ok?" she was gently touching his wrist, Harry was holding his breath slowly he exhaled. Holding back a wince, his mouth frowned as he realized it didn't hurt as much as he thought it would. "Harry talk to me, is your hand ok?"

"Yeah, it's ok, didn't knock it as bad as I thought." Lily let out a relived sigh and let Harry's hand out of her grasp. Harry stood as Lily went to the sink turning the tap off. No water had come out anyways.

"James!" she walked out of the bathroom her son following her. "James where are you?" she was making her way over to the stairs as she heard her husband yell back at her.

"Liven room Lily." Just as she got to the bottom of the stairs, James was walking out of the living room to meet her. He smiled at Harry who was holding onto the railing as he walked down the stairs; looks like his spill down them made his son realize they were not to be messed with.

"James, there is something wrong with the pipes, no water is coming out." Harry jumped off the last stair his head cocked to the side, and his wide green eyes looking just to the side.

"Oh, guess I'll have to take a look in the basement." Turning James made his way into the living room to get to the kitchen. Lily following; her hand ruffling into Harry's hair encouraging her son to follow. Trotting along side his mom Harry kept looking to the side as they got into the kitchen they saw that the basement door was already open as James had made his way down the stairs. "Oh shite!" the sound of splashing could be heard, and Lily rushed over to the stairs getting down half of them before she yelled.


"The pipe must have burst, I'm turning off the main water line." Lily could see the water covered floor, it must have been a good foot of water on the ground.

"Whoa!" Lily turned to see Harry staring at the top of the steps. "What happened, did we get an indoor pool?" Lily smiled slightly.

"No the pipe broke, you stay here. I'm going to help your father. " Just as she said that she could hear James let out another curse. She made her way into the cold water. "James?"

"Over here Lily!" James yelled back causing Lily to disappear from sight, Harry could make out his parents talking then the sound of running water cut off. Stepping down Harry made it to the middle of the steps and then he sat down watching his parents, James was waddling by with boxes. "We got to get it empty then pump the water out, and call a plumber." Lily was already half way to Harry.

"On it." She ruffled Harry's hair again as she made her way past to make said call. James looked to Harry.

"You stay out of this." He gestured around the basement. "You got that Kiddo?" Mock saluting Harry quipped.

"Yes sir."

"That a boy, at ease." James gave him a goofy smile then splashed his way away from his son, picking up a box most likely to take out to the backyard. Harry looked to the side seeing Tom sitting next to him.

"This happen before?"

"No." Tom turned looking at Harry; he had been following the smaller boy all morning. "I'm going to take a look."

"You sure Tom, you said you don't like me down here." Harry whispered worried Lily might be able to hear him as she was pacing up and down the length of the kitchen, passing by the basement door to check on him.

"I don't like you down here, that's why you are staying out and I'm going down." Tom stood taking a step down, but he stopped and looked to Harry. "Do not follow me. I will come to you." He then turned back around not waiting for Harry to agree and made his way into the basement. Harry watched him go.


Tom couldn't really feel the cold but he knew the air was chilly as he made his way around the basement. His movements unseen as he slid though the water making no ripples. He moved passed boxes and fallen debris. He was being put at ease as James drifted in and out of the room grabbing soaked boxes, to put outside. His movement was welcome and drew the feeling of safety.

Moving over to where he knew the pipes were, he could see one completely disconnected. Looking as if it had just given away due to time, and broke. Tom let out a noise of discontent and drew in to take a closer look.

Reaching up Tom took hold of the dew covered pipe and slid his hand up, pulling it back he looked down to his hand, seeing the tell tail sine's of dirty mucky water. The air seemed to lose all warmth and Tom let out a shaky breath.

He looked around the room noting it was one of the times that James was not in the room, and didn't seem to have been in the room for a while.

His mind screamed at him.

'Get to Harry now!'

Harry sat on the steps he was staring intently at the bottom of the steps watching for ripples. A few times he had caught sight of them before his dad peered up at him, picking up more boxes, and trudging away. Harry was making a game of it, as he had caught his dad coming 3 times out of 5. Lily was still on the phone having a hard time getting hold of a plumber that would come on such short notice.

Frowning Harry was wondering where his dad went, as he hadn't been by the stairs for a while. Harry licked his lips and tilted his head. Leaning forward Harry looked to the side trying to see if his dad was in the room, but not getting a good look from his angle, being to far up.

He slid down one step and took another look still unable to see his dad. Harry let out a sigh and sat back, not wanting to go down another step. Tom had told him not to follow, he didn't want Harry in the basement and Harry agreed, he didn't want to be down there. Sitting on the steps was bad enough.

Thinking about Tom, Harry wondered where he had gone? Tom had said he would come back. Surly it would have taken this long to take a look? Right?

Putting his hands on his knees Harry made another attempted to lean forward, to try and see either his dad, or Tom. His butt was just on the edge as two things happened simultaneously. The door behind him slammed shut and a hand pressed on his back pitching him forward. A startled gasp left him and he was falling down the stairs, his green eyes open in horror.

Growling into the phone Lily pressed the 'end call' button and stomped over to the phone book, dialing yet another plumber. This would be the third one she was calling. She couldn't believe how inconsiderate the other ones she had phoned were. She would think that an emergency would have them all seeing dollar bills. But no they were asking asinine questions.

Taking a deep breath Lily waited as the dial tone rang on the other end. She had slumped against the counter, her fingers tapping on the smooth surface in rapid session. She held he breath as she heard the line being picked up on the other end and a cheery woman's voice happily greeting her.

Letting out the breath she had been holding, it abruptly cut off as she heard the basement door slammed shut behind her. The phone slid from her fingers and crashed to the floor, whipping around Lily ran to the door. She just made out the sound of a splash.

"Harry!" she grabbed the handle and jerked up only to find it locked. Panic rising she pulled harder. "Harry!" the sound of hurried splashes reached her ear. Clawing and banging at the door, Lily's heart jumped to her throat, and she forced herself from the door and to the window looking out into the backyard. She wrenched the glass open –not even caring as it slid against her fingers drawing blood- Lily leaned out screaming at James, who was messing around with boxes out there. "James get to Harry now!"

He couldn't breath, his hands slid against the floor trying to push up. A heavy weight was holding him down. Pressing him under the foot of water with ease. Harry scrambled trying to get up, trying to hold his breath. His fingers scraping against the floor and his feet kicking out.

He hadn't gotten a good lung full of air before falling into the water, and he didn't know how long he could hold his breath. His lungs were already burning. He turned his head feeling hands –more like claws- griping his locks and shoving his head down. His leg kicked out hitting the bottom step, sending a shock of pain up his limb. Harry let out a gasp; water flooding his mouth and making him gag.

The injury in his wrist was throbbing and as he pressed down on it was only getting worse. His eyes burned as he clenched them tightly. His body freezing in the frigid water. Chocking on water Harry dug his fingers against the concrete scraping up the paint and chipping it.

He couldn't, he couldn't breath.

James was moving around the boxes trying to see what was wrecked and what they could keep, when he heard the glass window bang open and not seconds later he heard his wife screaming at him to get to Harry. He looked over to her, seeing her hanging out half the window her eyes alight with fear, not giving it a moments thought he was tripping over boxes in his haste to get to the back door.

The door was shut as he slammed into it fingers grasping at the handle and slipping, turning the knob and getting nowhere, the door wouldn't budge. He pressed up into the door, trying to push it open his panic rising he stepped back intending to ram it. Just gearing to let lose the door clicked, sliding open ominously.

James didn't care he was already flying down the stairs and into freezing cold water. Looking around James could hear the sounds of sparse splashing; he turned his head to the stairs. Heart thumping in his chest stalled as he saw a dark blur above his son, holding the small 9 year old under the water. Harry attempting to push up slowing, and James knew his son was close to giving up.

Hurried James went to his son and he grabbed at him struggling to wrench him out of the water, his fingers gripping Harry tightly as he fought with whatever was trying to keep Harry down. Finally the dark blur gave up and James pulled his son up out of the water relived to hear him gasping and choking out the water in his mouth and lungs.

James cradled Harry to him, his one hand in soaked locks of hair, turning James fell onto the steps and he looked around for the dark cloud. His breathing coming out harshly. Harry was now crying hysterically clinging onto James like he was his lifeline. Small body shaking, as he let out soul wrenching sobs.

The room loomed in darkness then the remaining boxes seemed the shake.

"T-om?" Harry hiccupped, trying to look over to the side at something, James looked over to see a box coming their way. He ducked slipping in the water, as the box crashed into the stairs, spilling the contents everywhere. Barely having time to comprehend what was happening another box went sailing towards them. James clutched his son. "Tom no!"

Hunching down James ran across the room his son screaming about Tom, as more boxes and things were thrown their way, sprinting up the stairs James crashed out the door, and it slammed shut behind them, making him trip and stumble. Terrified James looked at the closed door, and fumbled to get back up. Then took off in the backyard heading to the gate to get out, his arms holding Harry tightly.

"James!" Lily had made her way out, it had only been a few minutes for James to get in the basement and out, but it had felt like hours. Lily's fright from moments before seemed to amplify as she took in the state of her son and husband. Rushing over she tried to grab at James only to be thwarted as he sped past. "James! James what happened?"

"Get in the car, we have to go." He was walking fast Lily had to run to keep up, Harry was sobbing his breath heavy and rasped.

"James. James wait, what's going on? We can leave we are not dressed! James!" She grabbed at his arm and he spun around to look at her. She gasped at the pure fear she could see in his eyes.

"Get in the fucking car Lily, get in it now!" Lily reeled back startled at James for yelling at her; he never did that. It was now as she looked at him she could make out the slight tremor in his arms, his hands clenching Harry tightly, and her son holding her husband just as, if not tighter then James.

"Keys, James we need the keys." James stared at her in what looked to be shock. "Just let me get them-"

"No!" bellowed James. "I'll do it, take Harry. Stay out of the house." He began to untangle Harry from him, his son sobbing and screeching, fingers grabbing; he passed him over to Lily who he clutched onto. "Go to the car I'll be right there." Again James took off to the front, Lily following after and then branching off to wait by the car, as James raced into the house. He didn't even look around just went to the side table and grabbing the keys, then jolting out of the house, door slamming shut behind him.

Getting into the car and buckling up James tore his way out of the driveway and took off.

Staring up to the door outside Tom slumped down, falling to the floor drained. He had opened the door for James. Hoping beyond hope that James could save Harry. And he had. Tom had felt so useless unable to get Voldemort away from Harry on his own.

Seeing Harry struggling had been heart breaking, and he had to make the image stop. James had stopped it, and then Tom was left with a sense of dread. It wasn't going to stop; Voldemort wasn't going to stop till Harry was dead.

He had to make them leave, and he had to do it now. His anger filling him Tom raged tossing and throwing anything he could at them. Making James fly out of the room as Tom assaulted them. And when they cleared the door he slammed it shut. Shaking on the spot, he let in a deep breath, he had heard the door upstairs open and shut, then a car speeding out of the lot.

Their gone, Harry's away, far away. Safe. Tom couldn't help but think.

'But for how long?'

A shadow curled over him and he looked up into scorching red eyes. Voldemort's thin lips pressed together in a scowl. The darkness gripping onto him, Tom let out a startled gasp.

'How long?'

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