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Chapter Twenty Four

You'll Never Know Friends like These

"Fuck, shit, damn, motherfucker…"

I could hear the profanities in a continuous stream flying from my mouth. The damn engine was fucked. I'd thought some inventive patching up and work could save it, but instead I'd have to go for a full replacement. It would increase the cost of the whole revamp but I knew my client had deep pockets – I'd just have to send a revised invoice and explain that even my skills were beyond saving this piece of junk.

I squinted at the rusted piece of shit in front of me, my head looking closely as the mess that was beneath the hood of this stupid car. Yeah, it was a stupid car. I pushed my sweaty bangs out of my eyes, leaving engine oil across my forehead and whatever other shit was on my hands. The day was damned hot and that was not improving my anger at this inanimate object and me directing my most foul language at it.

"Are you hurt?"

Ow, shit. The sound of his voice was unexpected and from right behind me, it made me stand up quickly, too quickly and I found myself banging my head on the hood of the car.

"Shit, Heero, I swear I need to get a little bell to go 'round your neck, sometimes."

"Are you hurt?" he repeated, ignoring my little rant as I rubbed the top of my head with my grease covered fingers.

"I wasn't until you appeared. Ow, 'Ro, walk like a normal person."

He smiled slightly. "I'll try. Old habits."

"Hmm," I grabbed my rag but knew it wasn't going to do much good. I was covered in grease and it was ingrained in my hands and fingernails. "You working?"

"Yeah, I was. Until you distracted me."

I didn't ask anymore as I pulled down the hood of the car. We'd set up a simple life here. I ran what was called Noir Vintage Motors and Heero worked in IT security – we'd dropped off the grid with new identities and were in the middle of nowhere. We'd settled in a small town in the middle of North America – a town with a church, a coupla dive bars, convenience store and a grocery store on the edge of it. We were on the outskirts, it had been a fallen down gas station that we'd bought and turned into a garage and home. It wasn't much, but we'd worked our assess off, creating a store front where I could sell parts and see any clients who visited, an office for Heero to work in and me to occasionally do my accounts when forced, and then the garage. We'd lived on the floor above the office and storefront, created a one-room apartment. It was cosy, you know, but it was home.

The locals didn't seem really to notice us – I'd become useful I guess, as the town hadn't had a garage for years so I ended up doing some repairs but their business didn't matter. I worked on old cars or anything that was so old it was considered an antique. My clients tended to be old dudes or rich dudes. Or old and rich dudes. The word of mouth spread quickly in the retro car community and I found myself with more than enough jobs. In breaks between cars, I tinkered around on a sweet old motorbike when there was nothing else to do – Heero grumpily threatening to sabotage it as if I got it working he wouldn't trust me on it. Always seemed to think I was gonna kill myself – same old Heero.

He eyed me up, my black t-shirt did have a pattern of an old horror movie poster on it and it couldn't be seen, my khaki shorts were now actually black. The only part of me that wasn't covered in grease were my battered checkerboard Vans.

"Go get clean."

"Why? You worried I'm going to touch you and ruin your white t-shirt? Seriously, Heero, why do you still wear white around me, haven't you learned anything?"

I reached out, grabbing hold of his t-shirt underneath the collar and pulling him close. I met his lips but he was resisting me. He pulled back and looked down at what had been a crisp white v neck t-shirt. He looked hot in it. Now there was a black smudge and finger prints on the front. Hey, least feeling him up had got rid of most of the grease on my hands. For a second, he looked pissed.

"Duo," he said, his voice low.

"Yeah, babe?" I asked as innocently as I possibly could.

He put his hand at the back of my head, threading his fingers through my braid and pulled me close, his lips meeting mine forcefully this time. I kissed back, putting my hands where they damn well wanted to go – I ran them down his back, feeling his shoulder blades. He put his hand around my waist and used his body to push me back onto the car hood. His lips left mine for a second, his lips on my jaw and throat.

"Damn, didn't know you had a fantasy about in here…"

"Shut up."

"Make me," I said, challenging him, him capturing my lips again.

I could feel his hands going southward, glancing over my chest and abs, I groped his ass and could feel him smile against my lips.

The car hood felt warm against my back as he raised the t-shirt a little upwards and I hooked one leg around his waist to allow a little more friction. Hell, Heero may not have had a fantasy about fucking on a vintage car but I sure as hell did and this… yeah, this was kinda working out perfectly, I thought, as a hand had got to the waistband of my shorts. I could feel impatience in his movement and I threw my head back a little as fingers reached inside and fuck, if I'd only been half hard from the kiss, then his touch and that tug on my cock had worked.

"You're overdressed," I said, as he moved from my lips and started licking at the sweat on my neck.

"So are you."

I almost fucking whined when he removed his hand but realised it was only to remove that stupid white t-shirt and I was fine with that – I moved to throw off my own and then our chests were bare and that was good enough for now but I wanted to play too… his lips returned to mine and I teased at the button and zipper of his jeans, carefully moving the metal down around his hard dick. Every part of my fantasy was kinda working right now as my hand moved past boxers and I ran the pad of my thumb over the slit to feel the pre-cum there. I thought about moving off the car and sucking him off, like, right now as he made that moan thing in the back of his throat that was a total turn on and I wanted to hear more of that but the whole thing was enough of a turn on. I was gonna lose it soon if we didn't go further now. I was about to make my complaint, about to wriggle outta shorts and find some lubricant in this stupid garage that wasn't intended for car engines when a sound broke through the damn haze of lust.


The bell, the tinkling little bell of the storefront. Heero moved and pushed himself up on his hands, breaking contact between our chests and also removing his hand from where I goddamn needed touching. He broke off the kiss and leaned his forehead against mine.

"You should get that."

"No fucking way, Yuy. We finish this."

He just smirked the most fucking evil smirk I've ever seen and leaned down to kiss me, hard, while removing my hand from his erection. I have no concept of how he can do that. Someone is hot, hard and horny for you and giving you a goddamn hand job and he manages to remove my hand as though he ain't interested.

"We'll finish this later," he said.

His body leaves me and he's reaching for his white t-shirt and though he's still hard, he's adjusting boxers and jeans. I think my expression is one that a million guys have given a million chicks – you do that to me and then you fucking back out? And of course, he can do that – Mr. Motherfucking Control.

I'm left sprawled on the car hood, hard, hot and totally wanting to be fucked and that stupid little bell on front desk rings. Damn, he was still so Perfect Soldier, he could control his body whereas I needed a cold shower. Think unsexy thoughts. I grab for my t-shirt and think about every chick I'd never want to see naked and I'm starting to feel ever so less turned on. Still turned on but less… obviously so. I zip up my shorts and it ain't massively painful but not what I wanted. So didn't want to be in clothes right now.

"Damn, insistent asshole."

"You shouldn't be so good," he said and I'm really not sure whether he's commending my sexual talents or my ability to fix cars – right now I just want to punch his smug face. Always knows what he does to me with just a little look and a small touch.

I put my fingers through my hair, trying to make myself remotely presentable. I got to my feet, composure back a little. "How do I look?"

"Like a grease monkey."

"Is that some kind of joke?"

"I don't do jokes."

I just shake my head and stopped my mind from thinking dirty thoughts and left the garage – the storefront was small and full of shelves of random scrap parts I'd accumulated that may or may not come in handy later. It would've been where they sold the snacks – I sold the occasional part but it wasn't the main source of the business.

"Hey… sorry for the wait, I was in the middle of an engine repair…" I said as I walked through the door, wiping my hands some more. And then I stopped.

"I don't think a little longer matters," said a really familiar voice.

I looked straight into baby blue eyes.

"I guess not…"

The counter was between us and I didn't move the distance between us. There was a certain awkwardness. We'd disappeared without telling anyone – technically, I was still healing from having a fucking heart attack and should've spent more time in recovery but we'd just left. And we'd covered our tracks and made it so we weren't easily found. We could be found, you know, but it wasn't easy.

I acknowledged Trowa, nodding in his direction, but he was pretending to ignore the situation and look at some of the parts. He was a machines man too – scraps and bits of engines probably interested him.

"You didn't hide as well this time, Duo, you were easy to find."

"We left a trail… if anyone wanted to find us."

He nodded, his eyes ranging over my dishevelled appearance. "You look good."

"Yeah, I am somewhere hidden behind this engine grease."

"No, I mean you look happy and… healthier."

"Guess I am."

"I came… to bring this," he said, producing an envelope from his chino pocket and handing it over. "Your final Preventer pay cheque. Wufei wanted to make sure you got it."

"Why didn't he come himself?"

"I think he fears he may not be welcome," he said, his eyes focusing behind me and I knew Heero was behind me. His hand had slipped to the small of my back in some kind of moment of reassurance.

"You know Heero doesn't kill people anymore," I said. "Do you, babe?"

"Only when necessary."

I rolled my eyes and looked in the envelope surprised to find cash. A lot of cash.


"Wufei didn't want the funds to be traceable, he wanted you to avoid the scrutiny of the Preventers and have the life you wanted."

I looked at the notes and I briefly felt an unwanted stinging in my eyes. Damn him, still doing the honourable thing. I thought about that kiss on my forehead. Heero's hand shifted so that it was around my waist, some kind of protective thing, I guess.

"I don't want it… you take it Quatre, use it on the L2 Project, name a school after me or some shit."

"Duo… this is a lot of money, it would last you years."

"I don't need it, we've got enough."

Trowa had finished ignoring the conversation, coming closer to his lover. Heero acknowledge him in some kind of silent way. Never understood them. They'd always got on well, always connected as friends but never said a word, go figure.

"I think we should go, I think us visiting could attract unwanted attention and you seem to have set up a good life."

He made a motion towards Trowa in some kinda silent communication proper couples did. Me and Heero so weren't there but you could see that's what nearly five years together did. It was kinda sweet that they didn't need words. We were still figuring out how to share space and not bitch at each other all the time. Huh.

"Q, don't leave, we have a really tiny apartment and neither of us know how to cook properly but there's beer."

Quat glances at Trowa who nodded just a tiny bit and that's the decision. Cute.

"I'll lock the shop up, Heero – you wanna show them upstairs?"

He gestured towards Trowa whose eyes were appraising his t-shirt and his jeans. Least his jeans were dark denim and no greasy handprints. It kinda looked pretty obvious what we'd been doing moments before they arrived. Hell, least the emotional shit had managed to remove the horny tension going on between us.

"Repairing a car engine?" Trowa said, a teasing tone in his voice directed towards Heero.

"I've only ever found one way to shut him up."

Quatre watched them walk away together and me turn the sign over and lock the door. He leaned against the counter and I hopped up onto it, dangling my legs.

"This was what you wanted," he said, looking round the store and all the random innards from engines.

"It don't look like much but yeah, this was what I wanted. Guess it just took me a while to figure it out, you know. I wasn't ready for it when you offered, Q."

He turned to look at me and his eyes studied the ink on my arm. "I never saw them fully. They really are quite impressive."

"Yeah and here you are…" I gestured towards a piece on the inner side of my lower arm. The shotols. The crossed weapons of Sandrock. I'd never pointed it out and I guess he'd never looked too hard.

I think I saw a lump in his throat develop and when he spoke it sounded a little rough. "We should join them – they don't know how to communicate without us," he said.

"Yeah, after you, Q."


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