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Chapter 25


Eddie was right. But we did have the numbers. Sort of. I turned to Garrett to see his reaction to this turn of events. The sun was coming up on the horizon. Garrett looked at me and nodded. He was ready. Problem was I doubt Jasper was going to let us do anything to harm the group of people who currently wanted us in that fire.

"Hey look, we had nothing to do with kidnapping Bella. We are gone. Good luck Peter, Jasper,"

I turned and saw Victoria and Laurent take off.


"Jasper you went too far "brother". You knowingly placed Bella in danger." Eddie said slowly walking towards Jasper with the silver wolf at his side.

"Edward, I did what I had to do to save Charlotte. They have nothing to do with this. Let Garrett, Peter and Charlotte leave. This was not their choice." I heard noise behind me and saw that the two other wolves have gotten behind us. Looks like nobody would be following Victoria and Laurent.

"Jasper, Garrett and Peter distracted Paul so you could kidnap Bella and Leah. They are as guilty as you are. Charlotte may leave but that is it. Do you want to leave Charlotte?"


I saw the blonde girl named Charlotte clutch at Peter's waist. She wasn't going anywhere. Peter held her tighter. They weren't preparing for a fight. Not even Garrett. They were just standing there. I guess Jasper wasn't even doing his thing because I did not feel calm. I looked at Alice and she had a broken look on her face.



This is wrong. I looked again at the blonde girl. She was looking at Peter with absolute love.

"Please Edward. I won't fight you. You can have me. I will jump in that fire voluntarily. Just let them go. I swear they will never bother Bella again. Peter didn't want to in the first place. It was my idea."



Nobody seemed to hear me, even though everyone here besides Matt had perfect supernatural hearing.


That got their attention.

"Stay back Be…"

"Shut up Edward!"

Paul turned to me. He phased human.

Damn, how many more weeks before I can have sex?

"Bella what are you doing?"

I walked past him and stood in front of Jasper.

"Bella get the hell away from him!" Paul hissed.

"No Paul. There has been enough death today."

"Bella he kidnapped you! And Leah!" Matt yelled.

"Leah went with me willingly. Yeah I'm kinda pissed he did this but he did it for them." I told him pointing at Peter and Charlotte.

"His mate was in danger Paul. And Jasper is their friend. What would you have done? If it was me what would you have done to get me back? To get Matt back for Leah?"

"It was you Bella!" Edward said.

"Yes it was. That's why I am telling you now. That there will be no more death today."

"Bella you expect me to just let him walk away!"

"That's exactly what I expect Paul. He didn't harm me. Yes he kidnapped me but he did it for his friends. He did it to save his friend's mate. I'm not saying what he did was right. It was incredibly stupid. And he did risk my life. But he had a decision to make. He shouldn't have to die for it. He's going to pay enough."

Leah had phased human and Garrett turned to look at her. Matt ran over to her and handed her his t-shirt which was thankfully long enough to cover the important parts. Garrett I noticed, was smiling. What the hell kind of horny guy is this?

"Bella, I can't let him get away with this."

"He could have taken me before Paul. He could have given me to Maria and left. Instead he fought her. Even when he saw he was outnumbered he could have given me to her and not risked death."


I walked up to him. I placed my hand on his cheek.

"Paul, I'm right here. Feel me. I'm right here. Jasper is an honorable man. I know this because only an honorable man would risk his relationship with his Mate and his family and his own life for a friend he felt he owed. Jasper do you swear to never bother us again?" I asked him looking at him but keeping my palm on Paul's cheek.

"Yes Bella. I swear it." He whispered.


"Yes Bella. I swear it. I got the love of my existence back thanks to you. I will never bother you or your family again. I swear it. Just please don't let Char be hurt."

"This is ridiculous. You may have to listen to her but I don't Paul."

"You're right Edward. You don't. But you never did listen to me did you?"

That shut him up.

"Bella this is really what you want?" Paul grabbed my hand that was touching his face and caressed it.

"Yes Paul. A part of me wants to see them all destroyed for what they put us through. But, I understand it. I don't like it. But I understand it. And Maria is dead. You killed her and Leah killed her. The threat is over. Enough hurt has been caused by this. I just want for us all to go home and get back to our babies and our life."

Paul stared in my eyes. I could see the rage in his eyes still present. But I could also see his love.

"What would you do if I was in the position that Charlotte was in Paul?"


"Bella, are you sure about this?" Leah asked.

"Yes Leah. But it's your decision too. What do you think?"

Leah was quiet. Motherhood really has mellowed her I thought suppressing a grin. Then I remembered that nothing about this situation was funny.

"I don't know Bella. How do we know they will never threaten us again?"

"Look at them Leah. Do you think they want any of us now?"

Peter was furiously shaking his head no. Garrett seemed to agree. Jasper just stood there staring at Alice.

"Jasper Hale do you swear to me, that you will never bother Bella again and stop those you think may threaten her?" Paul asked him, walking up to him.


"Understand Jasper. I want nothing more than to kill you. The only thing I have wanted more in my life than killing you is Bella. That's why I am going to let you walk out of here. Because she is asking me to let you. If I ever see you or your friends again I will kill you. Those two that left. I better not see them either. Because if I see one of you I am going to get my friends from my pack and we are going to hunt down and kill you all."

"I understand. You have my word. You will never be bothered by vampires again. I will make it my personal mission to make sure of this and protect your family and Leah's family from vampires. From a distance of course."

Jasper stuck his hand out. Paul looked at it and backed up with his hand on my waist.

"Let's not take it too far. I'll take your word. Today."

Jasper dropped his hand and smiled. "I understand."

Edward walked up to Jasper.

"Never come near our family again. Carlisle knows what you have done. They all know. You showed yourself to be the monster I always knew you were."

Jasper didn't respond but looked instead to Alice.

"No Jasper. We are done. I never want to see you again. You could have come to me for a solution. But you thought you knew best. And you put others before my friend. You put others before us."

"Alice we are mates." Jasper whispered.

"And I will spend the rest of my existence feeling the emptiness of your loss. Because you are dead to me. Edward, it's time for us to go." Alice turned her back to Jasper and began walking away.

"Bella I'm sorry…"

"No Jasper you aren't. Because if you had a chance to do it over you would have done the exact same thing." I told him truthfully.

"Quil, give Bella and Matt a ride to the highway. We have a car there. It's time to go home." I heard Paul say.

Quil came over and Matt helped me up. Leah handed him his shirt quickly and phased. I can't believe Garrett was still looking. I looked at him and he put his thumb and pinky to his face and mouthed "Call me." What a fucking idiot. He really needs to get a mate.

We reached the highway. Paul pulled on a pair of shorts from the van they had driven. Quil did the same while I shielded my eyes because ewww. Leah took back Matt's shirt. I realized I was incredibly sore and remembered I had a baby very recently. The adrenalin was wearing off. Looking at Leah I am guessing phasing solved all her physical problems. Bitch. Edward was fuming as he got in the driver's seat. Alice was about to get in when she fell to her knees and began sobbing into her hands. I walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at me and smiled finally. She stood up and got in the front passenger seat. We couldn't have been more than a few miles down the road before I fell asleep.

We pulled into the ranch at nighttime. I remember we left in the morning. I had no idea what time it was. Paul picked me up in his arms and carried me into Debbie and Ben's house. He held me and Austin in his arms while I listened to Leah fill Debbie and Ben in on what happened while holding little Paige. Edward and Alice left as soon as they dropped us off. Edward didn't even say anything to me. I was grateful.

"So Bella, you didn't want him dead?" Ben asked looking at me.

"No, a big part of me wanted him dead."

"Good. You made the right choice."

"Are you kidding Ben?" Paul asked.

"Nope. She thought outside of her own wants and needs to the greater good. It's what makes her a better person than him. You walking away made you a better person than they are. Revenge is easy. Seeing past revenge to the affect it would have on others is very hard. Bella was right. It was time to end it. If you had killed them who's to say they wouldn't have had friends who would have come at us? When would it end? Not till everyone was dead. We have more important things than revenge to worry about here. We got a family here with the 8 of us. And we got weird cousin Quil there. We got two babies to raise. We got a ranch to take care of, school to finish and a business to build up. There are more important things in life than revenge Paul. You know that. So do you Leah."

"It's time for you two to give up the phasing. To live in peace. To live your lives. The lives you are meant to live. Leave the vampire revenge thing to the vampires. We have our life. And it's a pretty good one I think." Debbie said taking Austin from my arms and cooing at him.

"I got two grandbabies, two great sons and two great daughters. Let's just be happy we all got out of this okay." Ben said.

"And now it's time to go to our homes and go to bed. We got to get up early in the morning. We got 6 bulls and 8 broncs going to the Johnson County Rodeo in the morning. And they ain't gonna walk there by themselves."

Ben and Debbie walked to the bedroom leaving us all alone.

"So I am heading back tomorrow, unless you guys want me to stay?" Quil asked.

"What do you want to do Quil?" I asked him. I wasn't going to kick him out after all he had done for us. Paul tensed up. I think he was probably still a little pissed that Quil left the house to do what I told him to do.

"I want to go home. I want to find a woman who I can start what you four have. That's what I want. But don't worry. I will still visit." He said winking at me. Oh good.

"Besides Seth is coming in a few days. I think he wants to check out his niece and nephew a little more and look around the UT campus in Austin. He will probably be coming to college here in the next year.

"I thought the protectors couldn't leave Quil?" I asked him raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah well, since the four of you pretty much gave the Elders the middle finger I guess we can all do what we want. Only seems fair. But I don't want to leave. It's my home. You guys. You have a home. I never would have guessed it would be here but it is. Take care of each other. I don't know what you will do without me around. Just watch out for rattlesnakes. Those fuckers hurt." Quil walked out leaving the four of us alone.

"So this has been kind of crazy huh?" Leah asked.


"What are you girls going to do tomorrow?" Matt asked.

"I'm thinking we are going to hold our babies pretty much all day." Leah answered him.

"Hey Leah since you phased I guess everything is all healed right?"

"Yes Matt."

"How about we head home and put little Paige to sleep?" He said smiling at her. Bitch.



"It's not fair to Bella. I won't have sex until she is able. It's only right."

Leah stood up with Paige and walked to the door. She turned and winked at me.

"Love ya sister."

"Love you too sister. And Leah? Thanks ya know? For going with me and not leaving me alone."

"Never Bella. I will never leave your side. We're family."

I watched her walk out while Matt followed explaining why no sex was a bad idea.

"I suppose we should go home. But I don't feel like getting up. I am so sore."

"You need to go to the hospital?"

"Nah. Pain management isn't really their thing. I would hate to waste their time."

Paul picked the both of us up and started the walk to our house.

"I don't suppose you might want to come to the fair tomorrow and see my bulls knock the shit out of some rednecks would you?"

"Maybe. If you get me a soft pillow to sit on."

"I think that can be arranged."

Paul POV

As much as I said it would be a long time before we came to La Push we found ourselves there 6 months later. Kim and Emily were delivering. On the same day. Bella was with Emily and Leah was with Kim. They traded out about every hour. Emily and Kim gave birth in the clinic. Both had epidurals. Billy almost made a sarcastic remark before Bella threatened to roll him off a cliff.

We stayed for a week. We had a celebratory bonfire. Both Emily and Kim had boys. I wouldn't let Paige look either of them in the eye.

There had been no leech attacks since Maria's eight vampires had showed up. Some of the guys were thinking of stopping. Including Sam. Jake was ready to take the lead. He had recently imprinted and was still trying to convince the girl to go out with him. Apparently she was playing hard to get but he was wearing her down. Quil imprinted when he returned and walked into Jake's house, laying eyes on Rachel Black for the first time since he phased. Jake was less than thrilled but was slowly coming around. Maybe if Quil didn't think about sex with his sister every time he phased things may go differently.

Leah and I had not phased since we came back from the battle in the desert. Our temperatures were nearly normal. I cut myself the other day on barb wire and it took me three days for the cut to go away. We were becoming human and it was great. Seth had stopped phasing and now went to UT in Austin. He lived in the cabin Quil had stayed in for a year. He couldn't stay with Matt and Leah because Leah still growled and made weird noises all night long and sometimes in the day. I noticed Bella had started making some weird noises too. I wonder what the hell those girls talk about. Seth helped out with the business but his heart wasn't in it. He planned to go to medical school after he graduated college. It was good to be back in La Push to see our friends. But I had no urge to stay here. I wanted to get home. I went back to my old house. A young family had bought it. It looked nice. A couple kids were playing in the front yard when Bella and I went by. I'm glad some good memories can be made in that house. Bella was still my world. Her and my little boy. Stopping phasing hadn't changed that. Nothing ever would. I still thanked God that I had her every single day. The 6 of us flew back at the end of the week despite Billy Black trying to talk us out of it. Bella and Leah threatened to call Debbie and let her talk to him. That shut him up.

Matt POV

What a wild crazy ass ride this has been. I always thought I would graduate from UW. A trip to Forks and everything changed. We were graduating today. All four of us. Paul and Leah had gone to summer school to graduate a year earlier with Bella and I. We had no plans to do anything with our degrees. Bella and Leah ran the office at our livestock business and Dad, Paul and I worked the livestock and helped Dad manage the ranch. Mom did whatever the hell it is that Mom does. Still we thought it would be a good example to the kids that we all graduate and Mom insisted. Not long ago Leah and I had gotten in a slight argument about her cooking skills when I tried to take over the kitchen one night, and she laid a few tidbits of information on me that shut me up. I bought Mom a 24 pack of white plain underwear for Christmas. Just disturbing. But I was glad Leah still never wore them.

I will never forget packing to come to Forks. Bella and I had both been so unsure of where we belonged in life. And then fate sorta took over. I walked across the stage right after Leah. Mom cried. We sat down and watched Bella and Paul walk across the stage. I think Paul may have been crying a little. He said something was in his eye. He has really mellowed in the last few years. Unfortunately his boy is hell on wheels. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Austin and Paige start preschool a few months ago. Some boy pulled Paige's hair on the first day. Austin hit him in the jaw. Not a slap but a full on round house. Then Paige kicked the little punk on the ground in his ribs. So we found a different preschool and things have been good since then. No acts of violence. I had a feeling timeouts didn't work on Paul or Leah when they were kids either.


I almost lost my breath and fell off the stage. I grabbed my diploma and instead of walking off I turned around and saw Paul grab his. He was crying. He would never admit it but he was. Our children were in the stands in Debbie and Ben's laps clapping. I waved to them. Charlie and Renee were there as well sitting next to Sue and Seth.

I can't believe how far we have come. Looking back on the decision to come to Forks four years ago with my boyfriend, I decided it was the best decision I ever made. Not that things weren't complicated for a while. But it all worked out. Four people were saved and two children were born. At least two so far. Leah and I had a couple of graduation presents for the boys we would be telling them about at the graduation dinner.

And this time we were getting our damn epidurals.


I'm always sad when a story is done. I get involved with these characters and they stay on my mind while I wonder what they will do next. I wonder if any of my readers came to the same observation I had today. My little Texas family was like the Cullens in a way. Ben and Debbie, Carlisle and Esme. Leah and Matt, Rosalie and Emmett, Bella and Paul, Alice and Jasper. Edward….Quil… Anyway just a random thought that occurred to me today. Thanks to all the readers who have left reviews and let me know you enjoy my writing. It makes this such a fun hobby. I don't honestly know where I am going to go next. I should know in a couple days. I have a few ideas in my head but am always looking for suggestions. I just want to keep doing things that haven't been done before. Or at least trying. You guys are the best! See you soon!