A/N: This is all just for fun. No copyright infringement is intended towards Twilight or Sons of Anarchy.

Although this story will be about the characters of Twilight, I have also borrowed many elements have my latest obsession, Sons of Anarchy. For anyone into SOA, this story will not mirror the plotline entirely, but you will recognize similarities/scenes along the way. The more we get into the story, the less you will see of it.

If you aren't into SOA, it may help you to know that the MC in the story summary stands for Motorcycle Club

This story will have a large ensemble cast of characters.

I've never written anything for FF before, so be nice.


Bella POV

I was getting closer. The misty rain told me that.

I huffed out a breath and looked out the window at the luscious green leaves of the forest as they passed.

Was running really the right decision? Did I really want to go back to Forks? Back to a place where I had no family left, a place where every turn would remind me of my former life, a place where my father would never be again.

I sucked in a breath and did my best to keep the tears from falling at the thought of him. Even after 10 years, I still missed my daddy so much. More than anything, I wanted to run into his comforting arms and have him tell me that everything would be okay, to have him protect me from all the evils of this world.

I sighed and wiped away the tears that had fallen. As much as I wished it wasn't so, my daddy was gone. I had to take care of myself.

Resolved, I glanced in the backseat and smiled at the soft twin snores of Maddie and Red. They made quite the picture with Maddie sitting in her car seat, her head back, mouth open, snoring away, and Red with her head nestled in Maddie's lap, protecting her charge as always.

As we drew closer and closer to Forks, I decided a pep talk was in order.

I exhaled, put my game face on, and started channeling my inner self-help guru.

I am a good person.

I am smart.

I am not still a scared teenager.

I am a surgeon for chrissakes. Having another person's life in my hands doesn't scare me, so I am not about to let a tiny town in the middle of nowhere intimidate me. And you know what, even if going back to Forks wasn't exactly in my plan, it's a necessary evil and if I want it to be, just a short detour.

I am an adult, who is in control of her life and I've got this, damn it.




Or at least I thought I did until the "Welcome to Forks" sign came into view.

At the sight of it, my heart sped and my stomach filled with butterflies. I gripped the steering wheel and took measured breaths to get myself under control.

So maybe this was going to be harder than I thought.

My mind was chaotic, flooded with questions.

Would I see him? I knew I would see some of the friends and acquaintances from my old life, but really how long did I have in a town this small before I saw him? It would get around town quick that I was back. And with Petey's house being right down the street, Jasper would know in no time. Did Petey still live there? Did Jasper still live with him? Regardless, everybody knew everybody in Forks and the return of Bella Swan would definitely be front page news. What would they make of it? What would they say about Maddie? Would everyone think I was back for him?

Surely, no one would know about San Francisco…no, they couldn't.

No one would know. I would keep it that way.