He was drunk, no he was beyond drunk this is so far drunk you will not remember what you did the next day drunk and the last time he was like this Stiles ended up in the hospital, he was younger at the time but still stitches were needed. "Dad I think you had enough." Stiles said walking up to the man on the living room chair and taking the bottle away and went around picked up any other bottle he could find and locked it in the cupboard

"Hey! Give me that key." He slurred

"No dad you need to bed and sleep this off." He said and he tried to help his dad up from chair

"No!" he yelled and pushed his teenage son to the floor, Stiles fell catching his head on the side of the cabinet as he held one arm out and fell on to it cracking the bone in his arm,

"Shit!" he cried as he lay on the floor tears burning his eyes, his dad got the key and went to the cupboard.

Wincing the teen moved himself into the other room and pulled his phone out, his first thought though the pain was call Scott and he punched his number in and called heard the phone ring until he answered he got " Can't talk now Stiles." And the phone went dead; Stiles just looked at it and felt tears roll down his eyes, there was a smash of something made of glass, his fingers moved over Derek's number and called

"Hello?" Came the response

"D…Derek need a little h…help."

"You sound like you're in pain?" he asked

"Well a bleeding head and I think a broken arm and terrified of my dad, yes I'm in pain." He said

"Hold on I will be over." Stiles sat in the dining room his back against the wall his eyes closed as he tried to push the pain away as his dad dunk more knocking things over items and then the sound of the TV blaring loudly. The sound of a car screeching to a stop outside the house and a few moments later Derek came flying into the house almost knocking the door off its hinges,

"Hey my door!" Derek looked at the former Sheriff and frowned as his nose sniffing the air and moved into the dining room, there he found Stiles leaning against the wall; he bent down in front of the teen

"Hey you came." Stiles gave a small smile; the large wolf knelt in front of him and looked in his state "You know I think Scott was bonking Isaac or was it the other way round." He mumbled

"We need to get you to the hospital." He said picking him up and carrying him out the house; Stiles cried out at the pain and hid his face into the Derek's neck.

His arm was pasted from the elbow down and a couple of stitches on his head "He's drunk isn't he?" Miss McCall asked as she walked in, she saw Derek and nodded

"He didn't mean it." Stiles said

"He never meant it the last time." She said looking at him "You okay?"

"Yes." She raised an eye brow at him

"Alright no okay, my arm aches and my head is killing me and my dad is to drunk off his arse and won't know what he did." He said whimpering, Derek stood up and walked over the bed and sat down next to him and placed a hand on his lower back and the teen calmed before he have a panic attack Mellissa watched the pair before shaking her head

"Okay Stiles you're coming home with me."

"No!" Derek said

"Oh and why not?" She asked, Derek smiled at her before clearing his throat

"Your shifted hasn't ended, it wouldn't be fair on Stiles if he had to wait for you." he said, she looked at him and the grabbed him by his ear and pulled him out the room, making Stiles blink in shock.

Derek growled as he was pulled out into the hall away "You maybe a werewolf Mr Hale but you're not too old for a smacked backside." She said "What are you up to?"

"He called me I just want to make sure my pack member is okay!" he growled, she looked at him

"Fine okay you take him to yours but I want to see him tomorrow at 11... But if he in more pain while he's on the pain killers or if he has a fever anything that doesn't smell right you bring him right here...or if he agrees you turn him."

"Okay?" he said they walked back into the room

"She pulled you out the room by your ear?" Stiles said

"Yep, come on we're going back to mine." Derek said

"Don't worry Stiles I will see your dad tomorrow." Mellissa said, the teen nodded and slid off the bed and walked over to Derek

"Don't be too hard on him." He said and walked out the room and let Derek leaded him out the hospital.


Derek woke in the night, someone was at his bed room door, sitting up the alpha looked around the room and saw Stiles standing there he had tears running down his face, his breathing was fast as his heart beat "Stiles you okay?" Derek asked…stupid question…he thought to himself

"I…I can't sleep." He said quietly

"Did you take the bombers the doctors gave you?"

"Yes but I still can't."

"Come here sleep in here." he said moved to the side a little letting the teen climb into the bed "Does your arm still hurt."

"It throbs." He says as he sits there, Derek rubs his eyes and pulled Stile to lie down and warp his arms around the teen


"Yeah." Stiles whispers as nuzzles into Derek's neck, he felt strangely safe in Derek's arm

"I can turn you and your arm will be fix?" Derek offered, Stiles looked at him and then moved away

"Is this why you're being so nice, you think if your nice when I'm down I will take the bite more willingly." Stiles said sitting up

"No that is not it!" Derek said sitting up as well "Stiles I only offered it because you are in pain and I don't want you to be scared." Turning to look at the wolf Stiles eyes were shinning with tears as Derek turned on the light.

He got up and moved to the other side of the bed where the teen was sitting, he was shaking from head to toe as he looked at the alpha wolf how knelt in front of him "Your part of my pack even if Scott doesn't want anything to do with me your are always part of this pack." He said

"Offer it to me again." He said Derek looked confused for a moment

"Would you like to be bitten Stiles?"

"No…Derek looked disappointed… next time I'm hurt and our more than welcome to bite me." He answered back, Derek stood up and leaned over the teen and run his hands down the side of his face making Stiles shrive

"Next time." He whispered as he lowered his head to his ear "That kind of promise I will keep and you know I will, one bite that is all it will take rabbit just one bite." He whispers again as he lowered his mouth to the teen's shoulders and kissed at the pale skin making him let out a tiny moan.

"D…Derek?" He whimpered as he the wolf felt nibbled along his shoulder and very time he add the smallest amount of presser to jaw it pushed his dull teeth to his skin it made Stiles throw his head back and moan as one of Derek's hands held the back of his head and the other one rises up Stiles' thigh "D…Der…Derek what are you doing?" he said, his heart was pounding as his started panting, he could feel his PJ's getting tighter, the wolf smiled into his skin and closed his eyes

"I think it called seducing Stiles." He said as he picked the teen up getting a squeak and then back down on the bed placing the teen on his lip, he could see the blush on the teens face

"Oh, what no dinner first?" Stiles asked

"Dinner ...the only dinner I want your body." He grinned at the teen,

"Oh you only want me for my body well I who wouldn't." He smiled, Derek pulled Stiles down for smashing their lips together, they sat there moaning both getting harder and harder, Derek's hands sided under the waist band of Stiles JP's and under his boxers keeping his hand's in contact with the warm skin, pulling back Derek growled lightly

"Not just your body, everything, I want all of you?" he said as he spun the teen around and laid him on the bed both of Stiles arms lay above his head as he looked up at the wolf who smiled down at him a he pulled the teen's bottoms down the rest of his body leaving him naked.

Derek kissed all along Stiles body leaving little wet marks where his tongue paid a lot of attention on those parts, by the time he made it to Stiles' cock the teen was writing and moaning, "D…Derek please need you now." He moaned

"I could rip you open if I did."

"Derek please I can't wait any more." He begged

"Beg again." Derek said as he sat up and took his boxers off and grabbed some lube as Stiles start begging

"Please Derek want your wolfy cock in my arse, need you fuck me good." He said bugging Derek chuckled and moved himself slowly into the teen's entrance, Stiles arched his back and cried out as Derek moved deep into Stiles and stilled watching his twitch as he laid there

"Does it hurt?"

"A y…yeah, it burns." He said, the alpha wolf rubbed small circle's on his stomach and hips and he kissed him and moved his hips slowly making sure the movement made him gasp

"It will feel better in a minute." He said as he grasped his hips and held onto him and Derek started moving his hips rocking into him listening to the moans and the cries of the teens, still both his hands lay above his head as it turned slightly to the left as Derek picked up speed and pounded into him fast

"Oh god Derek...I…I'm going to cum." He moaned, growling Derek changed his angle and hit Stiles dead on, on his sweet spot over and over again until the teen screamed arching back cumming on his stomach, Derek kept moving in and out of Stiles over and over making the teen cum again and again until he howled filling him with his seed.

"Wow." Stiles moaned as he open his eyes "I don't think I can move." He said

"I think that might be a good thing." Derek said looking at him, Stiles tilted his head and looked at him and frowned

"Did your wolfness knot me?"

"Yeah I'm afraid it did." Stiles laid back down and looked up at the roof looking through the sky light at the rain hitting the panes of glass

"So what does this mean your wolf likes me likes me?" he asked

"Guess so." Derek said Stiles yaws and nuzzles into Derek's chest and stays there feeling warm, sleepy and safe.


Scott rush over to Derek's house at 8 am after he heard about Stiles form his mum, he realised when Stiles called him it was because he needed help and now he is sleeping over at Derek's alone, he ran into the house "Derek!" he yelled out as he ran up the stairs he could smell Stiles in one room but found it empty, he moved into Derek's room and pushed open the door and stood at the door, he was frozen to the spot there was Stiles on the bed warped up a single bed sheets in Derek's arms "What the…"

"Shhhhh." Derek hissed and he sat up looking at the younger wolf "He's a sleep." Scott's brain stopped working before he gave the bitch face look at him, standing up Derek let to be shown he was butt naked, he bent down and picked up his boxers and walked out the room.

"What are you doing here?" Derek asked, Scott frowned at him

"What the hell are you doing, you fucked him!" Scott growled "He gets beating by his dad and you fuck him?" Derek rolled his eyes

"His dad pushed him and he fell and he's my mate I was comforting him." Derek growled at him


"Yes mate my mate."

"Derek?" Stiles called out opening the bed room door, warped in a bed sheet "Why are you out here?"

"We have a guest." He said was he warped his arms around the teen

"A guest... who...Scott?... oh hi urrr this is a dream?" he said the curly hair wolf blinked at the other teen and frown

"Stiles you understand that he is Derek."

"Scott I don't need glasses I can see it's is Derek."

"But…you…him…Are you okay?" he finely said

"Yeah I'm okay." He smiled at him "I'm going back to bed." He said walking back into the bed room, Derek looked at Scott

"You should be going you got school."

"So has Stiles?"

"He's not going to day, he has to go back to the doctors and then deal with his dad." Derek growled "And brings Isaac home!" he said Scott blushed

"Umm yeah he might be staying the night at mine again." He said Derek rolled his eyes as he watched the other teen run off.

Later on that day after Stiles went back to the hospital, after Mellissa finished making sure Stiles was in one pieces and is okay, she frown a little when he came limping in and leaving limping when asked Stiles just said he feel a sleep on it awkwardly, when they left Derek took Stiles to his dad's Stiles was quiet on the way to his dad's he looked at the window and watched the other cars "Worried what he's going to say?"

"No... Yes, he was drunk he wouldn't remember what happen and he will have to see me like this." He said

"Let him see you like this the shock will be good for him." Derek said as he parked outside the house

"I know."

"Did you want me to wait out here?"

"Yeah, I will yell if I need you." he smiled getting out the car and walked up to the house; he put his keys into the lock and walked in the house.

The place was quiet the broken glass have been cleaned up the bottles have gone and he was pretty sure Scott's mum had lit smelly candles "Dad?" he called out as he walked into the kitchen and found him sat at the table drinking coffee his head in his hands "Dad?" his dad looked up and blinked at him "Killer head ach hurr?" Stiles said sitting down in next to him, his dad looked Stiles over and saw the broken arm and the stitches on his bed and took a sharp intake of air in

"Did I do that?" He asked

"Well you pushed me to get the key to where I put the booze." He said

"I'm so sorry, god it was one drink but it turned into…" he said banging head on the table

"I know dad, bur the good thing is you're not going to do it any more right."

"No no no more drink." He said grabbed Stiles good hand, the teen moved closer to him and hugged him, smiling Stiles looked at him

"I better let Derek come in before he breaks the door down."

"Derek?" his dad said looking at him

"Yeah my boy friend." Stiles

"You're not guy."

"I am now." He smiled walking to the door just as he sees Derek walking up the drive; he smiled at the wolf and let him in to the house "Behave."

"I might let's see how he behaves." He said, Stiles nodded and they walked in hand in hand into the kitchen

"Oh god I need a drink." Stiles dad said seeing the alpha wolf warp himself around his son.


A few months passed since Stiles arm was broken and he was out of the cast, he was glad about that he couldn't do anything with that arm since it was his writing arm school work was a real chore, but for now he was happy with his life, his dad got his job back and Stiles is dating Derek and in this current moment in time Derek had Stiles up against a tree screwing like rabbits. His jeans were pulled off him and left on the ground with his boxers, his shirt was over his head but still on him as Derek pushed into him still fully clothed, the teen cried out and gripped Derek's shoulders as the alpha wolf started thrust into him hard and fast, every so often Derek would lose control and let the wolf and got rough but Stiles likes those little moments when his nail would dig themselves into his hip, he was sure if they did X-rays on his hips they would fine crescent moon shapes on his bones, the short hair teen head was throw back as he screamed trough his climax, covering his stomach and chest with his cum Derek growled as he came inside of mate his claws digging into his hips, when they came down from their high they smiled at each other "You're so beautiful after I fucked you." Derek said, Stiles smiled and open one eye to him

"Carry me." He said like a small child, Derek chuckled and helped Stiles get dressed and then himself and then gave him a piggy back ride back to the car; he placed Stiles in the passages seats and he got into his driver's side and they drove off.

While they drove back, Derek wolf was nagging at him to do something, he waited this long he need to do it now while they are both still young, it was telling him Derek sighed and looked at his mate happily looking out the window "Stiles?" he said in a soft voice


"Can I ask you something?" he asked

"Yeah of course you can?" Stiles smiled

"What if I say that the wolf and I want to breed from you?" Stiles whipped his head around to look at the alpha wolf and blinked as if he turned into a pink fluffy kitten

"Breed as in get me pregnant?" Derek nodded "I…I…Is that even possible me being a man?" Derek smirked…A man puff… he thought

"Yes, in a couple of weeks in Heat, and in that week if we have our mate we mate with them and knot them basic claiming, even if you were a wolf your body will change itself subtly for your mate."

"Mate... knot... claiming, change? Derek I feel a little freaked out, I already thought you claimed me?"

"I have… Stiles you don't have to go through with it, I will lock myself away…"

"Now hold fucking on here sour wolf, I never said no."

"You didn't say yes."

"Damn it give me time to think before you answer for me. All right will I become pregnant during this heat?" he asked as calmly as he could as he watched his wolf drive the car, Derek's knuckles are white as he grips the wheel making the teen a little worried

"No your body will slowly being to make the changes after the heat."

"Okay then and will we have to wait for the next heat for me to get pregnant?"

"No, but the heat is the best time for it to happen, but any time in the year is okay." Stiles nodded knowing the alpha can see him,

"Alright give me tonight to think about and you will have your answer tomorrow before school." He said, he could feel Derek relax a bit and they continue to drive to Stiles house "Are you staying the night?"

"Is your dad out?"

"Yep got his old job back isn't that good."

"Then yes I am staying the night." He smiled as they turned into park in front of the house.

Derek cut off the engine and looked at house "If your dad is out then why is there someone in the house with a flash light on?" Stiles looked at the house and saw lights in the house, his dad's car was gone "Call your dad and tell him someone in the house and stay in the car."

"What no! I am not staying in the car, what if they come out and see this sweet ride, and then they will jump in and take me away." Derek growled at that the thought of someone taking his Stiles away once was bad enough he thought

"Alright fine but stay close to me." He said as they got out the car, Stiles dialled his dad's number and got him on the other end

"Hey dad it's me."

"No shit it you who else calls me dad." He said down the phone

"Derek might one day." He said Derek gave him a look and he could imagine the horror on his dad's face

"Don't that is not cleaver or big, whats up with you calling me?" he asked

"Oh right I almost forgot…his dad could hear Derek saying how you could forget… Okay so me and Derek got back to the house and we can see someone inside well their flash lights." He said

"Could it be Scott?" he asked

"No Scott don't need a flash light and pulse he would have left the porch lights on." He said

"Are you with Derek?"


"I be there in 5 don't do anything stupid."

"Okay see you in 5." He said Stiles put his phone away and as they got to the broken font door and moved inside, Derek flick the light on in the hallway and Stiles looked around the house "Mother fuckers look at the mess!" he yelled, there was a sound of someone running towards them and there was a sound off gun fire and growls as Derek grabbed the guy and roared at him turning alpha before he slammed the guy's head into the wall knocking out.

"Derek?" Stiles called out turning around Derek looked at Stiles who was standing by the door and the wall; he looked pale "Stiles?" Derek asked looking worried

"I…I don't feel so good." He said his nose wrinkling up a little like a rabbit as his hand held his lower abdomen, blood started to spread trough his shirt and through his hands as he slumped against the wall,

"Shit Stiles?" Derek said rushing to his side, he put presser on the wound and looked down at the teen "It's a clean wound." He said "Only the police are coming it will take too long to get to the hospital, come on stay wake, you remember your promises?" Derek said Stiles nodded whimpering at the pain

"Next time I…I'm hurt your bite me right?"

"Yes." Derek growled as more blood covered his hand

"I feel cold." Stiles said

"Stiles come on please I can't have you die, you're the only thing keeping me sane." He said

"Then do it." Stiles whispered "Bite me." Derek growled again and pulled the teen's shirt back and turned into his alpha form and bit down on Stiles shoulder, he didn't hesitate as he clamped his teeth into the skin of the teen, Stiles jumped and gasp and the sudden pain filling him up, eyes filled with tears as his hands tighten in on the alpha's arms, pulling back Derek looked down at him held him in his arms.

When the Sheriff got there, he ran inside to find Derek walking down the stairs with angered look on his face, he saw the man on the floor head bleeding "Where's Stiles?" he asked

"Up stairs."

"Why is he upstairs Derek?"

"This shit bag had a gun." The Sheriff paled and looked at the wolf

"It was bad enough for you to bite him wasn't it?" he asked

"He would have never made it the hospital." He said as he watched someone take the unconscious man out

"Did it take?"

"Yes he's just sleeping the bullet wound is heal." The Sheriff started to walk up the stairs and stop and touched Derek's shoulder

"Thank you, and don't call me dad." He said as he walked up the stairs, Derek gave a small smile and turned his heels and walked up the stairs behind him.

Derek stood in the door way of the bed room as the Sheriff bent down and kissed Stiles on the forehead and whispered sorry and saw the angry looking bite on his neck "Did you have to bite his so hard?" he asked

"I wasn't thinking of being gentle I was thinking my mate was bleeding to death and I need to save him." Derek growled

"Mate? Run that passed me?"

"First a drink because your gonna need it."

"I'm not drinking remember."

"John I'm banging your son and in a week we're mating during the heat." He said

"Your right a need a drunk."