Stiles woke up the next day feeling kind of groggy and a little achy in places; he tried to remember what happen from the night before, he remember him and Derek screwing up against the house…no it was a tree…he thought then there was car ride back…Derek wants puppies...urrh babies, cubs with me and they he is going into heat next week…he thought…we were at the house…his eyes went wide as he bolted right, Derek who was sat next to him jumped out of his skin as he looked at the teen "Stiles?" he said looking at the teen

"I'm not dead?" Derek cocked his head to the side and frowned

"No you're not dead do you not remember?"

"I was shot I remember that" He said frowning touching where he was shot

"Yes you were, I bite you Stiles." The teen looked at him "You're a werewolf now." The teen blinked at him before scrambling to his feet and running to the bathroom, he tore open the door almost breaking it off its hinges and ran into the bathroom and looked in the mirror

"HOLY FUCK MY EYES ARE AMBER…DEREK WHY ARE MY EYES AMBER?" He cried out smiling Derek walked into the bathroom with a pair of boxers and PJ bottoms for the teen as he hasn't notice but he is butt naked, the teen looked at him with a puppy eyes "Why are my eyes amber." He whimpered making a whiny noise, chuckling Derek decide to help the teen put some clothes on, Stiles blushed seeing the alpha wolf kneel down and help into some clothes "Derek." He asked again

"I'm not sure why your wolf eyes bled into your normal colour but I think it looks sex." He purred nuzzling into the teen's neck making him shiver as the big bad wolf picked him up an rubbed his face along his jaw sniffing the wolf that hid just underneath his skin, he could feel it ripple under his skin

"Excuse me, Derek would you mind putting my son down so he can get dressed for school." Derek let Stiles down and the teen looked at him

"School what why, Dad I was shot last night I think that means I can stay home."

"But Derek bite you, now you're a wolf." He said

"B…But can't I have just today off?"

"Stiles tomorrow it's the start of half term."

"Please just to day." He said

"Fine, I'm at work tonight so behave and no more getting shot at." He said

"Tell that to the hunters."

His Dad went out to work and Derek and took Stiles up to his house where he found all the pups out waiting "Oh they are all missing school today even Danny wow?" Stiles said


"No... Maybe...yes, I mean look at my eyes they're frigging amber." He said to the alpha

"But dead sexy." Derek smiled as he got out the car and Stiles followed out as well, he stood by Derek just as Scott rounded on him

"YOU BITE HIM!" He yelled, him and Derek started a set two teeth and nails

"Oh god, OI SCOTT BACK AWAY FROM HIM AND DEREK YOU SHOULD KNOW FUCKING BETTER!"Stiles yelled, every one froze as they looked at the teen

"Whoa that was scary." Danny said

"Yeah but oddly sexy" Lydia said cocking her head to the side, Stiles walked over and helped Scott up and then Derek up

"Okay over there with the other." He said to Scott the teen looked at him and raised an eye brown before nodding and walking off

"Cool I have authority." Stiles smiled Derek kissed him, his tongue slipped into his mouth and calming Stiles' mouth in front of the rest of the pack

"Oh my god!" Lydia squealed as she took a pitcher on her phone

"My eyes!" Jackson cried out

"Oh shut it you're sleeping with Danny?" Lydia said

"W…Well yeah I am I still don't want to see that."

"Jackson shut it." Derek growled "Where's Allison?" he growled

"She got the flu." Lydia said "She looked like hell when I saw her yesterday."

"She did." Scott said Isaac growled at Scott and walked away over near Stiles and they looked at each other for a moment before the curly hair teen pulled him into a bone crashing hug

"Scott seeing Allison again isn't he." Stiles said and got a whimper, "Derek you talk to them I'm going to talk to Isaac." Derek nodded as watched as his mate walk inside with Isaac and he looked at Scott to show your going to get his arse kicked later.

Once out of sight Isaac broke down and cried in Stiles' arms, the two teens were sat in Isaac's room Stiles holding him close to him, Stiles could smell every small changes in the teen in his arms, he could feel the blonde's heart break as he cried "Shhhh I will take care of you, the heat is soon you know for sure if he is your true mate." Stiles whispered Isaac just nodded and nuzzled into his chest and they stayed there until Derek come looking for them where he found Stiles running his hand though the other teen's hair,

"Scott thinks he's done nothing wrong?"

"Of course he does." He hissed

"His he's still trying to act more on his human instincts than his wolf ones."

"Are they mates?"

"Yes and the heat will sort that out, his wolf will be stronger round then and Allison will not be a factor." He said as he sat on the bed and looked at the pair "You never gave me your answer about the heat?"

"I don't think I have much of a choice now do I?" He said "I mean now I'm a wolf the heat will affect me to wouldn't it?"

"Yeah would." He said "I don't want to force you."

"I want to do it, it's just well I'm a little nervous, I've just become a wolf and now I'm going into heat, just scared, not about the sex part that I can't wait for." He grinned making Derek smile

"Mum." Isaac sniffed nuzzling into Stile

"Well I'm gonna have to get use to it sooner than later."


It was the week of heat, Scott was sat in Allison's bed room he wolf was howling at him that he was in the wrong place and he could feel Isaac was in pain and it was his fault, Allison touch his shoulder and he jumped away from her and shook his head "Scott what's wrong?" she asked

"I…I can't this isn't right?"

"Scott is it the heat?"

"Yes." He hissed "He's hurting." He whimpered, she made sure that there was enough space between him and her

"Who's hurting?" She asked

"My mate." He cried as he almost doubled over

"Your mate...oh I'm not your mate."She moved to the window and pulled it open "The go to him Scott." He looked at her, he could see the sadness in her eyes, and he gave her a quick kiss on the cheeked and told her he was sorry and jumped though the window and ran off to Derek's house.

He ran to the house, the smell of sex filled his nostrils making his wolf come out and growl as he ran inside braking the locks on the door, he could hear Derek and Stiles go at and Jackson and Danny to, and there was the sounds of Isaac whimpering and crying in pain, he ran up the stairs and into the young wolf's room, he pushed the door open and stood there to see the curly blonde hair wolf on his bed naked twisting and crying in pain, he looked up to see Scott standing there and he whimpered at him, moving into the room dark hair wolf closed the door and ripped his clothes to shreds before pinning the blonde to the bed pushed into him.

Isaac screamed and arched his back as Scott thrust into him making his mate screamed in pleasure as Scott pounded into hard and fast with Isaac meeting thrust for thrust over and over again until both were covered in sweat blood smeared on their bodies as they bite and clawed each other until they both came, both bite down on each other shoulders as they came down from their high, Isaac could feel Scott's knott deep inside of him "Mine." He whispered into the young wolf's ear making Isaac whimper at him

"Mine?" Isaac asked looking at him

"Yes yours." Scott kissed him on the lips

"Yours to." He said nuzzling into the healing shoulder. They laid there holding each other as Scott Knott continued to fill him with cum, making Isaac stomach swell "S…Scott."

"I'm sorry Isaac I am idiot, I should have never have left you, you're my mate and I need to protect your and our future young." He whispered, Isaac smiled at him

"You are idiot a big one, I thought I was going to die because you are an idiot." He said as he drew patterns with his fingers on Scott's shoulders, the dark hair wolf touch the small swell of Isaac's stomach and rubbed it the skin gently

"I am sorry, will you ever forgive me?"

"I might."

Stiles were sat on top of Derek sweat dripping off him, their heart pounding, cum pooled onto Derek's stomach and chest, Stiles groan as his hand rubbed his swollen stomach, it was only slightly but it was really uncomfortable "God …your knot is big." He whimpered,

"I'm alpha what do you expect." He smiled as he nudges his hips up getting a yell out of the younger male

"Oi." Stiles whined

"Oh I'm going to breed you good, no need to wait after heat now that you're a wolf." He smiled; Stiles frowned at him and then smiled at him and leaned down and kissed him as Derek warped his arms around him

"You know Scott's here?" he said, Derek nodded to him and kissed his lips

"I know." He said, with a little growl out knowing that Derek don't want to talk about the other wolves,

"I'm hungry get me some food."

"Stiles I got my knot buried deep in you, I'm not going anywhere." He growled softly

"Fine then once your done knotting my arse and destroying it you can get me some food." Stiles growled at him.

In the early hours of the morning 6 people walked down stairs, with a few growls from each other they moved into the dining room and Stiles, Isaac and Danny sat down and waited for their mates to come back, Stiles looked at Isaac who looked shagged out, his blonde hair was all over the place, like Danny's hair, all three of them looked sedated, the other three came back into the room with tries of food and placed it on the table where they sat there quietly as they eat their food, nether one of them cared that they are all naked, Danny looked sheepishly around as he was a new wolf like Stiles the other wolves nodded to him as the continued to eat. "So when will the group sex start." Jackson asked, Derek gave him growl and Stiles bang his head on the table while Danny blushed and looked away from his mate

"Is it too late to find a grown up mate." He said, there was a few chuckles as they ate their food and Jackson leaned into his mate and whispered in his ear

"You so going to pay for that." He growled playful making the other teen shiver,

"Jackson no sex at the table." Scott whined

"Shut you were willing to leave your mate to die…"

"ENOUGHT …It food time eat drink and shut the hell up!" Stiles yelled growling at him his amber eyes staying with them telling them never mess with this mama. After they ate they walked back upstairs to their room and carried on until the heat was over.


Three months later

Stiles woke up feeling groggy when he heard his Dad yell for him to get up; looking at the clock Stiles saw it was 7:30 and it was a Saturday

"NO SCHOOL TODAY!" The teen yelled and flop back on the bed, a few moments later he growled as he rolled out of bed with a thud he landed on the floor "Awo." He whimpered , she sat on the floor in his boxers and t shirt shriving he moaned at his coldness as he felt tired more than normal and he is a wolf, tiredness should not happen. Pushing himself up he finely stood and as heard his dad close the door and start the car off to work, a seconds later Stiles started to feel like his stomach was going to explode if he moves, he stood there and he felt a little dizzy has been for weeks and in no time at all he covered his mouth and ran to the bathroom and manages just in time to throw up, after pulling out head out the loo he rested against the bath and flipped the flush.

Within hours he felt better, he got dressed and shoved food in his mouth that would make pigs blush, then he laid on the sofa with the TV on and feel a sleep, so when Derek walked into the house he saw his mate curled up a sleep on the sofa, smiling Derek walked over to him and knelt in front of him and touch his face, Stiles purred into his hand and open his eyes and looked up his amber eyes shining in the light of the midday sun "Hello." He smiled

"Hey, you okay I can smell puck?" he said titled his head

"Umm yeah this morning I woke up and felt ill, it happens you know, hiccups can make you sick or a one off." He said smiling as sat up rubbing his eyes

"I guess." He said pressing a kiss on his lips,

"Ummm you smell good." Stiles purred at him as he pushes Derek on to the sofa and sits on top of him, Derek chuckles and grabs his hips

"Someone is a little horny today."

"Very horny Alpha, I want you to do things to me that will make me blush for weeks." He said as he cups Derek's face kissing him heatedly,

"Your father wouldn't be happy if we did it on the sofa." He said as Stiles nuzzled his neck

"Ummmm we might tear it up." He said then he stood up and smiled "Count to a hundred and then come and find me." He smiled

"Stiles what are you talking about."

"The chase." He hisses as he open the back door and ran off, leaving Derek in a state of shock.

Derek had just counted to hundred and walked out the back, he could smell Stiles smell his pheromones something was off with his mate he knew this but the smell was driving him scary, he started running off following the scent of his mate, he ran into the woods looking around for him he stopped as he saw Scott running in the other direction, they stopped and looked at each other "The chase." He said

"The chase." Scott said and they both ran off after their mates later on he saw Jackson and he started to wonder what is going on with their mates as he ran out of the woods into a field where he saw Stiles' red hoody, his scent was so much stronger, the sun started to set leaving a reddish glow in the sky and it started to get dark, another smell hit him it was another wolf in the area, Derek growled and shifted in to his wolf form and ran after Stiles before the other wolf got to him.

Derek found Stiles snarling at the other wolf, it was an Omega like him and this wolf was not having any of Stiles' growls, the wolf got closer and Stiles pounced on him digging his claws into his side and biting him Derek growled as he got closer and his mate looked at him and slunk back toward Derek and nuzzled his neck, the other Omega tried to go for Stiles again but it only made Derek eyes flash redder than before, the wolf whimpered telling him that there was a big bad alpha who was pissed off at him for trying it on with his mate and he ran and fast, when Derek was sure the wolf was gone he turned to his mate who change back into his human form and whimpered at him "Did you know what he could have done to you?" Derek growled at him

"I…I took care of it!" Stiles said, again Derek gave a growl and pushed the teen into the ground

"I saw, just because you were stronger than he was doesn't mean he couldn't have taking you down." He said his eyes flashing red

"But if he did you would have ripping him a part." Stiles said happily

"What is going on with you and why do you smell like pregnant wolf." Derek said, Stiles gives him a goofy smile

"That's because alpha love I am." He smiled as he spun them both around and sat on top of him

"You're pregnant?" Derek said looking up at him, his hands rubbing all over his abdomen, and low growl left Stiles' lips his K9's showing "Shush." He said cupping his face pulling him down for a kiss "Your dad is going to shoot me." He whispered making Stiles giggle.

'BANG!' "DAD!" Stiles yelled as his dad shot Derek is the leg, the alpha fell to the floor and hiss in pain as Stiles sat by him and watched him pull the bullet out and the wound healed

"He got you knocked up, being gay and a bitten by a werewolf is one thing but you're pregnant."

"You're mad at him?" Stiles asked looking upset

"No,no I'm not mad at you Stiles." He said pulling his son into a hug letting him sniff "I'm mad at Derek." He glared at the werewolf, who gave him his own glare back, "It's just your still in school."

"Isaac and Danny are pregnant to." He mumbled

"They're pregnant to...oh god." His dad said slapping his face with his hand "Okay okay we can deal with this, I'm hardly going to throw you out." he said kissing his son's head, he picked up his coat and head for the door

"Where are you going?"

"Urrrh going to see Mellissa."

"Oooh dad got a date with Scott's mum." Stiles sniggered at him as his dad stood at the front door

"Nooo I'm going to tell her that her son has knocked up Isaac, if he hasn't ready said." And with that he left the house, Stiles looked at Derek and moved over to him

"How's the leg?" he asked kissed the hole in his jeans, Derek smiled and hook his fingers under his chin and pulled his face up and smiled at him

"My leg is fine, I'm worried about you." he said

"I'm okay just a little tired after the woods thing." He said as he felt Derek press a kiss to his shoulder and then his neck licking the tender area of skin making him shrive

"Uhhha Derek take me to bed."

"Again?" he smiled

"You fucked me in the woods there is a differences."