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Like Father, Like Daughter

Chapter Two: "You want me to what?!"

Happy walked over to the young woman who was like a daughter to him, and sat down. Now Happy wasn't a talker, not for many people anyway. When it came to Alex though, he would open the mouth dungeon a little wider and chat for a few minutes. Alex could tell from the look on his face that he wasn't happy – no pun intended – with having to ask her. Alex glanced over at her father and even his face looked a bit pained to ask her. All of their faces looked that way really. She was beginning to worry slightly because Happy, or her dad never looked worried when it dealt with her.

"What's going on Hap?" Jax and Opie stepped a little closer, along with their friend Juice. She was glad that Jax and Opie were here because even though she lived a good ways away, they had stayed in touch. They would help defend her, or get across something she couldn't word quite the right way.

Happy looked over at her, "Well we came to ask you a favor."

One of Alexandra's eyebrows rose and she cocked her head at both her father and Happy. They walked a few feet away and she looked them both square in the eye. "Is it a personal favor, for you, or a favor for the club?"

Jax sidled up next to her and place his arm around her shoulder, "You know we wouldn't ask you if it wasn't really important. Just hear us out."

"You're lucky I like you." Alex rolled her eyes and sat back down on the bar stool. She knew this wasn't going to be a short conversation. She lit up another cigarette and blew the smoke about the room. "Continue Happy."

"Alright here's the short of it. We need to make a guy disappear. He knows all of our faces, so we need someone he doesn't know to bring him to us. If you say yes, you'll get more details."

Alex nodded and was quiet to herself for a moment or two. Mar would probably shit a brick house if she told her she was going to help the guys. Alex chuckled at the vision. She smoked in silence for another minute, and then looked at the guys, "You guys want something to drink? I'll give you my answer at the end of my shift here, is that acceptable?" Happy looked to Clay, and he nodded with a smile. He liked a woman who was in charge of herself.


There were a handful of guys wandering around the clubhouse. Jax, Opie, and their friend Juice were hanging at the actual bar. Alex was filling drinks while listening to them chatter at her. Alex hadn't talked to Opie and Jax for quite a bit recently. She had missed this, missed them. She wasn't busy for the moment, and turned to face them. She had a small smile on her face as she watched them emphatically talk about things that had happened in the past few weeks. They weren't super important, or all that interesting, but to them it was everything. Their friend Juice just sat there. He added a simple sentence every now and again, but that was about it. Alex wanted to know more about him.

"Hey, you said you're Juice right?" She knew she was right. She rarely forgot names.

He shook his head slightly as Jax and Opie looked over at him, "Yeah, that's me."

Alex thought she couldn't smile any harder, "You really are kind of awkward." She giggled. "I don't know if these two buffoons told you, but I'm Alexandra. You can call me Alex though." She put her hand out to him and he accepted it, albeit really awkwardly. She laughed again, and began to wipe the bar down again.

Jax looked hurt and said, "I'm not a buffoon, maybe Op here, but not me."

Alex threw the bar mop at him and scoffed, "How does Tara even put up with you? She must be a saint."

Opie got serious and looked her right in her dark blue eyes, "I want you to know that if you decide to do this, you will be safe." Alex nodded while still looking him directly in the eyes. She knew that if Jax and Opie were there, no harm would come to one hair on her head. She trusted Jax and Opie with her life. If they trusted Juice, she would trust him too. Alex knew that she was going to be absolutely fine. She said she was going out for a smoke, and she would be right back. She had to get away from the cacophony of the clubhouse.

She headed out the back door and sat down next to the huge dumpster. It was her hiding place when she was here and needed to escape for a minute or two. She lit up a cigarette and leaned back against the wall. She knew that if she helped them, they would be eternally grateful. She knew if she helped them that no harm would come to her. She knew she could trust them. With the exception of how pissed Kimber and her mother would be, she didn't really see any cons with the situation. She finished her cigarette, and looked at her phone for the time.

Her shift was almost over so she went back inside to find everyone, but Juice occupied with something. Clay was talking to Jax and Tig, Opie was on the phone, and the rest of them had a woman occupying their time. She smiled and shook her head. Some things never change with these guys. Her shift was over now, so she dropped the volume of the music a little more and cleared her throat.

"Guys! It's time to talk. My shift is over." She clapped and Juice followed her right away because he was the only one not extremely occupied. They walked to a room in the back part of the clubhouse that the Prez of the Tacoma charter used for emergency meetings. She knew he wouldn't mind her being in there with Clay and them.

Juice looked at her inquisitively, "So are you going to say yes?" Alex shrugged. She knew that her decision wasn't final until Clay walked through those doors. She knew she technically had the option to say no, but that wouldn't go over well. When a family member was asked something, they were expected to do it. She was going to say yes.

The second Clay stepped over the threshold, she answered, "I'll do it. What are the specs?"

They all sat down and Tig began to explain that there was this hang around who was involved in some rat business back when they were having trouble with the ATF. Apparently Happy had caught wind that he was going to open his mouth again. The only problem was that he knew every single one of their faces. They wouldn't be able to get anywhere near him because he had been avoiding the parties like the plague. The second he saw one of them, he would spook. He would dig under and it would take them a good while to find him. That's where Alex came in.

The guy, whose name was Stephen MacAllister, worked at the small coffee shop in downtown Charming. It was on the rougher side of the city though, and whenever people stayed until closing, he would offer them a walk to their car or to their place if they didn't live far. It was just the kind of person that Mr. MacAllister was. He would especially do it for a pretty lady. Alex would just have to bat her eyelashes at him a few times and he would be hooked.

The plan was Alex was going to drive down to the shop, but park somewhere out of eye shot of the building. Tig, Happy, Opie, and Jax were going to follow her down in the van. They were going to park outside the shop as well, but in a place that they could see Alex inside just in case anything went south. Then she was going to stay there until close, all the while chatting him up a little bit. When he offered to walk her to her car, she would politely decline at first. They knew he would insist on walking her to her car, or house.

She was to go along with the second time around of his insisting. They would go out the door and to the right. About a block and a half down, there was a small alley way that leads to the other street on the other side. Happy and the guys would be waiting there in the van. She would lure him to the end of the alley, and the other guys would jump out and grab him. Opie would switch out and take her back to her car, and ride back with her to make sure she got back alright.

Strangely enough, Alex was okay with this plan. It involved very little touching of the little rat shit. She didn't take ratting very lightly. You were lucky if she let you give an explanation before she ran to get someone.

"Alright well, I have to clean up here and head back to my place so I can pack and junk." They all nodded at her, and she went to start cleaning.


"They want you to what?!" Kimber screamed down the hallway to her bed room.

"It's just a little help. It will be quick, two hours for me max. I promise. You can even come with me if you want. Chibsy will be there." She nudged Kimber with her elbow trying to get her to smile, and trying to distract her from the current situation. She knew Kimber wouldn't be happy about this, but she didn't think she would quite blow her lid like this.

Kimber rolled her eyes, "Just because Chibs will be there, doesn't mean that we won't be talking about this on the cage ride down." Alex smiled. She had gotten her way for the time being. She knew Kimber would chew her ass out on the way down, they would probably not talk for a little while, but by the time Kimber saw Chibs again – everything would be copasetic between them again. It was only a few hours anyway. Her mother on the other hand had taken it really well. She stopped by Mar's first to let her know. Mar had told her that the guys had gotten to her and Tig had reassured her that their baby girl would be okay while under his watch. The father side of Tig was a side that not many people saw, and it was strange when it you actually experienced it, but it was a very endearing side. Mar had of course said yes, even though she didn't want her baby to go. Alex lit up a cigarette and carried her car ashtray with her into the living room. She sat down next to Kimber on the couch. After flicking her ashes she said just barely loud enough for Kimber to hear over the tv, "You know Kimmey, you can trust them. I know I trust them with my life. If I trust them it should be good enough for you." Kimber sighed, and turned the tv down a little lower, "I know, and I do. I just don't want you to get hurt. You're like my sister. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you. I don't know what I would do with myself." Alex gave her a quick hug, "Thank you Kimber. I would do the same for you." Her phone interrupted her – it was Jax, "Jax says they're going to come over here at eight tomorrow morning. We head out at nine thirty." Kimber nodded because she was too into the movie on tv.