So first poem! I hope you like it, please review I would really appreciate it! Shall I write more or shall I forget it completely and stick with stories?

Darkness, the bluest of blue,

Pinprick stars so old but so new,

Blinding bright on borrowed time,

Hundreds of lights or one small shine.

The lonely angel drifting so slowly

So empty, mourning lives lost, lonely,

Shadows dance behind big round eyes

Mind as dark and cold as ice

Hidden behind an illusion of stars,

No-one comes in, as if behind bars.

Suddenly a bright light, a flash and a tumble

Instantly the universe is one big jumble,

Leaping, darting and lots of running

Another companion, just as stunning

But yet again, just as before,

Torn away, alone once more,

Back to the stars, the empty space,

Lives so fleeting, the human race

Mind blank, while tears run freely,

Lives lost lives he loved dearly.