So this is my first Tough Luck Fic. It is going to be twisty and fun…nothing is going to be what you think it is so keep your eyes peeled for clues

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Chapter One:

Archie walked through the carnival after closing, puffing on his stale smoke. He had only been there one day. The people here were strange…well they were carnies but he still thought they were odd. It wasn't even the Bearded Lady or the adjoined twins. He couldn't put him finger on it. The old man that he was walking with was telling him about the people that he asked about as they past, trying to figure out what their stories were.

He frowned and stopped suddenly in the grass as he watched another beautiful woman come out of one of the trailers, stepping to the side to let one of the maintenance men out. How many beautiful women were hidden in this shit hole anyway? She smiled at her companion and gave him a little peck on the cheek, touching his arm without saying anything as he handed her a hundred dollar bill. She touched his cheek with her slim little hand.

The old man stopped and looked over to where he was looking, his blue eyes focusing. "Ah, I see you've found Brie."

"Brie?" He repeated. She was a slim young woman, maybe in her early 20's with a head of light brown hair that slipped down her shoulders. Several cork screw curls fell around her face, clearly more natural than Diviana's. Her big green eyes were bright and almost innocent looking, though the cash being passed in between the man and herself was clearly not. He pulled his eyes away as she glanced over at them, feeling his eyes apparently, with a smile playing on her lips.

"Yeah," The old man offered him his bottle again and Archie too it quickly with a little pep in his step at the promise of the warm and fuzzy feeling it would give him. "Like the fancy cheese."

"What's her story?" Archie asked quietly as he tried to discreetly glance at her again. The mechanic was walking away and she was now staring right at Archie, her head cocked to the side curiously. He couldn't have looked at her without being noticed?

The old man laughed, taking a swig out of his bottle. "Brie's story…well, let's just say that whatever problems you have, little Brie there can make them go away for an hour." He winked and Archie looked back at the girl. She was still looking at him, the curiosity in her face now open.

"She's a whore?" He asked, taking another long drag of his cigarette.

The old man coughed. "Wouldn't say that in front of her!" He snickered. "She works the fortune tellers booth but she's basically like our little doctor. People have a problem they go to her. She's really… handy." Archie couldn't help but let out a little laughing smile. "I'm serious! She's quite the talented girl. But mark my words…she's not someone to cross."

Archie raised an eyebrow at him as they started to walk again. "What do you mean?" He asked, exhaling through his nose.

The old man shook his head. "Just something about her ya know? Like she can see right through you. Ike says he knew her daddy and he was physic. She'll read your mind if you let her."

Archie glanced over his shoulder, twitching the smoke in between his fingers. She was on the steps of her trailer now, going to open the door as she looked back at him again. One thing was for sure; he wasn't going to be able to look at her without getting caught.

Brie Minreo stepped back into her trailer, locking the door behind her as she looked at the completely made bed. She rubbed the hundred in between her fingers before bending down and pulling a small safe out. Taking the hundred she stuffed it into the box with the other bills, smiling to herself as she leaned back against the wall. She kicked the box away with her foot. Money…always such a dirty thing to deal with and so easy to get. Anything that was easy wasn't fun. It wasn't worth a thing compared to the chase to get at it and the other rewards she got from her work.

Using both of her hands, she pulled her thick hair into a messy bun on the back of her head. This place was good. It was quiet and out of the way. It didn't draw attention and she liked that. She needed to get back into a city at some point but it was still too soon for that. The men here were easy…so lonely. They were the perfect marks. One simple phrase or word and they would spill their guts.

She leaned her head back against the wall, exposing her long, unmarked neck and looked at the ceiling. She would have to find out about that new one outside. The young one. He was handsome, a bit rough around the edges. It would be hard to bring him in…harder than the others here. She would do as she always did to protect herself…get as much information as she could. She started ticking off what she knew all ready.

Information point one: Smoked like a chimney. Oh there were so many things she could do and learn from that.

Information point two: Nervous. Twitchy. Figuring out why was always the fun part of those traits.

Pushing herself up, she walked to the small kitchen and took a long drink of water. It was getting less safe to be here. She knew that. She wasn't the only one running an operation here and if her profession had taught her anything it was when to get out and get out quick. Right before the hammer dropped. Until then, she just had to watch and wait. No one could know she was here or who she was.

Tilting her head to the side she cracked her neck. This was tiring. Not that she didn't like her honed and practiced skill set. She just really needed a new partner so that she could sleep once in a while.