So this chapter is dedicated to battlemo for requesting Nico. I aim to please ;) ha-ha. In response to Sadie Breezy I want to Percy sort of in the middle 'cause he's such an awesome guy in the books. Please check out my other stories.

Dear Fan Fiction Writers,

I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH PERCY OR THALIA AND STOP SAYING THAT I AM 'CAUSE IT CREEPS US OUT. Also, it pisses off Thalia and Annabeth and those two are scarier then my father when they're mad. I am fourteen so all of those sexy things you've made up of me are disturbing and now whenever I walk by the Aphrodite cabin, they all squeal my name and I have to run away from them. Those are SEVENTEEN-YEAR OLDS TRYING TO MOLEST ME! Stop the stories about me or I break out the ole' skeleton army.


Nico DiAngelo, Son of Hades

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