Rachel & Cassandra

When Rachel applied to NYADA she thought things would be different, but she soon realized that wasn't the case. She didn't know the city and it was too big to feel home yet. School wasn't that different to High School, mean students and bad cafeteria food. People still teased her, but she never thought it could get worse than Lima.

Never in her dreams she would have imagined that New York, the city of her dreams, would be this lonely and mean.

She didn't know anybody and people weren't kind, nobody stopped the train for you or held the door open.


They were just too busy.

But the one thing she was most upset about was her teacher.

Her dance instructor to be specific, Cassandra July.

In Lima no teacher, except Sue Sylvester, ever teased you or would give students mean names. Rachel couldn't quite figure out why Ms. July had it in for her but she had no other choice than to deal with it. It's not like she wasn't trained by McKinley's student but it was different from a teacher. Sue Sylvester teased her and the other Glee kids, but her future as a Broadway star wasn't in danger, because of her.

When Kurt came to New York, to reapply to NYADA, Rachel was so incredible happy to be at least not so alone in NY. They rent an apartment together and Kurt started an internship at Vogue. She was still with Finn but he didn't call her and didn't answer her calls, Kurt talked to Finn back in Lima and told Rachel Finn wants to give her space. And when the hottest guy from school, Brody, was nice to her she really appreciated his company, but she told him about Finn after he confessed that he liked her more than a friend and wants to kiss her.

They decided to stay friends, so Rachel invited him over for dinner tonight, so now she was cooking, because he would show up soon.

The doorbell rang, while Rachel tried to cook a decent meal, but failed miserable.

"Coming!" She took the pot and placed it next to the stove, ran over to the door and opened it.


"Hey, you're smoking." He held an orchid in his hands.

"That's actually the dinner." She couldn't help but smile shyly about his compliment.

"No, that's definitely you. Here these are for you."

"Thanks. For both. Come in, but I think we have to order something."

"That's OK, it's the thought that counts right?" He smiled at her, like she was the only girl for him, while she placed the plant on the window board. "It's beautiful. Thanks."

"I thought since you're the first girl that cooked dinner for me-"

"Tried to."

"-I should be a gentleman and bring you flowers."

"I don't believe you." They sat on some cushions, that Kurt arranged instead of a couch.

"What?" Brody was confused.

"No girl ever cooked for you? The entire school wants to date you, even some of the boys!" She started laughing hard.

"Well they asked me out, but they didn't offer to cook, so yea you're the first." He smiled at her so nicely and she knew he wants to kiss her, but she couldn't let that happen. He was so nice but she was still with Finn and she wouldn't cheat no matter what, even if they haven't talked in months. So when he just smiled at her for a few moments and she started to feel uncomfortable, she jumped up.

"We... We should order something to eat, after all that's what you´ve been promised..."

"Yah... Do you like pizza? There is a great pizza place nearby and the also have vegan. I actually tried it once and wasn't as bad as I thought"

"Pizza sounds great then." They both smiled and Brody called the pizza place and ordered.

While they waited they talked a lot about being new in NY and how big the city is, also a little about school and Cassandra. Rachel started to feel awkward.

"I don't know why but I think she doesn't like me... Well I do know she hated me, but not why." She put her piece of pizza down.

"No. It's not that she doesn't like you. She treated me the same way, I think because of our potential. Now I'm the best in my class and Cassie and I get along pretty good. Actually she told me about this pizza place."

"She calls me Schwimmer." Rachel sounded hurt when she mentioned her nickname.

"That's her style. At least she has a name for you, the students she doesn't care about have no name. Not even their actual names. Just 'you' or 'hey'."

"I think I'd prefer that." Brody laughed, but then he saw her face.

"Consider yourself as known."

"I still hate it."

"You'll learn to love her." He just smiled and continued eating his pizza.

"Well, I'm not so sure about that." Then it knocked on the door and Rachel felt relieved, because she won't have to talk about her teacher anymore. "That's Kurt. He always forgets his keys." She smiled and walked over to the door. It wasn't Kurt. It was Finn.

"Hey Rachel." He had his sweet smile on when he saw her, but Rachel was just in shock. She was too surprised.

"Rachel?" Brody called her. "Everything alright?"

"Who's that?" Finn now seemed confused, but when Brody appeared in his sight his face soon jumped from confused to angry.

"Finn..." Rachel was happy, but sounded sad, because she wasn't as happy to see Finn as she was supposed to.

"Oh. You're Finn?" Brody reached his hand out.

"Yah. And who are you?" Finn wasn't happy to see this other man with his girlfriend, but they shook hands.

"I'm Brody. Rachel and I go to school together. It's nice to meet you." Finn was definitely angry and Brody must´ve noticed too. "Anyway, Rachel I should go."

"Okay." She still stared at Finn.

"Remember what I told you. We'll work it out. See you on Monday. Goodbye Finn, it was nice to meet you."

"Yah. Bye." Finn still stood in the middle of the floor, but when Brody passed him and they heard him leave the building Finn spoke.

"Can I come in now?" He was still standing outside in the hallway.

"Yes. I'm sorry. Of course." She walked out of the way and let Finn in.

"Where is Kurt?"

"He's out with some of his Vogue friends." Finn looked around and his eyes caught the cushions and the pizza.

"So you're enjoying yourself?" He was annoyed and mad now.

"Sometimes, but-"

"No 'but' Rachel. What the hell are you doing with this guy? I'm your boyfriend remember?" And yes, she does remember him and he's still that jealous guy from High School. "I don't want you to meet other guys!"

"I can meet whoever I want! And besides we're just friends." Rachel is almost crying, because Finn is yelling at her and mad with her for no reason.

"I can see that you´re just friends, the way he looks at you. I thought you would marry me!"

"Finn we haven't talked in months."

"I wanted to give you space and I had thing to figure out of my own! I didn't know you would cheat on me that easily."

"I didn't cheat on you!" Now both were yelling and Rachel was crying.

"Whatever. I don't believe you. I wanted to surprise you, but your surprise for me was even better. I thought you loved me."

"So did I." Finn looked like he's about to explode.

"So I am right. I better leave before I regret something I might do." Rachel stopped crying, because now she knew. She doesn't love Finn anymore.

"Yes. You better do." He left her apartment and closed the door behind him. "Goodbye Finn." After a few minutes she realized what had happened between them, but doesn't start crying. She feels kind of glad. After she cleaned up and watched some TV her phone went off.


"Hi Rach, it's Kurt."

"Hey, where are you? I've been waiting for you."

"Oh I'm sorry I thought you would be glad about some privacy, you know..."

"You knew Finn was coming?"

"Of course, he is my brother." Rachel sighed.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I'm sorry, he wanted to surprise you."

"Yea well he did. Brody was here."


"Yes and now Finn thought I cheated and ... Well ... We broke up. I did."

"Oh Rachel I'm so sorry."

"It's not your fault. I just ... Don't love him anymore."

"I'll be home in 20 okay?"

"You don't need to come home for me." It wasn't even 7pm.

"Yea, well I feel kinda responsible for what happened. I'm on my way anyway."


"Oh and I forgot my keys again." Rachel couldn't help but laugh. "Okay, see you in 20 then." They hung up. About 20 minutes later her phone rang again and Rachel thought Kurt missed her train and would come a few minutes later.

"Hey Kurt what's up?"

"Is Kurt your gay cover boyfriend?"

"Excuse me? Who's there?" The voice sounded familiar, but Rachel couldn´t quite put it together.

"Calm down Schwimmer, it's me."

"Miss July!" Rachel jumped up and her phone almost fell down.

"Calm down." It knocked on the door. "Aren't you gonna get that?"

"Oh yea of course." Rachel didn't know why, but she had a tingly feeling and felt totally insecure with her teacher in her home. Well Cassandra July wasn't really there but it still felt this way to Rachel.

"Hi Kurt."

"Why didn't you open the door?" Kurt sounded annoyed, but Rachel put her finger to her mouth to mention to him to be quiet.

"What's up?" Kurt whispered and looked concerned, he had seen the terrified look on her face. Rachel mentioned for him to sit on the cushions.

"Miss July-" Kurt's eyes widened. "May I ask why you're calling me?" Rachel put the phone on speaker phone.

"What happened to your gay boyfriend?"

"He's not my boyfriend, but as a matter of fact he is gay." Kurt gave her a confused look, because that didn't matter at all. He moved closer to Rachel and out his ear to her phone so he could listen to what was being said on the phone.

"Wow. I thought you would have a boyfriend-"

"I do. I did." Kurt was surprised, that Rachel didn't sound sad at all.

"Whatever. Wanna come over and practice?" Both, Rachel and Kurt raised their eyebrows. "With you?" Rachel's voice was a little too high when she answered and she hoped Miss July didn´t her the fear in her voice. Yes, Rachel was a little scared of her teacher, especially at this moment, because she was on the phone with her.

"God, Schwimmer, who else. Who do you think would spend their precious time with you on a Friday evening?" Kurt nodded hectic."I just don't want you to be as bad, as you already are, on Monday. You need to keep up with the others."

"Okay, but Kurt and I-"

"God you're so pathetic. Bring him along if you need to." Kurt smiled. Ever since he told Rachel about 'crazy Cassandra July' and showed her the YouTube video he had asked Rachel to come with her to practice. "Be outside in 10. Can you manage that?"

"Yes." And with that, the line was cut off.

"Oh my god Rachel! Why did she call? I thought she hated you?" Rachel walked around and picked up her stuff.

"I don't know, but if you still want to meet her you should pack something, I don't think you'll get another opportunity."

"You're right!" Kurt ran around to find his clothes and stuffed them in a bag, when they were finished they walked out of their building. July waited in front of a black limousine.

"Get in Schwimmer." She looked gorgeous black high heels, black jeans and a white tank top that fit her perfect. She turned to Kurt and Rachel was worried.

"Hi. I'm Cassandra." She actually smiled at Kurt and Rachel's chin almost dropped.


"Nice to meet you, so you wanna accompany Rachel tonight?" Rachel and Kurt were surprised that Cassandra actually called her Rachel.

"I'd like to, if you don't mind." She still smiled.

"No I don't. I'm glad she has friends. Schwimmer, don't you wanna get in the car?"

"Yes." She was hurt that Miss July called her Schwimmer again, but hesitated to get in the car.

"Yes. The limousine." She smirked at both of them. First Rachel and then Kurt got into the limo.

"Wow, Rachel she's great. And rich, obviously." He was whispering.

"Just to you, you heard her calling me Schwimmer."

"But she said she's glad that you got some friends."

"But-" Rachel stopped when Cassandra got into the car and set next to them.

"Whisper, whisper. What about?" She didn't seem interested, but Kurt answered.

"I'm so glad to meet you. You're a fabulous dancer and Rachel told me so much about you."

"You're right I'm fabulous. Good for you, you decided to come along with Rachel." She always smiled when she talked to Kurt. "So Rachel told me on the phone you are gay?" Rachel just sat there in silence.

"Yes, my boyfriend still lives in Lima-"

"Ohio, yea Rachel told me where you're from. I thought maybe you want to know some good gay clubs and bars."

"Yes! Definitely!" Cassandra looked through her purse and took some business cards and handed them over.

"When you want to get in there-" she pointed one card out "- just say I send you, I know you're not 21 yet, but they'll let you in."

"Great thanks."

"You're welcome."

"So since you got so many of these…?" Rachel's eyes grew wide with horror and she stared at Kurt, but he purposefully ignored her. They all knew what he was implying.

"Yes." That shocked Rachel, she tried to not show it, but it felt like her eyes were about to fall out, so she decided to look out the window.

Kurt really enjoyed the drive around the city, Cassandra pointed some things out and they've been talking the whole ride, while Rachel started to be jealous. For some reason Cassandra liked Kurt and obvious disliked her so much. The driver eventually pulled over.

"We're there." Cassandra waited until they left the limousine and both Rachel and Kurt thanked the driver.

"Where are we?" Rachel hasn't noted that they weren't driving to school.

"At the studio." That's all she said and with that she walked towards the building in front of them. The porter greeted them friendly.

"Rachel I think we're going to her apartment." Kurt whispered while they were following Cassandra to the elevator. They entered the elevator and Cassandra pushed the button to the 9th floor. The building had 10 floors, but there was no button to reach the top floor.

"So Kurt, what are you doing in New York?" They just stood in the elevator, Rachel shyly in the corner and Kurt, as her friend, next to her.

"I wanted to go NYADA, Rachel and I both auditioned, but I didn't get in. Right now I'm working as an intern at Vogue." Cassandra just stood in front of them.

"That's cool. We're there." They felt the elevator stop and Cassandra walked out. There was just one door on the floor and Cassandra opened it.

"Come in. I'll be right back." With that she walked into her apartment and walked into another room. Now they were standing in Cassandra July's apartment, in her living room and we're just waiting. When Rachel and Kurt entered it Rachel almost forgot to close the door behind her, because she was absolutely stunned.

There was a large couch and a flat screen right in front of them and when he looked around they saw a cocktail bar in the corner and a few book shelves with lots of books about dancing, but also a few about mathematics and science and all other sorts of books. There were stairs to the next floor, an opening to the kitchen and three doors.

"Rachel it's huge!" Kurt stood there for a few moments and then walked to the couch.

"Kurt! Come back." But Kurt already sat down.

"Oh come on Rachel, she invited you to her home, I'm sure she doesn't mind when I sit here."

"She didn't invite me to her home, she told me I need practice remember? I'm sure we won't be here for long." Rachel looked to the door in which had Cassandra disappeared.

"I didn't know she had money." Kurt came back to Rachel. "I mean she was a Broadway star, but not for that long right?" He whispered the last part.

"I don't know Kurt. I just want to get over with."

"Rachel, enjoy yourself, she isn't that mean and besides would you rather sit on the floor in our apartment?"

"She isn't-?!" Rachel stopped when they heard Cassandra coming back.

"What Schwimmer?" Cassandra snapped at Rachel.

"Nothing." Rachel didn't dare to look at her teacher, but wondered what she did in the room, because she hasn't changed.

"Kurt are you going to practice with us or just watch?" Again, her voice was nice when she talked to Kurt.

"I don't know if I can compete with you."

"We'll see." She smiled and walked upstairs. They followed her and Rachel gave Kurt a look that said 'you-wont-let-me-dance-alone', Kurt just smiled and walked upstairs.


"That's a studio, Schwimmer. Nothing like that small thing I have to teach you in."

"Yes. It's ... Huge." Cassandra smiled at Rachel. It was one room almost as big as the whole apartment downstairs, two walls were covered with mirrors and the other two were with floor-length windows. There was a couch and a bar in the windows corner.

"Behind these mirrors-" she pointed two out. "- are rooms where you can change, just push them." Kurt and Rachel looked at each other in awe and walked to change. Cassandra changed in the studio right in front of the window and enjoyed the view over the city. She folded her clothes and put them on the couch. Cassandra walks over to the last mirror and opened the closet behind, just with training outfits. She didn't know what to wear yet, because she wanted to figure something out. When she heard someone coming she didn't hush to put some clothes on.


"No, it's me Miss July."

"Alright, come over here." Rachel did as shr was told, but when she saw her teacher standing there just in a sports bra and panty, she flushed and turned around.

"God, Rachel, come over here or have you never seen a woman in her underwear?" She sounded annoyed but had a smirk on.

"Eh...okay." Rachel, still flushed, but also shocked by the uses of her first name, turned around and took the last few steps.

"You wear red? I like that." Rachel wore a red tank top and black leggings. "Suits you."

"...thanks." Rachel didn't know what to say and wondered why Kurt hasn't come out yet. Cassandra grabbed a few things and closed the door. While she put on mesh tights she looked at Rachel, who was watching her putting the tights on. After that, she slipped in a black bodysuit with buttons on the back.

"Would you?" When Rachel looked up and in Cassandra's eyes, she flushed even more. She couldn't say something, she was too embarrassed, so she just nod and walked around her teacher to help her. Rachel's breath got heavier with each button, because her teacher opened her bra and put it aside. She had a few buttons left when Kurt came out.

"I'm sorry it took me awhile." Kurt didn't notice Rachel so he just walked over, but when he did his eyes grow and he stopped.

"So Kurt what would you like to dance?" Kurt still shocked, seeing Rachel and her teacher so intimate, took a deep breath before he looked at Cassandra.

"I don't know, what do you teach Rachel's class?"

"I'm finished Miss July." Rachel stepped aside and now Kurt saw the deep shade of red on her face.

"Thanks. And it's tango, Kurt."

"Sounds good to me." Rachel's look told him that was the wrong answer and he mouthed her a sorry when Cassandra opened the next mirror and turned the music on. "Warm up." Cassandra's tone was nice but still determined, so they did, while she walked over to the bar.

"Why did you help her put her clothes on?" Kurt sounded curious, but he whispered so that Cassandra wouldn't hear them.

"She asked me."

"Don't you think that's a little weird?"

"I don't know, she called me Rachel, for the first time and I didn't know how to say no."

"You? Didn't know how to say no?" Kurt tried not to laugh.

"Yes." Rachel was still flushed and Kurt got curious.

"Hmm...what do you think about my dance outfit?" He tried to sound normal, while he was questioning Rachel.

"Looks good." Rachel just looked for two seconds.

"What about hers?" He could see in the mirrors that Rachel looked at her teacher and that she flushed in a deeper shade of red. She didn't say anything so Kurt cleared his throat and Rachel immediately looked away.

"I think she looks...-" Rachel didn't finish he sentences so Kurt did for her.

"Gorgeous? I think she is gorgeous and she looks hot, not my type though." He smiled at his own comment and Rachel just frowned. When Cassandra came over to them she held a martini in her hands.

"Are you warmed up? Then we can start... Oh and if you want one too its over there."

"We're under-" Rachel started but Kurt interrupted her.

"Great thanks." He grappled Rachel's arm and walked over to the bar with her.

"I don't wanna drink Kurt!"

"Yea well, I do." So he took one of the two martini's and drank it. Then he walks over to Cassandra, who just warmed up.

"You two could start and show me what you got."

"Okay." Rachel and Kurt took their positions and Cassandra started the music. They didn't even dance for two minutes.

"No, no, no." She stopped the music. "Guys the tango is about seduction. It's supposed to be sexy a not a turn-off." She walked over to them and took Rachel's position and stood with Kurt.

"You'll lead. Schwimmer start the music." Kurt's eyes grow and Rachel hit the play button. They danced the whole song and Rachel thought the looked pretty good together. Cassandra told Kurt something, while the danced but Rachel couldn't hear it.

"You almost got it. By the end of the night you'll be pretty good." Kurt smiled at Rachel and she had to struggle to smile back.

"Come over Schwimmer." Rachel swallowed hard, but switched places with Kurt. "I'll lead."

With that Kurt hit the play button and Cassandra grasped Rachel's waist, Rachel's breathing got heavier again, and they started dancing. While they were dancing Rachel's grip was corrected by her teacher, it made Rachel a bit uncomfortable, because this was her teacher and a woman. Cassandra also came pretty close to Rachel. When Cassandra hold Rachel's back and leaned over her, Rachel could feel her teacher breathing was heavier than before. Rachel was sure she was not exhausted. Rachel wasn't breathless because of the dance so her teacher couldn't be.

"Well done Rachel." Rachel knew Kurt hasn't heard that, She almost didn't. She swallowed hard and stood up, she looked over to Kurt who didn't even pay attention to them, because he was too busy with his cell. But for once she was glad he didn't, she was sure it didn't look like a normal dance lessons, at least it didn't feel that way to her. Kurt realized that they had stopped so he looked up.

"I'm sorry Rachel, I have to go." Her jaw dropped and she looked kind of paniced. "Isabelle called." He took his internship seriously and Rachel knew it was a great opportunity for him so she smiled. He smiled back and hushed into the dressing room. Rachel sighed and turned around.

"You're staying?"

"Well, yes. You think I need more practice, that's why I'm here, right?"

"Right. I'm sorry your friend has to leave but I think it's for the best. I like him though." Cassandra walked to the bar to get herself a new drink. "Don't you want your drink?"

"No, thanks." Cassandra just shrugged and mixed herself a new drink. Kurt came fully clothed out of the room.

"I'm sorry I gotta go."

"You should come back sometime."

"Yes. I'm sure I will, thanks. I'll see you at home Rachel?"

"Yes and good luck with your emergency." They smiled at each other and he went downstairs. Rachel looked at her teacher, who now sat on the couch with her third drink, so Rachel decided to practice alone. After a few minutes she could see in the mirror that Cassandra was watching her. She stopped dancing.

"Do you have something alcohol free to drink?"


"Could I have a-"

"Just take whatever you want." Cassandra seemed disinterested, so Rachel walked over to the bar and looked for something to drink. She found some juice, probably for cocktails, and a glass. She drank it and walked over to Cassandra.

"Will you bring me your drink if you're not drinking it?. She walked the few steps back and took the glass.


"Thank you." She smiled, Rachel just nodded. Cassandra drank it all at once, stood up and took the three glasses and walked over to the bar to put them away. "You can put yours away too. we´ve got work to do."