I Just Can't Sleep

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One Shot

"Caitlyn turn the light off," shouted Tess

It was 11.38pm and in Cabin Vibe Tess, Mitchie, Peggy and Ella couldn't get to sleep because of one Caitlyn Gellar.

They didn't know if she didn't want to sleep, or couldn't sleep or just didn't want the day to end but frankly they didn't care they were tired.

"I don't want to sleep," muttered Caitlyn

"Well we do," said Peggy exasperated

"Fine I'll go read outside," said Caitlyn

Grabbing her kindle light and her blanket Caitlyn headed out to the porch to continue her story.

Caitlyn was a night person her cabin mates weren't.

Nearing the end of her book and not wanting to start another Caitlyn headed down to the dock blanket and kindle in tow.

She didn't know how long she was sat there until her eyes fluttered closed. But on the dock at 1am she finally fell asleep.

At the same time a curly haired popstar who had work from his slumber decided to venture to the same spot.

Arriving there just after five past one he noticed a bundle at the edge of the dock.

However on closer inspection he saw it was Caitlyn.

Sighing, he chuckled and bent down to pick his slumbering girlfriend up kindle and all.

He turned and headed for Cabin Vibe were up on his arrival he safely deposited his girlfriend to bed. Tucking a note in her kindle case he turned and headed back out into the night and towards his cabin.

The sunlight streamed into the cabin the next morning hitting Caitlyn in the face. She rolled over her face pressing into the darkness of the pillows. Before she sat up and stretched, sending her kindle to the floor.

Reaching down to pick it up, she noticed a yellow piece of paper had fluttered from her kindle cases clutches.

Unfolding it, she read the words and a smile formed on her face.


Seriously the dock?

It's 1.15am. I've brought you back to your cabin.

Knowing you, you'll sleep to 8am.

I'll grab you a muffin and see you at the dock at 8.10am

Love Nate

Glancing at the clock, she saw it was 8.05. No time for a shower. She quickly changed before rushing out the door. Knowing whenever she fell asleep her boyfriend would always look after her.

The End

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