When Sky suggested doing a Wholmes crossover fic (yes, folks, this is all her fault!), I was thrilled to bits. I mean, seriously, which of us Doctor/Detective devotees hasn't fantasised about those two meeting and working together?

Since Holmes is a busy man, we figured if he was going to meet the Doctor anywhere without Watson noticing, it would probably have to be while on his Great Hiatus. We decided on the Tenth Doctor (played by the brilliant David Tennant), set just after 'The Runaway Bride'. The reasons for this will become clearer in the story itself. But what effect will that have on the Fate of the Universe? Stay tuned to find out…


Disclaimers: Sherlock Holmes & Co. are public domain. Doctor Who is property of the BBC. And we regret nothing.

The Detective

Life is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent.

In what I will call a long and varied experience, I had never before had such a case. The evil powers behind it all were remarkable enough, as was the history of the long war with these creatures of the night. But what truly made this case special was that I shared it with a man whom I considered it a privilege to meet—to say nothing of actually working with him!

Brilliant mind, that one—one of the brightest minds mankind will ever produce, really. You have heard of him, of course. Everyone has.

Sherlock Holmes.

What is different about this particular case of the Great Detective is that it took place during his Great Hiatus, when he was in Tibet.

And he worked with me.

Which meant that the experience well and truly broadened his horizons. I think it is safe to say that our wonderful, incorrigible Sherlock Holmes will never be the same again. But that is a good thing, believe me.

After all, there are more things in heaven and earth…

He was running. He'd been running harder than ever now, terrified of what would happen if he ever paused, just for one moment.

That moment came when the TARDIS decided to switch directions on him. Not that he'd been going anywhere purposefully, but it was the principle of the thing! Especially when she landed him on his back on the floor.

"Whoa, whoa, what was that?" He clambered to his feet and grabbed the console. "Steady on, old giiiiirl!" The TARDIS landed with a hard thump, nearly jolting the Doctor back to the floor. He exhaled explosively, a frown and a grimace warring on his features.

"Owww." It wasn't as if he was getting any younger, although his own appearance could seriously have fooled him… "Now, what was that all about? Would it short out your circuitry to warn me before taking a detour?" He pulled over the monitor, murmuring, "Where are we this time, anyway…"

His thoughtful frown broke out into a grin. "Tibet! Oh, brilliant! I've always wanted to meet the Dalai Lama. Who's a clever girl?" He patted the console affectionately and was rewarded with a sound almost like a purr from his lovely lady. He grinned even wider and headed for the door. "Don't wait up, sweetheart!"

Outside his front door was the most perfect panorama. The heavens curved over the ghostly Himalayan peaks, the night-scape deeper and blacker than it would be at a much lower altitude. The stars were impossibly clear and bright and vast. It was one of the best night skies the Doctor had ever seen on Earth. Over nine hundred years, and it was right here, waiting for him in 1893.

Speaking of 1893… He tore his gaze away from the sky and down to earth. Lovely little mountain village, snow-covered houses and all. Very quiet and peaceful.

Almost too quiet and peaceful.

Never fails. I honestly try to be a tourist and all I get are Busman's Holidays… Nothing else for it, though. The Doctor straightened his shoulders and strode over to the nearest lit house, rapping purposefully on the door. The only response he received were human sounds of fear, scuffling, thumping, and the extinguishing of the light sources.

He raised an eyebrow in wry surprise. "Ah, that's new," he admitted aloud, not caring if he looked ridiculous in doing so. Nobody around to see him, anyway. "People usually wait to panic until after they find out who I am." He smoothed his hair back and opened his mouth to call out to the family inside—he was certain he'd heard children—when he heard an all-too-familiar commotion.

The kind that comes with a savage beast on the loose and some poor soul caught in its sights. Bestial howl, snarls, growling, giant footsteps, crashing, splintering wood… you name it.

"Think I just found me the problem," the Doctor muttered, taking off towards the noise. Take a left up ahead

He just barely skidded to a halt and ducked in time as a long, dark form went flying out of that 'street', barely missing him. The form was a man, a man who hit the nearest wall with a sickening thud and dropped limply to the ground. The poor thing was in a very bad way, bleeding from gashes all over.

The Doctor turned to see a huge, apelike form charging towards the living rag doll. The creature sported thick, silver fur; a long, wolf-like snout; bared fangs; and claws streaked with blood.

"Oi! What are you doing?!" The Doctor stepped directly into the path of the thing and glared. "Back off!" The creature came up short at the order but did not turn away. "You heard me—leave him be! Homo sapiens, OFF the menu!"

The Yeti-ish thing sniffed at the air, obviously confused by the Doctor's non-human scent but not so much that it looked as if it would back down. It started to edge forward.

The Doctor's dark eyes narrowed. "Ohhh, you reeeally don't want to try that with me…" He took one slow, deliberate stride forward, putting the full force of a good millennium into his gaze. It seemed to work: the creature hesitated, apparently realising that this person was not someone to be trifled with.

It was in that moment of vulnerability that the Doctor caught a glimpse of the creature's eyes in the dim light. The Doctor's own eyes softened to compassion and horror. "Oh," he breathed. "Oh, I'm sorry."

The spell broke when he blinked.

His antagonist snarled defiantly but contented itself with a menacing glare at human and Time Lord before turning and loping swiftly away.

The Doctor watched it go, feeling his chest ache. Over nine hundred years, and he'd never, ever gotten used to this… A faint groan from behind reminded him of what he ought to be doing. He knelt in the snow beside the unconscious man and carefully checked him over. The usual cuts and bruises… sickeningly large slashes in the torso… gash on the back of the head. The man was lucky to be alive.

In height and build, he looked to be the same as the Doctor. Definitely a runner's build. Blond hair, pale skin, sharp features, dark circles under the closed eyes…

Feeling an uncomfortable niggling at the back of his mind, the Doctor pulled back the eyelids to check the pupils—

—and froze as that niggling burst into crystalline realisation.

Two young men shaking hands in a lab, both thin, one quite brown and the other oh-so-white. Boys, really, the younger smiling and observing that the elder had been in Afghanistan…

An enormous, glowing hound charging through the mist…

A sweet-faced, golden-haired girl holding a wooden box and seeking the truth about her father…

A hissing adder, coiled around its latest victim, its own master…

A magnificent black pearl at the epicenter of an explosion of ceramic…

A slip of paper bearing a parade of dancing stick figures…

A thundering waterfall in the Swiss Alps, and a baritone voice calling one name, over and over again…

The Doctor stared at his charge in shock. "What?!"

==Children of Time==

Smith and Holmes

Author's Note:

Sky here! First off, I want to say that, while it's true that this thing was my idea, this particular story is Ria's baby! While I was floundering with writer's block, she was cooking up this story and practically serving it to me with a side of pure win. I couldn't have even written this prologue without her giving me a script to build off of!

Secondly, we built this story in a really fun way—i.e. live roleplaying. It has been making for fantastic dynamics and some truly brilliant bits of interaction. From the start, Ria has been handling Holmes, and I've been handling the Doctor. Ironic, that latter part: Ten isn't actually my Doctor—that would be Nine. But going on Tennant withdrawal, I was eager to try something new and see if I could get my head around Ten's very complicated personality.

Now, this is the first 'episode' in a series. Specifically, NuWho's Season 3. We can't tell you how excited we are to be doing this, and we hope you'll have as much fun reading as we do writing!

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