I know what all mine old readers are thinking. She said there won't be any sequel of the Digimon Tamers Saga, but then there: Digimon Shadow Tamers.

Guys, this ain't a sequel! This is a remake!

This is a remake of all 8 seasons I wrote, with the orginal Digimon Shadow Saga as the main idea. Also, this is mine idea of the 7th season of the anime (but I doubt it'll be more then one season) and again the Shadow Tamers and the Demon Lords are the main characters. Of course, other old characters will appear too, just like Jackpot 2 and Tamer od the Zero Unit's OCs.

DON'T SEND ME ANY OC CHARACTER! I have enough characters, since I had to throw out some of mine own.

BTW, I don't own Digimon neither the songs I put in. Also, I'll change some of mine writing style.

Guess that's all. Though, you'll wait quite a while until the real action starts

Full Summary:

In the DigiWorld, the 7 Great Demon Lords are causing trouble. When a group of teens becomes partnered with them, they'll soon learn that there exist even greater dangers...

Covered in darkness, the secret of the demons will slowly get revelated. However, they're still a danger for both worlds, which is why they have to get forever deleted. The Royal Knights and the Celestials Angels, just as a group of Tamers will take care about it.

However, they don't know that this war between them and the Demon Lords, and the Shadow Tamers, who are the partners of the 7 Demons, will have fatal consequences...for both sides.