Second Life- One

"I play Dark Magician and end my turn. Your move Joey!" Young Yugi Moto said as he smirked to his best friend.

The blond smiled as he drew a card from his deck.

Yugi and Joey were in there last period class waiting for the teacher to arrive. They were in the middle of a card game called Duel Monsters, which Yugi was currently winning.

"Hey Joey?"

Said blond froze in playing a card and looked up to see his sister Serenity run over.

"Hey sis, ya need something?"

Serenity nodded and took a seat at the desk next to Joey. "I got the game today, a friend loaned it to me. I was wondering if you will help me figure out what type of character I should create before I log on."

Yugi had looked up from his hand the second Serenity said 'game' and tilted his head to the side, his eyes glued to the goggles she was holding. "What game?"

Joey's brows furrowed together and he turned to his best friend. "Come on Yug, ya gotta know what Second Life is."

Yugi shook his head in denial. He had never heard of such a game and he didn't remember ever selling one in the game shop. Let alone having those goggles in the game shop.

Joey's eyes widened and he took the goggles from Serenity. He placed them on the desk and then reached into his bag and pulled out a gaming walkthrough that said 'Second Life' on it. He handed the walkthrough to Yugi before he spoke.

"Second Life is a virtual reality game invented by Kaiba Corporations. You put these goggles on and they transport your sub-conscience into the game. You literally walk, talk, eat, and think as your character."

Yugi looked up to Joey at that. "Isn't that dangerous? It sounds like you basically become your character."

Joey shook his head and took the manual, opening it to a page and then handed it back to Yugi. "You do in a sense become the character, but it is safe. Your real world body will enter a sleep like stage as your sub-conscience enters your characters body."

Yugi looked down at the pictures in the book and thought about all of this. The game did seem somewhat safe. Your body entered a sleep like stage, but your mind will be running to process the game. To him that didn't make any sense.

He looked up to Joey when he read a particular part. "What does it mean when it says 'you create a character within the limits'?"

Joey took the book again and flipped through it before he handed it back and pointed.

Yugi blinked and looked down, reading out loud what he pointed to. "In order for the full experience of a second life your character must resemble you. It also helps to make sure that no two characters look the same."

Joey nodded and smirked to Yugi. "My character looks exactly like me. He is also a level 20 worrier."

Yugi nodded his head but another question popped into his head. "If you look so much like your character, won't it be easy for people to identify you and I don't know, stalk you?"

Joey actually laughed at him, causing Yugi to huff and pout at him. "Joey, it's a good question." It was a reasonable fear. He's Japans King of Games, he had enough stalkers as it was and he didn't want any more.

Joey calmed down and wiped a tear from his eye. "Yug, ya can change some things. The things that stay the same are Height, Weight, hair style, eye shape. Things like that."

Yugi nodded now feeling a little better about the game. "Maybe I'll look into getting this game." He mumbled half in thought.

Joey nodded as a smirk grew on his face. He knew Yugi couldn't resist a game no matter what type it is. "You should Yugi, it's a great game. You can battle, level up, join or form a group, even own a house."

As Joey continued to list the things the game had the teacher walked into the room and cleared his throat to get the classes attention.

Yugi turned in his seat and Joey sighed. "Great, Mr. Stiff is here."

Yugi sighed and gave Joey a disappointed look over his shoulder. He knew Joey didn't like Mr. Sennen, half of the school didn't. He was a stricter teacher and he graded harder than anyone he has ever had.

Although Yugi still did well in his class he had to study really hard and pay 110% attention.

Yami Sennen did a head count before he turned to the computer and marked the attendance. He looked back to the class before walking to the board and writing 'Unit teat Monday' on the board. The class groaned but the second Yami turned around, his crimson eyes burning, they stopped.

"As you all can read, a week from today your unit test is taking place. I expect that you all are prepared and study. Those that are not prepared and don't study…. Well that's your own fault."

Yugi sighed and too out his agenda. He didn't think Yami was a bad teacher, quite the opposite. He was just so unfriendly and cold. Yugi was sure if he lightened up a bit and just tried being nice, his students wouldn't talk so badly about him. And his classes would be more fun.

He looked up from his agenda and paid attention as Yami started the lesson.

Once class ended Yugi and Joey walked to their lockers and grabbed their things.

"Heading home Yug?"

Yugi nodded as he closed his locker and turned to Joey. "Jii-chan said he was getting a new product today."

Joey nodded and Yugi started out of the school and heading home.

He quickly reached the game shop and opened the door, the familiar bell chime above his head.

Solomon Moto popped his head up from his magazine and smiled to his grandson. "Welcome home Yugi. The new product was categorized and is on the shelf next to you. You should check it out; I heard it's quite popular!"

Yugi nodded and turned his head, looking to his right. His eyes landed on the box labeled 'Second Life'. He walked over to the shelf and picked a box up off it and looked to Solomon. "Ne, Jii-chan, do you mind if I have one of these? Joey was talking about it in school and he said I should play it?"

Solomon chuckled at his grandson's excited face. He nodded his head and chuckled again as Yugi's face broke out into a huge smile and he ran up stairs yelling 'Thank you'.

Yugi quickly ran to his room and threw his backpack in some direction. He plopped down onto his bed and started opening the box. He took out the goggles and instructions before sitting the box on the stand next to him. He scanned the instructions before nodding and sitting them on top of the box.

The first instruction said to get comfortable, so Yugi laid on his back, his head resting on his pillows.

The next instruction said to put his goggles on, so he slipped them onto his head and adjusted them comfortably.

The last step said to hit the switch at the top and flip them on.

He raised his hand and felt around on the top till he found the switch and he slid it to the side to turn it on.

There was a flash that made him flinch before he felt a pulling in the back of his mind. The next thing he knew he felt like he was falling asleep and blacked out.

0Second Life0

Yugi groaned and slowly opened his eyes again. He blinked slowly before he sat up and looked around. Black. That was all he saw all around him that seemed to stretch on forever.

"Hello!?" He called out and heard his voice echo around the space.

Just as he was about to yell again there was a flash and a girl was standing in front of him. "Welcome to Second Life! I'm Fala, a NPC. A NPC is Non Playable Character. A character that isn't controlled by anyone, and is programmed to do a specific function to usually benefit the player of the game. In this case I'm here to help you set up your character and understand Second Life! Any questions before we start officially?"

Yugi nodded his head from his seat on the floor and looked up to Fala. "What's the point of this game?"

Fala blinked and tilted her head to the side. "Out of everyone who comes here, never once have I been asked that question. It's as the title says, 'Second Life'. It basically provides people with a chance at another life. You live, breath, and survive as this other character."

Yugi nodded his head and thought of another question. "What can you do here?" He knew Joey said some of it but he wanted to hear it from the game its self.

Fala smiled and a small screen appeared next to her when she snapped her fingers. A map appeared on the screen and she pointed to a forest area. "In the forest, mountain and ocean areas there are monsters that will attack you. You battle and collect what they drop as well as experience points that will help level you up."

The map changed and a picture of a town appeared. "There are several small towns located throughout the game, you can shop there for anything you need as well as a house. "

Another switch of the screen and the picture changed to a stadium. "This is the coliseum. You can battle other players here and earn millions of gold if you get to the top and win. You must register the day before the coliseum tournament starts in order to participate."

Yugi nodded in understand and Fala smiled. "I have much more to tell you but we must create your character first. Please stand."

Yugi stood slowly and Fala clapped her hands causing a mirror to appear in front of him. "First know you cannot change your height, weight, hair style, eye shape, etcetera."

Yugi nodded again and a smile broke out across her face. "So understanding and simple, I like you."

A light blush dusted across his cheeks causing Fala to giggle at him.

"Okay, next I need you to pick your breed. Elf, Fairy, Vampire, Werewolf, Human…"

As she continued to list the possibilities Yugi cleared his throat to get her attention. "Can I be an elf?"

She nodded and snapped her fingers. Yugi looked at his reflection and cocked a brow at his now pointed ears. "Thought we couldn't change any distinctive characteristics?"

Fala nodded her head this type of question always coming up. "To make the game more fun and fair, depending on your breed one thing changes. Vampires are fangs, elves are ears, and Werewolves are ears and tail."

Yugi nodded his head now understanding why Joey wasn't worried about people identifying people. "Okay next, hair color, eye color, skin color?"

Yugi stared at himself in the mirror, his eyes trailing over his body before a thought hit him. "Can I keep my looks the same…but change my nationality?"

Fala nodded her head and Yugi smiled. He always wanted to know what he would look like as an Egyptian. "Can I be Egyptian?"

One more nod and a snap of her fingers and Yugi felt a tingling sensation. He looked down and watched as his skin tanned to sun kissed. He looked into the mirror and noticed his eyes looked like they were out lined in eye liner. He smiled at himself loving the way he looked right now.

"Is that it?"

Yugi looked up to Fala and nodded his head, quite satisfied with the way he looked.

"Alright then, step back and say 'Menu'.

Yugi blinked but obediently took a step back from the mirror and said, "Menu."

A light gasp escaped his lips as he was suddenly engulfed in a circle of golden light and 5 screens were suddenly circling his head.

"These are the menu screens. They're very important. The golden light circling you is like a safe zone. When the menu is up, you cannot be touched."

She walked over to him and pointed. "The first screen is your status. It shows a picture of your body and where the damage is. Right now you're in full health but if you were to get injured it would show where your damage is and how much. It also lists your breed, attack and defense strength as well as a few other things."

She looked to Yugi to see if he understood and when he nodded she smiled again. "Touch the screen and drag it to your left."

Doing as told Yugi touched the screen and dragged it to the left causing the screens to change and rotate around his head.

"This is the map of the game. There are a total of seven different lands, Winterdale, Riverwood, Silvermoon, Blackthorn, Dawnshadow, Starlight, and Firefox. Each land has its own small towns scattered throughout the land and depending on your level depends on if you can survive there."

Once she was finished Yugi once again dragged the screen to switch it. This time there were several boxes in different categories.

"This is the item screen. Once I give you your backpack the items that are in it as the starter kit will appear here under different categories."

Yugi nodded and dragged the screen again to change it. He blinked in confusion when all that was on there were Fala's name and a green light next to it.

"This is the friends screen. When you befriend people there name will appear here and a light next to their name, Green means online, read means off line. If you click the person's name a list of options will appear."

Yugi clicked her name and a box appeared on the screen listing the options, defriend, block, pm, voice chat. Join group.

"The 'X' in the corner closes it."

Yugi nodded and hit the 'X' in the top corner right of the screen, the box closed and Yugi changed the screen again.

This time there was a giant 'Save' button In the middle of the screen.

"The game does save automatically every now and then. But before you log out you should save it or lose everything."

Yugi nodded again and then tilted his head to the side. "How do I log out?"

Fala smiled and stepped so she was in front of Yugi again. "When you clock save it will save the game and then a new screen will appear once it was done and ask if you want to log out. That's it for the menu screen, any questions?"

Yugi shook his head.

"Okay just say 'menu' again and the menu will close."

Doing as told Yugi watched the screens close up and the light vanished.

"Okay, take this." Fala tossed a backpack to Yugi who easily caught it.

"Unlike normal backpacks anything can be shoved in there, they will just shrink to fit. However their weight will remain the same as if they were there natural size. You can carry only as much as you carrying capacity will allow. If you go over it you will feel it. As your starter kit you have in there currently five healing potions and five magic potions or Mana potions. Your starter armor and your weapon which I will give you now."

As Yugi slipped his backpack on she started listing things.

"What type of weapon do you want, Bow, Sword, Mallet, Staff…"

As she once again continued to list things like a robot Yugi cleared his throat to get her attention. "I would like the bow."

She nodded and snapped her fingers causing a bow and quiver of arrows to appear in her hands and then tossed it to Yugi.

"To check the damage they can do, go to the item menu screen and click your weapon. The stats of the weapon will appear."

One last nod from Yugi and Fala clapped her hands together. Were done then, any questions never fear to visit the help office in the towns."

Yugi took a step back when the ground shook and a hole opened up below him. He felt himself start to panic as a scream tore from his throat and he blacked out as he fell through the hole.

Inu: I have been writing this in school and wanting opinions on it and well since I don't let my family read my work, for obvious reasons, you guys are my only hope. ^^ Let me know what you think of this.