Second Life- Eleven

Khemet to Heba seemed like a mixture between Egypt, and an urban city. It was hot, though not your normal hot as the temperature had to be at least in the high nineties. There was sand everywhere you walked, red marble that created the walkways and buildings as high as sky scrapers. There was also some smaller shack looking buildings and Heba assumed that those had to be the buildings that were set up by the individual players to sell their goods. His eyes had landed on an elf shop in particular and when he was going to go look at it, a soft nuzzle to his head made him stop. Amethyst eyes glanced up to Emerald and a smile spread over his cheeks. "Hey, good to see you to. Did you miss me?" All he got in response was another nuzzle and laughing softly, Heba reached his hand up and stroked the dragons muzzle.

"Heba!" Glancing over his shoulder the teen caught a flash of blond hair just before Jounouchi wrapped an arm around his neck and grinned down to the smaller teen. "Finally found ya, it would seem the game divided us around the city, I haven't found the others yet. Though knowing Marik and Ryo they got caught up in shopping. Man I'll tell ya this city has everything!" Once again, Heba's desire to shop was growing stronger and a small pout tugged onto his lips. Looking up to Jounouchi, Heba opened his mouth to speak, but was caught off by a headphone set appearing in Jounouchi's hands. Instantly the blond slid it onto his head and annoyed look overcame his face. "Seth for the last time I am not a dog! And where are you and Atem anyway?"

Perhaps this was his chance to sneak away? Hope was crushed again and small white haired head suddenly came into his view and the smiling face of his friend Ryo and one annoyed Akefia came into view. Against real life, Bakura who was known as Akefia was taller, skin a dark tan like his own and hair a short chopped style. There was a long cut along his left cheek and his body was much more muscular. Ryo himself seemed shorter, his eyes were an aqua green color and even he had a bit more muscle. "Heba! What on earth are you wearing? You look like a cliché Zelda Character." Ryo mumbled, eyes roaming over Heba's choice of gear. "Were you trying to rip off poor Link? Come on let's get you some ge-" As the white haired boy's eyes landed on the form of Emerald, his mouth almost seemed to drop open before slowly closing. "And some gear for your friend."

"Alright, someone lied to me. No level fifteen elf finds there familiar let alone a dragon this soon." Akefia mumbled as a small little ball of fluff poked his way over his head. The creature almost looked like a cat, but it had three long tails and eyes that could belong to a snake. Its fur was a mixture of yellow and red while its eye were a glowing ice blue. "Akefia be nice!" Ryo scolded and slowly, Heba stepped forward and reached his hand out. The small animal sniffed Heba's fingers before pushing against his hand with its nose to get Heba to pet it. "Ah Heba, that's Akefia's familiar its name is Akari, and it is a Kaszech. The Kaszech is one of the species here in the game; I think it is meant to mirror a fox and a cat."

"It's very cute." Heba answered, taking his hand back and turning to Ryo. "Shall we go shopping? And what was that about something for emerald?" At his question, Ryo blinked and gave Heba a curious look. "You don't know? They make armor for the familiars. It's to help them level up and be stronger in the game. If your familiar dies Heba, though it can be regenerated, you lose strength and power. See, the basic reason for a familiar is to help aid the player in battle, but more than that is when it is with you, you gain power." This was all new to Heba, he had thought that Seth, Atem or Jounouchi would have told him, but maybe they forgot or were tired of teaching the newbie. "I didn't know Ryo." Was all he answered with, reaching a hand out and running it along the small dragons' scales. "That's not all Heba, as the dragon grows, he will get bigger. Like most dragons he should be able to reach the size of an air plane. Much like Akari, when she levels up, she will reach the size of about a horse."

That small little cat thing…. Reaching the size or a horse… was shocking. She was so cute! Much like dragon! "Eventually you should be able to ride on their backs, and believe me being able to ride on a dragons back will be helpful." Heba simply nodded at all this information, eyes roaming over to Jounouchi, who was still arguing on the phone with Seth. "Well, we can probably go shopping Ryo. Jounouchi is distracted on the phone…"

Not for long it seemed, as Heba was just finishing his sentence Akefia walked over to Jounouchi and plucked the headphones from his head. Instantly the blond started shouting and trying to make a grab for it. "Are you and your lover to be done shouting? When is he getting here? We have things to do." Jounouchi's cheeks dusted to a small rosy color and he glared at the man. "He is having a hard time getting away from work, Atem to. But Atem is faking a disease and should be here in about an hour. Seth is trying to get someone to cover him but apparently it is getting increasingly difficult."

Atem, tanned skin, hair like his own but wilder, eyes a sharp but a gentle crimson, he looked so much like Yami. Heba sighed, looking down to the ground as his mind wandered to his teacher. They had just talked about how school was so important, how work came before games, and yet here he was. Breaking his word to try harder and not let the game suck him in. What was he thinking? How could he do this? Yami was so mature, so much stronger than him, he would be disappointed in Heba wouldn't he? The thought of letting Yami down was heartbreaking. What about Atem? Would he be disappointed to? Or would he understand?

"Earth to Heba! Come back down to Second Life and join us!" Blinking his eyes rapidly Heba stared into the soft aqua colored eyes of his friends. "I'm sorry Ryo, my head was in the real world." Ryo almost seemed disappointed by that before his hand stretched out and took Heba's. "Well we are not there right now, we are here, and I have to get you out of those tights. Seriously Heba what made you think that was a good idea?" Rolling his eyes Heba let Ryo drag him off to the elf stand he was looking at while Akefia continued to torment Jounouchi.

The instant they were in the shop his eyes were attracted to the assortment of bows and swords but Ryo's first intention was the cloths first. "This store is run by an NPC. While the town its self is mostly other players, there is one stand for each race and it is run by and NPD's. There are also guards who are only NPC's and they are here to make sure no fighting or cheating goes down." Heba nodded to the information and blinked as several different robes were tossed into his arms. "Elves have a basic fashion. A basic shirt, of all styles sometimes chain mail, a cloak that rests on their shoulders, pants sometimes tights, arm guards, gloves to protect your hands when shooting and boots." Again Heba nodded before glanced down to what he was holding. "If you want to try it on pause the game and strip. To us, you will be standing frozen, inside a ring of light."

Breathing deeply Heba mumbled the word 'menu' and instantly the glowing ring of light circled around him as the screens flashed across his face. Ignoring them for the moment he dropped his bag and stripped down. The shirt fit his form nicely; it was green with a white branch like pattern wrapping around him. On top of it he slid over a vest and left it unbuttoned. The black pants were of a tight but a smooth fabric, not quite tights but close to it. His boots were leather, laced and knee length. His cloak was the same green as his shirt but a darker green formed the pattern that to Heba seemed like leaves. Next came the armor, his arm guards that seemed to be metal and the leather gloves to protect his hands.

When Heba was dressed he closed the screen and looked around, finding Ryo now over at the weapons. The NPC running the shop stepped over to Heba and held his hand out. "Ten thousand gold pieces." Lips pressed together but Heba shifted the cloths he was holding and fetched out the money, pressing it into this hands. "Can I see this to you?" The NPC glanced to the cloths Heba motioned to and nodded. Handing him back six hundred of his gold he took the cloths from Heba and left him and Ryo to continue looking.

"The Elven bow is a marvel to behold. Crafted from many different woods, from new to ancient, it takes on a variety of shapes. The first bow used by most newbie elves is short and does not have a long range. Elves as they level up become masters of making and using the bow, learning to use the standard longbow and creating different variations of it. It's one of the skills you can learn, crafting as well as different magic associated with archery, Flame and Ice arrows being one example."

"What about you?" Heba questioned, looking over Ryo and tilting his head slightly. Ryo was dressed in a long white gowned looking outfit that had light blue spirals on it. When he moved Heba could get a decent view of his pants and they seemed to be a white tights. His shoes looked almost like white slippers and he was carrying a book. It didn't take a genius to know from the book alone he was a spellcaster.

Ryo grabbed a longer bow and handed it to Heba. "Spellcasters and Wizards are much different then elves. While you learn to craft, we can create our own spells eventually. There are limits in the game to prevent us from becoming over powered of course." Heba nodded and gently took the bow from Ryo, shifting it in his hands and testing the string. It seemed he wasn't strong enough to use this one, and so handed it back to Ryo. "What is the difference between a spellcaster and a wizard?"

"What we can do. Wizards primarily use staffs and wands, spellcasters are more book users. Depending on the book I carry depends on the spells I can use. This one for instants is one of my favorites, a shadow book. I can control the shadows around me, summon certain level shadow creatures and if I level the book up I can use different shadow spells and summon high level creatures." That was interesting. From watching Seth he could tell the wizard worked his magic from his staff, it shot fire or lightning from it, even lit the cave when they were lost. Another bow was handed to him, this one longer but the string looser. Holding the long bow up he grasped the string and pulled his back till his elbow was bent at a perfect angle. "Seems better." He nodded, releasing the string before turning to Ryo. "What about Thieves and Werewolves?"

Ryo pulled his own money out this time and turned to the NPC, passing the coins off to him. "Akefia is a higher level thief, so far from watching him I have seen they have the ability to pick locks. The higher the level, the easier and quicker he can do it. He can also merge with the shadows, a reason he and I make such a good team-" Heba blinked, and quickly spoke over Ryo interrupting him. "Merge with the shadows?" He questioned and the boy nodded. "One minute he is there, and a dark chuckle later he is gone." An impressive ability to Heba, he had never heard of such a thing and he was actually curious to see it. "Werewolves are different," Ryo continued as he started his way toward a different shop, Heba following behind him. "Marik, depending on how much magic he has, actually can turn into a full wolf about the size of a bus, and the higher the level the longer he can hold the form. He can also use the wolves in the surrounding area. They heed his and any other werewolves command, though depending on the level depends on how strong a wolf will obey him, like if he is level ten only level ten and under wolves will listen to him. That is why when working in a forest area it's really helpful to have a werewolf on your team." Strategy, this game was all about strategy.

They soon reached a dragon shop, stepping inside and luckily found Marik and Mariku. Smiling Ryo rushed over to them, adjusting his book and grabbing Marik to make him turn. The males blue eyes roamed over Heba's body and he nodded approvingly. "Looking good Heba!"

To Mirror real life, Marik's eyes were a dark blue and his hair was more straight then spiked. He had a pair of pointed ears on his head and a tail swaying behind him. That was not what Heba had in mind when he heard the other was a werewolf. "What are you guys doing here?" He questioned, stepping over and taking the helmet Ryo handed him. Gray? Seemed reasonable for Emerald. "They sometimes sell dragon eggs here; I have been looking for one." Mariku answered as Heba strapped the helmet on his dragons head.

Mariku honestly looked no different he was almost a completely replica of his real life self, except his eyes were changed to match Marik's own blue.

Once the helmet was on emerald, Ryo helped him strap on the body protector that carried down to the tip of her tail and the leg guards. Money exchanged for the items the four of them wandered out of the shop and started the search for Jounouchi. "So Heba, where did you get the dragon?" Mariku questioned, glancing down at the boy. "Atem bought it for me, it's my familiar."

He never was given a good reason for why the other did it but he was honestly glad Atem did, Heba loved the little dragon and he couldn't wait to level her up. Not that she wasn't perfect now but he wanted to grow stronger with Emerald. He wanted to not be the weakest member in there group. Maybe Anzu could play with him sometime, after their talk. Heba sighed at that, he had so many problems to work out and yet he was spending his time here.

"There they are!" Blinking from his thoughts for the second time that day, Heba turned his eyes up to the people in front of him and almost instantly his cheeks darkened. Atem and Seth and finally joined Jounouchi, who at seeing the rest of the group instantly stopped their fight and Atem close his book. Crimson eyes roamed over his body, making Heba's cheeks darken more, before meeting his amethyst. "You look nice Heba." He complimented, smiling softly to him.

"Thanks Atem." Those eyes, he couldn't help but stare into them and see Yami's. They were so identical, the shape, the color, the way they reflected his emotions. Yami's did the same, but his teacher Yami was to mature; he was too strict and focused on his work. Heba couldn't see him playing this game. Atem had to be a different person. But who? Second Life was supposed make you mirror a version of yourself, Atem had to look like someone in the real world, and he lived in Domino. The only person Heba knew like that was Yami. Maybe he was in a different part of Domino Heba had never been to? "How did you escape work?" He questioned, desperate to get his mind off of this.

"Ah, I pretended to be sick, and since I hadn't taken a day off in so long, they let me go." He shrugged, glancing to Seth. "I heard from my little cousin you forced your work off onto him." Seth rolled his eyes. "Mokuba will deal with it. He always wants to be helpful anyway."

Chuckling Atem turned his eyes back to Heba and smiled. "Be my partner in the tournament? Jounouchi is teaming with Seth, and I am sure the love birds will be a team." His eyes shifted to them before back to Heba who nodded eagerly, perhaps a bit too eagerly. After everything was decided the last four members of the team were introduced to Seth and Atem, they hurried there way off to the tournament grounds.

The place where their game was being held was a circle stadium, lined with rows of seats filled with people. In the center was a graveled arena with a glowing red outline. The arena was already packed full of people and in the center was a boy with mid back length black hair and blue eyes. It seemed they were cutting it close as they boy had just started to talk the second they walked in. "Good evening and welcome to the KC Tournament! My name is Mokuba Kaiba, brother of Seto Kaiba and the creator of this game! Listen up and I will tell you how this is going to work!"

Jounouchi snickered and nudged Seth. "Mokuba? Isn't that the same name of the boy you forced your work onto?" Seth frowned slightly and just nodded, his body tensing. Heba observed this with a curious eye, but said nothing. Why would the creator of this game play with them of all people? Perhaps Seth was just thinking about something else.

"As you have heard this game is going to be a tag game! Four people from one team will enter the ring and four people will be waiting to be summoned. To call your partner you are going to wear a medallion that has to be registered to your partner! When they are needed you have to grasp the medallion and speak your partners name!" Mokuba snapped his fingers and instantly, every player in the room was suddenly holding a gold medallion with the KC logo on it. "To register your partner, have them cut their hand and drip their blood onto the medallion."

A small shudder ran through Heba as he watched Akefia pull out a knife and just slash his hand as if nothing was to it. Blood dripped onto Ryo's medallion and Akefia handed him the knife. He did the same but more gently, letting his own blood run onto Akefia's medallion and then turned to Heba and passing him the knife. Heba took it and turned to Atem who instantly held out his own medallion. Pressing the knife to his hand, he slowly dragged it along his palm, severing the flesh with pained shutter. Making a fist over the medallion he dripped the blood onto Atem's before tugging his hand back, pulling out a tissue from his pocket and wiping up the blood. Atem took Heba's medallion but rejected the knife. Raising his wrist to his mouth, he pressed his fangs to his wrist and sunk them in. Retracting them a moment later he dripped the blood onto the medallion before handing it back to Heba.

"The people registered for this particular level tournament are currently a hundred and sixteen. Each team is paired up by their team name and the names are listed on the board in the room below us. When you are called, your team will face off and after the every team has gone another list will be made. Each team will face off and climb their way to the top. When the final team has faced off and someone lost, the winners will be named champions of this level tournament. The reward is a million gold and an egg! What is inside the egg you will not be told. Good luck and remember, have fun!"

When Mokuba finished he vanished in the air and an NPC stepped up to take his place. "Teams please make your way into the stairway entrances next to us. There and find your team name and number on the wall as well as whom you are facing against. Your team number represents the room you will be staying in until you are called. Listen for your name when you are called. There is a ten minute waiting period! If you are not there at that time you are disqualified!"

Without even so much as a warning, Jounouchi took off full speed to the stairs and vanished in the wave of people. A hand reached down and wrapped around Heba's, carefully tugging him toward the stairs. Blushing, he glanced down to their linked hands as he was bumped into and knocked against Atem. Apologizing he tried to straightening himself up, clinging to Atem's side as he was tugged down the stairs. The second they got inside they were stopped by Jounouchi.

"I got it already. Our team the Millennium Warriors are fighting against the Psychic Annihilators, and were number 52." Nodding to this Heba glanced around and waved to the rest of their group, motioning for them to follow him before being tugged down a hallway. When they reached the room they were designated to use, everyone filed into it and crashed against various chairs.

"Numbers one and two, you are up!" The speaker blared above them.

And so it had begun.

Inu: Alright here is the next number but I have a few things to say. The people who keep commenting that Yugi/Heba is supposed to be smarter than this, you are missing a very big detail I tried to make very obvious in this chapter. Yugi is not being stupid, he thinks he knows Atem is Yami, but his mind keeps telling him that his teacher-again I remind you Yami is his teacher-is to sophisticated to play a game like this. He has the idea that they are the same person, but he doesn't want to believe it.

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