Selene's POV

I walked into the school for the first time, scared and unprepared for what was coming to me. Everyone seemed different. There were two separate worlds which I would later learn were the Greasers and the Socs. I honestly didn't know which social class I belonged to. I was scared to be laughed at if I asked who I belonged with, so I decided to sit towards the back where nobody could bother me, at least I thought. When I walked into the classroom everyone just stared at me and I felt my face turn red as one of the other teachers escorted into the classroom and as I have already said I decided to sit towards the back. The teacher was called out of the room for a few minutes and everyone kept asking me questions, I felt so overwhelmed. One of the kids said it was weird I was in their grade but I was only 13.

Then one of the boys came up to me and slammed his hands down on my desk and I heard his raspy voice, "What are you kid? A Soc or a Grease?" He looked like a mean person and I quickly got scared. I stammered, "I-I don't know…What do those mean?" People laughed and asked me where I was from to which I quickly answered that I was from Dallas, Texas but for a couple of years I lived in New Jersey which is why I sounded funny to them. When a couple boys, who I figured were greasers, started to snicker and say that I was going to be Dally's property. I wondered who this person was they spoke of and so I asked.

"Who is Dally?"

They all turned to me with a look of shock on their faces. "You don't know who Dallas Winston is girl?" they all exclaimed.

I politely answered, "No I don't. The name isn't familiar." Everyone seemed to gawk at me.

One of the boys said, "How long have you been living here?" I told them a month. The boy continued, "And you don't know who Dallas Winston is?" I shook my head no. "Dallas Winston is one of the toughest hoods on the street these days. He's a trouble-making, womanizer with a long history with the cops."

I couldn't get another word out because the teacher came back in and snapped at everyone to get to their seats. I looked around and noticed a boy about two years older than me, nonchalantly drawing. He seemed like a nice boy and I was going to try to befriend him. I promised my brother I would make some friends and he seemed like a nice start.