Selene's POV

Ponyboy and I got along very well. We have a lot in common and I can learn a lot from him. Sadly the day has ended and I must return home. Wait, home! Oh shoot! I left my key at home and my family is gone for a couple days because they had urgent business and they left me home because I lied and said I had made friends! I began to look distressed.

"Hm? Is everything alright Selene?" Ponyboy asked seeing the worried look on my face.

"No. I just forgot my family is out of town and I don't have a key to get in my house…" I said back.

Ponyboy gave me a smile, "You can stay at my house Selene! I'm sure my brothers won't mind. We have people staying at our house all the time." I looked at him with a little bit of shock and then smiled and said, "Okay I guess I can do that."

So I went back to Ponyboy's house. Along the way he told me about his family. How his parents were killed and about his brothers, Sodapop and Darry. When we arrived nobody was there, he said his brothers were working and they'd be home in a couple of hours. So Ponyboy and I worked on homework for a while until his brothers came home. Sodapop seemed like a nice guy because when he saw me he said, "Golly Ponyboy! Looks like you've caught yourself a real fine one! What's the name girly?"

"My name is Selene. Selene Santiago," I answered politely the continued, "and you must be Sodapop Curtis."

Sodapop gave a big grin, "Selene. That's a nice name! Your last name is Hispanic though. You're Hispanic?" I smiled and replied that I was in fact, Hispanic. That when my parents died I took my mother's last name and so did my brothers and sisters.

Afterward Ponyboy's oldest brother Darry came home. He took one look at me and grabbed Ponyboy's arm and said, "Ponyboy we need to have a serious talk."

Ponyboy's face turned red, "Uh, No thanks Darry. Dally gave me and Johnnycake this talk last year."

I must say that Dally looked furious and hollered, "What!? I told ol' Dally not to say nothin' to the two of yous!"

After that little incident Pony and I basically talked for a while until his "gang" started to show up at his house. They all looked at me strangely, eyeballing me. It made me feel like I was some sort of science experiment.

Two-bit looked at me and finally said, "Where'd you come from kid?" In response I said, "I moved here from Dallas, Texas with my older brother and sister and younger brother and sister."

I was cut short when a door swung open and then slammed shut and a low husky voice boomed, "I heard my name. Who's talking about me?" I winced remembering what the boys in school said. As Dally walked into the room I hid behind Ponyboy.

"Woah woah. It's okay Selene. I'll make sure Dally don't do nothin' to ya'." Ponyboy assured me.

Dally looked at me and circled around me, "Well lookie lookie here. Who's this gal Pony?" His voice made my spine shiver and the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Ponyboy glared at Dally, "Dally leave her alone. She ain't your age."

"She ain't my age? Pone she's your age ain't she?" Dally said questionably. Ponyboy shot back, "No. She's 13. She's real smart."

Dally lightly touched my cheek and that was it. I got so scared I shoved him and he gave me a nasty look. Two-bit stepped in front of me and looked up at Dally, "Woah Dal! She didn't know any better! Let her off easy."

Dally glared at me and sat down on the couch. Ponyboy looked at him, "You ain't gonna be able to sleep here tonight Dally, Selene is staying here for a couple of days."

Dally looked enraged and I whimpered and backed up behind Ponyboy. Two-Bit suggested they all go out and find Johnny to play football, so everyone left leaving me and Dally there for a few moments, he walked up to me and glared down at me and whispered in my ear, "You better watch it Blue Streak," and with that he walked out of the door. Blue Streak…I thought…He's the first person to remark on my hair...Brown with a blue dyed piece that goes over my right eye…that's me. Dallas Winston would know this all to well.