Ponyboy's POV

When I woke the next morning I felt awful, I dreamt of nothing but Selene and I know she doesn't like me that way. I have to do my best to bottle up my feelings. I shivered as I walked towards school, it was starting to get cold out. I remembered that today was November first and Dally's birthday was on the eighth. I wonder if he remembered. I'd have to ask him after school.

The school day was mainly completely boring, I kept getting in trouble for daydreaming though, and I knew it was about Selene. I couldn't stop thinking about her. I was finally glad when school ended and she came up to talk with me.

"Hi Ponyboy how was your day?" she asked happily.

"Fine Selene." I felt butterflies in my stomach when I spoke to her. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard a loud car horn.

"Hey! Pony! Blue Streak! I'm here to pick you up cause Sodapop sent me!" I heard Dally's voice yell to us.

Selene's POV

I turned angrily to Dally, he nearly scared me to death. I knew to listen though so I hopped in the car with Ponyboy. Dally smiled and sped off.

"W-woah! Why are you going so fast!" I said a little shocked at the speed he was going.

"Oh please! Calm down Blue Streak! This is normal for me! Hold on tight!" Dally laughed and kept on speeding.

When he stopped at a stop sign, which greatly surprised me, I was shaken up, eyes wide and I felt sick to my stomach and looked at Dally and said, "D-Dallas pull over I'm gonna be sick!"

Dally stopped immediately and I got out and coughed, I threw up a little and after feeling better I got back in and began to speak in a threatening voice, "Drive slower!"

"Alright alright. Don't get yer panties in a twist Blue Streak." He said mockingly.

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. Ponyboy spoke up,

"Hey Dal? Can we stop at Selene's place?"

"Why Pony?" Dally questioned.

"Cause I want to see her grandmother again." I said quietly, looking down.

Dally laughed, "Trying to get close to Selene's family? Trying to make a move on her Pone?"

My face turned blood red and I looked down quickly replying no. Dally listened to me though which surprised me quite a bit, after a couple minutes we were stopped in front of Selene's house. Selene stepped out first and a little girl came running out to great her.

"Selene! Selene! You're home!" said Selene's kid sister, Serena, in her tiny little voice.

"Hi Serena!" Selene said picking up her sister and spinning her around. I looked at Dally as he growled and muttered, "I don't like kids…"

Serena made a face at Dally sticking her tongue out at him. Selene laughed and looks at Dally, "Better be careful Dallas. My baby sister don't seem to like you too much. She's gonna get you when you least expect it!" She laughed loudly, though Dally looked angrily at her.

"Your kid sister won't mess with me unless she wants to die." Dally said, irritated.

"Selene? Selene my dear child? Is that you I hear laughing?" I heard her grandmother's voice call from a different room.

Selene's POV

"Yes Grammy!" Selene called, setting down her bag and walking into the other room, I noticed that Dally followed me curiously and Ponyboy was right behind him.

I went over to my grandmother and gave her a big hug, I noticed her look at Ponyboy and Dally and she began to speak, "Hello Ponyboy. Who is the one with the hate in his eyes?"

I knew she was talking about Dally and I quickly replied to her, "This is Dallas Winston. Dally this is grandmother."

"Your grandma's a fossil Selene." He replied, I glared at him, angry about that snide remark.

"You better watch it Winston. Don't talk trash bout her." I fired back.

"Yeah yeah whatever Blue Streak." He didn't look phased.

I noticed my grandmother get up and take hold of one of Dally's head, she was looking at his palms, he seemed a little shocked but then irritated.

"What're you looking for grandma?! I never gave you permission to touch me!" He tried to pull his hand away, but my grandmother being the stubborn woman she was kept hold and began to speak after a minute,

"You have had a very harsh past, I can't even count how many times you've been to jail. Beware boy, your reckless behavior will cost you what you love dearly."

"I don't love anything." Said Dally, yanking his hand back.

"You don't mean that child." My grandmother said then went back to sitting in her chair.

"C'mon I want to leave." Dally said impatiently.

I said goodbye to Grammy and left with Ponyboy and Dally. I was in a daze for some reason and didn't notice we were at Ponyboy's house until Dally slapped me upside the head and said, "Hey! We're here! C'mon! Out!"

"O-oh sorry Dally I didn't notice…" I said a little embarrassed. I hopped out of the car and walked into Ponyboy's house with him and Dally.

Ponyboy helped me with my homework while Dally sat on the couch and watched TV. When we were finished we decided to go out to the lot, where we found Johnny.

"Hi Johnny Cade!" I said smiling happily at him. He smiled slightly at me.

"Hi Selene." He said quietly.

"Hey kiddies do you want to go see a movie later on?" Dally said leaning against the brick wall of a run-down building.

"Sure." Ponyboy and Johnny said. I nodded hesitantly. Later on we went to the movies but, I had trouble watching it knowing there was something on my mind. I was even too dazed to even notice the Socs taunting me. After the movie we went to Pony's house. Darry and Sodapop were already home and with them was Two-Bit and Steve.

"Hey Selene. You look like somethin's been buggin you the entire night. What's up?" Johnny asked, looking at me suspiciously.

"I have a confession to make…Promise you guys won't be mad?" I asked.

Suddenly all eyes were on me for a moment and they nodded so I took a deep breath and began to speak,

"I gotta leave Tulsa for a…a long while…"

"How long?" Ponyboy asked.

I took another deep breath and looked up, "A year."