Hey old and new readers. A couple years ago, I had written this story; an AU of 'What if we had a Prototype 2?' with a twist, considering the second installment didn't have PARIAH and we were waiting (we still are). Back then I was a young girl with a lot of time on her hands and, seeing as many people enjoyed this story she came up with, I've decided to remaster it. Yep, I've polished it up to standard. Also, nobody could tell me how bloody annoying I was? I will erase all the pointless notes and ANs because shit they were definitely unneeded. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, helped me improve drastically and saw the potential this story held.

Just a pointer: this story was written in my loose interpretation of what could've happened if Prototype 2 was the sequel to Prototype.

"One virus, three weeks, millions dead...and I was there. My name was Alex Mercer, and my work is almost done."

He just saved the world from becoming Hope, Idaho's twin and now, he had absolutely nothing to do. His stomach growled and he placed a hand over it; he didn't seem himself. He felt empty, blank and somewhat confused. The explosion literally fucked him up but he managed to reconstruct his form bone by bone, muscle by muscle. But something was off and it scared him, no matter how hard he hid it. Something was whispering, directing him somewhere so being the curious virus he was, he stepped on air, landing in a cracked crater and cars honked their horns angrily as it swerved out of the way.

Eyeing the beeping vehicle with so much disgust the driver released the horn and shrunk into his seat, he broke into a sprint, red and black finally rippling by his legs and giving him the extra boost of speed. Elizabeth Greene was done for, Captain Cross was dead, thank God, and his sister was still in a coma. He thought hard as he turned the corner, hearing Marine troopers curse at him and his nose wrinkled. Wait, what the fuck did I do? I literally saved your asses a while ago. You could at least give me some credit. The whispering coaxed him even more, telling him to run up a building and glide to the desired location, wherever this desired location was. He didn't know who it was since Elizabeth was biomass. It was unlikely to be her son, PARIAH, unless he had somehow tapped into the Hivemind. That would be bad, on every possible level.

Nobody was around when he stopped in front of Penn Station, not even Infected. The area triggered a memory in his mind and he saw himself—the actual Alex Mercer—die right in this very place. Blinking the images away, he noticed the whispers stopped so he said "Guess this is the place."

Stepping inside, all was quiet and still until he saw a shadow move and he pivoted, arms rippling to his deadly claws and he heard a laugh which he thought was his own. I mean, it did sound exactly like it. Hearing your own laugh not coming from your own mouth usually meant you were going crazy. "Oh, Alex..." he heard someone say. He called it, definitely going crazy. "You shouldn't have come alone."

"Who's there?" His face grimaced; he hated sounding so vulnerable. It did not suit the BLACKLIGHT Virus at all. He heard heels echoing against the stone flooring and turning towards the sound, he swore the entire planet could smell how shocked he was. The man wore the exact same thing Alex was wearing but his eyes were red-hot and a pink scar stretched up the left side of his jaw and cheek. His smile was stuck on his face when he revealed himself, taking Alex's usual stance with the hands in the pockets. Mercer pointed with a claw, "Who the fuck are you?"

There was only one simple answer, "I'm you."

"No the fuck you're not."

"I beg to differ."

"You'll be begging for your life when I'm done with you."

"Let's not get too worked up. This is your fault, Alex. Your heroic yet foolish action made the two of us."

Realization smacked him across the face yet, "Explain."

"I...I mean you dropped the nuke in the Atlantic, right? You didn't get out of the radius in time and ended up like bird shit on the pier. Now, as you regenerated whatever you are, you also made me. I knew there was something dark festering in you, Alex. Nothing but instinct."

"How is that possible?"

"Ask yourself that. Plus, you were the one that made the BLACKLIGHT Virus, not me."

Okay, he was totally bemused now. So this guy who claimed to be Alex, even though Alex was standing right there, hailed him to Penn Station and was wearing the exact same clothes as him? Utter bullshit, that's what it was. Nope. He wasn't buying none of it. There can only be one Alex Mercer running around and if that meant tackling his outer demon, then let that be it. Unless the man was a really good cosplayer that scarily looked like him, the fucker was dying. "So, what, I'm Alex and you are?"

"ZEUS. I was made to destroy the world and make a new one. I'd call it the New World...yeah." His insane smile grew as he circled Alex, brushing his shoulder with his fingertips. "There'll only be one race..."

"What the fuck are you planning?"

"I'm planning to kill the world."

"The world, huh? And how are you going to do that exactly?"

"Infect one being at a time. I'm a simple man, the need for complexity is already in my DNA and needs to be balanced. But since you're here, that means killing you first." He moved at unimaginable speed and Alex was unable to register his movements, finding himself pinned to a column with firm hands. Okay, not a cosplayer. "We can do this the easy way," an identical blade rested at this throat. "Or the hard way."

Alex said nothing, mixed emotions raging within. Insanity, paranoia, confusion, anger, but most importantly revenge. His demon was alive and there's nothing he can do about it except fight back until he's done for. Alex grunted as wet tendrils snaked around his body and trapped him against the column, the building rumbling and spluttering at the infestation rotting through the structure and ZEUS said "Sorry, Mercer. I know we will meet again, just not sure where." Walking off, he left Alex to squirm to freedom, ropes too tight to move his claws and just like that, the building caved in on him.

ZEUS, who witnessed the entire scene happen before him, smiled underneath his hood and turned to gaze at the city. All the possibilities, the people, the variation of his virus. This was just part of his plan; to turn everyone into a single unit, a single species.,,that was his end game. "Time to play, Manhattan," he sighed contently and he ran up a building, marveling at the engaging environment.