Late Updates call for stressful times. Trying to end this also; I've got so much stuff in my hands that it's kinda weighing me down. I've also realised that the characters in Prototype 1 & 2, with my name, both die which kinda puts me down a bit (lul). Enjoy Reading! ;)

Dana slammed into the bookcase and scarred it, books slipping off the shelves and Alex looked at the assassin in disbelief when she straightened up, smirk on her face. She opened her right palm and the tiny chips in the knife's grip were attracted to the magnets in her glove and flew out of his grasp and into her's, holding it in the reverse grip. "You seriously gonna kill us with a knife? That's not a knife," his biomass looped over his right arm, extending down to his loafers but she didn't drop her guard. "This is a knife."

"If I can kill Brawlers with a blade, I can kill you. It's harder for Prototypes to regenerate while biomass is leaking out of them... Am I right?"

"Jess, get the fuck out of there!"

"Can't; smart ass like me dropped our access to everything in here but I'm distracted."

"Then hurry the fuck up!"

"Why are guys so demanding? I said I'm distracted." Her reflexes moved her, having her leap over the sofa just as the angry Caucasian swiped for her and slid onto the floor, dodging Heller's big boot. Her eyes flashed, letting out an echo in the room and it bounced off a spot on the floor and she smiled, planning quick tactics. Firing into a sprint, she dive-rolled but failed to miss Dana's Hammerfist as it smacked into her abdomen and she flipped onto her back. Grunting, she rolled and avoided a blade that dented the floorboards and she was almost at the card, until hands gripped her calfs and threw her from under them. Crashing into the table and breaking it, she caught Alex's foot, the added strength pumping in her veins and she blasted him to the ceiling, having him rebound off it. Heller got hold of her shoulders and dashed her head-first through the hole in the wall, watching her grip the brick with her fingers and bounce back in.

"What the fuck are you?" he asked, striking with his claws but missed incredibly as she jumped back. How can he miss? A human versus a Prototype? The math should be easier done then said. But that's if she's human, her reflexes are a bit too fast for an assassin and GENTEK can't suddenly make a type of virus that can only manifest the body, and not everything else on the body. Or can they?

"If you stop attacking me then I'll show you." Being him, he ignored her and skewered her with his blade, watching her open her mouth and hold his weaponised arm. But something weird happened and she sent scatters of light to flicker on his blade, causing him to retract his blade and she fell on one knee. A hysterical laugh erupted from her, and her skin started rebuilding itself, cell by cell, tissue by tissue. "I'm not who you think I am," she breathed.

Alex got back on his feet, literally dragged Jessica off the ground and trapped her on the wall with a hand on her throat, her skin cells appearing like a fresh layer. "What are you?"

"No comment."

He repeated his question, applying pressure on her throat and her eyes bulged, hands trying to pry away the vice-like grip. "What are you?"

She clamped her mouth shut and he smashed her head onto the wall, receiving no response except her muting the earpiece. "I can't say... But if you let me go... I'll tell you what you need to know... I know everything..."

"How so?"

"I know where Hazelle is... I know where Amaya is..."

"Maya...?" Heller said, looking at the ebony woman and she haltingly nodded, gritting her teeth when the demon leaned too close to her face.

"Yeah... I know where... She is... But it's not certain... She's been moved alot..."

"And how do you know this?"

"Because I'm... Because I'm an android. The only reason why I know so goddamn much is because I'm an android assassin."

"Since when did GENTEK start making robots?"

"Ever since I died in an explosion. Look, GENTEK altered my body to... This. They only did it because I was a valuable asset and plus, the League would struggle at some areas."

"The League?"

"No comment."

"She's lying," Heller insisted, standing next to his worst enemy and stared in her green eyes, poking her shoulder.

"Why the fuck would I lie about that? You saw how I just blasted Mercer to the ceiling and you think the average human would be able to handle that much weight? You're having a laugh."

"She's an android," Alex confirmed, dropping her and left her to catch her breath. "I can tell."

"How can you tell she ain't no Brawler in a costume? Or an Evolved with a disguise?" Heller asked him, looking him straight in the eye.

"She's half robot; who can infect her anyway if she's practically made up of half metal? She's not some sort of Supreme Hunter or anything..." When he trailed off, Jessica gripped his arm and landed a kick square in the chest and he stumbled back, anger getting the better of him. He sent a punch that almost snapped her neck off and she ducked under his other fist, coming up wide eyed. She manipulated the electricity in her body and it sizzled on her fingertips, barely touching Alex as he jumped back in time.

"Who said I'm not an Evolved?"

"Son of a bitch..."

"Remember this, Alex?" she teased him, waving her electrified hand about. "This really wasn't your best friend, was it?"

"What the fuck do you want, Miles?" Dana questioned, biomass becoming more heavier and dense and she pounded her fists together, Hammerfists as the ready.

"Me? Oh, nothing." She fixed her clothes, walked over to the spot where the memory was thrown and picked it up, placing it in a slot in her gauntlet.

"Then why are you here?"

"Just... Being me... I guess. You know what? I just remembered something. Your daughter is safe, Heller, but the people she's with is not so nice."

"How so?"

"Linden Park, black ops, Dennis Wayne. You need that guy to find your solution, he should reveal to you the locations of your daughter and ZEUS. I'll be watching."

"Wait... It can't be that easy."

"Because it isn't. Dennis is an Evolved, he'd be more than willing to fight you but be warned. He kinda has the skill of summoning Hydras."

Dana's voice turned to a little squeal, "Hydras?"

"Yeah. One more thing, I suggest you hurry to go find her. ZEUS is thinking of making her the Mother of the New World as she carries Heller's resilient DNA."

"If you're an android, why do you seem... Yourself?"

Her attention was diverted to Alex, who also had his claws out. "Good question. Answer: I'm still the Jessica Miles before, only now, my body has been enhanced by modern technology and science. What? You gonna try and kill me now? You think I'm gonna go kiss ZEUS' ass and tell him where you're hiding? A bit extreme, don't you think?"

"You're an Evolved... We don't trust Evolved."

"Okay, just because I'm an Evolved, you instantly think I'm a threat and try to kill me. I didn't ask for this, so I became defiant and went rouge after ZEUS sent one of his to find me."

"Has he?"

"Nope." Before she could react, the room let out a blinding light that caught everyone off guard; the sound of metal chaffing and harsh breathing clicked in their minds. Once the smoke cleared and their vision wasn't distorted, at least 15 troopers surrounded them, assaults aimed for their heads.

"Great, BLACKWATCH holding bounties over our heads now?" Dana muttered, biomass looping at her fingers again.

"They always have."

"Fuck it." Alex was the first to attack, musclemass able to literally rip the nearest black frame in two and made the ribcage of another cave in. With the anger he was willing to take out on the fools who tried to surprise-attack them, he ran to them knowing that more were on the way. Driving his claws deep in a torso, he grunted as blood sprayed everywhere and darted to another black figure, punching him once and watched him rag-doll to the wall with broken bones.

The gauntlet on the assassin's arm altered, crawling up the lengths of her arms and pierced her skin, creating durable shoulder-guards and a chestplate. She grinned devilishly as she dodged strikes from the opposing side, giving a close trooper a clean roundhouse kick to the face. One of the troopers in black lunged for her, and she kneed him in the stomach and threw him back. His friend made a stupid move and grabbed her hair, making it jerk back and she sent electrons scattering on the strands, sending him to recoil like an assault out of control. Blades shot out of wrist and she became another weapon, hacking and slashing away with flowing grace and felt bullets bounce off her generated shield. That was until someone latched onto her from behind and she screamed, more electricity disorientating her nerves and crumpled to the floor.

Dana's claws came out to play and cleaved three troopers with short, quick swipes and she felt her left arm start to mutate, reflexively blocking a launched grenade with her generated shield pulsing with red and black. Taking care of the grenade launcher operator and realising her new ability with shock and surprise, she looked over at the now unconscious assassin surrounded with dispatched corpses and pounced, killing one of them with a spiked elbow. Moving her attention, she punched the other in the groin and followed it up with an axe kick that broke his back. More feet slapped against the stairs and she turned to the noise, growling when more BLACKWATCH troopers started flooding in. "We need to keep Miles alive."

"Is that an option? Because I'd rather leave her to die."

"Agreed," Alex said, feasting on a half-dead guy and managed to push aside the memories that wanted to haunt his mind.

"She knows where Amaya is. Isn't that why you're with us in the first place?" Heller paused, bullets passing through his torso as he glared at the woman with the silver eyes, identical to the Demon's. He didn't answer, taking care of the annoying pricks that was releasing rounds on him. He used his Tendrils for the Black Hole move, making loose furniture collide dangerously with the vulnerable mortals and swiftly changed to his Blade where he spun like a tornado, extinguishing the last few lives.

"Guys..." The hooded figure stopped moving and had his head up, as if he's discovered something. "It's seems like they've thrown us a surprise party."

"Then I'm staying."

"Dana, I can't afford to lose you again."

"And I can't afford to let intel slip by. She could be the answer to everything."

"I don't have time for an argument."

"This isn't an argument, it's a choice I've settled with."


"Alex, I'll be fine. Just go." Alex stared at his younger sister with cold eyes and snarled, sprinting for the hole in the wall and climbed up and Heller looked back at her, before joining his 'creator' on the rooftops.

So many enigma codes... Jessica is actually an infected android (if that makes sense) with a humanly disguise, which has been revived by science. Her body, before the explosion had already been infected with the virus but didn't mutate until scientists made her half machine. Oh GENTEK, what else are you gonna make?