Disclamer: Hetalia belongs to Funimation and its creators, certainly not me.

All of these one-shots will feature Hetalia OC's (own characters) made up by me and my friends. Here's a quick list of all of the characters, just so you don't get confused.

Bermuda (island and triangle) Human name, Erik Ivan Phillips

Ireland, human name Brigid O'Donnell

Aran Islands (Also known as Gingy, or the Republic of Ginger) human name, Molly McGuffin

Mexico Human name, Rosario (Esparanza de La Cruz)

Bahamas Human name, Ariella

Faroe Island Eva Holmberg

Most of these one-shots will be written by me, but some will be written by my friends. I will inform you if they are. Regular Hetalia characters will also be in the stories as well, but usually as side or co-main characters. If you have any questions or one-shot suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Thanks for reading!