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In the Atama Security building

"Nice to get out for a change, huh? You know, sometimes, I think Hetty makes us stay in Ops just so she can keep an eye on us. Like were going to get in trouble out in the field. Nell? Uh, Nell?" Eric asked looking around for her. "Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones, NCIS?"

Eric gets worried that something happened to Nell and tries to call Hetty, then Nell comes out of nowhere, "What are you doing?"

"Oh, uh, just have her call me back," Eric stuttered into the phone as he sat down into the chair, "Where were you?"

"I was tapping into their phone lines, remember? Are you sure you're okay?" Nell asked him.

"Hey, um, are you strapped?" Eric questioned.

"Excuse me?"

"Packing, Carrying Heat?" Eric tried to be more specific, "Do you have a gun?"

Nell looked at him confused, "Yes, I have my service weapon, why?"

"Good, no, just checking," Eric sighed in relief.

Nell walked over to him, she stood a few inches in front of him, her head just inches above him as he sat in his chair, "Wolfram, you're safe with me," she whispered. Eric looked into her eyes and saw his longing reflected in hers, so he sat up a little straighter so their faces were even closer. Nell hesitantly closed the distance between them. From the moment they started the kiss, both felt sparks and then fireworks as years of denied emotions flowed from both of them. Eric slowly wrapped his arms around her waist, drawing her to his lap, as she wrapped her arms around his neck, both wanting to be closer to the other, but neither getting as close as they wanted to. After about five minutes of kissing and pulling each other nearer, Eric's phone rang. Slowly they pulled back from each other, shy smiles on both of their faces, Eric released Nell with only one of his arms and tightening his other arm around her as she still held his neck. Eric pulled out his phone still looking deeply into Nell's eyes, "This is Eric."

"Ah, Mr. Beale," Hetty's voice was loud from the phone.

"Hetty!" Eric almost shouted as he jumped up, causing Nell to squeal in surprise, but still hold on to him her feet hanging a few feet off the ground.

"You called me a little bit ago, um, is Nell ok?" Hetty asked in response to hearing Nell squeal.

"Oh, um, Nell's fine, um," Eric said trying to figure out how to explain the squeal without telling Hetty it was because they were making out and he surprised her by standing up.

Nell giggled, and took the phone from Eric, "Hey Hetty, I'm fine, there is just a picture of a cockroach in this cubicle, and when I saw it, it sort of scared me for a moment."

"Oh, alright. Well, Mr. Beale had called," Hetty said.

"Oh, yea, I told him to call and say we are almost done," Nell lied again.

"Ok, well, good job, grab some lunch on the way back here to ops, and bring me a sandwich," Hetty said.

"Can and will do, Hetty!" Nell said before hanging up and giggling.

"She believed all that?" Eric asked her.

"Yea," Nell said giggling again and kissing his cheek, "Oh, and were bringing her a sandwich for lunch."

They both burst out laughing from the situation. Eric spun Nell around, before finally putting her on her feet and kissing her once more, "Um, Nell?"

"Yes, Eric?" she asked looking up at him.

"I think I'm in love with you," Eric said looking into her eyes.

Nell blushed lightly. "I KNOW I'm in love with you, Eric Alexander Beale," Nell whispered smiling.

Eric chuckled, "Ok, I was wrong, I don't think I am, I do KNOW I'm in love you with you, JANELLE Elisabeth Jones."

Nell giggled, "You know something? I like my real name when you say it."

"I'm glad, now we should hurry and pack up so we can get some food for Hetty," Eric smiled.

"Ok, but if you ever tell anyone my full name," Nell threatened.

"Never," Eric promised smiling.

After they had packed all their equipment, grinning Eric grabbed Nell's hand and interlaced his fingers with hers, "Let's go, 'Lizzy'."

"Ok, 'Alex'," Nell said giggling.

(A/N: I thought they needed to give each other nicknames from their middle names, lol. I also thought Nell would work better for her as a nickname and only Eric would know her real name, do you like the one I picked? I feel like this is good as is as a one shot, but tell me what you think!)