To Leia Organa Solo. My life and , What can I say, I love you! My life was not complete until you were in it. When I first saw you, you were just a young princess, and now, you're the love of my life.

I love everything about you, your kind, funny, sweet and beautiful.

It's hard to believe that I nearly lost you once, Today I still hate myself for it. But when you agreed to marry me. I just wanted to cry with happiness. And then, when you told me you did want to have children, I just couldn't believe it! I didn't think my life could get any better, but it did! You're an amazing mother, and the best wife an ex-smuggler could have!

You have stuck by me through everything, When I was frozen in carbonite, When I had hibernation sickness, the battle on Endor, The death of Chewbacca, the death of Jacen and Anakin. Everything. And I thank-you.

Leia, You are the most wonderful woman I have ever met. Sweetheart, You made my life complete. We have been through the worst, but now, we have the best to come!

I truly, deeply love you….