She woke to many things at once.

The first; Sirens
The second; Screaming
The third; Pain

It had started out like a normal day. Jade had driven Tori to school, all the while talking about scissors, and other things. They went to Hollywood Performing Arts, their closest friends, Cat, Robbie, Andre and Beck. They were all in Drama with their crazy teacher, who had told them the week before to find a partner and perform something from Romeo and Juliet. Naturally, Jade had wanted to be Tori's partner. But she had picked Beck instead. Tori and Beck went first, so Jade settled back to watch them do their scene.

"Romeo, Romeo, were for art thou Romeo?" said Tori in that dreamy voice of hers. She wore a dramatic 1600's style dress while Beck wore tights and a unitard. You can believe the fangirling that happened when he walked in in that. Jade flicked her blue-green and black hair to the side, off her face as she saw Tori and Beck continue their scene.

Then it happened.

Tori leaned in and KISSED Beck . ON. THE. MOUTH. Anger knotted in her stomach as she glared at the two. Did she just KISS BECK!? She screamed in her head, furious. What the hell is she playing at!? The scene ended with them locking lips again, and then retreating to different sides of the stage, their faces alight with puppy love. Not that Jade had seen much of it anyways, she was too busy plotting Beck's death. Or Tori's. Whichever came first.

Jade was the first one out of the classroom when the bell rang, she stalked quickly down the hallway and towards her locker. Her eyes meeting with anyone she could in the hallway, glaring, daring them to say something, daring them to give her an excuse to punch them in the mouth. So consumed in her jealousy, Jade didn't notice Tori running up behind her until she slammed her locker open, almost hitting the other girl in the face.

"Hey!" Exclaimed Tori, jumping back. "Who shit in your cornflakes this morning?"

To avoid slapping her across the face, Jade gathered her things and ran down the hallway, closing her locker with a bang. She just made it to the bathroom as she started sobbing. "She doesn't care. I love her and she doesn't even notice! That little bitch!" She screamed in frustration, throwing her books at the wall. She walked to pick them up then fell, landing hard, still sobbing. She just lay there, clutching her chest. Finally, about twenty minutes later and well into third period, Jade stopped crying. She picked herself up off the ground and gathered her things. In the mirror, she looked like a raccoon, her mascara running down her cheeks. So she wiped it off and re-applied before leaving the washroom in time for fourth period. She avoided her friends, walking behind people and ducking through doors to avoid them. Her embarrassment was clear on her face. People snickered at her and offered her a tissue when she walked by. By lunch time, she was so nervous to face her friends, she ate in the hallway, away from the rest of the students. Her friends didn't find her until fifth period had just ended. Well, it was Tori who found her. She took her aside into a deserted class room and crossed her arms over her chest, tapping her foot she asked.

"What's wrong Jade? What did I do?"

Jade, who had just regained her composure, completely snapped.

"What's wrong? WHAT'S WRONG!? I'll tell you what's wrong! YOU KISSED HIM. YOU KISSED HIM IN FRONT OF ME. And you LIKED it! For months I've been trying to get your attention! I've been trying to tell you that..."

"Tell me what?" Tori sighed, rolling her eyes.

Jade slapped Tori right across the face, "THAT I LOVE YOU IDIOT!" She screamed. She was met by silence. Tori, in front of her, was holding her cheek, her mouth wide open with shock. "You...what?"

"I love you." She said again, this time gentler.

"Jade...I don't...I...I'm not into girls." Tori blurted.

Ouch. That hurt.

"Fine then." Jade hissed, her eyes filling with fears, her voice filled with venom. "Fine." She pushed Tori out of her way and ran down the hallway, ignoring Tori's yells for her to stop.