Suspend My Disbelief


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Chapter 7

Loki's head snapped sideways as Jake punched him. Luckily he'd managed to move back just enough that most of Jake's aim was wrong and off center, but the edge of his fist was enough to throw Loki off guard and stepping backwards to maintain his footing.

Darcy screamed behind him and grabbed Loki's arms, trying to make sure he was okay and get between the two men, but Loki was stronger and faster, while Jake was strong, he lacked the ability to recover from an attack as quickly as Loki and Loki used that to his advantage as his hands formed into their own fists and hit the shorter but heavier man.

Jake stumbled down a few steps at the entrance of Darcy's building in the unexpected retaliation. He clutched his jaw and yelled at them, spit flying out of his injured mouth as a snarl formed on his face. Darcy flinched at the monster like expression Jake wore but her feet didn't move as she faced him.

"You fucking bitch!" He spat on the floor, a mixture of blood and spit hit the ground and Darcy winced at how disgusting he was. How unlike a gentleman he was behaving outside in the street. It make Darcy cringe out of embarrassment for him. "Was this all some twisted lie so you could go and fuck other men?" Loki's arms tensed at the accusations, she noticed and Darcy wanted to hide upstairs in her flat but couldn't leave Jake when he was acting like this. She owed him an explaination, true, but that didn't mean he had any right to intrude on her home and punch her- she stopped that trail of thought. Her friend, she corrected internally.

"I can assure you, Jake, Darcy and I are just-" Loki was surprisingly calm for a man that was just in a fist fight, face still red from where the shorter mans fist had connected.

"Bullshit! She's just a fucking whore."

"Jake, go away, I told you I never wanted to see you again, so why the fuck are you even here?" Darcy cried out, grabbing onto Loki's arm as he rubbed his sore jaw and standing in front of him.

"Because, Darcy," His voice was mocking and Darcy felt her anger increase at his tone. She was not his to worry about and treat like a child. "I called your mother, she's worried but I can see this is just some fucked up scheme to get me out of the way. If you wanted to see other people you could have just ended it! Geez, not make up some crazy amnesia bullshit!" Darcy stiffened. His words were angry and vicious, but that's not what caused her to freeze, panic washing over her like an ice cold bucket of water.

Her mother? Did he just say her mother?

Her mother was alive.

Her mother was alive!

Darcy couldn't breathe. Did this mean her father was here as well? She wanted to be hopeful, but right now she could only think of her mother, alive and well and contactable! She felt stupid for not even looking in her phones address book to see if 'Mom' or 'Dad' were in there, but then again, she'd never had to call them before...

Loki must have sensed her shock, but mistook it for fear of Jake's volatile words, ushering her behind him again and confronting Jake, Darcy let herself be moved, still reeling from this new information.

"I think you better leave." Loki paused, as if reconsidering his words. "It would be wise for you to leave." His voice low and menacing.

"You're gonna have your hands full with this one. It's the smart ones that are mental!" Jake warned, backing away from them.

Darcy watched in shock as Loki leapt forward and grabbed Jake by the collar of his shirt with his left hand and slammed his fist into Jake's cheekbone with his right.

"Fuck." Darcy said to herself, snapping out of her daze watching the scene unfold. The old lady from the apartment block next to hers had peered out of the window sill again and was yelling down at Loki in encouragement.

"Kick his ass! Worthless jerk." Darcy glared up at the older woman and rolled her eyes.

"Loki. Stop!" She rushed down the stairs and grabbed Loki's suit sleeve just after he'd hit her ex once again, tugging on it to get him to stop and move away from Jake, who was now lying on the floor; Loki looming over him and continuing to beat the living crap out of him. "Loki! Please." She begged. He halted his actions and turned to look down at her, his chest heaving as his fierce green eyes penetrated into her wide frightened blue. "Please..." She whispered, her hands reaching to cover his bloody fist.

His breathing calmed, becoming less frantic as his eyes softened. He nodded slowly at her request and they began to walk away from Jake.

"She's not even a good fuck, dude! Totally not worth the trouble." Jake decided to interrupt.

Darcy growled and let go of Loki's hands, turning back around to Jake's bloodied pretty boy face. She pressed her hand to Loki's chest to stop him from following her as her heels clicked on the sidewalk until she was directly in front of Jake; he was on his knees, one hand on the floor and the other on his damaged face. Halfway between recovering and standing up.

Darcy leaned down, her face looking down at his with a curious look before her lips twisted in a smirk as she stroked the unharmed side of his jaw. "Sweetie, I'm the best fuck you'll never have." She quickly stood up and pulling her leg back, she gave a swift kick in his ribs.

Jake fell back to the floor, hard. Letting out a groan as he rolled over onto his side, clutching his chest.

Serves him fucking right.

Darcy, satisfied but still a little fearful of her actions practically ran over to Loki and pulled him into the apartment block, ignoring the cheers from the little old lady who lived one block over. There was a wicked grin on her face as they ran up the stairs together that they had only descended minutes before.

She slammed the door behind them and bolted it shut, pressing her back against the frame as she laughed, adrenaline was pumping in her veins and she wanted to scream out loud! Yell about how awesome they were and dance, but her legs were shaking too much for dancing and she was grinning too widely to do anything else but laugh.

"I can't believe I just did that!" Darcy cried out in disbelief, running a hand over her face, unable to stop grinning. Loki was out of breath as well, standing a couple feet from her with an equally shocked and amused expression on his face. "I can't believe you did that!" Darcy laughed, motioning towards his hands and realizing just how splattered with blood they were. "Oh shit, are you okay? Did he hurt you?" She suddenly sobered, looking between his hands and the already reddened mark just on the bottom edge of his jaw.

Loki followed her line of sight and brought his hand up to his face to inspect the damage of both in more detail. "I don't think it's mine." He said, referring to the blood, but he sounded perplexed by the red on his knuckles. Had he never been in a fight before? She guessed he wasn't used to this either. Darcy was certainly surprised that the God of Mischief, who started a war on not one, but two worlds, had never been in a fist fight. She almost wanted to laugh again. Then again, Loki didn't strike her as the kind of hand-to-hand combat kind, he used those tiny little throwing knives in battles on Asgard or wherever, she remembered Thor joking about how puny they were, then Clint explaining the benefits of distance weapons over close range ones. Boy, that was a long movie night... ending in Natasha smacking Clint around the head when he tried to organize a fight between himself and the God of Thunder to prove his point. No, Loki was not a one on one fighter in her reality and even less so in this one judging by his even paler face.

"Come on, sit down and I'll grab a first aid kit or something." Darcy watched as he walked around the sofa and sat down in a haze. Yep, Loki was not a fighter, which only made his physical confrontation more meaningful.

She was grateful to her other self for having the common sense to store a first aid kit in the kitchen, albeit the only thing she had in her kitchen. She rushed back over to him and sat directly in front of him by perching on the coffee table. Darcy rested the kit on the table next to her and delicately took his right hand in her left and placed it on her lap and started to clean the blood off his skin, finding out that he was right, it mostly wasn't his.

"Thank you." She said after a long silence. She was officially down from her adrenaline high, now full of regret and embarrassment.

"That's quite alright, Darcy." The warmth and softness of his voice surprised her and her grasp on his fingers tightened slightly.

"No really, you didn't have to..."

"I wanted to." Loki interrupted. "I couldn't let him talk about you like that."

Darcy smoothed over a small bandage she had taped over a cut knuckle. His hand was cool in hers. She expected him to be hot, after all that activities of the evening, yet he was chilled. She looked up, their eyes meeting for a split second before she looked down again, like a magnetic resistance.

"But you didn't have to hurt yourself-"

Loki's other hand found her chin and pulled her gaze back up to his. "Darcy. I would do so much more than that for you."

His fingers guided her mouth to his, their lips touching in the briefest of touches. She pulled back, stunned. Their breath mingling. Mint. He tasted of mint.

"Loki..." She whispered tentatively. Her forehead crinkling with... with confusion? No, it was obvious he liked her and she'd seen enough cheesy tv shows to know that after a fight the adrenaline ran high and kissing usually ensued. So why was she so baffled by his kiss? Was it because she genuinely wanted to kiss him? Was it because she knew what he was really like and it certainly wasn't this? Leaning away from him and analyzed his face. His eyes were wide and searching, their infinite green were full of hope, fear, desperation and something dangerous, like if she rejected him then it wouldn't end well. He looked at her afraid, she was both real and not real. Like he wanted her to just be a dream but also not... Darcy couldn't see one hint of the Asgardian she was warned about. But then again, maybe she just didn't want to.

She reached up and pushed her fingers through his now messed up hair, taking pleasure in how his breath hitched at the action. She pushed his knees apart with hers and settled in between his legs as she held his head in place. Leaning slowly forward, she took her time to watch his eyes trail her face as she had just done. This was it. She knew there was no going back now, this was the craziest, stupidest, wildest thing she'd ever done, and this was a girl who took an internship in the asshole of nowhere about something she had no clue about just to get more credits.

Fuck it. This wasn't real anyway. Why can't she just enjoy herself?

Because it feels real. Darcy's head reminded her, because she had to live with the memories of this night for the rest of her life while the others involved didn't.

Then who is she really hurting? Her heart pumped harder as she inched closer to him, her lips hovering over his less than an inch away now. She could live with this for the rest of her life, she decided as her mouth covered his again.

It was delicate like before, but that didn't last long, soon she was pushing her lips harder into his, her tongue searching for his as she moaned her pleasure. Loki was a skilled kisser, knowing exactly how much to give without it being too much and taking little stops to nip at her bottom lip that made her gasp and he started to explore her open mouth with his tongue again. His hand gripped tightly but not roughly at the nape of her neck, so he could control the kiss and Darcy was more than willing to let him. She tiled her head to the right to get more access while Loki's hand dropped from her neck and rested on her waist, pulling her body closer to his on the sofa. It didn't take more than that for Darcy to climb on his lap, her dress rising up to gather around her thighs.

"Fuck." Loki growled as her hips grinded with him. He tilted his head back to gain some kind of self-control but Darcy took that opportunity to attack his neck with kisses and licks, delicately biting and sucking several places until she was happy he lost all control he tried to maintain. His bucked his hips into hers and she was pleased at her success.

"Oh…" She groaned as the heat pooling between her legs was pulsating at an alarming intensity. "Loki…"

He looked up at her, sitting in his lap, her lips full and hair messy from kissing. He looked up at her like she was Goddess and Darcy knew then that she would never forget this night. She caught his open mouth with hers and combined the manic kissing with slow movements of her hips against his. She was very aware of how hard he was and she loved grinding against it through the thin material of her panties. She had never felt so turned on from a bit of kissing before! But she'd never wanted to be kissing a man as much as now either.

"I need you." She muttered against his lips and it was all Loki needed to push her legs around his waist then wrap his arms around hers and stand up.

Darcy let out a small yelp at how strong he was but his husky voice distracted her. "Bedroom?"

"Anywhere." She replied, her voice husky, but looked over at the door that led to her untouched bed.

This was so wrong! Her mind screamed but her body was already too sensitive and was craving his touch. He carried her to the room, kicking open the door and closing it shut with one foot, a skill Darcy loved for some reason and giggled with excitement.

He slowly placed her on the bed, far too carefully for her liking. She sat up and it was her time to look up at the God and admire him. She smiled wickedly and pulled him closer by his belt, not losing eye contact the whole time as she undid the buckle, then the top button of his pants… She slowly, teasingly, slid the zipper down and she watched with amusement as Loki covered his face with both hands and swore into them. Yep, he certainly had no control over this anymore, she thought, pleased.

She wasn't sure if the boxer briefs surprised her or not, but this wasn't the time for that, Darcy decided while her hands found what she was after, and boy, was she pleased with what she found.

Loki was certainly a God. She thought with a smirk as one hand stroked his hard length, and the other pushed her hair over one shoulder. Leaning forward she gave a long, slow lick on the underside of him, her hands coming to rest on his still cloth covered thighs.

"Darcy… you don't…" He started to speak when she caused to him to stop and gasp by taking him deep in her mouth quickly and suddenly. "Fuck!" He groaned again, a hand finding its way into her messy hair and holding her head firmly as he hit the back of her throat. "Fuck…" He whimpered now and if her lips weren't already busy, she would have smirked.

Darcy pulled back, needing to breath and worried her gag reflex wouldn't cope and wrapped her hand over his base and began to pump while her lip covered the tip of his penis and her tongue darted around it in glee. She wanted to look up at him and see his expression as she took fast hard pumps followed by slow long ones, releasing the tip from her mouth and letting her tongue explore other parts of his manhood. At one point she though Loki was going to pull her hair out from is tight grasp, she guessed he liked it when she played with his balls, she thought with a smirk.

"Stop, Darcy. Or I'll…" She wanted to continue, to make him cum first, but he didn't like that idea and business man Loki always got what he wanted. He pushed Darcy back, not happy with her fully dressed state; he pulled her up only to reach down and whipped her dress off over her head in one smooth but planned out motion. She laughed at his skill as he threw the black material as far away from them as he could. "This, I like." He muttered, his hands running over the black lace of her bra. "But it needs to go." He twisted open the hook and Darcy let it fall to the ground. Darcy watched his eyes rack over her nearly naked body and bit her lip in anticipation. She wasn't worried about her appearance, she knew she was curvy, she had larger than average breasts for someone of her size which only emphasised how curvy she truly was. She wondered what Loki might be thinking as he got that look on his face again, the one where he wasn't sure if this was a dream or not. It didn't last for long.

He pulled his shirt off over his head and Darcy snapped into gear when she was faced with his abs. Compact, was the first word that popped into her mind. She was tempted to stick her tongue out and lick them, but decided that was best left for another time and pulled his pants down until they were bunched up around his ankles. He kicked them off easily and quickly pulled of his socks with a bit too much hast then turned his attention back to her now that they were both nearly naked. He gently guided her back on the bed, pushing her shoulders down so she was fully on her back. He ran his hands over the length of her stretched out body, exploring the angle of her shoulders, the weight of her breasts, the dip of her waist and finally, the wet heat of her womanhood beneath the thin lace of her panties. Darcy gasped when his fingers danced over her area but never dipping in. The men she'd been with before had always skipped over this bit, finding her wet and ready to go meant they just went for the kill, figuratively. No, Loki smiled up at her, his face showing just how pleased he was at her body's reaction to him.

"I like this." He said, his eyes crinkled up at the edges.

"Like what?" Darcy asked, her voice hoarse but more confident that she usually was with a man in bed.

"You. Wet. For me." He answered slowly and Darcy had to stifle a moan with her hand when she felt him slowly slide her underwear off her hips and down her legs.

He pushed her knees open like she had earlier with him, and Darcy was about to look down at him when she felt his hair brush the inner thigh. Fuck! Was he? She had her answer a second later when his tongue pressed against the apex of her thighs. His fucking amazing tongue! Darcy's mind sang as he circled her clit and stroked her center with one hand, the other gripping her thigh. His attention was undivided and completely overwhelming. He pulled back and blew causing her to shiver before his lips found her again, hot and cold. It was hard for Darcy not to squeeze his head with her thighs as his teeth nipped her clit lightly. Fuck. She didn't know if she wanted this slow torture to stop or consume her but her stomach muscles clenched uncontrollably and she was at the point of insanity when she had to grab a fistful of his hair to get him to pause otherwise she'd have gone mad. His chucked into her thighs and Darcy threw her head back, a whimper escaping her throat at the sensation of his mouth vibrating in her most intimate area.

"Fuck, Loki. I need you." When he didn't immediately move, she propped herself up on an unsteady elbow. "I just... need you in me now." She practically growled, grasping the side of his face, guiding his mouth back to hers. He smirked into her mouth but pulled away.

"Condom." He explained when she glared at him.

"I don't have any." There was a pause that made Darcy hate each second that ticked by. "I'm clean. On the pill too." She volunteered, feeling like a needy horny teenager as she did.

There was some kind of internal struggle behind Loki's eyes that Darcy once again wished she could hear, but a moment later Loki's weight was on top of her again in a fantastically suffocating way.

"I'm clean."

They returned to their heated battle of teeth and tongue before he found the perfect position on top of her, her legs carefully hooked around his to give him the best access.

Loki's hair had completely fallen out of its perfect style and black tendrils framed his face, Darcy wanted to take a mental picture of how perfect this moment was. She nodded encouragement to him, needing him completely which he still denied her, choosing to run his hand up and down her arms, littering soft kisses on random parts of her exposed skin. She relaxed into his easily given caresses, she'd never been worshiped like this in bed before, it was new and exciting and every nerve stood to attention as he slowly adjusted their position and pushed into her.

Darcy opened her mouth, her gasp muted by Loki's lips on hers, giving her a hard open mouthed kiss. It was unhurried again, she was happy to revel in the feel of him inside her, stretching her in magnificent ways and they soon found a rhythm that matched each other's. It had been so long since she'd been with a guy, she knew this would leave her sore tomorrow, but it was the least of her worries right now. Darcy shifted her hips slightly to get a more comfortable angle and Loki tensed above her at the movement.

"What? Sorry, did I…" Darcy began to apologize.

"No, it's not you… It's just been a while." He explained. "I'm not sure how much more of you I can take." He admitted, squeezing his eyes shut before exhaling and Darcy wasn't sure if he just meant sex.

"That's alright. We still have all night." She teased, moving her hips in the same way again.

"Fuck." He groaned through gritted teeth and Darcy reached up to stroke his shoulders and biceps as he thrust into her, faster than before.

"Oh shit!" Darcy cried, knowing the familiar building up sensation she felt in the bottom of her stomach. "I'm so close, Loki. Please…" She didn't know why she was begging, he wasn't stopping, but her words seemed to push him so close to the edge that he reached down and began to brush over her sensitive clit again with the tip of one finger. "Fuck, Loki! Please…" She whined, her palm covering her mouth as moans she couldn't control escaped.

It took a few more deep angled thrusts and perfectly executed teasing of her clit and Darcy felt her internal muscles squeeze and pulsate around him. Her legs tightly wrapped around his hips, ankles crossed as she tried to pull him in closer to her. Deeper. Her toes curled as she pushed him further into her, her thighs shook under the wave of pleasure and her stomach muscles clenched and relaxed randomly as she rode out her orgasm. She didn't know what to do with her arms, so they continued to touch, squeeze and stroke Loki until she was in a bit more control of her tremors, finally they ended up wrapped around his shoulders, sleek with sweat. She pulled him lower and pressed a hard closed mouthed kiss against his lips, moaning as she felt him shift inside her.

"Fuck. I mean, wow…" Darcy breathed, smiling blissfully up at the man who made her lose control. "You are amazing." Rewarding him with a desperate kiss.

Loki's head dropped, and for a second Darcy thought it was modesty until she noticed exactly where he was looking, where they were joined. She smiled, enjoying his excitement as well as her own. His hands roamed over her body, squeezing her hips, cupping her breasts, tracing invisible patterns on her sensitive skin until she stopped panting from her orgasm.

"I think it's your turn now, buddy boy." Darcy teased, running her still slightly unsteady hands over his bare chest, tracing a finger down his sternum then around his abs and turning their positions on the bed around so she straddled his lap. She turned her hips in a small circular motion and Loki buried his head further back into the soft duvet in response. Darcy wanted to laugh, but she was still incredibly delicate from her own climax that it was becoming more and more difficult to control the after waves of it as her clit rubbed on his coarse pubic hair.

She reached down and rested her hands on his shoulders to get a better angle and started to ride up and down on his cock until he was gripping her hips so tightly with his fingers that she imagined there would be bruises tomorrow. Good, she thought with a wicked smile, she wanted proof while there still was some. His hips jerked up unexpectedly which made Darcy reach to grip the headboard to meet their erratic thrusts.

"I'm close…" He muttered, eyes fluttering shut as he looked up at the ceiling before focusing on her again. "Fuck, Darcy. I've wanted you for so long." He stilled her hips with his hands, wanting to fuck her hard himself. Loki pumped up into her roughly a few times, groaning as he did so, Darcy stayed still, not wanting to move from where he wanted her. Fuck, he looked gorgeous as he came undone beneath her. She wanted to reach down at kiss him but gave it a moment until he'd ridden out the orgasm like she had.

She lowered her upper body down and leaned forward so their chests were pressed together. "You okay?" She asked after a moment, smiling up at him from where her chin rested on his chest. Loki's fingers were biting into her hips still but the grasp wasn't as tight as before; they slowly let go and ran up her spine, stroking her soft skin as if she would disappear if he stopped touching her.

"More than okay. You?" She was sure her grin was a big as his.

"Oh, no, that was terrible." Darcy said, her smile not budging. "I think, as a service to woman everywhere, I will save them from ever sex with you by taking the bullet myself." She turned her face to rest on his chest. Both of them were a little damp from sweat but she didn't want to move. Didn't want to lose the feeling of him inside her.

"That's quite a sacrifice, Dr. Lewis." Loki joined her teasing.

She let out a long sigh and rubbed her thumb over his nipple next to where her face rested. "I'm prepared for it. No one should have to suffer this."

Loki's chest and stomach convulsed with laughter. "You'll fall on the sword, so to speak?"

Darcy moaned in agreement. "A sword like yours?" She wiggled her hips to make a point while he was still inside her. "Just try and stop me."

Loki laughed again and threw his head back into her pillows. "You are a strange one."

"Says the man who just slept with me…" She licked a trail around his nipple and blew lightly on it, watching with fascination as the skin shifted and tightened even more. Payback.

"Well, I'll certainly have to mention this at my next visit to Dr. Banner. "Doctor, I'm worried about my mental health, I only want to have sex with unpredictable, yet incredibly intelligent people", I wonder what that says about me."

"Probably, that I shouldn't leave you and Tony Stark alone in a room together." Darcy mused aloud. Earning a tensed reaction from Loki and a stern look.

"I think that's a good idea for many reasons." Loki said as he stroked Darcy's hair which was splayed out along her back and his chest.

"Why don't you like him?" Darcy asked quietly. Tony was an ass in her world, but he was still a decent guy, a hero.

"Many reasons."

"Name one."

"Did you know he had a daughter?" Loki looked down at her, his forehead crinkled up. Darcy shook her head at the new information. "Illegitimate, of course. He abandoned her and her mother, claiming the mothers mental instability was enough of a reason to throw the case out of court before a paternity test could ever be done." Darcy's stomach dropped. Was this the same in her reality? So many things were different here yet others were identical. Her mother was alive here and she was some kind of genius scientist, completely unbelievable, yet Loki was still struggling with his family issues, Jane and Thor were obviously attracted to each other, and Darcy's music collection was still pretty awesome. She didn't know what else translated to her real world anymore. She hoped the Tony Stark she knew wouldn't have done this, but she also knew what a rebel and playboy he was in his youth so she guessed this wasn't completely out of the realm of possibility.

"That's awful." Darcy muttered sadly.

"Exactly. Yet he's viewed as some hero. A man should never abandon his family like that. He should have at least found out the truth first." Loki frowned and Darcy kissed his chest lightly, trying to comfort his anger. She knew this ran deeper than just Tony Stark. Loki had abandonment problems of his own so confronted with people that had abandoned others? It obviously brought up some unresolved issues.

"Maybe he had no choice?" The words were spoken before she could stop them. "I mean, a guy like Tony, he must have lawyers coming out of his ass, I imagine the case was thrown out before Tony even knew about it..." She tried to justify her logic.

"Perhaps, but he had 25 years after that to find out. I don't know how a man can live without knowing... knowing if he had a family or not." He swallowed hard and Darcy gave a small hum in agreement, finding it strange that the God of Lies wanted the truth so badly. She shifted, his now softened member sliding out of her easily, leaving her empty and cold and a bit sticky as she rolled onto the bed next to him. Her arms curled around herself, feeling very naked all of a sudden.

Loki turned on his side to look at her, his hand stroking her arm as goose bumps rose on her skin. "Imagine if that was you... rejected and alone..." Despite his comforting stroking, she only felt colder and more ill at ease.

"It could be..." She murmured, looking down at his hand touching her. "I didn't know my dad... my mom wasn't there..." She made sure to word it carefully. She still needed to process that in this world her mother was alive; despite telling Loki she'd died... she had some explaining to do and was surprised he hadn't brought it up yet. "I'm not justifying Tony Stark's actions, hell, I'm still angry at my absent dad for not rescuing me from my terrible childhood, but that's his life, Loki. Why do you care so much?"

Loki's eyes hardened, his hand froze on her arm, and she watched as his body tensed. He looked as if he was battling his own emotions and Darcy understood that feeling, it scared her. What was he hiding? What was the real reason behind this story that made him hate Tony Stark?

"You don't know, do you?" Loki rolled onto his back and covered his face with his hands. "Fuck. I thought... I mean I understand why someone would want to keep it a secret but..." Loki hastily got off of the bed and hurriedly picked his underwear and pants off the floor. Darcy watched in silent confusion as he pulled his trousers on.

"Loki, what are you doing? I don't know what you're talking about." Darcy grabbed a blanket and covered the front of her body in a panic. Was he leaving?

"Why do you think Tony wants this merger, Darcy?" Loki hissed at her like she was a child.

"The laser..."

"No! That cave, he didn't come out looking at the stars, he came out looking for the daughter he never wanted until then."

Darcy stared blankly at him, blinking in confusion. "Why are you so pissed about that? It's nice that he wants to find her." Her forehead furrowed. She still didn't understand why he as so emotional about this, or why Tony's search for his daughter involved her and Jane's work. Unless she was on Asgard... Darcy shook her head at how crazy that idea was. Still, Loki's rapid dressing and angry expression caused her to fill with dread. "I mean, it's not like you know who she you?"

His posture shifted and Darcy gasped at how his demeanour suddenly reminded her of the Loki she'd seen pictures of in her world. Dangerous. Frantic. She edged to the side of the bed furthest away from him. "Darcy..." He breathed, lowering his arms that were currently buttoning up his shirt so they hung at his sides. "Let's have some dinner."

Darcy nodded slowly; glad he wasn't as angry as before but still walking on egg shells. She felt her stomach lurch at the mention of food and realized how hungry she was.

"I'll order take-out. Is Thai okay?" Loki asked softly, he knelt onto the mattress and caught Darcy's chin in his fingers. He carefully lifted her face until it was directed at his and placed a very delicate kiss on her mouth. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to explode like that." Darcy nodded again, their faces still close that their noses brushed at her movement. "It's something Dr. Banner and I are still working on." He explained.

"Anger management with Bruce Banner?" Darcy had to stop herself from laughing but couldn't suppress a smile. "That's a movie I'd pay to watch." Loki smiled back and leaned in for another light kiss before getting off the bed and heading to the door.

As the door shut behind him, Darcy was left feeling a little better about Loki but still had the unsettling feeling that she was missing something. Was this daughter important to Loki? Is that why he was so angry about Tony's sudden wish to be part of her life? Darcy looked down at the messy sheets, running her hand over the wrinkled soft material. Maybe it was because he had been given up, abandoned as a baby and the idea of actually knowing someone who did exactly the same thing made him face feelings he wasn't prepared to handle.

But that still didn't explain Tony's sudden interest in Einstein-Rosen Bridges and why Loki was so adamant to say no to the merger. Darcy got dressed slowly, nipping into her bathroom and running a damp cloth over her body before deciding against wearing her dress and choosing some jeans and a baggy jumper instead. She bit her lip as she tried to arrange her hair into something that looked less... less like she'd just been fucked...

Fuck... she had just slept with a God! Not only a God but an unstable, semi-reformed God of Lies and Mischief that had tried to kill her and her friends.

She really wished she could call Jane right now, but the Jane she knew here wouldn't be able to help. Darcy's teeth bit down hard on her lip until it hurt. She needed to sort this out, and quickly. She could already feel herself drowning in Loki, and after that amazing sex... where he'd practically worshiped her, she wasn't sure if she'd be able to stop herself from succumbing to these feelings.

Fuck. She wished she could separate feelings from sex but she'd never been able to do that and it wasn't going to start now. She'd always jumped into relationships and sex too quickly before, then suffered the heart ache and embarrassment when she found out the guys never wanted more that 'friends with benefits' or a 'one night stand' and she was already halfway committed. Crazy ideas about a life they could share that she'd never had before only to have them dashed. Darcy sighed, on the outside she joked and acted nonchalant about sex, telling the college boys that that's what she wanted or whatever but inside, she could never quite get her feelings in the right place. Loki was a prime example of that. She wanted to forget about the Loki she knew about in her world and just have fun with this one while she could, but there was so much more to him that she couldn't just use him like that. She knew the second his lips touched hers that he would never just be some harmless fling, and his outburst earlier had proved that.

Darcy looked at the time, almost 10 o'clock. How had things changed so quickly? Then again, she should be used to things happening at warp speed when Loki or the Avengers were involved. Gathering her courage and trying as hard as she could to not think of the image of Loki's face between her thighs, Darcy opened the door and headed to the living room.

Her heart jumped into her throat when she remembered the hidden pictures and articles stashed behind that white board, but they were still out of sight; so her pulse slowed back to a regular pace. Loki was standing in her kitchen area, checking cupboards for plates; he'd already managed to find her silverware and place two sets of knives and forks on the kitchen island.

"You have nothing in this kitchen. How do you live?" Loki asked with a dramatic sigh.

"I order take-out a lot."

Loki took that opportunity to hold up the 3 day old pizza box in the air. "I can see that." He dropped in on another counter and Darcy just smiled sweetly at him and his disgusted expression. "Don't you ever cook?" She shook her head, in truth; Darcy cooked a lot in her reality. She often spent most evening when she wasn't babysitting her neighbours preparing food for hers and Jane's lunch the next day, making sure it was healthy, nutritious and delicious. Sometimes even little Sian came round to help her chop up vegetables so her mom could have a break and Darcy liked the company. But, Darcy here had bare shelves, not even herbs or spices that had long expiry dates as a sign she'd cooked at least once or twice. Darcy imagined herself in this world was a lot like Jane in hers, only without her own Darcy to look after her when she didn't eat or stayed awake until 4 o'clock in the morning looking at star charts.

"I don't get time." She lied, feebly. "Too busy."

"Then I'll have to give you more time off as well as a pay rise." Loki decided and leaned across the counter to place another light kiss on her forehead. Darcy closed her eyes and pressed closer to his lips.

"That sounds awfully uneconomical." Darcy hummed to herself, Loki merely chucked in response. This was nice. It was relaxed and easy now, not at all like her usual post-sex experiences.

"Well, you're worth it..." Loki pulled one plate from a shelf and hunted the rest of the cupboard but couldn't find another. "Why do you only own one plate?"

Darcy shrugged. "Because two would just be showing off?" She joked.

He turned to face her, a bemused but blissful look on his face.

"I don't mind sharing if you don't." She suggested.

He placed the plate between them on the counter, for a second Darcy wished he would lean over again and reward her with a kiss but he didn't, instead turning back to her cupboard and pulling out two wine glasses, odd from each other, and setting them up on their unorthodox dining table.

"You have one plate but two wine glasses? Where are your priorities?" She shrugged again and began to play with the fork he'd put out in front of her. "I can't imagine what Thor would make of this arrangement." Loki said, referring to their dinner.

"He'd probably be more proud that you got laid than how we're eating." That comment earned her a glare. "What? If I didn't know better, he would be envious that you got the astrophysicist you wanted before he did."

"He and Jane are pathetically adorable." Loki agreed, sounding unhappy with his own description of his brother and her friend.

"We should lock them up in a room together, maybe a lab experiment gone wrong kind of thing where they need to be quarantined together for 24 hours." She tapped the fork prongs on her bottom lip in contemplation.

"You are sneaky."

"Says you?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about." The mock innocent expression he gave her wouldn't have convinced anyone.

"Come on, we'll record it all and watch as they blush and stuttered their way through their feelings until they finally just give in and fuck on a laboratory table."

"Why don't we not talk about my brother fornicating before dinner? I'd also rather we keep the sex on a laboratory table as an option for us, so don't ruin it."

Darcy blushed. "Whatever. We'd be like a crime-fighting team if they and the two of us hooked up. Only without the crime fighting... me and Jane will do science while you throw money at whoever was attacking us."

"That sounded like a great plan." Darcy stuck her tongue out at him but he just ignored her childish actions. "Pray tell, what would your 'science' entail and I doubt the villains would be put off with the offer of money. If anything, crime would rise at the reward we would be giving them."

"You have a good point. But I bet quarters would hurt like a bitch if you hit them in the right places."

A knock on the door interrupted them.

"I'll get it!" Darcy announced, jumping off her kitchen stool, grabbing her purse and running to the door. "Hello." She greeted the delivery boy who was holding a cardboard box and a small scrap of order paper.


"Yep, that's us!" Darcy grabbed the box that he offered and placed it on the small table next to the door. "How much do I owe you?"

"Er... Mr Odinson already paid..." The young boy looked around the edge of the door frame, eyes wide when he saw the dark haired man in the kitchenette. His suspicion confirmed, Loki gave the poor boy a wave with a pair of scissors in his hand. The boy gave a small yelp and hid back in the hallway.

"Don't scare people, Loki!" Darcy was still finding it hard to believe Loki and Thor were like Affleck brothers but in the business world or something. She gave a sympathetic smile to the young boy and wished him a good night before closing the door. She sent Loki a half-hearted glare but burst into laughter as he did his fake innocent face again. "That was cruel. Do you ever get fed up with that?"

"I tend not to notice it anymore. Plus, I have the image of 'dark and brooding brother' so people tend to leave me alone. Thor has always been better with the public than me."

"That must be hard for you to admit." She knew it was only what she knew of Loki in her world that made her say that. She realized her mistake too late but Loki just nodded along.

"Credit given when due. In all other areas, I am far superior than my brother." Loki said with a smirk and helped Darcy place the box on the kitchen counter next to their one plate.

"Did you order the whole restaurant?" she teased, pulling out a bottle of white wine that was lodged in the side and eyed the label. Darcy knew nearly nothing about wine but wanted to at least look like she was a grown up in front of the man she liked. Darcy tended to have the opinion that Riesling and Chardonnay were good, Pinot Grigio was okay and all others were bad. This was the first so she smiled as she twisted the top off. Loki glanced at her and frowned.

"I hate screw tops for wine. It just feels wrong." He said after she tilted her head at him.

"I don't mind." Darcy poured them both a healthy sized glass and walked around the table to put the remaining alcohol in the fridge.

"So, what do you want first?" Loki asked, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her hips close to his. She was suddenly filled with the memory of their naked bodies pressed together and she was sure she was blushing again.

"A kiss." Standing on her tip toes, she pressed her mouth to his; he caught her bottom lip between his and moaned when she pressed her chest firmly into his. He deepened the kiss and slide his hand lower, running over the curve of her bottom, then pushing her closer to him still. She finally pulled back, needing to breath. "Now, fish cakes." She patted his chest and moved past him, pulling a kitchen stool out from under the counter and motioning him to sit next to her.

They ate for what felt like hours, laughing at various stories they told each other, like how Thor once came home from school in tears because he touched a girl's ass by accident and thought he'd gotten her pregnant. Safe to say, the nine year old soon got put right.

"Who told him that?" She asked between gasps of laughter.

"How was I supposed to know he'd go crying home? I was younger than him and even I knew that's not how babies are made." Loki confessed; which only caused Darcy to laugh more, nearly choking on her wine.

"You are evil." She put the glass down at tried to regain some kind of lady like elegance despite nearly spitting wine on his lap. "Truly the God of Mischief." She joked.

"God of Mischief? Now that won't do. I'd rather be God of Cunningness or Masculinity."

"God of Sexiness?" Darcy volunteered.

Loki sighed, running a hand lazily through his messy hair. "I suppose I can't complain..." Darcy grabbed a Thai cracker, dipping it into some sweet chilli sauce before biting into it. "So... there's something that I've been wondering about." Darcy raised an eyebrow at him, encouraging him to continue. "About your mother..."

"Oh." Darcy said after she swallowed. "That."


There was a long pause and Loki moved closer to her.

"Why did you lie to me, Darcy?" She turned to the dirty plate in from of them, she was dreading this, the moment someone caught her in a lie. She knew it was only a matter of time before something she said from her life didn't match up to the Darcy in this one. She just hoped it wouldn't because of that jerk, Jake, in front of Loki. "Why did you tell me she was dead?" His voice was tender and Darcy felt tears gather in the corner of her eyes and that familiar lump in her throat that came with the overwhelming need to cry. Darcy grabbed her wine glass and took a long sip.

"It was easier." She said, it was kind of true. At least she was starting with the truth before she began lying to him, again. "It was easier to say she was dead than admit the problems she had that could easily affect me." She was kind of thankful for Jake's outbursts, at least now she knew the truth about her mom here so she didn't have to make something up. "It's embarrassing. If you had the choice to hide your past, wouldn't you?"

The sadness that washed over his handsome features instantly made her heart ache. She didn't know exactly what kind of past he had here, but it wasn't perfect, it was easy to see when he looked so full of shame and sorrow like then. But it must be better than the life he had back in her world. There he was alone, had a terrible relationship with his family, had pissed off some many people in such high places, Darcy still wasn't sure why he was allowed to live. Here though… Here he was well-adjusted, successful; he and his brother got along like… well, brothers. He could be happy here. With her.

In fact, everyone was happier here. Natasha was laughing freely and just enjoying life. Clint had a job he obviously loved and could charm the pants off of just about anyone. Thor had his brother, something he longed to get back at home. Bruce didn't have a constant battle with his own rage and problems, but helped others instead. Jane was still crazy with her science but Darcy wondered just how infinite of universes' there would have to be for a Jane out there to not be crazy over science. Tony was fighting for the family he never had which made Darcy happy he was finally settling down. Hell, even Steve was recognized as the hero he truly was and spent his life getting appreciated for all the time and effort he's given his country, whereas in her world, Steve was a faceless man that people looked at with pity for not understanding how a microwave worked. Even she was better off here, she had a better job, a better education, and she had a kind-of guy in her life and… she had a mother…

Darcy reached over and took Loki's hand in hers. She closed her eyes, feeling really hot all of a sudden. Maybe it was too much wine.

She opened her eyes to see not Loki or her counter-parts flat, but the battle field that was the balcony of Stark Tower where they were all being attacked from some unknown flying person and another on the roof firing what Darcy could only describe as 'bits of lightsabers' at them.

"We need to call the Fantastic Four!" She heard some yell, Nick Fury maybe…

"I can't hold them for much longer! Captain's hit. One of those lackeys pushed Thor off the edge of the balcony. Will someone find out what the hell that bitch did to everyone?" Now that was defiantly Ironman's slightly electronic voice. So Tony was awake in her world? "Where's Darcy? I haven't seen her or Black Widow-" He yelled but got cut off by an attack.

She wanted to open her mouth and speak, to shout that she was trapped in some other dimension or something but she just blinked and opened her eyes to find Loki staring at her with concern. She steadied herself on the chair, thankful she was holding onto Loki's hand or she would have fallen off.

"You ever feel like the world is spinning out of control and… and everything is wrong but you can't stop it? Like, maybe you don't want to stop it anymore?" Loki watched in fascination as she spoke, his bright green eyes darkening with intensity that made her feel light headed and breathless. "Even though you should…" She admitted quietly. "I just wish I knew what to do next…" She sighed and looked down at their entwined fingers. This was wrong. "Sorry, that was random. I don't know-"

She didn't get to finish, Loki's mouth on hers cut her sentence short. Gosh, if she thought his gaze was intense, this kiss was extreme! Wrong felt so right, and Darcy wasn't strong willed enough to turn his offer and affection down.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers tangling in his hair as she pushed her mouth harder against his, trying to express just how passionate her feelings for him were, yet how lost and confused she felt. She wanted this, she really did, but it was wrong and she knew it wouldn't last. It couldn't last! In reality, they were getting their asses kicked by some mysterious baddies. Darcy really didn't care and she gasped at his hands sneaking under her jumper and rubbing her bare back. They stood up together, Loki wrapping her leg around his pelvis as he lifted her to the sofa.

"I have a bedroom." Darcy said, breathlessly when he released her mouth to pull the jumper over her head.

"Too far away." Loki said simply, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Darcy just rolled her eyes and tried not to cry out too loud when his magic tongue did those magic things again.


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