This one is a little bit more smut! And sorry If I have many grammar fails, but as said I am Norwegian: / I hope that's okay!

This is DenNor, and it's Lukas POV. ^^

When his lips touched mine, it felt like heaven. His lips would simply brush against my own, so sweet and gentle. His hands would roam my back, caressing every curve and muscle.

The innocence in the kiss would fade when he sensually lick my bottom lip with his skilled tongue, making me moan and give him free access to my own mouth.

His tongue would explore my mouth, finding every little thing that was there. He would then start dance with my own tongue, a battle of dominance breaking out.

After that, he would simply kiss my lips gently for one last time before he would look into my eyes and whisper simple nothings.

When his lips touched my skin, I felt holy. Like I was his god who he had to touch, to taste. His lips would attack my neck with sweet sweet kisses, touching all my sensitive spots. He would use his tongue to lick my sensitive neck and use his teeth to gently bite, making marks that would show that I was his and no others.

His lips would go further down, sliding his tongue over as well. His mouth would find my nipple, licking and sucking it like a lollipop.

I would moan of the pleasure.

When his lips touched my lower regions…oh god, I can't even start on that. Whenever he does that, I feel amazing. Pleasure fills my body as he…-

"Yo Lukas!" the obnoxious voice yelled out, even thought he seemed to be right behind me. I sighed, turning my head to see the man I was writing about at the moment. "What are ya doin'?" he grinned, trying to grab my notebook. I held it out of his reach, not wanting him to see my little secret. But I blushed.

He seemed to notice as his grin widened even more. "What are you writing?"

"There's something, and you wont show it too me, so it has to be something naughty!" he grinned.
Before I could say anything more his arms were around me, hugging me tight. "M-Mathias?" I almost whispered as he silenced me with a breath-taking kiss.

My hidden wish was about to come true.

The ending sucked, I know! Feel free to shoot me.

But anyway, should rating go up for this? I am very paranoid, but not sure!
But hope you liked it anyway!