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Mysteries of the Heart

6: Prison Break

Author's POV

After a few hours it begun to get cold in the dark, damp, prison cell of Jack Sparrow. Of course he didn't care for this in the least bit. He was too worried about how to get out the situation he caught himself in. He was all alone now for the other prisoners were set free, miraculously, by a blast through their wall.

"These situations are getting more and more irritating as they go on." He thought before noticing the brown-furred dog down the way. He, however, was more focused on the set of keys dangling from its mouth.

So, taking a bone he found earlier, he stuck it between the cell bars and began to call for the animal.

"Come on doggy, it's just you and 'ol Jack now." He called. The dog started to come nearer, so it was apparently interested.

"Come on, a bit closer now." Jack urged on, "Come on you filthy, slimy, mangy cur." A sudden crash suddenly occurred, so in a fit of fright, the dog ran off. Jack stared after it, shocked.

"No! I didn't mean it! I didn't…" Another crash occurred as a body was thrown down the nearby stairs. Jack stared at it before noticing the figures that were coming in.

"This ain't the Armory." A familiar voice complained. The voice belonged to a member of the Black Pearl, Twigg. The other figure turned and saw Jack looking out his cell. His name was Koehler; he was also a member of the Black Pearl.

"Well…well…well…." He said walking towards the cell, "look what we have here. Captain Jack Sparrow…" Jack looked up at him. Since he was sitting down there was a bit of an unfair height distance, but that's not what he was worrying about.

"Last time I saw you, you were all alone on that godforsaken island, shrinking into the distance." Twigg commented, "His fortunes haven't improved much." Jack never mentioned that Allie was with him at the time, but he didn't have to either.

"Where's the girl, eh?" Koehler asked, "She was also with you on that island, wasn't she?" Jack still sat there, quiet as a mouse. Koehler and Twigg raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, so no answer…" Koehler said, "something must've 'appened then."

"Maybe she left him." Twigg suggested, "It'd make more sense than her staying." Since the light in the prison was so dim it made it bit hard to see Jack's eyes darkening in anger.

"You know, mates, the deepest circle of hell is reserved for betrayers and mutineers." You could clearly hear the malice in his voice. But that didn't matter, for it soon changed to surprise once a skeleton hand was wrapped around his throat.

"So there is a curse?" He whispered, "Interesting…" His throat was let go at that.

"You know nothing of hell." Koehler said before he and Twigg left the building. Jack stared after them, he was still shocked.

"That was very interesting." He muttered.

Allie's POV

I was lying underneath some sheets I found nearby, since it was a bit cold out, when I noted that all was quiet. I suppose listening to gunshots for hours does mess a person up a bit. But anyways, since the fighting was over, I decided to check out the scenery for a bit. I waltzed over to the corner of the building and peeked around it. It would be idiotic of me not to be on the lookout for guards.

"Even with all of this happened they probably haven't forgotten about me." I thought. Unless they thought I was dead. That would be good on my case, because they wouldn't be looking for me. After that thought I looked around a bit, stepping over dead bodies, before coming to one that seemed familiar.

"Now, where have I seen you before?" I wondered before nudging him in his side. That didn't work.

"Okay then, let's try something else." I thought before kneeling down beside him. I raised a hand and smacked him across his face.

"Ugh…." He groaned. Slowly he opened his eyes to the world and the bright light of the sky.

"Hello mate." I said with a smile. He stared at me for a moment, grogginess still upon him, before sprinting up. His expression changed to one of hate.

"Who are you?" He asked. I stood up and stared at him for a moment. He seemed so familiar, but I can't put my finger on who he reminded me of.

"I said who are you?" He repeated more forcefully. I chuckled and gave a bow.

"Allie, Allie Graham." I introduced, "It's a pleasure to meet you sir."

"Allie?" He repeated, "That pirate, Jack, he mentioned you before we fought." I raised an eyebrow.

"You fought him?" I asked incredulously, "Son you must be incredibly stupid or incredibly brave. Obviously with his current location something must've happened."

"For a pirate, you sure don't speak like one." He commented lowering his defense. I gave him a small smile.

"Well not all pirates started out as pirates mate." I said, "And with that being said, I have to go check to see if Jack is still in prison. Do me a favor, if you could, don't tell anyone you saw me." And at that I walked off.

"Hopefully the boy isn't an idiot and will keep his mouth shut." I thought.

Jack's POV

After trying once again to get that mangy mutt over 'ere, and failing in the process, I decided to try other methods of escape. Currently I was picking the lock with a bone I found earlier on.

"Come on, open already." I thought before pausing. The sudden sound of a door opening filled the prison. So, thinking quickly, I laid down on the ground. With my eyes close I heard footsteps approaching but didn't see who they belonged to.

"Jack, I know you're awake." Allie's voice rang, "So you can stop the act. The guard that was outside is dead anyways, and most likely most of the others, so it'll probably take a while for some new ones to come about." And at that I sat up.

"Well that's helpful information luv." I said, "Now, if you could, would you try and get me out of 'ere? I've already started as you can see." I pointed towards the bone. She raised an eyebrow, clearly amused.

"Jack, you can't pick this kind of lock with this." She commented, "You need something thinner, like a key, or a thinner bone." This time I raised my eyebrow. She looked at me.

"What?" She asked, "I know some things about locks, it's a given." After that I watched as she looked around for something, preferably to me a something that will get me out of 'ere.

"There aren't too many thin, pointy, objects around here." She commented. I rolled my eyes.

"The only thing these people have enough wits to do." I said. She chuckled before turning towards the stairs for another sound of footsteps came about. I, like I did with Ally, lied down while she hid around a corner. And once again I couldn't see who had come in.

"You. Sparrow!" A familiar voice called. Taking a peek I saw it was the whelp from earlier.

"Aye?" I said raising my head.

"You are familiar with that ship, right?" He asked, "The Black Pearl?" I started picking my nails.

"I've heard of it." I answered.

"Where does it make berth?" He asked.

"Where does it make berth?" Allie questioned, coming from her hiding place, "Haven't you heard the stories?" The whelp looked confused at most. I rolled my eyes.

"Captain Barbossa and his crew of miscreants sail from the dreaded Isla de Muerta." I explained, "It's an island that cannot be found except by those who already know where it is."

"Which I've concluded that someone was lost when they found it." Allie commented.

"Well, the ships real enough. Therefore its anchorage must be a real place." The Boy said, "Where is it?"

"Why ask me?" I asked.

"Because you're a pirate." I smirked.

"And you want to turn pirate yourself, is that it?" I asked. He growled.

"Never! They took Miss Swann." He seethed. Allie and I raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, so it is that you've found a girl. I see. Well, if you're intending to brave all, hasten to her rescue and so win fair lady's heart you'll have to do it alone, mate. I see no profit in for me." I said. And at that he turned to Allie, who shook her head immediately.

"Sorry, I can't tell you where it is." She said. The whelp sighed before looking back at me.

"Well, I can get you out of here." He said. I raised an eyebrow, interesting.

"How's that, the key's run off." I said. He turned and picked up a bench, he then placed it at the bottom of the cell door. What was he doing?

"I helped build these cells. These are half pin-barrel hinges." He explained, "With the right leverage and the proper application of strength the door will lift free." I nodded, even more interested now.

"What's your name?" I asked. He looked up from his actions.

"Will Turner." He answered.

"Is that short for William by any chance?" Allie asked. Will nodded his head slowly.

"And named after your father, correct?" I asked. He looked at me.

"Yes." He answered. I looked at Allie and she at me, I knew that she knew what I was thinking at that moment.

"Well Mr. Turner, I've changed me mind. If you spring me from this cell I swear on pain of death I shall take you to the Black Pearl and your bonny lass. Do we have an accord?" I stuck my hand through the cell bars. He stared at for a moment before shaking it.

"Agreed." He said.

"Agreed, now get me out of here." After a push or so the cell door lifted, like he it would, and I was free.

"Someone might've heard that, It'd best if we leave." Allie said heading over to the stairs.

"No without my effects." I said. After gathering all of that we all hurried out.

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