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Mysteries of the Heart

9: Getting to Know William (Part 2)

Author's POV

Allie, earlier, had challenged Will to a duel. The person who lost had the job of cleaning the ship for the week. So far Allie was winning.

"I've been practicing since I was young William." She said clashing her sword with his. She used her other hand to wipe the sweat from her brow.

"So have I." He said moving to the left, to which she moved to the right. They clashed swords again.

"You taught yourself?" She asked, interested.

"Yep, 3 three hours per day." He said. She nodded whilst moving forwards, clashing swords once again.

"Impressive." She said with a smile, "I was taught by various people. So I know all different sorts of techniques….like…." She moved in a way that confused Will, thus distracting him. At the last moment she thrust her sword into his face but not touching it.

"I win." She said, "Looks like you have cleaning duties for this week."

"You'll have to teach me that." He said, "Quite a good distraction given how odd it is." She smiled.

"You'll have to remind me." She said, "If we ever meet again after all this." She made a motion towards the air around her hinting at their situation.

"Or if we live." He added. Allie smiled.

"I'm sure we will. Jack has a way of getting out the most difficult situations." She said looking at said man by the helm. After a moment he noticed the staring and raised an eyebrow, to which she chuckled at.

"Well hopefully he'll get us out of this one alive." Will said, "So, I meant to ask earlier, but is because of…it….that you're here with him?" She looked at him, a dark look in her eyes.

"No, well not entirely." She said, "A long while ago, I was sick…very sick….Jack had left the healing up to the doctors on the ship, but they couldn't help. So, one day, he came back with some strange fruit, I didn't want to eat it at all, but eventually I did. It wasn't bad, and the thing is that I started to get better after that. He told me that it was supposed to help with some harmless sicknesses." She gave a smile, "After that I promised myself that I would leave him under any circumstances." Will stood there, silent.

"Never would've thought him as that type of person, to care about others." He said after a moment. She looked at him.

"You just got to get to know him." She said, "It just takes time." He nodded before going off to some duties that needed completed. She, however, stood there for a moment before turning towards the forecastle deck, her thoughts elsewhere now.

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