Ryan and Ann gettings into the car after getting Judge Markaway signature. They proceeded to the School administration.

"No You can not just bring it up from a terminal. The order specifically states from the source." Ryan was arguing with the proctor who was assigned by the Dean of Students.

The Proctor was at a loss to understand the insistence of the officer in front of him. He did several eye rolls to show how much he detested this intrusion in to his happy bureaucratic bubble.

So finally throwing up his hands he asked. "What do you want from me?"

Ann seeing an opening said. Do you have access to the physical servers?

The proctor looked at Ann if she had 3 heads and several horns.

"The servers are off campus. And yes I have access." He showed the key he wore around his neck.

"Great we are getting somewhere." Ryan said. He pressed his app and it was showing red. There were many infected systems in this area. Ryan was starting to not hate Castle so much.

"So how about we take a little trip?" Ryan inquired.

"Will it get you out of my hair quickly? I do have important School business to attend!" The proctor haughtily said.

"Ok let's go" Ann volunteered to drive. Ryan was way too upset and just handed her the keys,

"Ok we need to go to White Plains." The Proctor said from the back seat.

Ann remembering Kate's instructions took the scenic way to this location. It would be difficult at best for the Reaver to track them but Ann took all necessary precautions.

Finally they stopped in a residential area. The proctor got out and opened the door to the house. It looked like a normal house with papers on the surfaces and even breakfast cereal on the kitchen table. There were remnants of cereal in three bowls left unwashed in the sink. Coming to the side door in the kitchen once opened it had stairs going down. There were No surveillance cameras anywhere. At the bottom of the stairs were a natural Cave and rows and rows of Servers. Ryan was impressed.

The proctor walked passed the rows quickly and finally stopped in front of a master terminal.

"This is the source!" the man said. "Have at it!" He was not going to help them search for the email account.

Ryan noticed that the server screen already had the green Q on the screen. Ryan breathed a sigh of relief. It looks like SUQY had reached this system. Ryan sat at the terminal and in a few strokes found the email account and sent it to his cleaned phone. The whole job was only 15 min after finding the terminal.

"I am done" Ryan announced.

The man rolled his eyes and blew out a breath. "Fine are you ready to go?"

"Yeah let's get out of here." Ryan said.

"So is this the only server farm for the University?" Ann asked.

"Yeah it contains everything from students account to their library cards to surveillance to all buildings! This is it that is why we try to make it look not like a server farm at all." The proctor proudly said.

"Wait there is files on surveillance here too? I thought those were only at the security stations in the buildings" Ryan said.

"No those are too easily hacked. We set this place up so it is tighter than Ft. Knox!" The man said definitely proud of the Universities' security.

"Wait so if the person did not know of this location they could have unaltered recordings!" Ryan said.

"Is there a landline in this building?" Ann asked.

"Yeah over on that ?" The man wondered.

"I can not tell you it is official police business. I need you to go upstairs and wait. I'm going to need privacy." Ryan said. "Hastings escort our guest to the breakfast table and hold a gun on him if need be."

Ann pulled out her weapon and trained it on the hapless Proctor. "You heard the detective now move!"

The proctor did not expect to have a weapon on him started to protest but quickly saw the look in Ann's eyes said don't mess with me. He reluctantly climbed the stairs.

Ryan making sure he was gone called Espo.

"Espo yeah it is me Ryan do you have those other court orders done?" Ryan asked.

"Nah Man I was waiting on Beckett. Why?" Espo said.

"I found out the server farm has a pristine copy of all the security logs and videos. So I need you to get a warrant signed right away. We are not leaving this location until we get everything." Ryan stated.

"Ok Bro I will get right on it. So where are you located?" Espo asked.

Ryan gave all the pertinent information then hung up. Ryan then called Kate and told her to meet him here. Once all the phone calls were done he placed the receiver on the cradle and climbed the stairs to join the proctor and Ann.


Kate and Castle were in the car and were almost to the library when Ryan's call came in.

Kate called Uni's to do a canvas of the library while she and Rick presented their search warrant to the Dean of Students.

"What another one?" The Dean stated. "You do know we have a school to run!"

"Yes and we have a murder to solve" Kate said. "I am so sorry our investigation is disrupting your bureaucracy!"

Espo rushed in with another search warrant while Kate and Rick were still there.

"Here is another fresh off the presses" Espo said as he handed the warrant to the harried Dean.

"Warrants are served Ryan go for it!" Kate said after calling him.

Ryan took the call and told Hastings to continue babysitting the proctor and he would be back soon. Ryan went down the stairs and after a few minutes he returned satisfied.

"Ok holster your weapon we can go now." Ryan ordered.

So Ryan took them all back to the precinct. Ryan believes the proctor is in on it. So he was placed in interrogation room still unable to make a call.

Espo had already returned to the precinct to review the data retrieved.

Rick had a special terminal set up from the FBI so that they could use their system which was even more hardened than the SUQY protection. Along with the terminal was a white hat from the Cyber crime division. She introduced herself as Chloe then returned to the terminal make sure the lines to DC were clear. This hacker was very dangerous and this data couldn't be corrupted. It would be their only chance to bring this criminal to justice.

In the Captain's office Agent Kent West was having a good chat. After presenting his credentials he informed the Captain that the FBI involvement would be limited in creating a virus free environment plus a special agent to run the specialized terminal.


Kate and Rick returned to the precinct. There they learned of Ryan's suspicions of their Proctor. Rick greeted Agent West.

Kate entered the interrogation cell she had only one shot at this.

"Hello I am Det. Kate Beckett and this is Mr. Castle we need to ask you about your relations with this man." Kate said.

The proctor now very nervous looked at the picture of Ralph Kramdon.

"I knew him in college" The proctor said.

"Which college?" Rick asked.

"City College of New York he was a Economics Major back then and his name was Fred Sanford." He said.

"How long ago was this?" Kate asked.

"About 10 years ago" the man said.

"So what about now? Have you seen him recently?" Kate pressed on the attack.

"He said if I said anything he would ruin me. And place me in jail! I helped him create a false student ID." The proctor broke down crying that his career was ruined.

"What was the name of that false student?" Rick asked.

"Edgar Cayce" the man said.

Kate and Rick left the man to be charged with fraud and abetting a terrorist.

"So we have another alias" Kate said.

"Actually we have two. Fred Sanford and Edgar Cayce" Rick replied.

Rick walked up to Chloe and greeted her and gave the new aliases into the database,

Ryan now looking through the pics posted the email account was getting bored. The victim showed No artistic talent at all there were only 40 more pics left in the 600 he started.

Ryan yawned. It was getting late. In one day Rick Castle had taken this going nowhere investigation into a vibrant and very active one. Ryan thought.

"Hey Boss can we knock off? It is 9 PM I would like to see Jenny once and awhile?" Ryan asked.

Kate looked up and saw all her detectives dragging even Castle was yawning.

"Ok guys let button it up and resume with fresh eyes in the Morning" Kate ordered.

Rick got up and helped Kate with her coat and followed her out of the precinct. It had been a very exciting day. Kate was interested in learning more about her partner.

"So Mr. Castle what is your favorite beverage" Kate asked.

"Adult or other?" Rick replied. "And please call me Rick."

"Ok Rick either or both," Kate said.

"I enjoy a very old single malt Scotch when the day is done or when I am writing. The smoky flavor is just so relaxing. Now for Other I love coffee smooth and sweet" Rick said. "And how about you Detective?"

"I prefer a wine for relaxing. And I think you have noticed my coffee habit." Kate said.

"That I have Det. Beckett. So are you heading home?" Rick asked.

"Yeah I am tired this cyber criminal is darn elusive." Kate said.

"We will catch him Detective I am sure we are very close even now." Rick said.

Kate having had leads disappear was not as trusting. "We will see Mr. Castle" she held out her hand to shake. Rick grasped it and Kate again felt that tingling as if electricity was running through her body and gave a gasp. Rick was happy that she felt something too. He was intrigued by this woman and he would have to observe her more closely.

"Well good Night Castle" Kate said after retrieving her hand.

"Until Tomorrow Detective" Rick said as his car service appeared then whisked him away.

Kate stood there for a few seconds then shrugged and got into her car to head home. Tonight she had a date with a certain PI with CIA connections and a warm tub filled with her favorite bubble bath.


Getting to the loft Rick was filled with inspiration. He had a new character in mind and his fingers were itching to get on his keyboard.

"Hello Father" Alexis said looking up when he opened the door. The place was filled with noise and merriment. That could mean only one thing. His mother was entertaining. Well this party needs to go somewhere else! He thought.

Rick noticed the ear plugs and he could commiserate. Rick having a sweet tooth broke out the Whipped Cream in a can then proceeded to squirt some in his mouth. Rick offered his Daughter some. She just shook her head Rick shrugged his shoulders and placed more of the sweet stuff in his mouth.

Now he knew why Alexis moved out. His mother could be a bit to handle.

"So what are you learning?" Rick asked.

"Oh World History, the Fall of the Roman Empire to be precise. This professor wants me to write a comparison between the problems which plagued the old Romans with the problems of Today!" Alexis said.

"I see well do you need any help?" Rick asked as a concerned father. Even though he was rarely home his relationship with his daughter was rock solid.

"Not really I have 15 pages done already. Do you want a pair?" Alexis now offered him a pair of earplugs.

Rick graciously accepted and the noise level had dissipated immensely.

"Thanks Daughter." Rick said. Rick yawned again and left his daughter sitting in the kitchen. Rick braved the party then got into his office without being accosted by a single drunk.

Rick flexed his fingers and then he was in a trance the outline came though fast and furious. After he was done he sent a note to his published and Agent giving them 3 chapters of this newest book. It had been 15 months since he killed off His most famous of character. So the drought of ideas had ended. Rick now tired went to bed.