Rick awoke the next day and headed into the kitchen there were remnants of the previous night debauchery of several empty liquor bottles. His Mother had gotten into his private stash. Rick was upset but with the aid of the ear plugs he slept well. After cooking breakfast and conversing with his daughter. Rick knew this was the day they were going to meet the Reaver face to face. Having shown the picture to Alexis the other day he admonished her to stay alert.

Kate finally was feeling better the crying jag of the other night was over she was looking forward to be with her new partner. Was Lanie right? She asked herself. Was she falling for the handsome partner? That touch was something else she is beginning to wonder what he would taste like? Well this speculation could take all day she thought as she showered and dressed.

Getting to the precinct at a normal time Kate was astounded to see her partner conversing with the rest of the crew from the FBI. Agent West was getting a presentation ready Chloe was manning the terminal she seems to be fading into the background but she was a vital part of this joint taskforce.

Both Ryan and Espo were at their Desks and Hastings was hovering near hers. Kate sat down.

"Hastings you got something?" Kate asked.

"Yes and No Det. Beckett. I feel we are missing something vital but I am not really sure what it is" Ann said.

"Yeah this whole case has been very frustrating from the first body drop. I do feel we are getting somewhere with this 4th victim" Kate said.

Agent West and Rick were in front of the presentation screen.

"May I have your all attention?" Agent West announced in a loud voice.

All eyes turned to the FBI special agent and Rick. The presentation has begun.

"I was informed by your gracious captain you really do not have a good picture of this terrorist. So I have created a chart of his activities then Rick will profile him." Kent said.

"First in 2005 is when the Reaver first came to our attention. He was a vigilante style hacker attacking those who he thought was causing harm. His first victim was United Tobacco. He caused their stock to plummet then he moved on to other Companies like Various Oil and Gas giants and such. Everywhere he struck caused havoc." Kent said.

"His activities grew with each of his successes and the more daring he became."

"Around 2007 his tactics changed. He started attacking anyone which could come up with the 100,000. He became a terrorist for hire. He no longer was contained by his own beliefs." The agent said. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Then the shot which was heard around the world the one placing him into the stratosphere of Hackerdom. The 2011 attack on the Bangkok exchange the most daring and successful of his adventures. This one attack cost over 4 Trillion dollars in wealth wiped out then caused the revolution in Thailand which led to the purging of 15 Million Muslims in Thailand." Kent stated.

"Now he has graduated to mass murder with 4 victims so far. Each activity shows a blatant disregard for the law" Agent West concluded. It was Rick's turn.

"Ok folks I am Rick Castle for those who do not know me but I am a criminal profiler who works closely with all sorts of LEO worldwide" Rick stated.

"The Reaver is an interesting name. It comes from the race of Humans who were experimented on by their Gov't in the 2002 Sci Fi TV show called Firefly. I have video of the crew of the Serenity having their first hand experience with the Reavers" Rick said.

Rick showed the video clips. "As you can see the Reavers are a force of nature. They answer to no law and are only interested in destruction. This hacker's choice of this name is interesting because it hearkens to someone alienated probably an Alcoholic Mother and a non existent father. It shows he was hopeless and powerless at one point of his life. Then he discovered he was good at one thing. I can surmise from his interaction with his colleagues he was very opinionated and felt his way was the only way. So once he discovered his talent he used it to get even with everyone he felt has wronged him." Rick said.

"Hey Bro look there is Castle on the screen" Espo said to Ryan who just nodded. Kate turned around and glared at the misbehavior duo.

"I surmise with pretty good estimation he was angry at his mother. She might have the same physical traits as the victims. He is not strong physically. So he uses guile to lull the victims to leave their guard down until he strikes. His attack on the Tobacco industry probably means his mother smokes much. He is still probably living with her in the vain attempt to change his mother. He possibly has a sibling. One who was praised and he was despised. He seeks his worth in how much destruction he can wreak. He fancies himself as an intellectual. However, he probably alienated any natural ally. He is drawn to Sci Fi as a way of escape thus his habit of visiting Libraries. I think if we stake out the Columbia Library. He will eventually show since he is a very much creature of habits." Rick said.

"Ok any questions?" Rick asked.

"What about a girl friend or other outlet" Ann asked.

"Good question, it is doubtful with his tendencies toward violence he would ever get a friend. Even a smaller chance he has a SO. He probably visits prostitutes and has a habit of beating them up especially ones who look like his mother" Rick replied.

"Ok Ryan and Ann reach out to the Vice squads and see if this profile and his picture get anyone to ring any bells. Espo, Myself and Castle will look into the Library angle. We need to set the trap wide so have the Uni's positioned here and here" Kate showed her plan to capture his most dangerous foe.

Ryan was on the phone with Vice and sent them a pic to give to their officers. He then got back to the boring task of looking through the rest of the 40 pics he did not get to yesterday. Ann was calling her vigilante contacts thus spreading the word on this guy.

Kate was about to leave when Chloe spoke up. "I have a video of him at the library! He is there Now!"

Kate and Castle and Espo raced to the Columbia Library.

Rick got a phone call it was Alexis. "Daddy he is here in the library. He has several people hostage they are wired with an explosive!"

Rick immediately got concerned. "Alexis pumpkin are you spotted?"

"No but what about those people?" Alexis said.

"Listen Sweetheart get out of there fast he does not know you are there but if he finds you then he will use it against me" Rick said.

Alexis staying hidden waited for the instructions to get out of the building.

Espo contact Chloe and find a way out for my daughter. "Ralph has hostages!" Rick calmly said.

Kate and Rick with Espo were given directions by Chloe how to enter the library safely and soon father and daughter were reunited.

Ralph now made his demands. "I want back that which you took from me! If I do not get it! These people will die in a horrible explosion" Ralph picture appeared worldwide on TV and Computer screens. "NYPD has 40 mins or else this place blows and if you think I am bluffing watch this."

The screen now showed a video of a small dept store and a deafening roar was heard as the store was demolished. 50 people were in the store.

"That is just a sample I have rigged bombs all across the city! Give me back what you stole!" Ralph warned.

"Great the city is in a panic and now he wants our witness!" Kate said.

"He is in full Reaver mode" Rick said.

"Espo you bring your sniper rifle?" Kate said.

"Yeah I can get it." Espo said.

"Ok look on the second floor there in the stacks you can set up" Kate said. "Once there I want you to shoot the deadman switch so that his hand automatically collapses gripping it tightly. You think you can hit that nerve?"

"Yeah I think so if you can keep him busy while I set up." Espo agreed.

"Pumpkin you need to go with Det. Esposito OK?" Rick asked.

"Ok Daddy good luck!" Alexis said hugging her father tightly.

Alexis left and Rick and Kate discussed the way to introduce themselves to engage with the Reaver.


Meanwhile Uni's were redoing the canvassing of witnesses. The first one they met was Eric Small the boyfriend now cleared of any involvement.

Eric was traumatized by the events and had not seen the video of his half brother demands of something from NYPD neither had the Uni's.

"Ok is this the Small resident? I am officer Okeefe and I am so sorry for your loss but new information which has come to the police attention and I need to know if you remember seeing this man."

Eric looked at the picture of his half Brother.

"Yeah that is Bennie! My half Brother. You are not telling me Bennie did this are you?" Eric wailed.

"Sir what is your half brother's full name?"" the officer asked.

"He is Benjamin Little Small!" Eric started to cry and wail "Bennie Why? Bennie?"

The officers having a positive ID sent word to Central which then patched it through to Kate.

"Got it thanks" Kate said.

Rick looked at her.

"We have a name a real name. The Reaver is Benjamin Little Small! Your profile was spot on. We have evidence in his home. The uni's found the rope suspected and a souvenir from each other victim! We have him! CSU Is called." Kate said.

"Hey Bennie? Benjamin Little Small! I am Detective Kate Beckett NYPD I want to talk about your demands" Kate said. Bennie startled by Kate addressing him turned to face her. "Now Espo!" Kate said.

Espo took the shot and Bennie's hand collapsed just like Kate thought it would. Having no way to trigger the bombs he ran toward the front door. With Kate in hot pursuit he got to the door it opened automatically. He darted out as the door slammed in Kate's face. She called on SWAT which had just set up to wound him in the knees so that he could not disappear!

SWAT tactical was not getting the information something was affecting their equipment so they did not take the shot but Hastings alerted to the situation at the School mobilized the Vigilante Task Force. They traced him down to the sewers and the abandoned Train Station.

Meanwhile Kate and Rick were removing the explosives and taking statements. Since the library was in lock down mode. Chloe alerted to the situation was working hard to remove the virus' command on the lock down. 15 mins later she succeeded.

Kate was livid. SWAT did not take the shot! Their suspect had gotten away. Ann now radioed the position where the Terrorist was holed up.

"Hastings, immobilize him but he needs to be alive to remove that dead man switch!" Kate order heading to the location Ann radioed in with Castle and Espo close behind.

Kate got the location with Bennie still trying to figure out how to trigger the explosions.

Kate came forward. "Bennie! Stop this we can help you. No one else needs to die."

"No stay back I warn you. Nobody can help me!" Bennie was still trying to trigger his own vest. So if Kate got close he would trigger that and bring the condemned building above down on his and hers head!

Kate got very close and Rick saw that crazed look in Bennie's eyes he must have gotten a way to explode his vest. Rick ran and tackled Kate and covered her with himself as Bennie Blew himself up and the old condemned building fell down on top of him. The air was thick with dust and debris. Kate and Rick had coughed which meant they were alive. The subway tunnel was partially blocked but Hastings and Espo were hard at work getting work crew members from the construction company down to shore up the rubble.

Kate finally getting a good gulp of Air still realized Rick was on top of her.

Bluer than blue eyes of Rick's were looking directly into the sea Green of Kate's much information passed wordlessly between the two of them.

"Are you ok?" Rick asked.

Kate decided she was alive and had to show Rick that she was and so she placed both hands on the side of his head. She kissed him hard and with much passion!

Rick was confused at first but then released all his desires too. They then broke apart.

"I take that as a yes?" Rick asked.

"Yes!" Kate said. Kissing him once again her fantasies of tasting him were coming true. He was highly responsive. It was in this embrace did the construction workers find the two.

Rick's quick thinking had saved Kate and Kate was very grateful.