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Firstly I just want to say that this story is spawned from the chemistry in the films between William Moseley and Anna Popplewell – not from the books. I'm pretty sure it wasn't just me (or I hope not) that saw this chemistry, especially in Prince Caspian.

Secondly, just a little rant about the way C. treated Susan in The Last Battle. It always irritated me the way he brushed her aside just because she chose to look after her appearance. If you read into the Christian parallels with these books it's almost as if he is saying she chose he path of the 'devil'. Not to mention she would then have the pain of losing all her siblings and her cousin. Hardly seems fair from a God who is supposed to be all forgiving. Sorry – rant over.

If anyone is interested, I recommend reading the short story called 'The Problem of Susan' by Neil Gaiman. While mildly disturbing, it is also a brilliant piece of writing; as you would expect from Gaiman. (Also, if you are interested, he wrote the brilliant Doctor Who episode,' The Doctor's Wife')

Since Susan/Peter incest stories have a very small readership on ff, I'm sure that anyone who finds themselves here won't be offended. But if you've somehow found yourself here and don't like an incest storyline, stop reading now.

Anyway, on with the story. I hope you enjoy and please review.


A Strange Love

Chapter 1

Narnia made you forget. Not on purpose or by design. But Narnia was just so magical and wonderful a place, that the war deprived world they had left behind seemed but a distant memory. As if it were just a daydream from long ago. Their first few years of rule were a myriad of important decisions, of formal appearances and settling into their new roles. It was Susan that remembered the longest. She was the one that mentioned their mother in conversations, until one day the mentions were just gone.

The years passed quickly, more quickly than they could imagine. The children grew. Their roles making them appear older than their actual ages.

Before long they were preparing for a ball in honour of Lucy's 'Womanhood', as was the Narnian tradition. She was 20 years old, an age at which a female in Narnia is considered fully grown. But, while she had the body of a woman, she was still very much the innocent, faithful and sweet girl she had always been.

They had been planning her ball for weeks; the many creatures of the Royal court almost as excited as Lucy was. The Narnian's loved their valiant Queen. She had been the one that had found them first, that had the most faith in Aslan. They didn't forget that.

Her siblings were looking forward to the ball as well. It was coming as a welcome relief. While the majority of Narnia thrived and rejoiced under the rule of the four humans, there were still a few that did not. The Northern Giants had fallen many years previously in a number of spectacular battles. But there were some who still possessed the dark magic that had run rampant under Jadis' rule. They hid in corners of the kingdom, in the dark places where few but the brave Kings and Queens dared go.

But much to the relief of the Narnian's, they rarely emerged into the golden sun of the Pevensie's reign.

There had been a battle only a few weeks previously, the darkest in recent memory. While they had emerged triumphant, the last of Jadis' followers defeated, they had sustained many injuries.

The Gentle Queen had been rushed back to Cair Paravel and to Lucy, who had been kept away from the fighting. In saving the life of a member of her archer corps she had taken a sword wound to her side. Peter had gone half mad when he saw it happen and the battle had been won not long after. The High King striking the final blow.

Once Lucy's elixir had been administered, Susan recovered. But the shock of seeing her so near death had frightened them all.

The ball had been announced as a balm for the shock that had rippled through the kingdom. They had nearly lost one of their Queen's. It was unanimously decided that her recovery alone required celebration. It just so happened to coincide with the celebration of Lucy's birthday.


'Susan, where are you going?' Peter's voice chastised. Freezing in position in one of the arched stone doorways out to the training field, Susan turned to his worried face.

'I'm fine, Peter' she replied, continuing to fasten her quiver across her back, 'It's been over two weeks now. I need to practice'

'You need to rest' he countered, reaching forward attempting to take her bow from her – never a good move.

Turning sideways she left him grappling at thin air.

'Susan' he warned again, his voice low, 'I just don't want you to over exert yourself'.

'I won't, I'm perfectly fine now. You know how Lucy's healing elixir works. I was fine from the moment I took it' she argued. Even though they were both 24 and 25 respectively, they still argued like they were children.

She could see him grind his teeth in irritation and she knew she was winning.

'Fine, but at least let me come with you, so I can make sure' he reasoned.


'Fine' their respective snappish replies echoing in the corridor they left behind.

Stepping out into the sun Susan sighed contentedly. She had been wrapped in cotton wool since she was injured. It was stifling. Peter had been the worst; he had stopped her doing almost everything. It felt good to be back outside again.

'I think you should only be out here for half an hour…' he stated imperiously, before stopping at the expression on her face. She had always been closest to Peter. Being only a year apart in age they had played together as children, they had been best friends. Then when Edmund and Lucy came along, they had been the ones in charge of their younger siblings and they had somehow naturally fit into the role of a commanding pair. As they grew and entered Narnia, their role's changed. Edmund and Lucy became independent and powerful in their own right. They didn't need Peter and Susan like they used too.

Yet Peter, as High King, was still the head. He had the final say – over everything. It vexed Susan to no end and she resisted at every opportunity. She had been named The Gentle Queen, but as anyone who had met her in battle could attest; she was anything but gentle. She had always fought her own battles, stood her ground and made her own decisions.

In recent years Peter and Susan's arguing had gotten worse. They had always disagreed over many things, but only because of how well they knew each other. She always saw right through him and him her.

It had gotten to the stage where Edmund and Lucy stayed well out of it. Even the castle staff and court had learned to back away slowly when an argument started forming.

'Stop treating me like I'm made of glass Peter' she growled, letting an arrow fly – hitting the target dead centre. Even in her agitated state she didn't miss.

'I'm just worried about you Susan' he growled equally, his blond hair flying around in the breeze obscuring his vision for a moment. In that brief moment she managed to turn, notch another arrow and direct it straight at his head.

'I'm not some flighty court woman Peter. Stop treating me like one'.

'Are you really going to shoot me?' his handsome face slipping from a frown to a grin.

'Of course not you stupid man!'

'You really are back to normal, it's been a while since you've insulted me' he mused smilingly, 'I've missed it'

She couldn't stay angry for long when he smiled at her. While he was the only one that riled her so fast, he was also the only one who could diffuse the situation just as quickly.

'What do you say to a little sword combat training?' he asked, sliding his sword from its position at his waist. She grinned in return, retrieving a sword from the training rack.

Taking stance in front of him, she was glad she had opted to wear trousers. She didn't wear them often, her and Lucy still clinging to the feminine dresses they had been brought up with, but sometimes the occasion called for it.

He let her make the first blow, easily deflecting it. While he had grown tall into the 6ft body of a strong man, she was still the 5ft 5" woman she had entered Narnia as. Not an equal match, but it didn't mean Susan didn't give her best; her size meant she was very quick.

Turning smoothly, her hair forming a perfect arc as she spun, she surprised him with a blow to the side. He barely had enough time to raise his sword in defence.

'Watch it Sue!' he exclaimed. He had been going easy on her; still in the mind-set she was injured.

Lowering his stance it was his turn to strike out. She laughed as they fought, neither gaining the advantage. Blow, followed parry, followed block, until Susan, having been on a heavy defensive position, tripped backwards on a hidden root. Sprawled on the floor she carried on laughing, her face unused to the activity over the past weeks.

'Susan' Peter exclaimed, 'are you hurt?' Rushing forwards he reached to grasp her hand and pull her up. However, he hadn't anticipated her pulling forward, until he was splayed out next to her, the breath forced from his body as he hit the ground with a thud.

Turning over onto his back, he realised she was still laughing.

'I'll get you for that' he grouched, getting his breath back.

'Of course you will Peter' she laughed, clearly not believing him.

Leaving his sword lying in the cool grass he reached over and tickled his hand across her ribs. She was wearing only a thin cotton tunic and so there was little to protect the sensitive skin. She reacted instantly, cringing as his hand tickled her.

As soon as she attempted to squirm away he leaned up and gleefully began his assault with both hands.

'Peter stop' she wheezed, barely able to breathe through her giggles. Her body convulsed, unable to even push him away.

Grinning he leaned further over her, his tickling hands reaching up and down her sides.

'Say 'I win'' he mockingly demanded.

'No!' she replied instantly, her eyes snapping open. Before he had a chance to think, she retaliated. Her own small hands reached round and sneaking under his cotton tunic she tickled a spot just below his shoulder blade where she knew he was particularly sensitive.

His reaction was immediate. His body juddered and he let out an involuntary noise of surprise.

'Sue!' he exclaimed as he lost control of the limbs that held him above her. During his tickling of her, he had somehow found himself straddling her waist as she lay in the cool grass. As his body reacted to the tickling his arms gave way and he slumped forward landing completely on top of her.

She grinned triumphantly and her hands snuck round to attack him further.

He was only prone for a moment before they were wrestling like wolf cubs; neither letting the other gain the upper hand, each rolling the other over until Peter froze unexpectedly.

He hastily got to his feet, putting a good couple of meters between them.

'Peter, what is it?' Susan asked, confused, as she sat up on her elbows.

He didn't say a word though, only blushing deep red, perplexing her further. Peter never blushed.

What could he say? He considered internally, as his mind unhelpfully flashed back to the position they had just been in. He had been having fun, laughing with her, when suddenly he had realised he was positioned above her, her hands held above her head and his body between her legs.

It wasn't a position he should be seen in with her. It wasn't a position a brother and sister where meant to be in. It was something reserved only for lovers, for husbands and their wives.

'Peter?' she questioned again.

'I'm fine' he replied curtly, annoyed that she didn't understand how inappropriate they had been. Leaning forward sharply he retrieved his sword and slid it back into the scabbard at his belt.

'Isn't that my line?' she smiled wryly, picking up her own sword and returning it to the rack. As she turned he took his opportunity and when she turned back her smile faded as his retreating back fled the training field.


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